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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EST

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that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. we've been through this this isn't the way. to rob people. for just twelve euros fifty per month. for a weekend for the most violent riots in paris in fifty years the city braces for more protests this time by medics. on this buddhist piece of. today's carnage in the capital. was.
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also to come a russian t.v. reporter was accused of spying in the u.k. by the minute tree and also the media following what was called his suspicious behavior. facility and a three person crew is on his whites the international space station this soyuz rocket lifted off without a hitch almost two months on from a failed launch we were pulled from the baikonur cosmodrome. good evening at six pm here in moscow you're watching international. hundreds of medics have joined the way of protests that have gripped the french capital. god. you can see some of the pictures which have come out of paris today they are using
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sirens there and their emergency lights to protract attention to their course. as you can see this is sounding there so iran saying just in the past on the concorde as you go towards the national assembly the thing that they're unhappy about is a change in france it was implemented two months ago whereby hospitals now decide which ambulance service in france reflects patients and their drivers are concerned but could threaten their jobs in the future so you could put in this law will kill ambulance companies and big corporations will take over smaller companies like ours have invested a lot of money will disappear overnight no one will help us we're staying here as long as necessary we have nothing to lose anymore loser could there where health company secretaries will come to support ambulance workers because if this all continuous will lose all jobs to there is less work for us every single day
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hospitals duty even have the right to call us and give us work the prime minister the governments will do nothing for us nothing they're leaving us in the galley without work ambulance workers will lose their jobs patients will lose out now this is just the latest in a stream of protests that we've been seeing him frogs that sickly over the last few weeks out with a very visible movement all this year make sure that you know. that there is just descending into chaos here in paris but it looks like those protests are set to continue at some of descried dividing the stupid irish on saturday the boom buildings burned cars defeated smashed shops and new to some of the worst violence that france has seen since ninety one sixty eight. the feat
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of the for. the for the good. going to. the wedding we were going to move in the present michael returned home to france all to the g. twenty summit in argentina on sunday morning and he went to assess some of the damage and the wilson's gives him a warm welcome. more. meat . you know. well present marco and also held an emergency meeting on sunday with members of the
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cabinet he's just the prime minister with holding discussions with political leaders and those you measure movement to see how they can appease those a protests fuel source the and soon will be in syria minister to make sure that the security services are ready for any food the mayhem and it's also be new to the possibility of the frogs to declare a new state of emergency just a loon off to the last one ended well who all this you measure was there a movement a social movement that started just a few weeks ago a new city over the high cost of taxes on fuel here in france but since then they've been quest to be a social movement they are unhappy with things such as the high unemployment rate here in france as well as the high cost of living and they sent to continue their protests against another demonstration. expected to take place on saturday in paris charlie devinsky reporting there will associate professor in french and francophone studies at nottingham university in the u.k.
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paul smith believes that initially underestimated the protests. the hoping outside of well beyond the protests to the moderates would not support the general protests in the way that they have and there's been a public opinion poll this morning that says seventy two percent of french people actually support the movement. i call knows that there is a general malaise that needs to be addressed that goes far deeper in the violent top level as it were that we're seeing in paris we've seen that today with destroyed by ambulance drivers that sort of protest that these people with what they regard as a legitimate grievance of the g eight summit problem. has has misjudged i think the movement but now he's trying to do something about it the action against protesters
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it depends on whether we're thinking about protesters or whether we think that the people who are in custody at the moment are actually protesters or if they're actually provocateurs because there's been quite a lot of evidence that the ultra right and the ultra left are simply joining the demonstration in order to cause further trouble and then you've got the issue of delinquent elements turning up to to throw stones at a policeman. and his prime minister in the interior minister will do is trust the legal jus legal process to be carried out. now the british army has issued a top level security alert over russian t.v. journalist u.k. military and media accuse him of spying after he was said to have been acting suspiciously outside an army facility this is how the journalist himself explained what happened. i would very much want to know what exactly happened we're being accused of espionage while we were just doing our job we didn't break any u.k.
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laws on november twenty second and i remember that day perfectly well it's been mentioned in the mail on sunday. article we went to the military base which is one hundred kilometers from london that's location of brigade seventy seven we did a package about it and we drove by the base stopped approached the security guards i introduced myself presented my id they took pictures of my documents my car then we recorded my piece to camera we recorded it on a professional video camera we did try to get inside the base something claimed by the mail on sunday we made our intentions clear that we wanted to film outside and that's exactly what we did instead of being branded spice the way well he could ensure the journalists there presented to the security guards were later linked to the media despite a government memo saying for internal use only parties pretty boy picks up the story. well look to move the is the bureau chief for russia's channel one in london and he was doing a story about the seventy seventh brigade which is sort of the cyber warfare unit
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for the british military and considering that the british government spends quite a lot of time talking about the so-called russian threat and the threat from hybrid warfare and russian reporters interested in this brigade is pretty much self-explanatory so on the twenty first of november. when to film a piece outside this military unit now i've spoken to him about what happened myself and he said that he and his cameraman didn't try to hide the fact that they were filming when they gerry pos the security gates they all think that press credentials to the security officials outside the base that's perfectly normal so please take a listen to the report as account of what happened trying to into the territory of the military as the daily mail claimed on the day after their own school was published the b.b.c.
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journalist. put exactly the same place. but in this case of course nobody is going to punish anyone. and yet this story printed in the mail on sunday yesterday had the headline russian t.v. spies caught at top secret army base now first of all it's not top secret you can get to its location pretty much very easily but with two clicks on the internet the art school also goes on to feature an academic who warns that all reporters working for russian news channels are potential spies which is a claim that frankly i find absolutely terrifying and the russian embassy is also upset that the reporters personal details have been published online it is offensive that the personal data of russian journalists including their i.d.'s. in the license plate of their car were made public it in dangerous security aversions citizens let alone the fact that it's
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a blatant violation of the norms generally recognized in civilized countries and this wasn't an isolated news report in fact the story's really snowballed it was printed originally yesterday but it's been reprinted by most of the newspapers here in the u.k. today and now even the defense secretary gavin williamson has made a statement about it he's called on members of the public to report any suspicious activity outside of british military bases and allow me to add a little legal disclaimer strictly speaking and i've just consulted our media lawyer about this it isn't against the law to film on public land even if it is just outside a military base many a journalist has done it but certainly i have no one ever leak to my press credentials or accuse me of being a russian spy in the process but there is an important caveat here in terms of the law the military can take action against anyone acting suspiciously outside
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a british military base now looking at it from where i am and given how tense relations between the u.k. and russia are at the moment the most suspicious thing about this reporter is that he is a russian citizen working for a russian news channel. now soyuz rocket has lifted off destination the international space station it is the first manned flight since a failed mission almost two months ago three person international crews headed by the captain or they come and go the russian cosmonaut is the most experienced with four flights already under his belt and he is joined by the canadian national what they would son jax and also america's mclean for them it's their mission in space ruth an ocean a witness the takeoff from the baikonur cosmodrome. now you hear the engine started working. to find this space
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said. the rocket is already out in the skies will take a little bit more than six hours for the crew to dollar cuisine international space station's but today's launch is far from routine one why the thing is that so uses only new three accidents in their long he story. never agreed fatalities would always lead into nations aborted a in nineteen seventy five a nine hundred eighty three and the maze three seventy one happened just seven
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weeks ago in october during the last man flight and here's my report on why today's launch is so different and so important. because every stakeholder started smoothly. ninety seconds into the flight something went wrong. to failure to photograph. well supported rocket stages of the fifty two meters three hundred ton construction must. be automatic. just the system immediately aborted the mission and the dr could capsule. instead of going to the international
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space station they landed in kazakhstan and lives steps hundreds of kilometers from way they had taken off just minutes earlier by couldn't alongside intense in the remote back in the nineteen fifties at the height of the cold war it was a practical necessity to hide the spaceport away from prying western eyes told so. devoid of victims face of the rocket disaster this wilderness is with emergency capsule with two fortunately members and then. the rescue training is a part of an ability to realize that for every one helicopters jeeves navigation systems are evil people are empowered to coordinate to find the truth quickly and based on these girls saved lives. the russian cosmonaut and american astronaut seemed unharmed off to the incident on the little blue given that they fell from
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a height of fifty kilometers making the steep ballistic descend on deforest many times stronger than gravity some cold days and miracle. a special commission was formed do best to gauge what went wrong three weeks later they reached a conclusion a sensor that was supposed to detect the separation of the stagers was faulty but it surely the reason behind the failure was operational reaction occur due to a fault in the sensor so that this could only happen at the assembly stage of the baikonur cosmodrome. in a way with this in that event to me was actually reassuring. the smart design over the so use and the incredible work of this witness who people in. on the ground can do a river to do every every village i went inside feeling absolutely safe it is
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a bit small. so as any time i wish it may be said i could take part in the design but. eight and a half minutes after takeoff the singur is expected to reach orbit and just six hours later to talk with the international space station but at least i will feel much longer and. with any luck it should reach the international space station within the next couple of hours or so you're watching r.t. still ahead for you this savvy u.s. holds major exercises as thousands of migrants move closer to the border and among the stories just after the break. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with lawmakers manufacture consent to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room.
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welcome back now the far right parties enter the regional spanish parliament for the first time in almost forty years while the spanish socialist workers party won the majority of seats in the local elections and elisia the far right folks party managed to bag twelve seats much the concern of the socialist leader. the official reaction there's been a real sad back for the left and under the most serious thing is that the extreme right his interest in the new political outlook toral cycles and his interest and lucio parliament first started this phenomenon which has been taking place in the rest of europe and the world has now reached the end of parliament. is the most populous region of spain the country's third largest economy after catalonia and the trade but also has high unemployment and is the main arrival point in spain for
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migrants crossing the mediterranean vox pieties a new comer on the scene and analysts do you think its success could increase pressure on the spanish prime minister sanchez especially with the european elections approaching in may so let's talk more about this now with edward theo he's the founder of the barcelona republic think tank and you're very welcome thanks for coming on edward. the fox party got twice as many seats didn't they as many people were predicting did it surprise you. really because i think everybody has that uncertain about maybe they will have some representation but. i think everybody sort. of what's the significance to this number twelve because if you look at it overall the socialist got thirty three seats i think didn't they it seems like a small number but they could still be influential. and they get the majority and.
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really important now maybe maybe there will. be all right. we don't know but they are really important now because they out. of the nation why do you think they were successful last night i mean why did people vote for them. yeah so i think maybe it's a history of for us because maybe we're socialist and they don't have. many good to politics for and illusia and the. group junkies and so maybe that's that's one of the fine. older i think the nice movement. by not. maybe it's a mixture of not a good politics and government and i don't think in spain do you think this is do you think this is perhaps refractive across
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a pattern we're seeing in europe at the moment say we're far right parties are obviously getting a foothold in politics aren't there. sure there is an international or. the next rung of the fire break. politics not oh yeah you have a home but i'm out don't have. friends of some modern insult. it's not just in spain or in london w or a lot more and. it's really about about me sure and people are looking now aren't they to the european elections which are coming up shortly would you expect far right parties to do well there too. yeah it's rolling. in or little has been unmade goes without. much money shit elections b.n. elections some. chance so there are things in
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and i think that's what happened you know yesterday at the beginning of the change in spain that may be the far right right but the will have a lot of representation and so it's. i think. older people use in may think about what happened yesterday and. if it's. trade or it's not. ok edward look really good to get your insights on this i was there with the founder of the barcelona republic think tank thank you. they are gone. now the u.s. office of customs and border protection has held major trails that one of the border crossings with mexico over the weekend it comes as the so-called migrant caravan made up of thousands of people from poverty stricken central american countries continues to head towards the front. i. asked. officers marched in full riot gear hey with their
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helmets on holding shields and firing tear gas shells many of the migrants who are headed towards the border from jurists are the migrants they say they are fleeing from poverty abject living conditions as well as crime the u.s. has been providing honduras though with financial aid aimed at leaving ating alleviating the situation there however is r.t. now explains that money that has been pouring into the region may actually be doing more harm than good. with thousands of migrants stranded on the u.s. border threats of lethal force and tear gas are amplifying an already intense scene .
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yeah after they're going to. having left honduras and el stuck there the majority of the migrants stranded at the border just want to realize their dream now donald trump is threatening to cut off aid to the country for enabling the migrant caravan to approach the u.s. border and the amount of aid the usa gives to honduras isn't particularly large the amount listed for twenty eight team is sixty five point eight million dollars now it may come as a shock but some leftists an activist in honduras actually want the united states to cut off aid the aid that the u.s. government gives is invested precisely in the failed security policy and seventy members of the u.s. congress agree with them there's been a bill that's been put forward to cut off aid to honduras to end support for what they're calling a corrupt and undemocratic regime we should have cano a two hundred long time ago before very different reasons their complete disregard for worker rights indigenous rights and individual freedoms are unacceptable in an ally of the united states now the socialist president of honduras was toppled in
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two thousand and nine in a military coup that took place shortly after barack obama took office now there was outrage all over the world but the united states recognized the new elections that took place under military rule these interruptions of democracy should be completely relegated to the past now it is time for the hemisphere as a whole to move forward and welcome honduras back into the enter american community since that time honduras has been caught in a downward spiral of drugs crime quo. and political strife now this all peaked in two thousand and seventeen when juan orlando hernandez was elected president there were protests and the government responded with force. that widespread allegations of voter fraud prompted conflicting responses from the united states with the u.s. capitol giving mixed messages on duracell to presidential election which was marred
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by irregularities and a lack of transparency a new election must take place the widespread irregularities raise further doubts about the legitimacy of the hung jury and elections we join calls for a new election one that must be free fair and transparent congratulate president hu on the london on this on his victory in the november twenty sixth presidential elections there was a very very questionable of lection results which the united states supported and so we've seen their land as government which is totally corrupt cracking down repressing the people of. the united states has not been on the side of the hundred people has not been on the side of positive progressive reform united states has been in bed with the repressive regime the migrants on the border feeling some horrific realities that hall and whether or not washington to shoulder some of the blame those problems are now at their doorstep able to mop and artsy new york times
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such as coming up to six thirty pm here in moscow will be back again with the headlines and more stories for you at the top of the. from very bad to even worse russia ukraine relations in my palm pale gives credit to the saudis for relieving suffering in yemen and is the guardian simply means.
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times are we going underground as in brussels nato boss against stoltenberg meet with his allies to arguably try and keep his organization together while turkish president to one goes to venezuela coming up alicia has the o.p.c. w. bush has to investigate where is the outrage for aleppo where rebels linked to the u.k. image of the used chemical weapons against one hundred men women and children and i was up to critical of the lucy in elections that could decide the future of the spanish government we go to gibraltar to give direction to raise i'm a has given it away plus we told the russian film week with one of its patrons and the award winning actor brian called told the civil coming up in today's going underground because today is closed door subpoena testimony day for the man who was boss of the f.b.i. james komi nowadays all the chat shows that i spoke about information
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unverified they're related to an allegation that he was with prostitutes in a hotel in moscow and that the russians had videotaped it today that man may answer questions on sex workers and about what we know from wiki leaks about hillary clinton's e-mails komi according to justice department documents killed a plea deal over wiki leaks founder julian assange a detention by the british government is determined by the u.n. today coney's interrogation will be over whether his f.b.i. deviated from established norms. so what are f.b.i. norms threatening love into the king jr with death funding extreme right wing minutemen to shoot to kill on the u.s. border wiretapping political opponents the subversion of democracy cia whistleblower edward snowden now in refuge in russia says it is important to remember the history behind f.b.i. norm's why do i see this what i did up sort of this ancient history why do we sort of think about things that were back under.


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