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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EST

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subscribing to read people also get lucky content for just twelve euros fifty a month. or headline stories this hour the russian president touches down in argentina for the g twenty summit with current political flashpoints on trade routes thrust into
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the spotlight particularly so after donald trump called off his much anticipated talks with a lot of reports. also ahead edward snowden's former lawyer tells us the whistleblower was forced to flee hong kong in twenty thirteen after pressure from chinese authorities. this is this was not an ordinary situation i literally had minutes. you know once i was instructed by mr snowden to make decisions that would affect his liberty in this life. the racism in middle earth and or third planes the beast like works from the lord of the rings maybe victims of the school.
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hello and welcome to our to international on this the last day of november a chilly friday i think in moscow but the sun is well and truly out in argentina's capital buenos aires where leaders of the world's most industrialized economies are meeting. the. proceedings officially get on the way for the g. twenty summit in what a little over an hour from now at the new a meeting is expected to be clouded with differences over many issues as the year see new alliances formed on longstanding one strained leslie across to amman in argentina. who's standing by in the capital
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hi there before we perhaps get to the overall picture here there's a meeting of the brics nations isn't there for developing economies being held on the sidelines right now or just about to start tell us more about the. highgate the union you are absolutely right some of the meetings on the sidelines of g twenty are already in full swing in particular between the brics leaders the leaders of russia china brazil india and south america and we've already heard from the russian president vladimir putin who is saying that these countries should join efforts to advocate a just system of international relations and he also slammed those for using sanctions unilaterally vladimir putin says that this kind of vicious practice is harmful for international relations and international economy.
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it's been ten years or so hasn't it since the g twenty actually came into being i can't remember a time when there's been more headlines leading in even before the summit actually begins what is the atmosphere there like because there are so many issues to be approached isn't there. well union i can't really tell you what it is probably bad luck maybe the summit's been cursed i don't know and now here's a situation for you the chinese leaders plane was in a parking position then the door opened and his security guard came out and then the orchestra music went off for the security guard not for paying now how's that for an awkward situation what about angela merkel she couldn't even fly out of germany first her plane had to be grounded there was an emergency situation she had to experience an emergency landing but then technical issues continued and she had
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to take a commercial flight to argentina and besides this i believe there are probably hundreds of thousands of people who can be good translators between spanish and english but apparently the one that was working when the argentinean leader was welcoming the u.s. president donald trump couldn't do a good job apparently there was a real mess with the translation which made mr trump say that probably he understood the words of the argentinean leader better in his own language instead of hearing the translation that he got and then emmanuel macron the french leader was coming out of his plane and the first one of the first people who shook his hand was a man wearing the yellow vests perhaps that's just a coincidence but we remember that the protests in france the yellow vest protests against fuel tariffs are in full swing and perhaps emanuel macron doesn't have forget about that even for a second he must of felt something really awkward when he saw that yellow. best
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come out of the plane now of course the main g. twenty events are coming out in just a bit less than an hour now already a little earlier though i went to the area here in the argentinean capital where these g. twenty leaders are staying and i put together a summary of what else we can expect from this get together of world leaders. right now there are two cities a boy and a siamese one behind these fences for the g. twenty leaders and one on this side for everyone else and it does make sense because those who are attending are the most powerful people in this world these are really the ones that are making our planet spin. well the folks from that point aside us have recently made us realize that we are
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in the living in a multi-polar world where everyone's holding on to their national interests and that head of the summit has led to a whole lot of problems between those who've been saying my country first. donald trump lately after china all the time he has blamed beijing for stealing to call jeep unfair trade and even meddling in the us mid terms china has been attempting to interfere in our election i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade beijing has been much more careful with what they're saying but they are giving out warnings to in the last century we had two world wars and the great depression these things should never happen again so people have to act in a responsible way. the brutal murder of journalist jamal
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khashoggi has been taken at stall on how the rest of the world's been dealing with saudi arabia's mohamed bin saw money by the way has been in bonus a lot of since wednesday on the snow this year we look at the monstrosity that happened in the sound you made in construction talk eat as long as it's not that would be nice exports to saudi arabia. someone else saying hello marco is not a big fan of is us president donald trump along with one of her best european buddies emanuel macron they're trying to push for a european army and donald trump really hates that idea mr macron who's really been trying to make an effort to become close friends with mr trump it seems is beginning to have issues with the u.s. administration treats said some of trump's recent decisions have been done to the detriment of. the u.k.'s
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divorce might lead to a few awkward moments for two reasons. the prime minister will be looking for new friends at the summit and she's convinced other countries will feel the same way we might as well bear all of that in mind when we see team g twenty getting together for the family photo perhaps some of those smiles will have to be faked. there in the argentine capital well if there is one constant on any g twenty no matter where it is held it's the days of must mainly anticapitalist protests surrounding the summit i'm joined us ari's is no exception.
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now. plenty of headlines even before the official opening of the g twenty for the american leader council the meeting between the two at the last minute and just forty eight hours after he said the opportunity to meet with his russian counterpart was too good to miss out on killer mop and takes a look at what is behind the trump administration's decision. bated breath the world waited for another announced meeting between the presidents of russia and the united states but then lo and behold the twitter sphere lights up with news that the meeting is off the issue was the maritime incident between russia and ukraine but when trump was leaving for argentina it seemed to everyone that the meeting was still on i probably would. have a service. like this i think it's
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a very good. that was despite the media beating the drums of war why does this president seems so simple when it comes to vladimir putin a lot of demands on the president right now to get tough on russia we've got to be tough with them it's the only thing putin understands or he just seems incapable of criticizing lattimer putin i don't want him to do that again stand next to putin and said well that was a provocation by the ukrainians that would not be in america's national interest just better not that the media coverage like this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone but last time the two leaders met the media went into a total meltdown hell think he was treated like an abomination now every aspect of the face to face meeting was question there were calls for the interpreter to testify before congress there were some who wanted the ball that putin gave to trump to be inspected for k.g.b. style bugs there were rumors that hypnotism could have been at play and amid all of this frenzy trump actually backtracked on some of his words about election hacking
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president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be a reason to. send should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why it would be rush sense then another meeting had been in the works for months and the two leaders had plenty to discuss president trump would look forward to seeing you in paris still in order to work in areas where there is a possibility of mutual cooperation president meet with president putin i think it . be a full agenda the issues that we have on security issues on arms control issues and regional issues including the middle east last month the two world leaders opted not to me not wanting to steal the thunder of the world war one commemorations this time they are stealing the thunder of the g twenty by not having a meeting came up and r.t. new york by the way this is what's happening right now in buenos aires the hall where the g.
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twenty leaders of the leading economies in the world are set to meet as we've been hearing within the coming hour lots going on the sidelines as well well former top u.s. state department official lawrence wilkerson believes it's the russia collusion allegations that move trump to council the putin meeting i think this was all based on domestic politics there is growing concern in the u.s. congress and growing concern out amongst the american people about the investigation about the possibility of there being collusion between the administration and moscow about trump's russia contacts period. and so i think he's doing all he can now to demonstrate that there is no such thing as illusion there's no such thing as a. relationship between him and moscow that is anything other than formal official
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and so he uses this in the cancellation of the meeting on the side of the buenos aires g twenty as a way of demonstrating that to his base and to the american people in the congress . while there is plenty on the doubles mind his former lawyer michael cohen pleading guilty on thursday to lying to congress in the continuing russia collusion probe on the u.s. leader in typical form did not mince his words in response. he was convicted of various things unrelated. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person. being weak i'd like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about it just on the project the american president was referring to it was to build a trump tower in moscow earlier cohen said the talks on the project had ended in january twenty sixth and he claims that was
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a lie he told him that the negotiations continued into june of zero one transfer of pain wasn't posting from a wall street journal correspondent joe lauria told us they're helping efforts to stop meeting with putin ever since their summit in helsinki this summer. time very well timed release of cohen having lied about want not about collusion to change the election results but about a business deal had been going on and maybe was still going on and he lied about it because he was afraid that it could be construed that way i don't really know exactly the details of that business deal but there's still no collusion but trump you will see how russia gate even without proof of collusion is having its effect on relations between the united states and russia you had to cancel this meeting and this is a very serious matter it's just it is internal politics that's having an international effect that g.r.u. indictments were far more serious and this summit was far more important terms of its build up very much and trump went to the summit house thank you of course and
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the reaction here in the u.s. was beyond belief this time i think maybe trump got the message. that. there has been an escalation in the late to show done between moscow and kiev the ukrainian government has announced that russian me a list each between sixteen and sixty will be banned from entering the country or senior correspondent rock as the of reports from crimea. well we've seen similar bans put in place over the last several years repeatedly russian men entry into ukraine but this is the first time that they've officially confirmed that russian men age sixteen to sixty new longer welcome or no longer allowed entry into ukraine the president has talked about this he has said that one of the justifications is to prevent russia from forming private armies inside ukraine we must remember of course that president poroshenko over the last four years has full
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cost repeated russian invasions of the ukraine which have. to materialize but the russian the russians have also reacted the russian foreign ministry they've said that this is merely a political ploy a political play in order to shore up mr parr shanku ratings just four months to go until elections and martial law being put in place is an attempt by him to radicalize to solidify the base and to guarantee himself more votes russia meanwhile the said that it is not planning on responding in kind that it isn't going to put in place any sort of restriction on ukrainians coming into russia for now but we've seen other restrictions put in place by the government in kiev we've seen for example foreigners banned from moving into from journeying into crimea from the ukrainian side this includes journalists and this is drastically called complicated job because now foreign correspondents seeking to cover events in
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crimea even if they do manage to get into crimea they you know they might be punished by the ukrainians but we've seen a c.n.n. crew for example now in marry you pool which is a ukrainian city in the south of ukraine they've been elected opinions from people in the interview for example one woman amongst others who says that she has relatives in russia. relatives that you know it's going to be hard to contact because because of this new band there are millions of russians and ukrainians on both sides of the border that have relatives on the other side and she identified herself as one of those if we had a normal president she says women work like this in this kind of job yet another she adds good presidents. named the brought the old smile among them. strange while the c.n.n. correspondent may be surprised that there are ukrainians who want friendly
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relations with russia the situation politically socially economically in ukraine isn't black and white there are many many people who share similar opinions who want three consult who want friendly relations and it's rare that we hear their opinions voiced in the mainstream media and western press nevertheless there are many many ukrainians who share similar opinions and who want this to end. a friday afternoons news from moscow in ninety seconds. in fact a recent poll a gallup poll showed fifty seven percent of americans want
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a more cooperative relationship with russia so there's a disconnect that a smart politician democrat would understand needs to be seen because there's not a lot of hunger appetite for this kind of any russian politics is being fanned by a media political establishment. choate's seem wrong. when old rules just don't all. get to shape out just to become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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twenty minutes into the program welcome back a mimic protest in belgium has erupted in clashes the so-called yellow vests spread from france to brussels. i. run five hundred demonstrators gathered in the city center and friday morning they are protesting in solidarity with the french movement against fuel price hikes of what they say are rising living costs chanting for the french and belgian leaders to resign protesters started to throw stones at police officers responded by the point here as dozens of people have been detained we will be keeping across the protest in both come from this with the march here in brussels expected to move towards the parliament building a no go zone for rallies. the
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head of one of the eastern orthodox churches known as the patriarch of constantinople after the charter for the autonomy a separation of ukrainian orthodoxy however the plan has been criticized by religious heads in ukraine for not specifying a date for the rule changes to come into effect state politicians of the highest level who constantly promise cuts and all the safley simply deceive us there is a full understanding of the fact that constant noble leads us on with various promises since most likely it's statements about the ukrainian orthodox church are motivated by something more than just spiritual goals. well the chairman for the russian orthodox church has also reacted saying it's the third time constantinople has talked about giving up thomas powers for national churches but still there is no conclusion in the site he also stressed that separation is something orthodox
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believers don't actually want well the breakaway crisis started last month when ukraine began pushing for its independence constantinople then overturned a centuries old act of union to sever ties between key of moscow both the russian and ukrainian churches then responded in turn to cut away from constantinople well to get a little bit more on this story we cross live telling sundered to work in a professor of church history based in moscow welcome to the program i suppose firstly in layman terms what does this separation mean and how will it work. between between canonical or who church. is magic's is that is that what you mean exactly. there was a r r there was
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a group of four. bishops some priests who. really stick and very tried to make their career with the irrational look church where they were headed by a former metropolitan of q your letter of who actually he wanted very badly to become the greater mosco but then he wasn't elected he had a very. long and not very clean history or for relationship with. the soviet times them here very personal records so so to say eventually when the. became free he wasn't elected as a patzer ago he was really planning on that and once he wasn't elected he left for the ukraine and pronounced himself to be the. ukraine is ukrainian autocephalous church like overnight here turned into
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a nationalist and tried to. get on the river his guidance and under his leadership all those priests who are was dissatisfied over the. wall with with anything where we had some problems and had problems with their bishops it's there it's so and he was supported by the ukrainian government on t.v. so cold war with a verse he created this schismatic structure yes thanks for laying that i'd do you think the independence move could have an impact on the rest of the religious world eastern orthodoxy in particular. there was no independence move in canonical orthodox church because whoever call the to let it call that under his leadership they were at the most awake all of one quarter of all orthodox parishes in the ukraine and then there was
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another small the risk is much a group so all together that's probably that amount still less than one third of all of the experience or so two thirds of the parishes are so that even the canonical orthodox church ukraine or the church are mosco but they are kate so these canonical church never wanted this independence in the independence in fact it was full or total most and that was foolish self managing and it was quite satisfied with their status. while for a few let out who was are not a matter of who was and the like totally uncalled honorable for him it was like their life brought them somehow to find himself a canonical status. to feed his craving for leadership. thus here. really his last chance here cold cold chill consent to noble for several times and then suddenly a few months ago part. of you who before
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a lecture in the blood and blood a deaf ear to. all his police suddenly here like made. my way to talk to a total change change of mind and he decided to look into it or to write him which essentially but that was of course mostly pleas from the government. thank you so much for talking us through what does seem in the face of a complicated situation alexandra de for can professor of church history at orthodox university in moscow. the latest sophie and co episode with sophie shevardnadze and another newsmaker starts in moment.
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one moment i think. they will one day as we a body. should have been there so. i mean yeah i knew she needed to hear that yeah. you know that he had a ticket. when i. made the move. the fate of julian assange is unclear washington is determined that he sent to the u.s. to face criminal charges most likely under the one nine hundred seventy s. . the british government is more than happy to make this happen even the
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ecuadorians are in the army and we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalization of journalists. going to go camp sundown to get for people that. they're like so tired. this is like a safe house i guess they don't have to talk about what they go through with this because we understand her daughter katie was diagnosed with a very rare sun sensitive condition if i get sunburned i hear she does or she'll patients when they have problems with the walk to talk to some of the brains that are actually shrinking inside the scolded sleeker in the brain still small. the pain is indescribable it's feels like a really really bad chemical burn but it goes through your skin in your muscle all is down to the bone and there's no relief. not to sure this is
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let's just. call them to sophia sophie shevardnadze as to mainstream american outlets stick to their guns and painting trumpets but instead the u.s. russia relations remain on a downward spiral. is there hope for a thaw in this new cold war. editor and publisher of the nation magazine. the country's evenly split with the democratic the republican senate. down the road could. become a real alternative to white house decisions.


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