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tv   News  RT  December 2, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EST

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and this is going to go. into. these industries. simply ignore. this. today's news on the week's top stories from the g. twenty in argentina with a temporary freeze in the bruising trade war between the u.s. and china. much. conversation between.
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ukraine to the brink of. three ships it's a. territorial also ahead. covering. more protests against higher fuel the yellow demonstrations and. we will have the stories that shape the past seven days a little later but first this weekend's developments international the g twenty summit has concluded in argentina with leaders time. crucial issues including the
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u.s. china trade war ukraine and strengthening cooperation. well on saturday the u.s. president held a keenly watched meeting with his chinese counterpart at the summit but neither gave a news conference afterwards like those two leaders the russian president did talk to reporters to share his thoughts on the gathering in buenos aires who is in the argentine capital. one of the top reasons why this g twenty summit was meant to be a real attention grabber is the one on one between the man whose limo is parked right there it's about to depart the russian president vladimir putin and his
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american counterpart donald trump but just one day before the summit kicked off donald trump sent all of us into breaking news mode by tweeting out right from on board air force one i won't meet with putin because of ukraine and we were all left guessing whether they'll at least shake hands or have some sort of little chat then finally on saturday the russian president's spokesperson confirmed that a little chat happened somewhere on the sidelines of the g. twenty event everyone was hoping to ask president about it at his press event however he canceled that too he says it was because of the sudden passing of x. president george h.w. bush and eventually the lattimer putin found the time to talk to the journalists and the first question was obviously about him and trump. first of all it was a u.s.
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initiative but then we cancel that meeting in paris because we didn't want to interfere in the shuttle for world one commemorations so we decided to meet and point a series but then the provocation in the black sea took place so the u.s. decided not to have the meeting still have a chance to chat with president trump on this issue we expressed our positions and remained committed to the let's know what we think of the incident is a shame that we are unable to have this meeting but i hope it will take place sooner or later when the u.s. is ready for it vladimir putin has just got inside his limo. he began his second day at the g. twenty summit right inside this hotel. i did go americal for breakfast and treated her with a traditional washing meal that featured caviar and. now
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that the president's not here anymore we were actually able to get inside the lobby of the hotel i was told that the average price for where he was staying is four thousand iu was dollars a day now going back to his talks with anglo markel and emanuel macron the president's spokesperson told us that he physically picked up a piece of paper and a pen to just draw a map for them of what happened between russia and ukraine in the current strait and he also brought forward evidence of what he called ukraine's intentions to provoke russia there that included some notes in the cranium vessel's log book mr
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putin also said that the reaction from the western leaders that he got to that was rather calm and then went on to talk about the state of martial law that was imposed by the ukrainian leader petro poroshenko in parts of ukraine as a result of this is collation. i am concerned about some of the things nobody impose martial law in ukraine when there were big events going on and then before the elections they go ahead and do it why i could tell civil liberties and political activity what is worse is the introduced martial law in just ten provinces where the current president does not have much support city ukrainian government is dividing the country i'm sure that they have discussions regularly as there are various. as there are individual i should say foreign ministries and state department permit them to ask them and encourage them to do it and i think mr putin's being very straightforward about what was happening in in the black sea and
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with ukraine in his view of it whether we agree with it or not is helpful to the discussion and i think mr trump was was happy for that i can imagine he would have been whenever these gentlemen get a chance to talk frankly it's a good thing in history putin doesn't seem to be isolated at the summit at all but he seems to be doing a good job on behalf of russia and taking taking on the issues of the day i don't i don't really see his isolation happening so if that was the plan it failed these summits are not designed to come to conclusions at least as far as i understand them they are designed to give the world leaders a chance to air confusion and misconception with each other and to make their points decisions are made by pure accuracies and larger organizations later afterward. though it was mostly serious business at the summit as usual the are a few lighter moments too and even in the case up along the way.
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everything was scheduled down to the last minute but when we got direction now we understood president macron was already getting into he's car.
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the council meeting between trump and putin wasn't the only one high up on the building in buenos aires as we have mentioned there was that important breakthrough between the u.s. and chinese leaders on the trade raw been going on for some time about one they agreed to a temporary freeze on tara fink races leaving them at ten percent instead of raising them to a hefty twenty five as expected but the freeze expires after what three months or so if both parties are unable to reach a further agreement on top of the beijing has pledged to buy more u.s. projects china especially is under long though told me he died off there will be a lasting solution to all this. it's called the truce but even if it was all agreed
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in say the thirty days. between united states and china. to carry on for. much more as they. close of all china has been exporting much much more all of us to the united states. something like five hundred billion is the united states has been expended as feeding exporting to china hundred fifty but the trouble is that lots of things carnival's the bible states including high tech. technology in reply. to one strategically but that's precisely. the so china so straight about imbalances we're going all in but i was saying it's more than just.
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all right let's get a move on to more of the week's other headline news last sunday russian border patrol sees three ukrainian ships near the crimean peninsula moscow accuses the ships of violating its territorial waters the incident brought russia and ukraine close to full blown conflict and stirred international concern. contrary to the un convention on russian border ships carried out a frankly aggressive action against the vessels of the navy of the armed forces of ukraine.
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three ukrainian patrol boats say the russians were approaching russian territorial waters which they entered they were asked what they intended to do they said that they had no intention of crossing the street of. but they continued making their way forward to certain point refusing all communications from russian border patrol vessels then ounce their intent to cross the strait of kutch without the russians say filing notification notification that is there to make sure that the passage of the strait of kutch which is very narrow and there's a lot of traffic to make it safe the federal security service is also in possession of information that says the provocative actions of the ukrainian fleet were ordered by the government in kiev the territorial waters in which some of this showdown this case took place and were russian woods is even before the reunion of
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crimea and russia twenty four people and old sailors offices and s.b.u. counter-espionage agents detained the russian side also claims to have found documents that ordered these vessels to proceed with maximum stealth. tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition dozens and dozens of weapons from brigade launches to machine guns the ukrainian side for its part claims that it did fall and notification of its intent to cross the passes the streets of. into the as of see that the russians acted brazenly aggressively that this was an act of war the russians say that this was a provocative act that the ukrainians ordered by the top by the very top the government itself to carry out this provocative act and to give them justification
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for establishing martial law with the sky for months to go until elections russian men age sixteen to sixty no longer welcome or no longer allowed entry into ukraine russian foreign ministry they've said that this is merely a political ploy a political play in order to shore up mr poroshenko ratings martial law being put in place as an attempt by him to radicalize the solidify the voter base while we know the sailors on board were taken into custody and charged with illegally crossing the russian border they could face up to six years in prison moscow then released a video in which the ukrainian commander in detention in russia say's he ignored orders to stop so i'm going to melissa morey command of the navy division of the grain and military forces were answered the code straight after crossing the russian border we had visual contact with the russian border service vessels i consciously ignored their commands to stop on our boat we had small arms and
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a machine gun with ammunition i was aware that the action of the ukrainian vessels in because straits provoker to i was following my orders to move our ships from the port or for this to mario. while western countries were quick to express serious concern over what happened both russia and ukraine call for an emergency session of the un security council russia's representative seemed to make little headway with others around the table here's how it played out. what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation it follows on from russia's illegal acts a sion of crimea in two thousand and fourteen grains because the ukrainian side violated our border in a place which even before twenty fourteen was russian territory. russia must respect the full implementation of the means could prevent you're not an additional i hope that you read the miscue greenman to know perfectly there's not a single word about crimea russia wants to comics the sea. and now we'd
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surprisingly turns out that we occupy the hands of c. is wealthy this is something new and if you me for i'd like to assure you create an affair with solidarity united states will continue to stand with the people of ukraine against the russian aggression. so this could be perceived as carte blanche for ukraine to carry out further provocations well after the death of a russian deputy u.n. envoy told us he's disappointed with his western counterparts positions. i discovered that they were not very eager to discuss these countries situationally immediately changed to the alleged an extension of crimea by my country which we of course fires through the night and i specifically mentioned that crimea was not topical security council agenda. i fear
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that some of the western countries that have particular influence on the ukraine are really displayed session or at its units of the ukrainian side might feel a little bit and bold and to engage in for as a provocation this of this type because they haven't heard they didn't hear during the meeting and you approach this from from western side that they did something wrong. and credible scenes in paris this weekend as fuel tax protests strike again more than one hundred people were injured hundreds more arrested we'll take you through what occurred when we return i think.
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we should start again to discuss where we can call chancellor merkel who runs who said we have built up a lot of choose between germany and and europe. to destroy a group is quite easy. to live through. again
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and we start back in france where central park this was brought to a standstill on saturday by the so-called yellow vest movement against soaring fuel prices it was the most violent of three successive weekends of unrest and riot police were out in force four hundred twelve people we know for arrests that scores injured including our correspondents look at your computer all over who were hit by rubber bullets here's what peter witnessed throughout the day. these demonstrators have been very clear in what they've wanted to say they want to say that fuel prices are getting too high they want to say they're unhappy with the current government headed up by a manual might call actually is remove into this missing riots is riot police tear
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gas everything you can possibly imagine. and if. we're actually seeing tear gas trying over our heads right now i'm going to be moving out of the way as i'm talking to you that's really not safe for me to be stood there doing that it's also not to just explain what was happening the place that you can see located just over there which was exactly one hundred eighty degrees from where i was facing they just fired several rounds dangerously close over my head right then that's something i've certainly never seen by any riot suppression force used in europe. they have been numerous incidents of people being hit with rubber bullets legally
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clichy as off the hospital i was hit me on kill with will myself thankfully my boot bearing most of the brunt of that those demonstrators that i spoke to they say they aren't going anywhere humanity should be put first not money it's not impossible you know you come to these protests because you don't have enough money to survive till the end of the month suspect as we already work in the minimal tariffs for social insurance and i don't understand what will the next glide to be sure we can do the best we can to provide good conditions for patience we are being taxed from all sides we work we study we raise our children now we are overtaxed. the sub moving the problem aside we're seeing more and more problems spark up around here is a fire here and set up as a blockade across the street of their one of the streets off of the new five and this isn't so this certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon and one of the big issues that i am seeing from this whole situation in paris is that it's not just
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one new killis there isn't just one group that the police are trying to contain was . was. a good. number of people incredibly upset particularly with the french media they thought we were from one of the french broadcasters they were insisting that we stop broadcasting once we told them that we weren't well now we've been allowed to again speaking to a large amount of the police that have been taking part in this operation in paris on saturday you'd be surprised how many were willing to say off camera that they were actually supports of those that were demonstrating against lower fuel costs however that certainly wasn't represented in some of the the violent scenes that
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we've seen from say violence from place towards demonstrators also from demonstrators towards police and r.t. france correspondent look at leasure shared his story after being injured. most of the protests as he wanted to go back to the show and silesia a joined in small groups i was following one of them in the end we came back to the plaster shows to go and at that moment i was shot i made it lethal the bullet had come from law enforcement as the police were shooting from that side of the protesters they were able to understand i wasn't a protester i wasn't wearing a yellow vest i was wearing a leather jacket and a helmet and i was also holding a monopod with my mobile phone in my hands for a live stream. donald trump's patience has long worn thin with america's main news provider so this week he floated the idea of setting up his own state run alternative igor said on optics look at how if it ever makes it to air trump t.v. might measure up against the established networks it's been
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a long brutal and tiresome fight fake fake discussing. how fake i am not going to give you a question you are fake the level of dishonesty is out of control the two go met and clashed and found themselves in a stalemate now trump appears to be opting for a new approach if you can't beat them join them throughout the world c.n.n. has a powerful voice portraying the united states in an unfair and false way something has to be done including the possibility of the united states starting world wide network to show the world the way we really are great. and i wonder what it will look like. hello and thank you for joining c.n.n. i'm your host for today anderson blooper and our top story
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a huge announcement from the white house nato is obsolete some powerful words from the president that the united states indeed has been the biggest loser in this decrepit organization to quote president bad and well actually now we do have some breaking information just in fact donald trump has just announced that nato is very much relevant again now they do fight terrorism i said it was obsolete it's no longer ups a leap now just to clarify things this is most definitely not a u. turn on behalf of mr president but rather a direct result of his artwork and we have reports it otherwise is fake news speaking of which c.n.n. is proud to be recognized as the only fake free t.v. network and like these other stations especially the. well on the political front donald trump has revealed that there is no reason to
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believe that russia meddled in the twenty sixteen election i have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be getting a confirmation from vladimir putin himself never settling for this anonymous sources rubbish just as we don't as well well. now actually we do have an update on this story have a listen and a key sentence in my remarks i said the word word instead of what. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why it. rush well you know what this is hardly an update though obviously would instead of wouldn't i mean yeah the complete opposite of each other but that's just being unpredictable the great thing about our president and now finally that we have that sorted out to domestic affairs and our contributing show cooking with friends the
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type of deterrent being used is. pepper spray it's literally water tap or with a small amount of alcohol for evaporation purposes it's natural you could actually put it on your nachos and eat it well nachos with gas topping is actually the only way we have nachos here at c.n.n. so some spicy peppery nachos with a water cannon shower to wash away the tears delicious try it if you haven't so that was it our morning kids show this is c.n.n. . back with more of the week's news in thirty but first the story of a people fighting back against militant islamists in africa's most populous nation .
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donald trump bowing out of a meeting with vladimir putin doesn't seem like a big deal given the already poor state of affairs between the two countries because of the manner in which it was canceled over twitter may sting the kremlin more than the cancellation itself is the mythical trump truth in a bromance finally over. when a loved one is. harder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying news just
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knew it hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the get pellet here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. the quote made the. quit on the lack of some stuff in the question of the south when the album discourage you need to man is you out of a new thing is one that one how did you quickly mess is and you know what i will leave out of the torment they must be unless outcome.
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and you do because it would apply to. you do you believe. that. one day soon i. need to quit threatening them or don't let you go it was going to come to. you no no go. ahead now when dad when the time live now i'm dead to the kids who. killed him when they were listening to you know that i gave. him a cook a little black come with him fallow come with them and let it be for you.


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