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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 3, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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a hotel in moscow and that the russians had videotaped it today that man may answer questions on sex workers and about what we know from wiki leaks about hillary clinton's e-mails komi according to justice department documents killed a plea deal over wiki leaks founder julian assange a detention by the british government is determined by the u.n. today coney's interrogation will be over whether his f.b.i. deviated from established norms so what are f.b.i. norms threatening loving to the king jr with death funding extreme right wing minutemen to shoot to kill only u.s. border wiretapping political opponents the subversion of democracy cia whistleblower edward snowden and refuge in russia says it is important to remember the history behind f.b.i. norm's why do i see this what i did up sort of this ancient history why don't we sort of think about things that were back under j. edgar hoover's f.b.i. . once because these things continue this is not a radical departure from the operation of intelligence agencies this is what they
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do in the dark this is what happens when you're not looking this is what happens when they give an off leash when they get comfortable enough that they won't be held to the account of the public or the law that history should also be remembered in the context of western foreign policy from cia backed regime change in chile to the attempted toppling of the democratically elected in there of syria bashar a lot said supported by tourism a joining me now via skype is the m.p. for aleppo in syria far as xabi far as things were going back and going underground so what happened in aleppo thanks to rebels who have the same aim of tourism may in overthrowing the syrian government they are getting three neighborhoods nearby here . one is called the year one is gold did not i preach i started an event on one called there's our neighborhood with mortar at our field with ammonium nitrate that you would prefer that i did it visually docket. more than
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a hundred and seven people were hospitalized all of them severely all civilian neighborhoods some of them are still in critical condition they thought in the neighborhood with these chemicals since ever since everybody was quiet in the media in the security council no no mention of this exact thing that similar to the fact that we. witnessed in the canasa back i think. fourteen is very similar so we cannot continue our life to endanger the lives three million people on that point two million about two million living. under the threat all can legally weapon on guard against chemically weaponized this is really dangerous you mentally have to pollution you mention the media that i want to get on to the ammonium nitrate which we call it will be easy verify. into the air b.t.w.
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in a second you mentioned media why do you think corporate media in britain and in nato nations isn't so interested in any alleged chemical attack in through your own constituency in a way exactly they're not interested because it doesn't. it doesn't serve the regime change agenda that they have been advocating for for the four years now i mean for years the media outlets stood with the jihadi. gangs and they call them one day they call them rebels one day they have all the freedom fighters one day they call them. people on the oppression i mean they are jihadi guys that they don't do more than one hundred nationalities the one next to my house like a mile away from my house. on a budget to spend they don't even speak arabic. they brought from central asia through thirty. by anyone i invite anyone who really has any doubts about what i say business. and i will show you where their eyes shut i can
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pinpoint you i can take it to my room and you can see their locations i mean this is really sick. was trying to you know remove the person warm trying to revive trying to work again and unfortunately nato countries they don't let us move forward because they are city guarding and they are putting all obstacles in our way to look at it live and really see it live and save syria and save not only the human civilization from these savages why have the o.b. c.w. not arrive to meet you in aleppo. i don't know we invited them i mean when you bought it them and they are of more than welcome to come and investigate did footage that you saw a real footage of people injured three a real footage of doctors not like the ones you saw in the in the end do mine eastern good thought even if it was there's nothing directly kinetic connecting
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tourism is government to the chemical attack use of chemical weapons well wouldn't you out of actually let me correct this ship. that controls and also harbors the icons we have all evidence documents linking the foreign office of kerry sunday's government of providing why it's moments with finance with the you know financing why tell me it's other than the other gods of support like the media support political support and already the leaders of the white and it's already white tell us that are just in england who used to work with a card that you had used side by side shoulder to shoulder she and her government are deeply involved in covering up supporting and covering up and providing the what if you can and. you know beat on him but i love these games in it and once we live it live we will find more evidence of the foreign office the
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u.k. foreign office involvement in supporting. you know what to tell mitt what we found out in their headquarters in aleppo we're not able to receive the money without passing through the new software since the new stock controls their headquarters so basically any rescuer in the white helmets that we say that the these rescuers are independent of muslim can up what is see if any letter from the foreign office. or before and over the forty organizations between them in the media he's without getting the approval of the most of all who controls the streets. then it would vote only in the british while the british government is proud to financially support the white helmets as as you know unlike some european governments and obviously we'd love to just send us any information you do have the proves any collusion of that kind what do you make of human rights watch now saying russia is
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to blame for killing killing three children two women after the alleged attack is absurd this is this is this is really sick because i mean how can you blame. when they when they embed themselves they put their rockets and their candidates. downs . with women and children and they shoot chemical weapons at us and we have to respond to places and order the stocks came from they ought to believe basically in danger in that are civilians in the us and they ought to be to blame for indeed joining the dots if it isn't i want yes you know more than three thousand kids were killed by these gangs or. if you asked years more than three thousand kids we haven't heard anything from the national so-called international community about this president president john boy said he didn't want to appear to
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say didn't want a u.s. support for those rebels saying they were as suspicious as your speaking about them any evidence you've seen that is if fifteen warplanes are now using chemical weapons white phosphorus against the populations of. yes yes. and it is so hard to get out of her. we've seen that picture as we've seen no we've heard testimony i mean you know this has to be investigated also i mean look i mean whatever arms the saudis to commit. genocide against the yemeni children in the severely is where a need for thousands yemeni kids board were killed by starvation i don't say die it would kill them it would deprive food and medical attention eighty four thousand when a yemeni kit dies every everything they say every ten minutes or every i don't know . nobody nobody. nobody doubts the scale of the killing that oversee the saudi
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government which is by brooke who exactly who. put in the arms the u.k. france the us right with it you know these governments and then the saudis stop the war in yemen they would stop it immediately they were not even the saudis would stop it one day. it's not about smart weapons or stupid what it's what kind of smart weapons that kill. people in yemen these are you know if you put smart weapons in the hands of stupid people this is what he'd have so basically do you expect us to believe the same people who are miss ellis who killed the entities. do to believe what they say about it live and about civilians and live saudi i don't believe that they don't have any credibility i didn't hear and if i might away. from the borderline from difficult from the comfort zone and i know exactly what happened and i have friends and family from that did and they come and tell us what
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happened and who it was their streets and towns and who has the upper city and this and i see this i see it you know western media hundred see how to cover the story they are then he in bold in supporting down his organizations and we can show whatever investigative committee the house of congress can form independent or whatever from both bodies but you know bipartisan conservatives labor we really don't care just send us an investigative committee that has a serious interest in investigating anyone do it but the u.k. government and we can provide you with compelling evidence compelling evidence that link the fought in office with backing up the new so i know fight against in on it but we have compelling evidence and if they find this they did i think they should go back then and do whatever your laws and didn't permit you to do to investigate
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this support of international terrorism by the us government buys you have a thank you you're welcome after the break we get yesterday spanish elections due to resume just turn gibraltar of the majority and with gibraltar seemingly more in the mind of those negotiating director than school and we'll ask any award winning scottish actor brian cox what he makes of teresa mayes proposed rex a deal going civil coming up about two and going underground. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would
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prefer and it means to live the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way to present in that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. to.
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chose seemed wrong all right all were all just all. to old to get to shape out just to become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. welcome back spain's so-called socialist prime minister patterson just today has more things to worry about than taunting theresa may have a record results remember losing elections in the past few hours could unleash political forces he is not prepared for but it was searchers who first tested to resume his record agreement before it arguably fails in westminster in a few days' time the reason the three hundred year old dispute over gibraltar joining me now is the gibraltarian opposition leader who led constitutional negotiations with the u.k. keith as a body q.c.
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thanks so much for coming on so britain's chief minister fabian regard as theresa may have been one of the rocks most supportive prime ministers may says the u.k.'s position on gibraltar has not changed and will not change what do you think well she certainly has been very supportive of gibraltar in the and the sovereignty statements she has made have been very welcome but her statements while welcome on the issue of sovereignty and the other solution to do not represent a guarantee for example on whether we will be included in the final deal on the future relationship what she has said is there will be no change in the status of gibraltar we only do negotiate for gibraltar but she's not given a guarantee of course at that the we will be included what we are seeking is if she gets her withdrawal agreement through parliament this time and the u.k. then asked a trigger and you get a she asian on the future relationship that gibraltar is included in any beneficial
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future relationship with the e.u. at the end of the day ninety six percent of people injured will tug boat to stay within the e.u. so as of now it is your understanding that the documents published by the government suggest there is no guarantee that gibraltar will be a part of britain in the next few years and no i'm not saying there's a guarantee that we will be part of britain and there is there are very strong sovereignty assurance. that the people of gibraltar have been given by victories enabled by successive. u.k. governments we've got a sovereignty assurance as the preamble to our constitution what i'm saying is that what reason may has stated is there will be no constitutional change in terms of sovereignty that she will negotiate so as to include gibraltar in a future deal but what we've also heard from the other negotiating partner to that process is that the e.u. for itself says that whether
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a deal on the future relationship applies to gibraltar will depend on spanish consent as we go forward even if mrs may gets that with dollars reman through the u.k. parliament which appears to be problematic as things stand there and then needs to be a process to negotiate a future relationship the people of gibraltar will not pay a sovereignty price for a future relationship so currently tell them from there whether you're saying people and a border should have any worries now about influence over worker protection tobacco or petrol excise duties environmental protections taxation even do they have to worry or don't they. well they may need to to worry because beyond sovereignty it's clear from the particle their debt that there are going to be u.k. spain memoranda in relation to took back on petrol prices the environment on other aspects and it is in the evaluation of that detail whether where we will be able to
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say as an opposition well it's a good or bad deal portables beyond that of course in general to we are concerned about the fact that spain have in effect a veto of over the application of a future relationship a deal to gibraltar because we dealt with spain for a long long time we've we've stood many political sieges and some politicians in spain view this as an opportunity to extract concessions from gibraltar well they will get the same answer that they have had for many many years you know where you said suspend judgment so they also ignore the fact as well as prime minister serves as when it comes to gibraltar in the context of bricks that spain wins well of course the people of gibraltar will not ignore that and indeed we were deeply disappointed and indeed angry at the shenanigans that were played over in the last
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few days in brussels that the sheer brinkmanship of the spanish prime minister in the context of his regional elections. people were justifiably angry with all that and we will be very very cautious as we go forward in any future negotiation ok it's not just as well as prime minister arguments of him barrow you can bear sort of the you to gibraltar will not necessarily be covered by a future trade deal suggesting i don't know what do you think it is a jesting joint anglo spanish sovereignty. i don't think he was suggesting that gibraltar will not be covered what he was saying is that article one it four on its face does not specify that the extension the territorial extension are specific agreements and that's because when you negotiate future agreements there's no one size fits all arrangement for a future relationship the future relationship of say northern ireland with the e.u.
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or scotland or wales border baltar made all differ may all have uniquely drawn arrangements so i don't think it says what spain think it says i don't think spain have one i think there's a lot to play for it's about us negotiating a with our very clear agenda age of broader agenda that is different to their to the agenda mapped out by to reason may because she says she wants to end freedom of movement once and for all she wants out of the single market we do not want either of that we say treat of movement single market access and we want a tailor made solution for gibraltar in the future relationship he said tailor made that's kind of what supreme want but doesn't madrid just hold all the cards fourteen thousand crossed the border every day britain of course has the naval base there still owns a bit of the middle of the strait of gibraltar that's about it spain there that all the to negotiate with you know well that's not true because we hold cards to you
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know spain have as you say thousands of frontier workers that come to gibraltar that require that you know that the economy of gibraltar feeds the campo area makes a massive contribution to the immediate hinterland and those are classes that you're brought up also holds there will be no sovereignty jurisdictional control concessions that any jubal to government will be prepared to pay in exchange for a future relationship he says of are they thinking. well today marks the last day of one of the biggest russian film and cultural events outside of russia russian film week which aims to promote russian cinema do you caywood ians is a task arguably more difficult when seen alongside the strained political climate of three in the two countries it's with a foreign off as one british citizens from traveling to russia for this year's world cup one of the festival's patrons is the emmy award winning actor brian cox
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he joins me now brian thanks so much for coming back on the show how did you come to be patron of this event well i've had a long association with russia by. accident rather than design i happened to be in the eighty's i was teaching at a place called bada and i met these russians a. kid from off and it's to see a vet in sky who i recognize. from office the money he was the director of the moscow outfit and he invited me to go to russia and i went there and i ended up working there for over two years has joined the soviet union yes during it was the gladness period it was a very exciting time it was the time of hope and russia. gorbachev who i was tremendous became a tremendous admirer of so i did this workshop with these actors and of course i had been influenced when i was a young actor by cousin seth who's a great russian filmmaker and still to my mind made the best film there is of
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hamlet with the wonderful actor called in the country swell tomasky. it was astonishing i remember seeing that film and it kind of changed me it changed my attitude to shakespeare and it was interesting a russian film could do that and what's important to me is that we especially in this climate that we're living in at the moment where there's a kind of lot of political idiocy going on that the cultural nation who's more important than ever and that's why this russian for one week is a very very key thing but there isn't a call yet for a cultural boycott but by the words of britain's. the officer general mark colvin smith saying that russia poses a threat greater than isis day as any jackson society allied to the british government saying that of all russians here in london a russian spies knowledge you're not going to get that's a grotesque exaggeration i mean you know there are probably there are probably elements of spies all over an equally in in this in the in russia but i i
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think the cultural life is that it's the true life i think the political life is reflective of the shifting sand whereas the cultural work is deep entrenched in the russian psyche and it's magnificent the films of talk you know one of the great filmmakers of all time and they are incredible city us they do incredible work mentioned as a space film in this. russian film we love the narrative in the united states and nato nations is the use of russian propaganda how can you tell your own these films are not secretly or they're not using software we talk often about hollywood being soft power in the. us so i think that that's that's kind of that's always looking for scapegoats of some kind or another and they and they get their inventions you know they they seem to pacify the powers that be the
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political leaders and military leaders to kind of say well of course that's propaganda but they don't we now understand it they don't even begin to understand the richness of dusty have ski the richness of tolstoy the richest of gogol and that and this the cinema is all part of that silly extension of that you know we have a we have a film on my kosky you know there's you know hundreds and russia has been through its struggles and it still is in the middle of it struggles and its leadership doesn't always reflect what's going on in the people's spiritual life or the people's cultural. if and i think the consulate remains quite separate and it's very easy to throw the sort of oh it's propaganda or it's trying to not a lot of these films actually deal kind of critical of what's going on they they are actually do kind of sort of reflect a sort of critical eye and that's what i think cinema does because cinema all out
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forms cinema of the theatre books they tell it like it is as opposed to like what the pundit political pundits and the military leaders would like it to be why do you think people in britain don't know more about russia's contribution because we are very isolationist you know we're like america we've we've we've we've never been really understood because partly because of our language you know we believe that we've got the best language and we have you know the greatest we've got shakespeare so that's he you know he qualifies for everything and i think that that we're not we're a little bit xenophobia there's been a tradition only parts of britain as in the foot but not the whole of britain is in a phobic you know so i do believe that we you know we have to keep up this rear guard action of culture against the political punditry and not guts white russian film is very very important and as xenophobia you speak of there alludes to
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breaks it's what do you think about tourism a saying i mean she's been in scotland saying scotland's interests have been taken into account throughout the negotiations. clearly not true you know i know my views on bragg's are pretty well known i disagree with it i think it's retrograde and i think it's unthought through and i think it's been based on a lot of lies and a lot of misinformation which again the political mood and would be is you know the govt is in the david david though i have great respect for david davis but johnson had no respect for whatsoever only. british politicians and theresa may ban the national the scottish newspaper from a press conference. what about the banning of newspapers well the president. it's unconstitutional you know it should not but and especially the national but it's quite easy it's quite obvious why should bust but it's the national because the national have been there in support of remain and we represents. the notion
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of in an independent scotland brian cox thank you and there are some tickets available online for russian film week here in london and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday with the author of a new book internationally and publicly endorsed by president double trumpet bill then you can touch my social media we'll see on wednesday ten years to the day the us federal reserve secretly pumped one point two trillion dollars into private banks that according to bloomberg would rake in billions in undisclosed profits before political austerity was inforced across the western world. we should start again to discuss where it can. chancellor american
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runs has said we have a lot of. between germany and europe and russia. too to steroid use is quite easy and very far. but. i have a lot of. doubt a need. arise out of the powder but i again gadgets down the toilet. if you could get them to the law has a. million. ways and write down the bankroll for the record base walker chemical lies and this is
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going to that he would treat them and their entire national market know that these industries out of polluting your dissenting ignore the ones that type mother. and mother have done like me into the last game of this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only mostly exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. few sit down and talk. you know
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world of big. lot and conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the french government tries to work out how to deal with nationwide protests against fuel prices at central paris reels from riots in a decade. just hours from now it's a new mission to the international space.


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