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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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a lot of. police fired tear gas at medics protesting in paris again on monday as president. saying the aftermath of the weekend's carnage in the capital.
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the russian t.v. reporter was accused of spying in the u.k. by the media following what was called into suspicious behavior outside an facility . and a new crew arrives at the international space station six hours after blasting off from the cosmodrome in kazakhstan. what's your team's a national life from moscow. you're very welcome with us on the program. police in paris have again used tear gas against medics who've joined the wave of protests that have gripped the french capital the health care workers are angered at financial reforms to medical transport which they claim would threaten the viability of some of its companies you can see here just some of the pictures that came out of paris on monday the medics were. using their sirens and emergency
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lights to attract attention to their cause students also join the protests blocking access to dozens of high schools across the country the action follows a weekend that witnessed the most violent riots in paris and half a century of turmoil led president micron to cancel a visit to serbia so that you could hold emergency talks with his cabinet. or french authorities are revealing enormous losses from those three weeks of yellow vests riots shock profits for example are down fifty percent protestors road blockades of course transport companies around four hundred million euros and about four million euros worth of damage was done to paris on saturday alone as demonstrators ran riot smashing property across the capital yellow vest representatives have so far refused to attend talks with the prime minister that word for tuesday charlotte reports from paris. as you can see this is sounding there so i ring say i just on the plus telecom cold as you go towards the national
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assembly the thing that they're unhappy about is a change in france it was implemented two months ago whereby hospitals now decide which ambulance service in france will collect patients and the drivers are concerned but could threaten their jobs in the future so you could put in this law will kill all small ambulance companies and big corporations will take over smaller companies like ours have invested a lot of money will disappear overnight no one will help us we're staying here as long as necessary we have nothing to lose anymore loser could there where health company secretaries will come to support ambulance workers because if this all continuous will lose all jobs to there is less work for us every single day hospitals duty even have the right to coalesce and give us work the prime minister the governments will do nothing for us nothing that leaving us in the galley without work the ambulance workers will lose their jobs patients will lose out there this is just the latest in a stream of protests that we've been seeing him frogs that sickly over the last the
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reeks with the very visible movement all but those you made sure they've been up to three weekends on the farm now we are just descending into chaos in paris i don't know if psychos protest the set to continue at some of descried divine lives few hours on saturday the rooms buildings burned cars are free to smash shops and looting by some of the worst violent crime scene since nine to sixty eight. of the five that have. the for. the for
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the for. going to. the wedding we were going to. present marco returns home to france all to the g. twenty summit in argentina on sunday morning and he went to assess some of the damage and the role sometimes gives him a warm welcome. to all the would move the world you. meet. you know. then you will present marco and also held an emergency meeting on sunday with members of the cabinet he's just the prime minister with the holding discussions of political leaders and those you measure movement to see how they can appease those are protests he also has the and soon will be in syria minister to make sure that the security services are ready for any further mayhem and it's also be new to the
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possibility of the frogs to declare a new state of emergency just a new iraq to the last one ended well do all this you lose your arms there are a movement a social movement that started just a few weeks ago a new city over the high cost of taxes on fuel here in france but since then they've progressed to being a social movement they are unhappy with things such as a high unemployment rate here in france as well as the high cost of living and they sent to continue their protests against another demonstration expected to take place on saturday in paris. the answer is that you have to be against. the protesters they want taxes to be imposed on them that was the reason for the protest the way out is to drop them that the country is used to holding talks with conflicts may happen and you have to know. to manage them the government has to make immediately the necessary steps to get talks with the start of.
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the british army has issued a top level security alert over russian t.v. journalists the u.k. military and media accuse him of spying after he was said to have been acting suspiciously outside an army base this is how he himself explained what exactly happened. i would very much want to know what exactly happened we're being accused of espionage while we were just doing our job we didn't break any u.k. laws on november twenty second and i remember that day perfectly well has been mentioned in the mail on sunday article we went to the military base which is one hundred kilometers from london that's location of brigade seventy seven we did a package about it we drove by the base stopped approached the security guards i introduced myself presented my id they took pictures of my documents my car then we recorded my piece to camera we recorded it on a professional video camera we didn't try to get inside the base something claimed by the mail on sunday we made our intentions clear that we wanted to film outside
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and that's exactly what we did instead we being branded spice the credentials of the journalists that were presented to the security guards they were later leaked to the media that's the spite or government memo saying for internal use only. the defense ministry sent out a warning which contains my photograph id it's number plates these are the documents i presented to the security guards at the base that's when they took pictures when these pictures were put in the memo how they got leaked to the press i have no idea but what's important is that in this memo if you look closely there's a note for internal use only despite that this secret memo is now all over the media to mercer as if it is the bureau chief for russia's channel one in london and he was doing a story about the seventy seventh brigade which is sort of the cyber warfare unit
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for the british military and considering that the british government spends quite a lot of time talking about the so-called russian threat and the threat from hybrid warfare and russian reporters interested in this brigade is pretty much self-explanatory the russian embassy is also upset that the reporters personal details have been published online it is offensive that the personal data of russian journalists including their ids in the license plate of their car were made public it in danger security of russian citizens let alone the fact that it's a blatant violation of the norms generally recognized in civilized countries and this wasn't an isolated news report in fact the stories really snowballed it was printed originally yesterday but it's been reprinted by most of the newspapers here in the u.k. today and now even the defense secretary gavin williamson has made a statement about it he's called on members of the public to report any suspicious
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activity outside of british military bases and allow me to add a little legal disclaimer strictly speaking and i've just consulted our media lawyer about this it isn't against the law to film on public land even if it is just outside a military base many a journalist has. dunnit i certainly i have no one ever leaked my press credentials or accuse me of being a russian spy in the process but there is an important caviar in terms of the law the military can take action against anyone acting suspiciously outside a british military base. we sent an inquiry to the defense ministry there's a formal no website but we didn't get any response filming near the base is not illegal it's a public area of public land you don't need permission to film there you need permission to get inside talk to the stuff we didn't record our interaction with
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the security personnel we didn't try to penetrate the base or b.b.c. correspondent did the exact same thing as us it was broadcast and no one thinks that punishing him is nothing illegal and yet the story printed in the mail on sunday yesterday had the headline russian t.v. spies a court at top secret army base now first of all it's not top secret you can get its location pretty much very easily but with two clicks on the internet the art school also goes on to feature an academic who warns that all reporters working for russian news channels are potential spies which is a claim that frankly i find absolutely terrifying looking at it from where i am and given how tense relations between the u.k. and russia are at the moment the most suspicious thing about this reporter is that he is a russian citizen working for a russian news channel and as a commentator john gaunt told us he thinks the security scare was linked to the
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poisoning of the screwballs. russian journalist monster a story about one of our bases that's the story did he gain no t.v. show his credentials yes were his credentials false no where they who reset he was obviously is just nonsense i just don't understand why our government want to carry on with this this tit for tat nonsense it's all tied in with this cripples isn't it we know this is all tied in with the fact that we haven't got conclusive evidence either way and it's just part of the anti russia rhetoric and i for one is a very serious one and frankly fed up of it frankly fed up to the back teeth of it i won jaw jaw with the russians and i'm sure most people want that rather than war war whether it's a false cold war like this or whether it's military led is just nonsense spain's far right has achieved a major breakthrough winning seats in a regional parliament for the first time in almost four decades we'll have
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a story in more just after this short break. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. want to be rich.
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if you're going to be for the survival of israel the more people are. interested always in the why. you. should. go back to our teens or national a new crew has arrived at the international space station on monday that's off for a six hour flight and successful docking so uses the first mission since a failed launch almost two months ago the three person international team is led by caps and oleg kalugin and co the russian cosmonaut is the most experienced with four flights already under his belt he's joined by canadian astronaut david some jacques and americans claim for them it's their first mission in space they were
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welcomed by the three already their surrogate procopius on chancellor come on the alexander guest he will soon had backed out his money for national witness to take off from what russia's baikonur cosmodrome. now you hear the engines started working. as you. think. the rocket is already up in the skies will take a little bit more than six hours for the crude to dollar cuisia international space station's but today's launch is far from routine one why the thing is that so uses
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only new three accidents in there alone he story. never read fatalities but always leading to missions aborted a in nineteen seventy five a nine hundred eighty three in the maze two recent one happened just seven weeks ago in october during the last manned flight and here's my report on why today's launch is so different and so important. because tempers takeoff started smoothly but ninety seconds into the flight something went wrong and really hoped it would have been.
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well separating the rocket stages bumped into each other a fifty meters three hundred ton construction was quite bold the automatic emergency system immediately aborted the mission and undone the crew capsule. instead of going to the international space station they landed in kazakhstan's and liz steps hundreds of kilometers from way they had taken off just minutes earlier by colonel orange side is intentionally remote back in the nineteen fifties at the height of the cold war it was a practical necessity to hide the spaceport away from prying western eyes but also away from the pope to avoid victims in case of a rocket disaster this will dinner's is where they merge and see capsule with two fortunate crew members landed safely. at the rescue training is part of an obligatory routine before every launch helicopters jeeps
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navigation systems are involved and people are in how to coordinate to find the crew quickly and they stand their skills saved two lives. the russian cosmonaut and american astronaut seemed unharmed after the incident on believe the blue given that they fell from a height of fifty kilometers making a steep ballistic descend under force many times stronger than gravity some cold days and miracle. a special commission was formed do investigate what went wrong three weeks later they reached a conclusion a sensor that was supposed to detect the separation of the stagers was faulty but it surely the reason behind the failure was operational the accident occurred due to a fault in a sensor this year that only happened at the assembly stage at the baikonur cosmodrome.
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in no way witnessing that event to me was actually reassuring in that the smart design over the so use and the incredible work of this witness who people here on the ground can do i really do every every village i went inside. feeling absolutely safe is a bit small. then i have to say as any time i wish. i could take part in the design. donald trump has said he would like to see an end to what he called an uncontrollable global arms race and lamented his country's huge military spending. i'm certain that sometime in the future president g. indicts together with president putin of russia will still talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable arms race the u.s. spent seven hundred sixteen billion dollars this year crazy well with donald trump
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you just don't know his reputation over the course of the last two years in the oval office has been one of rather unpredictable behavior now in august he signed a bill for seven hundred sixteen billion dollars in pentagon spending now that is sixteen billion dollars more than in twenty eighteen but now he says military spending is crazy and throughout this time he has had no problem talking up military spending and talking up the u.s. military this is donald trump was submitted a new budget to rebuild our military we will give the men and women of america's armed services the resources you need beautiful new planes and beautiful new equipment you've been lacking a little equipment we're going to load it up so sixteen billion dollars more than the previous year now you would think perhaps this is to fight terrorism against the rise of terrorism around the world well according to the secretary of defense
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actually this increase is due to russia and china let's take a listen but we will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists that we're engaged in today but great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s. national security we face growing threat from revisionist powers as different as china and russia or from each other nations that do seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models pursuing veto authority over and other nations economic diplomatic and security decision now trump says he doesn't want a new arms race however he did pull out of a very key nuclear agreement when nobody was threatening to break it let's review. right here to the agreement they should have been done years ago but still people come to this and we have more money than anybody else by far we'll build it up but until they come to their senses when they do then we'll old guard and won't stop
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and by the way not only will review when it comes to china trump likes to emphasize that he and china's president xi are good friends however he's been imposing a huge number of tariffs on china and there have been a number of military drills in the south china sea furthermore you know there's also the annual nato drills right on russia's doorstep but he says he wants to get along with russia as well let's review these drills that are taking place.
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now after all this action we now see donald trump on twitter speaking up complaining about high military spending and envisioning kind of a rosy future where washington moscow and beijing walk down the yellow brick road together in peace and harmony however he could reverse himself this is donald trump and he is known to be rather unpredictable independent political analyst and some to bruno told us trump's mecurio approach to foreign policy is not doing us any favors. prompts diplomacy as sort of introduced in his book the art of the deal is this rug that he goes in he may give you a compliment one day and then completely break you down the next promises to improve relations with russia greatly so far i haven't seen any evidence of it and even the. look at the nuclear peace with the north korea seems to be
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stalling so everything tells me that military spending will continue as planned if not more trouble will be more for the united states than for our foreign partners because now. trump has lost his negotiator. advantage because people will be able to read him much more clearly. never take him at face value always and the standard he's playing some kind of game. a far right party has entered a regional spanish parliament for the first time in almost forty years on the spanish socialist workers party won the majority of seats in local elections in under two three or the far right vox party managed to bag twelve seats much of the concern of the socialist leader. are you going to the official reaction there's been a real sad back for the left and a loosely with the most serious thing is that the extreme right his interest in this new political look tural cycle in spain and his interdependent lucy in
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parliament for the first time this phenomenon which has been taking place in the rest of europe and the world has now reached spain and the endos in parliament. and the looting is the most populous region of spain and the country's third largest economy after catalonia and dread its quite high unemployment and is the main rival point in spain for migrants crossing the mediterranean the vox party is a new come on the scene and analysts think it's excess that increased pressure on the spanish prime minister has also anxious especially with european elections approaching next year in may at what theo founder of the barcelona and republican think tank told us the rise of far right movements is not a problem isolated to spain maybe they will not now and that we may be right back we don't know but they are really important now because they out. of their own nation make sure that there is a generational connection to all of our great politics now so. it's not
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just the plane or in london or a lot more from anything i know will. happen on may because we have. a money. election and elections. so. there are things to learn to elect in and i think that's what happened yesterday at the beginning of the change in spain that may be. right but he will have a lot of representation so. that's it for us our from myself on the team here at r.t. thank for staying soon join us again at four am was a good time for the global news headlines.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. we should start the game to discuss where we can put chancellor merkel runs has said we have built up a lot of what inches between germany and europe and russia and to destroy the bridge to see is quite easy and very fausto. but to live through it won't take a whole lot of time. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s.
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is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten by collar crimes happen each day . eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with one hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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hello and welcome to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle from very bad to even worse russia ukraine relations and my palm peo gives credit to the saudis for relieving suffering in yemen and the guardian simply fake news. across talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bobbitt he's a political analyst we spoke international and in cyprus we cross to alex christen for oh he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let's go to the first story here the passage of. bush forty one the president of the united states over the last day or so there have been all these eulogies in morning from the political class and i think i would really get to your
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take on the passage of forty one here but first let's look at the most memorable moment i have of the forty first president of the united states. i'll never apologize for the united states of america ever i don't care what the facts are i will lead her i will do my level best to stand up for freedom and democracy around the world by keeping the united states of america strong and they keeping our eyes wide open as we welcome change in the world. ok let me go to alex in cyprus here it doesn't matter what the facts are ok that for me is the most interesting takeaway here damn reality it's the projection that you want and i mean and this is really the opening of the unit polar moment with the end of the cold war and it's has it really does.


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