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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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the mood. of the. bomb will. leak. out you know. president putin greets the saudi crown prince and sits down for talks with world leaders at the g. twenty summit after a meeting with president trump was called off also. over soaring fuel prices spread from france to belgium the protesters are met by heavy police presence. and ukraine bans all russian men under the age of
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sixty from entering the country in the wake of last sunday's clash in the terror straight. in broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is arch international and thomas glad to have with. believe he. writes the g. twenty summit is underway in argentina and despite a cloud hanging over a number of the big issues and strange alliances for the leaders there things appeared to be coming off on a positive footing. well
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thursday the u.s. dollar hold the breaking news by tweeting right on the plane i won't meet with. over ukraine the u.s. administration were clearly trying to send a strong message to russia as they put it the aggression that we've witnessed this week on acceptable and strong messages from some place. that was a strong message. isolation isolation. well
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you can see this for an isolation didn't quite work and this might be one of the reasons why the u.s. president. is rather gloomy you could read it off his face all throughout his stay in argentina he didn't the family photos. he told off the translator as he was being welcomed by the argentinean leader and he's just frowning all the time here in. the russian side have said that they actually regrets that they cannot have direct contact with the u.s. peter however they're not making a big deal out of it and vladimir putin the house plenty of other things to do here in the argentinean capital for instance he's already met with the leaders of brazil south america china and. part of the.
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country's. international politics is. that unfair competing practices increasingly replace the international dialogue based on honesty and equality this vicious practice of using lawless unilateral sanctions is expanding as well as protectionist measures violating the un charter. there are quite a few so-called. schedule one of the more important. they brought up. in the. speaking of the french happened to be one of those. guests.
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before they went to argentina.
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yes. meanwhile speculation has been building over why the trump meeting was called off political consultant told us it may have had nothing to do with the carriage straight dispute. the meeting was intending to move forward but he had his neo con convention of people that his basic ports with a bass or bolton as well as conversation with kelly and pompei o who are extremely anti russia full of russia phobia i believe very fundamentally that when they had
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their private time with him using the ukrainian situation as an excuse this was a good optics and image thing for them to cancel this meeting chancellor merkel the austrians the italians there are many within the european community that may make a stance one way or another on the ukrainian situation but still desire to have trade dialogue and a deescalation of unnecessary tensions with the russian federation and you'll see them meet and have a dialogue just like chancellor merkel is doing and that is much better pass forward then shining and not having conversations and letting unnecessary tensions escalate the. ukrainian government has banned a russian males between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country this follows a standoff over the seizure of three ukrainian ships in the carriage strait our
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senior correspondent on guns you have reports now from. what we've seen similar bans put in place over the last several years repeatedly russian. entry into ukraine but this is the first time that they've officially confirmed that russian men age sixteen to sixty. entry into ukraine the president has talked about this year has said that one of the justifications is to prevent russia from forming on the inside ukraine we must remember of course the president over the last few years has full cost repeated russian invasions of do you crane which of. the materialized but the run. the russians have also reacted the russian foreign ministry they've said that this is merely a political ploy a political play in order to shore up mr parr shanku ratings just four months to go until elections and martial law being put in place is an attempt by him to
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radicalize the solidify the base and to guarantee himself more votes russia meanwhile that said that it is not planning on responding in kind that it isn't going to put in place any sort of restriction on ukrainians coming into russia for now but we've seen other restrictions put in place by the government in kiev we've seen for example foreigners banned from moving into from journeying into crimea from the ukrainian side this includes journalists and this is drastically called complicated job because now foreign correspondents seeking to cover events in crimea even if they do manage to get into crimea they you know they might be punished by the ukrainians but we've seen a c.n.n. crew for example now in marry you pool which is a ukrainian city in the south of ukraine they've been elected opinions from people in the interview for example one woman among others who says that she has relatives
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in russia relatives that you know it's going to be harder to contact because because of this new ban there are millions of russians and ukrainians on both sides of the border that have relatives on the other side and she identified herself as one of those if we had a normal president she says women work like this in this kind of job. she adds a good president. named brought the old smile among the. strange while the c.n.n. correspondent may be surprised that there are ukrainians who want friendly relations with russia the situation politically socially economically in ukraine isn't black and white there are. many many people who share similar opinions who want to reconsolidate want friendly relations and it's rare that we hear their opinions voiced in the mainstream media and western press nevertheless there are many many ukrainians who share similar opinions into one thess too when the day
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after martial law was imposed in ukraine a russian female body builder flew into care of tournaments but was deported daria midvale described what happened in an interview with r.t. . i was heading to ukraine to take part in the diamond count and international bodybuilding tournament in kiev all the documents were ready to weeks before my flight and i had an official imitation from the president of the ukrainian federation of bodybuilding and fitness but then the day before my flight ukraine imposed martial law i was told russians were not allowed to cross the border but still there was a small chance i could make it so we decided to try when we got off the plane in kiev we were met on the runway by soldiers with assault rifles inside the airport all the russian passport holders were told to fill in migration cards while everyone else was allowed through and while we were doing this passport control was shut down there was nobody left except russian citizens and one border guard he
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approached us collect our passports along with all our other papers and invitations and left without any explanation then i was taken into the room where i was questioned by police officers he asked me general questions and then left for four and a half hours we waited without food or water and without any explanation as to what was going on our questions were ignored then a police officer carrying a pile of passports told us to follow him nobody told us where they were taking us finally the officer said they were sending us to minsk and after that we could do whatever we want we only got our passports back when we reached customs control at minsk airport there were no official papers explaining why we had been prevented from entering ukraine nothing it was upsetting to see my foreign colleagues arriving from all over the world at the airport and keep going through passport control and knowing that tomorrow they would be at the copy forming and i would not
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be there it seems extremely unjust after i trained so hard for this tournament to know that all that effort was in the. yellow vest protest against soaring fuel prices have spread from for us to belgium drivers to the streets of brussels in solidarity with the french government. correspondent peter oliver has the latest from paris the government has held a meeting with activists in a bid to quell the u.s. . well this meeting was supposed to try and i had no problems and stop a repeat of the violent scenes we saw last saturday when demonstrators come out on to the shelves elisei behind me here in paris this coming saturday. well it didn't go to plan at all really out of the six key leadership members all of the yellow vests only two of them showed up and out of those two one of them stayed for less than two minutes before storming out having this to say to the experimental bar on the i already spoke about this before coming here and then again express this to
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the prime minister i wanted this meeting to be fully recorded on camera and broadcast lives already so that the french people could watch it because i don't deserve to be here more than anyone else but i was denied this i made a commitment to my family that i would leave the meetings wasn't going to be recorded as long as this has caused some people to question what the french prime minister was doing organizing this meeting in the first place if it wasn't going to be filmed the demonstrators had made it very clear that that was a crucial part of what they were demanding when it came to these talks one of the representatives did remain in the meeting with the french prime minister we don't know what came out of what we do know though is that demonstrations are still planned for saturday on the seans elisei just behind me here as they turn to violence some horrible scenes from last saturday and what we have seen is violent scenes in a similar vein on friday in belgium. and
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we saw small crowds but certainly a very determined crowd they were able to cause an awful lot of damage in a very short period of time only around five hundred people in that group in brussels but they were chanting their solidarity protests with those. wanting to see stop fuel price rises here in france also they were protesting against what they see is a uncontrollable rise in the cost of living they also were chanting that both the french and the belgian government must step down. rocks were thrown at the police in that incident the police responded with tear gas down with with baton charges we understand that dozens detained during that demonstration in belgium and really we are expecting more of the same here a higher risk today we are expecting a much larger police presence that we saw today and they'll be looking to try and well stop a repeat of the violent scenes. repeating themselves in the french capital and the
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french government says fuel taxes need to remain close to current levels to pay for public services the tax is also part of broad efforts to discourage car use and cut carbon emissions we heard from brussels based journalist luke of a he says the high prices are making life difficult for people in france and belgium. this demonstration editing being canceled because the organizers couldn't organize the security they said to the police so they had originally cancelled it and it's only through social media then a few hundreds people were there at ten o'clock to demonstrate of these yellow vests oh like in france of course it's mainly in the french speaking part of the country of belgium that they demonstrate imitating the french and in a sense but with the same ideas that taxation has come to. pave all levels people very peaceful everywhere with a yellow first to say that they were fed up with the taxes especially the tax on
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diesel the price of the few is sixty percent taxes fifty five to sixty percent depending on the country it's much too high and when you have a single mother with kids in the country who needs her car to go to work and earns one thousand one hundred maybe met and has to pay three hundred three hundred fifty four for petrol or gas as you said american they can't do it anymore they're dying simply and it's the silent majority that pays its taxes normally. the president drums former campaign chairman met several times with wiki leaks founder julian assange have taken a new twist a former cia officer is questioning the story saying it might have been planted by russia more on that now with on tuesday your organs. it's another link in the chain of the trump russia collusion probe the guardian article exposing alleged multiple meetings between the former chairman of fronts presidential campaign and wiki leaks founder julian assange and that's really it's caused quite
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a stir in the us media story is shaking washington that is a bombshell of foreigners are held a secret meeting around the same time that man a four joined the tram campaign a direct connection between the campaign and wiki leaks they actually published e-mails that were hacked by the russians now stolen by russian spies but doubt soon began to emerge about the articles content and sources but not to warry politico has the answer even if the guardian story is false it's all russia's fault you know i'm being serious rather than being the bombshell smoking gun that directly connects the trump campaign to wiki leaks perhaps the report is something else entirely a distant from asian campaign is it possible someone planted the story as a means to discredit the journalists that article was written by next year yeah agents under a pen name to prove a point the former officer draws our attention to those who dare question this bombshell rush's disinflation network has jumped into the ring to promote
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skepticism of the story sputnik one of russia's propaganda networks called the story into question and bolster the skepticism by quoting tweets from ever gone and glenn greenwald wiki leaks itself r t also a crime and mouthpiece but nec and wiki leaks do you see a pattern here it's clear why there's some skepticism the story raises more questions than answers both x. and metaphor strongly deny the meeting even threatening legal action ok perhaps they're both simply covering for each other you could say but assad is a man under close surveillance with police literally on his doorstep a few days pass yet no other source can confirm or show substantial evidence of manifolds alleged visit to the ecuadorian embassy or as a minister apparently the washington times says paul manifolds passports show he didn't even visit london in those years the guardian claim and r.t. are the only ones asking for evidence. who are the sources if you can't see then
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doubt anonymous sources is dangerous at best striking catalogue of reflexive credulous acceptance of a story that looked shaky from the start and looks more so by the day maybe they've all been duped by russia but what does politico think this fake news operation by russian intelligence actually proves someone is novice and eager to lay the groundwork for yelling fake news out whatever other stories are about to drop so either what the guardian says is true and there is collusion or it's a fake story planted by the russians which also proves collusion win win situation one thing seems clear someone is feeling the heat the stories almost of parity and x. cia agent using a pen name says that if the guardianship piece on a sergeant metaphor is false the russians must be behind it anyway you really can't make this up. in fans of the fantasy classic lord of the rings that know that
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the beast like orcs are a force to be reckoned with but one side fi author believes the way they are depicted in the books is racist. strike me back on. it's hard not to miss that hated notion and tell some more i suppose are. a lot of those creatures that were sort of lie is that all the are are sorry my atoms hopeful and not a great deal of choice in the matter while well they. are
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we not allowed to root against treacherous fictional cannibals any more welcome to twenty thousand in one time. clearly the races of men into lives should have welcomed the immigrants an x. and allowed them to feast on all the mom freshly designed it how terribly racist of them it is just a good triumphs over evil story not meant to be that deep. ukraine's security service has raided the residence of a russian orthodox priest accusing him of inciting hatred metropolitan and pablo
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oversees the oldest monastery in kiev this comes after the ukrainian orthodox church was granted independence from the russian church by the patriarchate of constantinople however the plan has been criticized by religious heads in ukraine for not specifying a date for the rule changes to come into effect state politicians of the highest level who constantly promise cuts and all the stuff simply deceive us there is a full understanding of the fact that constantinople leads us on with various promises since most likely it's statements about the ukrainian orthodox church are motivated by something more than just spiritual goals the russian chairman for the russian orthodox church has also reacted saying it is the third time constantinople has talked about granting autonomous powers for national churches but there is still no conclusion in sight he also stressed of the separation is something orthodox believers do not actually want constantinople overturned
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a centuries old act of union to sever ties between kiev and moscow then both the russian and ukrainian churches responded in turn to cut away from constantinople or to got the thoughts of a professor of church history. you create him go and is really trying to force canonical bishops uncanonical church to participation in this quote unquote council of unification so paul farhi of this procedure first series of strategy was to threaten with confiscation of churches and monasteries and they started to put this plan into life with which i. always was one of the most respected monasteries in the ukraine we could go on now of the day break their agreement. will not be able to use the premises anymore or the second step is trying to get
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a lot of the caves in kiev which is like the holiest place of both ukrainian and russian belorussian and also all. raids had called her. apartment the residence or for mr bolton paul who is the object ball for love or all the cajun cue is the second step of this strategy of intimidation and violence. after a tragic wave of mass shootings in the u.s. oakland university in michigan has come up with a controversial way of keeping people safe staff and students are being trained to fight potential shooters using whichever everyday objects they can get their hands on.
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they have enough mass to cause injury small enough to be thrown. in a matter of seconds. no way you can lock a door with this it can't get shot out you can't get around it.
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it's something that we should think about america about putting guns in the hands of law abiding citizens whether they actually be talented children or. a three year old cannot defend itself from a rifle by throwing a hello kitty pencil case that our founding fathers that i put an age limit on the second amendment. and that does it for me i will be back with headlines in about thirty three minutes you are watching our international glad to have you with us. is finding this out a need. your mother. had authorized by you're going to gouge and jones which island . as this diagram how do you. think i'm going to go is going to go to the bridge. bring your daughter. some of the hose u.d.m.a.
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look to get the film going to the law has a funny because you don't love million. four hundred ten days and write down the bank all of your work on the base walker chemical lies and as our business is going to go he would develop a new treatment there into america no mockers no that these industries out of polluting the good this simply ignore the money that type. of even though. the mother of them like me into the last day into this. fact a recent poll of gallup poll shows fifty seven percent of americans want a more cooperative relationship with russia so there's a disconnect that is smart politician democrat would understand needs to be seen
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because there's not a lot of hunger appetite for this kind of any russian politics is being stand by a media political establishment. joining me everything on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you guys for being here. this is the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents yes indeed i have new evidence new evidence this week that both monsanto herbicides and cell phones cause cancer and that executives at the
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top of those industries knew this long before we in the public did yet provably worked to cover up the truth and since meet telling you that your food and your cell phones give you cancer isn't enough well kept it off with proof that your favorite flavor of ice cream is made from the ground up babies of an endangered species oh you little ball up all right which is a cross between a unicorn and a koala bear. baby does no no. i mean the last adorable after the grinding process. let's start with the cell phones as you know only crazy people in certain types of infinity and stink that cell phone radiation can be dangerous for you shores scientific american put out this.


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