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no way you can lock a door with this it can't get shot out you can't get around it. it's something that we should think about america about putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens whether they actually be talented children or. a three year old cannot defend itself from. my field by throwing and hello kitty pencil case that our founding fathers did not put an age limit on the second amendment. here when you're up against a term protect yourself some of those thoughts they're proud to call some highly controversial is going to hold never conversations or never stories by going to the comments section on our stories at our tea dot com we'll keep track of the latest
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out of the g. twenty underway in south america in the coming hours but for now for me kevin i'm in a great rest of this friday evening. in fact a recent poll of gallup poll shows fifty seven percent of americans want a more cooperative relationship with russia so there's a disconnect that a smart politician democrat would understand needs to be seen because there's not a lot of hunger or appetite for this kind of any russian politics is being and by a media political establishment.
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greetings and salutation is. big news of the united states senate my alk watchers of senators near and far and across party lines voted this past wednesday to advance a measure that would bring to a vote as soon as next week a possible end to the logistical military support the united states has been providing to saudi arabia's brutal and violent campaign inside the war torn country of yemen the yemen war powers resolution sponsored by some others chris murphy mike lee and bernie sanders was a bad spy an overwhelming margin of sixty three to thirty seven despite a strong push by the white house to quell the congressional uprising against the u.s. as role in the barbaric and tragic war in yemen it war that is now conservatively claimed more than five thousand civilian lives and this led to a massive cholera epidemic that is considered to be the worst cholera epidemic in
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human history affecting at least a million yemeni men women and children. secretary of state mike pump aoe sounded off in a wall street journal op ed that the saudi regime is a powerful force spur stability in the middle east and warned us all of us that degrading us saudi tie is going to be a grave mistake for the national security of the u.s. and its allies yeah you heard me right peo dusted off the old vital national security line that we've heard about a hundred thousand times before to just by just about any blood curdling horrible foreign policy decision that the united states has made since i don't know what world war two. and almost right on cue the senate's vote this week was also news that according to reuters saudi arabia will indeed by lockheed martin's fifteen billion dollar missile defense system after aggressive lobbying by the
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administration to close the deal that included a personal call between president donald trump and the saudi king family. adeel let's not forget that congress themselves approved back in two thousand and seventeen because let's not forget my friends that while this recent vote by congress is a positive sign the u.s. elected officials may by only be standing up to the saudi influence over the u.s. government. we can't forget that that cash that cash is still king on capitol hill and it's the gold that ultimately controls the whims of congress and told that changes we must always be watching the hawks. it looks like. this one. has to do. what they like you that i got. with that we. would. be.
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welcome aboard the watching the hawks i am tired robot and i'm top of the list and shining us today to discuss the political implications of the recent saudi vote and here in the us and beyond us conservative commentator and show favorite steve malzberg he didn't say if thank you guys for having me of good things he's doing you know i mean you may not see eye to eye on a lot of things politically but the saudi u.s. kind of fighter manager relationship going on in regards to yemen is something i think that we can both agree needs to be reevaluated especially given the human catastrophe we're seeing inside the middle east porous country i can we agree than that but at least we need to step back and re-evaluate that relationship well i don't think so because you could if it were just to it is swore
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engineered by the saudis for their own nefarious purposes and there was in a another player. in the mix called a rain a red help to. overthrow a duly elected president and you know what ordinarily i wouldn't care what goes on in that part of the world with that i mean if they were i don't care but it's a ran a red and it was their claws everywhere in the middle east and beyond the biggest supporter of terrorism around the world and the biggest threat to peace and stability in the middle east who daily say they're going to the united states and annihilate israel and they iran have what is what is united so many countries to come together against a common enemy and you can't let them just take over yemen and have yet another place to park their proxies steve are going to use. iranians hiding under your bed when you go to sleep goodnight i mean that sounds like good deep and i see
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this as. i see them as i see them and hezbollah i see what they do i see the threats they make against us all the time the iranian government is a bad government it's an evil government but being so bad and evil and trying to take over yemen which is a very poor country i'm curious are the or rainy bombing all of these these women and children and young men and entire places are they the ones giving them cholera i'm confused because i thought it was saudi bombs i thought. but they were waiting and made him do it they have reigning in helped overthrow the duly elected president they teamed with the we're now doing a lot of the come on there's until you have already present anywhere when someone like saudi arabia or the united states goes and says well we're going to do a regime change so it's ok when one has enough money in their pocket but it's not
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when i mean because to me it looks the same either way it's terrorism it's just one side has more money than the other. well and the hooters law have launched several rick many rockets over the past several months into saudi arabia and today the united states displayed iranian weapons that have been used in in yemen and in afghanistan these are reigning in weapons that's what they do and their experts do it it's all syrian those weapons being thrown in the u.s. weapons that we sold to saudi arabia being dropped into yemen so we can certainly say of a one sided using one one group's weapons is just as bad or worse than the other side using the other side's good words i think what we all can agree on is that we need to see an end to the conflict there and we need to also with that these all of us that or something that happened you know and my pump a you know said yesterday in trying to convince the senate not to go ahead with this resolution that we're getting closer to peace talks and this will just throw a whole monkey wrench into it and it all and any chance for peace talks and the
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only reason guys and i'm sure you know what i'm sure will get to this that we're even talking about this is because of his show he if it weren't for his shogi this wouldn't even be on the radar the senate would never act on this by itself never well i will say this about we wouldn't be talking about yemen because i will say that tyrrell and i on this show and before have been talking about the war in yemen since it started you know i met a. president that is going to talk about it but like there hasn't been any media the media has turned a blind eye to it let's talk a little bit about the arms deal because it's interesting that this week alongside the son of we also saw saudi arabia agree it's a by fifteen billion dollars worth of lockheed martin missile defense system and that not only the trumpet ministration pushed for but congress just last year was more than happy to approve it so you know it's great that they're saying we'll have a vote to talk about it and have
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a debate but should we expect anything actually of substance to come from this vote or is it just grandstanding because you know all of it just seems like grandstanding so oh it's all the iranians fault oh well there's money oh national security are we going to get anything out of this or is it to me because i saudi arabia is unpopular in the press. well i think that's the reason but i think you will get something out of this unfortunately in my view i think you will get a mandated end to u.s. involvement in the war in yemen you will get that that doesn't mean the war is going to stop and it and it certainly has nothing to do with purchasing selling arms to saudi arabia and keeping them as a close ally but you will get that you will get a senate resolution that will. dictate that we got to get theoretically the heck out of yemen and maybe that to me is a good first step because look i am one of those people that believe that we don't need we don't have any business over there helping saudi arabia drop bombs on
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people we don't have any business you know having our kind of claws into so many different areas around the world that we're either selling weapons to or pushing for regime change by a backdoor method of using another country to do it you know we don't need to be involved in saudi arabia's issues now what we need to do is try to be peaceful and try to say look how can we bring about an end all this killing now one thing interesting is the g. twenty some of the it's going on this week one of the big headlines going in was the chance the prosecutors in argentina could big detained saudi king solomon during his attendance at the g twenty flew into the bay and arrived now that's not only for the doubt the crew shogi but also for you know potential war crimes committed by saudi arabia and the coalition in yemen as well now look we all know that the chances are slim to none that we'll see real prosecution on you know for king solomon mollies and argentina and i honestly is that a general problem that we do have in this world though that the me and you can
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disagree on who is bad actors in this world but we don't see much if any kind of prosecution for major world leaders when they are caught you know committing war crimes or doing something truly bad. yeah and i think that is kind of an unspoken agreement between nations because if you allow you know if you allow one leader to be snatched away and put into you know put into chains or taken away and put behind bars and face trial then what's to stop the next one from you know even though you know it's someone from the united states so other countries feel might be a war criminal or someone from any country so i just think that that's not going to happen you know when's the last time it really happened except for nazi war criminals i mean that might be something i'm missing it obviously had you know the there are charges that are brought against people but usually what they do like in the case of george w. bush is just never leave the u.s. because then he doesn't have to answer to any of them but here is a thing we all live on one planet and it's nice to say i love america and america's
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great in our allies but i think we need to take a long hard look at who we consider our allies and who we consider our enemies because i find it upsetting that the saudis were giving so much money to the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's campaign and then on the other side doing this they're playing both sides just like everybody does and i think that's the part where we have to we want to just be better people and have liked better leaders and have a little bit of morals and all those you know the saudis yeah i mean the saudis have been bad actors for ever and i mean i have convinced they had some role in nine eleven i don't like the way that was a whitewash i'd like to know the truth about that but you know the way they treat i think we've talked about the way they treat gays and and women and women who quote claim rape they get punished for claiming well i mean it's obscene and while she was secretary of state hillary took money the clinton foundation took money from the saudis and other countries so this isn't new where it isn't in there and i
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think that i think that we can all use the three of us on agreement i think we all can agree that we need to re-evaluate who are our allies are and maybe look at those things moving forward saying is that based a purely on money and influence or isn't. general need thank you so are you never heard of this take a look at your friends and re-evaluate how badly they did i did so much work i went out i always say it was. all right as we're going to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook twitter and you tube and see our full shows that are. coming off our own tab at the wall of delves into the newest united nations startling statistics of violence against women around the globe and then scott emailed you brings us the latest from g twenty summit in argentina so stay tuned to watch the whole.
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the fate of julian assange is unclear washington is determined that he sent to the u.s. to face criminal charges most likely under the one nine hundred seventy s. . the british government is more than happy to make this happen even the ecuadorians are in the in the am we are watching unfold in front of our eyes is the criminalization of journalists. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulating branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with. if we were willing to go into harm's way
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and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk. some discomfort for the new singer for. a recent u.n. report the global study on homicide specifically the gender related killing of women and girls as part of the global study on homicide by the united nations office on drugs and crime it was released on november twenty fifth the international day for the elimination of violence against women what they found is that a woman's place apparently isn't in the home it's in the great the other reported eighty seven thousand women worldwide who were victims of homicide in two thousand
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and seventeen twenty thousand were murdered by a relative and thirty thousand were murdered by an intimate partner like a husband or boyfriend that means that across the globe fifty eight percent of female murder victims were killed by someone close to them the report also compares male homicide victims to female and it's stark while women make up just twenty percent of global hamada homicides twice as many women are killed by an intimate partner or family related friendly member but despite men being about four times more likely to die by homicide eighty two percent of those killed by an intimate partner are women and it's gone up four percentage points in just a few short years since two thousand and fourteen of those fifty thousand global homicides of women or girls by family or intimate partners africa has the second largest number at about ninety thousand a rate of about three point one victims per one hundred thousand people more than twice the global average about one point three per one hundred thousand people asia has the most were twenty thousand homicides of women by intimate partners or family
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members however their victim rates are actually below the global average at point nine percent per one hundred thousand however china and africa are also the areas with the least accurate or complete reporting of their home side numbers accounted for and those numbers may be off since as the report states regional and global estimates are based on a limited number of countries with africa and asia accounting for most of the gaps . the americas north and south america accounted for eight thousand homicides of women and girls by intimate partners or family members coming in over the global average out one point six per one hundred thousand europe reported only three thousand and also is the lowest rated only point seven per one hundred thousand in oceana coming in three hundred deaths at a rate of one point three per one hundred thousand. and while those many numbers mean a lot one number strikes fears in the hearts famine around the world eighty two women are murdered per day by a person they expected to love them to care for them and to protect i'm not
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perpetrate the worst violence imaginable which takes us to a couple of areas of major concern for those so quick to turn away women with children at our u.s. border and beyond guatemala for example consistently ranks among countries with the highest rates of violent deaths of women with a rate of nine point seven per one hundred thousand in fact of the twenty five countries with the highest rates of femicide which is when a woman is murdered because she is a woman fourteen of those countries are in latin america and the caribbean and well much isn't done to end this horrific trend sixteen countries in latin america have enacted specialized legislation on semisonic but the way to protect women isn't just in making laws that punish the murderers it's addressing why women are killed by people they love in south america job who blew a spokesperson for the commission for gender equality thinks the key is looking at rejection she says they men fail to understand they must let go when love is no longer there they think they own women so the issue of power relations and
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entitlement plays a great role in why they don't let go in australia men killed women in eighty percent of domestic murder cases in the country between twenty ten and twenty fourteen and if you think i'm just picking on men consider these numbers from australia of all those homicides three men killed their male intimate partners and zero women killed there it's been partners also women not just say women can be violent i mean most women who kill their intimate partners were abused by the partner they killed and while most men who kill women do so because they feel the woman has wronged them or their family in some way and that's where the problem lies so women we've been treated like cattle to be bought sold and branded for thousands of years. well men have been taught repeatedly even violently that they must be strong unemotional highly sexual but only heterosexual must be a provider and never ever ever ever be feminine and when push comes to shove he
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should use violence to make that point that is what our society teaches men and boys so is it any wonder that when caught in the emotions of love and family sometimes men and boys react poorly we see women are forced to live up to impossible standards of beauty and motherhood while men are forced to slip up to another set of impossible standards standards that are literally telling men that they will never be as good at parenting as a woman that if they do anything remotely feminine they're weak and if they're abused it's their own fault for not being manly enough and there it is folks the cold hard truths men kill women they love because we are still forcing men and women to adhere to nonsense societal rules based on what we have between our legs not what's in our hearts and minds. that's a breakdown and i think you hit the nail on the head tab of what one of the major issues is it's a lack of education and it's a lack of allowing people to be who they are at the end of the day just allowing
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people to be who they are to express themselves and to not be hindered or not be pushed around and said oh no you have to be. this way and i'm curious. when you see numbers like that how does that make you feel as well because as a man i'm horrified by that you know when you see that more women are killed by intimate partners than men that horrifies me because that is an imbalance that has to be addressed by society yes. most women i think have at some point in their life had to deal with someone who didn't say no or didn't take no for an answer didn't say we're breaking out for that and i think we've all heard stories from from women that we know about very similar thing and it becomes something that we're expected to just live with that's the same thing we're taught in very little if a kiss the boy hits us he pulls your hair if he's mean to us because he likes you
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we're all conditioned to fit into these where the little structure is about our gender and it's why i say it i talk about feminism in patriarchy it pays your hurts men too and that's the point it's literally making men so miserable that your suicide rates are through the roof your murder rates are through the roof that's not a feminism problem that's a patriarchy problem that's a problem and the fact the we are putting honestly it's like when you see these things like the insult movement and things like that it's you're giving you're giving too much power to the world outside of you rather than yourself at the end of the day if you if you are confident within yourself you don't need to treat other people you don't need something from other people you don't need to abuse other people because of this. great piece. as you mentioned earlier. the annual g twenty summit kicked off this week and one of sarah's argentina the big time political get together that would make a new world order conspiracy theory is proud because this year features
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a regular who's who of the biggest players in the political banking and business worlds including our own scotty melhuish host of r t america's news buz buz who is on the ground and what is there is covering this a bed here is her report from day one of the summit. well the sun is setting here and point is there is and i can tell you when it wakes up tomorrow it's going to be completely different than what we thought it was going to be just twenty four hours before now everybody knew there was going to be drama everybody knew there was going to be some tense moments both in the streets of what us areas hence why you have twenty thousand additional policemen on the streets and as well as in some of these meetings between leaders but nobody ever thought the drama in the tension would happen before everybody even got here now the majority of leaders are now at home here in buenos aires settling into their hotels but there are still a few to arrive including president donald trump who arrived later on early hours in the morning but there was some drama obviously getting here as german chancellor
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merkel's plane actually had to have an emergency stop and be replaced with a narrow another plane from the german air force but that pales in comparison to the controversy created by the united states president donald trump in a tweet yes once again it's the tweet heard around the world well at least the tweet heard around the g twenty as he tweeted that he was going to be canceling his meeting with the putin the president the president of russia and this came to a shock to everybody probably the majority people on president trump staff but definitely the journalists or just the hour before president trump had told that he was going to be having the meeting the kremlin themselves said they found out about it via president trump's tweet and even those here on site found out about it so and all over the problem going on right now between ukraine and russia now the ukrainian president has come out already and said. way to go way to stand up for what is going on within my country but that's not necessarily a sentiment that's being echoed by everyone else as you still have meetings with president putin still going to going to be going on with everybody with majority of
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the other leaders and in fact writer putin staff even said this just allows president putin more time to meet with useful people and make a better use of his time so as the controversy continues there is one other controversial figure that we thought was going to be the person that nobody wanted to stand next to in the photo prior to this tweet and that would be the saudi arabian saudi arabian crown prince. bin solomon who just on monday here in argentina had a local human rights watch submitted a request to the federal judge here to investigate m.b.'s for war crimes as well as the murder of michelle mcgee and in response that same judge turned around and asked argentine foreign minister to seek information from turkey and yemen and the international criminal court that's where the drama we thought was going to be but just like you have people still meeting with president putin you're still going to have a lot of meetings being set up between and b.s. as that well including means with friends present
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a crony as well as possibly even president trump himself so a lot of interesting moving parts right here i'll say this if we woke up this morning to a change it'll be interesting to see if we'll see any tomorrow back to you guys. defying those in power is a time honored tradition here in the united states whether it's far away a world leader or own president some just refuse to obey and those people deserve an award like the twenty eight thousand mit media lab disobedience award director of the media lab and co-founder of the award joy ito said that the award is about speaking truth to power and powering the voiceless accepted personal responsibility and fall out without a view to personal gain which is why i need to founder tirana burke will share this year's prize with vanderbilt university neuroscientist beth ann mclaughlin who has been an outspoken critic of sexism within the science fields and for. did me to stem the third recipient of the disobedience award was dr sherry marts who opened up about their harassment she suffered while in graduate school years ago to help the american geophysical union to overhaul its code of conduct in order to build
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a more perfect future for all we must celebrate those who are willing to put their careers and her name on the line to do the right thing talk about what no one wants to and ultimately but the truth follow that that's brilliant i'm happy to see that award because look i'm a full supporter of the me to move it and i want to see it spread into a lot of different sectors not just hollywood not just entertainment and t.v. in things like that it's got to be at all levels before we think about change you know happen i'm telling you it's coming whether you like it. i hope so i'll sign them congratulations to these women the now and you know that's the of the important thing to because those people can be real good heroes to follow or get more women in the stopgap they persist and i love it and we all well my god all right that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told that we love this stuff so i tell you all i love you i will but until i don't have a lot of the fun watching those hawks another great day and night but if.
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anyone else seems wrong. why don't we just don't. let me. get to shape out these days. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. financials while i don't buy it i prize on
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a futures. think almost find. a solicitor buy it from the future trucker watch kaiser. in fact a recent poll of gallup poll shows fifty seven percent of americans want a more cooperative relationship with russia so there is a disconnect that a smart politician democrat would understand needs to be seen because there's not a lot of hunger or appetite for this kind of and russian politics is being fanned by a media political establishment. despite political tensions gripping with three twenty in argentina nonetheless for the approach it seems is happy to meet and greet other leaders in a positive start the proceedings have no donald trump council but much anticipated face to face with the russian leader. also coming up to this offer.


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