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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 6, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EST

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greetings and sally you to us tis the season of gift giving auk watchers and the new york city police department this week just gifted themselves a brand new fleet of aerial drones yes not content to let the u.s. military have all the fun this holiday season with unmanned aerial vehicles the quote unquote greatest police department in the world unveiled their fourteen new flying toys to reporters this week and yes my friends the n.y.p.d. and while p.d. as drones now the same and my p.d. that illegally surveilled muslims following nine eleven the same n.y.p.d. that brought us the fun and exciting fourth amendment shredding stop and frisk policing technique and the same n.y.p.d. who just days before showing off their new drones to the world had an opera singer busted for using his body cam to film his junk yeah that same and why
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a p.d. is now equipped with fourteen powerful eyes in the sky of various makes and models including two weather resistant to ten r. tape r t k quad copters equipped with powerful camera lenses that are capable of thermal and three dimensional imaging. but fear not new yorkers because according to the new york times senior police official said the drones would be used for monitoring giant crowds investigating hazardous waste spills handling hostage situations and reaching remote areas in crime scenes and the n.y.p.d. it was made a special point adding that they will not the drones will not be used for routine police patrols on lawful surveillance or to enforce traffic laws nor will they be equipped with weapons. right. never ever happen in the tire future of the n.y.p.d. using drones and you know what i have a bridge in brooklyn i'd like to sell you as well because as the new york civil
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liberties union has already pointed out the department's new drone policy leaves a huge gaping hole for mission creep so large you could build a brand new central park in it which means my friends it's time to start watching the hawks before the n.y.p.d. drones knock them out of the sky. with the. real thing it's really. easy to see. what they like you know that i got. with. this. well we're going to watch in the dogs i am tyrol ventura capital well if. you lived in new york you spend some time in new york and i don't know how much interaction
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you had with the n.y.p.d. but as a former new yorker i think seven years how do you feel about the n.y.p.d. acquiring fourteen drones with cameras on them do you feel comfortable with this new acquisition. now but it's not because i feel like they're am worried that they're going to get there. on the heads of the drones and come after every one i just know how the n.y.p.d. works. and i i have a feeling that either i mean i would put good money down that either somebody is going to get drunk probably the guy who took the picture of is drunk with the body cam and will probably drive it into something more they will not keep track of it or they're all going to hacked i mean a guy rick you know like people have literally stolen tanks and driven them in the street so. i mean i think it's i think it's i don't know that it's as slippery of a slow as some people are making it out to be i mean it's not they're not going to neighborhood you already have you know. helicopters buzzing neighborhood we're not
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talking about these are just the people crews are going to the mat and there are more of your kind of yet quite. the more avoid that kind of copter quad a heart attack smaller like this kind of zoom in the book what people are concerned about is this kind of idea of mission creep which we've seen in the police departments all over the you know all over the united states donovan richards a democratic chairman of the city councils committee on public safety you actually saw the quote what we want to avoid is mission creep where you start with the use of drones for traffic and before you know it they're being used for surveillance you know about it so i think what we're people are worried about is like you know. where will people car will we give the n.y.p.d. were suddenly there were people in people's windows you know they were running planes over baltimore. i mean it happens all the time i think there is a use for these sort of things in a non-combat situation or in a non surveillance kind of situation and they brought up the idea of using it for
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you know large crowd control things like that vegas police actually have used them to monitor new year's eve festivities on the strip which to me is. a helicopter with people in it or an unmanned drone that's about the size table to me that i'm mandarin is safe for its surveillance so biggest is used. the police in cleveland have used them to pursue suspects as we do with copters which to me i think seems are again slightly more safe than having a bunch of people running down someone if you've ever been in that neighborhood well speaking buzz or you know and then on both los angeles and seattle the public protested protests force their city to give up their drones for now so people don't like though there are that and honestly the new york state police are already have i think it's eighteen of these outer islands i think of the. or used in a in a better you know in use for something good but i don't think it will be and i
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think it makes people uncomfortable you know the young white beauty is kind of saying like oh well easier on comparability let you know we'll do voluntary reporting of what we're using them for voluntary i don't know who you were. you know from the part of the brought you stop and frisk and all of the broken window and the rudy giuliani is really you know governor of the co-director the son of the study of drone aboard he said quote drones are very dynamic platforms they're they're one thing today but the technology is going to evolve and sensors are going to become more sophisticated basically what he's kind of saying is like look we need to keep at our own risk of the end of the day because technology that's kind of simple and cool today can very easily turn into something much more big brother much more devastating tomorrow so. in twenty seventeen an estimated four hundred ten billion dollars was given to charitable causes the united states accounting for about two percent of our g.d.p.
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this seventy percent of those stations are from individuals businesses which is why when facebook captivated charities with the oh maybe donate button charities charity they could connect their donors and promote their causes all for one low cost space and it would be secure or was it well luis louie's office of wired magazine spoke with charity directors who found that while facebook was happy to lure them in the tech giant didn't want to be bothered when those charities got scammed alon a director for a nonprofit animal shelter have the shelters facebook page hacked the scammers then set up a go fund me both go fund me fundraiser for fraud go fund me when a lot of reach out to facebook she was ignored they offered little to no guidance and refused to do anything about the continued harassment eventually a lot i was forced to pay the scammer fifteen hundred dollars to gain control of the page and the harassment i want to. under this where was facebook stating quote
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face the day of to have some kind of customer service department people as one amazon has one even a house when there is zero reason for them not to have one so much as well everyone including congress is obsessed with making facebook the arbiter of good speech they're turning a blind eye to criminals who are looting small struggling charities across the nation they most definitely are this is amazing story that your phone because it was a slave is one of those things that you just don't think about right away you kind of take it for granted you see the facebook charity page donate lots of people use it free like you point out but i want to ask you and but you know what the ideal facebook not really having their customer service thing that's come up quite a bit at times why do you think that they don't why do you think that they're so worried facebook's like but we're not because we're not customers we don't pay the people who get those customer service if you buy at we're not customers we're coggs on the wheel of facebook's great machine we're just there to put ads on so no of
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course i'm not going to care but i think it's hilarious that you have congressmen and women out there crying about some mediums on facebook and a few hours but when literal charities that are actually trying to help people or animals and do good things you don't even care you're not up there saying hey you need to treat these these charities better it's really incredible when you see this especially when you know when you read the story of absolutely agree you know you see the story and it's like. these people are like you know they're basically being held the you know the proverbial gunpoint saying the charitable donation yes or we take your page down and you lose all connection there is going to happen you know they say in using facebook they were lured in that was the deal they came in and said hey put it all here you don't have to pay to make web sites you can connect all these people even teach you how to do it and that's great but a survey of two hundred fifty nonprofits in the u.s. and canada by microsoft and the nonprofit technology network found this. sixty percent of nonprofits don't provide cybersecurity training to staff actually lower
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goal kind of professor at fordham university is graduate school social service told wired that the landscape is changing so rapidly in data security and in cyber security that nonprofits would have a day i would have to have a dedicated person and that's a salary so they can afford to have this dedicated person looking after these things and when you look at the charity that they're you know the f.b.i. facebook the. views of dr facebook's sort of you know playbook that they give charities you know it doesn't it literally is a big big they don't even contain the word security so they're like fourteen page playbook you know for charity i suspect you're not one word the word security doesn't even show up what does that tell them how to do how to get more people to see their pay. how to best buy ads from face to yeah
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so no it's not actually helping them stay secure they don't care it's not a priority. and that's the difference if we paid ninety nine cents a month it would be different we don't you think maybe that's the problem here at the exam think that's a really interesting point you made is that you have to remember that his facebook users are buying absolutely we are not just trying anything with yeah i do think that's what needs to happen with facebook should become like a subscription service yeah because right now we're just marks where marks for facebook to be able to sell our existence and our data and our and our usage to corporations that want to sell us something. that would change the game up right there actually a member of thought about it what that would change the game would now be a good game to see change because i think you know at the end of the day if i knew i was getting more security and charities were able to do their job at a low you know at a low price without having to i was subsidize. start for facebook and order for
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charities to have a customer service department so that when they get hijacked their facebook page gets hijacked and literally someone telling them give us money or will delete your account facebook would do something about it. well my friends as we go to break walk watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered facebook twitter and you tube zero poll shows that are. coming up award winning journalist button swaddled joins us to discuss how the u.s. congress is fighting to get their war powers back and then the large hadron collider looks at it like go dormant until twenty twenty one stay tuned to find out why people should know. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy sunday
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shouldn't let it be an arms race in this spearing dramatic development the only really i'm going to lose is i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying lose just move that doesn't mean that we want even many of the dems. want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what part of it. families watching that's going to give them peace that's going to
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give them justice and we come in and say. not quite we've been through this this isn't the way. thank you. thank you. thank you. good. morning. thank you. thank. you mugu.
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gather round kiddies let me tell you a tale of a bygone era a golden era of government checks and balances here in the united states where the president and long with the chiefs of staff of the intelligence community couldn't just decide unilaterally to deploy troops or drop bombs whenever and wherever they felt freedom was threatened or whatever other caused issue or they do you mean it was worthy of us sponsored death and destruction in fact in this bygone era it was actually illegal for the president to take the united states into war without congressional approval and surprisingly it still is. but then came nine eleven the war on terror and the national defense authorization act which now sees the united states at war in seven different countries around the world and military and financial support supporting our allies in their own little war as well but is this blank check for war finally coming to an end recently the us senate in a rare showing of backbone actually put their foot down and voted to advance a bernie sanders led resolution that would end all u.s.
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involvement in saudi arabia's proxy war against iran that has devastated the country of yemen and while many have rightfully a chair of the u.s. senate for finally finding their bipartisan partisan courage against unchecked executive power it's still important to remember and wonder if their motivations are pure or if this is yet another example of politicians making the right decisions for all the wrong reasons here to help us suss this out is award winning journalist and founder of truth and media ben swan welcome back. thanks for having me on guys always a pleasure but i think the starting off i think we can all agree that the you're ending u.s. involvement many way in the quoted meyer and travesty that is yemen is a good thing but what i want to ask you what raises so many red flags behind the reasoning of this sixty three to thirty seven some a vote to kind of get the ball rolling and are. backing of saudi arabia and others in the war and the fact i want to point out you actually predicted this on truth
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the minute you predicted this about six weeks before it actually happened that's right about six weeks ago predicted that because of the death of jamal khashoggi the washington post reporter. and this was before the cia had said that the saudi crown prince you know bin solomon was the one who actually ordered its death before that even happened b. there was so much noise being made that i said hey look we actually could see the war in yemen not be funded by the us through the saudis anymore because of this but it's a little bit perverse right because one. journalist and that's not to take away from this man's life but one journalist dies and the us senate is up in arms over it because he's a reporter working with the washington post and he died in a brutal and horrific way should not have happened but there are literally eighty five thousand children dead in yemen right now and that was not enough for the u.s. senate to step forward and say we're going to take back our constitutional
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authority to say we're not going to fund this war there are twelve million people on the verge of starvation there five million of those children and families are eating leaves to stay alive in yemen right now but that wasn't reason enough for bernie sanders and mike lee to step forward at that time though i will say this bernie sanders and mike lee have been pushing for this they just haven't had the support the support from people like lindsey graham has been new as a result of the. so what do you think it says about vic character of our senator is that up until this point as you've sat in main. we've been calling you know on this show and before this show tyrrell and i have been calling for the end of this for at and trying to get someone to answer to us why why are we ignoring as why are these children less important than children in syria or in africa why why are we ignoring this so what does this say about the character that it literally took one and as you said nothing to take away from the dock death of mr khashoggi but it was
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one fairly well connected. reporter journalist activists and that suddenly becomes more important what do you think it says about the character of the people making decisions that that was the thing that made them go instead of as you said millions of starving children yeah i think what's really sad about this is unfortunately it says a lot about the way that our country and i don't you think it's just a washington thing i think it's our country as a whole views people who live in the middle east i think we have a view of people who are living in places like yemen in places like syria in places like libya as not really matter and i think as a country as a whole there's lots of individuals people like us right who are constantly trying to raise the alarm about this but i think as a country as a whole and as the media as a whole in this country we have determined that these people just don't matter and so their lives don't matter if what was is happening right now in yemen was
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happening in any country in europe. when you would hear about it twenty four seven all day every single day on every news channel but because it's in yemen the action is as if these people's lives do not matter as if as if these people are expendable and certainly they're not so it's it's deeply troubling i think when you look at the u.s. senate and the fact that they have they have ignored this to this point and also the fact that they say they're sydney the message with this right so if you look at what the word signatures use they say they're sending a message to the trumpet ministration because president trump says it doesn't really matter if he was killed by the royal family the crown prince if he specifically ordered his death trump says it doesn't even matter because he's not going to jeopardize the relationship between the u.s. and saudi so he's made that very clear all right farai so he's made that clear and in response to that the synod is trying to send him
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a message to say you're not going to be allowed to just ignore this journalist death instead of saying we're going to try to send a message to say stop killing millions of people stop using our taxpayer dollars to kill millions of people and to starve millions of children to death in yemen and that's what's truly said to me about this story is there is very little concern by these senators to say we actually want to intervene for these lives there are very few senators who have stood up for that there's very few that have and you know in a situation like yemen is a total tragedy of thousands of children there the mission is really on the verge of really being wiped out it already was the poorest country in the middle east but now it's you know now it's really close to being wiped out completely if this goes on you know many woods kind of look at you and say well hey you know we're kind of complaining about their motivation and things like that but if it can stop in yemen whether they're going after trump or whatever at least it puts a stop to it one of the danger in that kind of like
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a the ends justify the means it doesn't matter how we get there kind of thinking well because we go right back to it again and that's the. it is if the mentality is that this is ok well we'll just take any victory we can't listen i agree with that if we can save lives in yemen by indian it over this funk but we can't stop because oh well now the senate seen the light because what happens tomorrow or two weeks from now or two months from now when they decide that once again they want to return to the same policies and support another proxy war in another middle eastern or north african country and keep this in mind as well you know we talk about yemen a tyro you made a really good point you said yemen was already the poorest country but at the same time this is a country that we have been using drones to bomb since the middle of the early two thousand and so two thousand and three two thousand and four two thousand and five the u.s. started bombing yemen it continued under the obama administration it is a country that we have already decimated to such an incredible extent and then of
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course this proxy war and then the fact that in order to fight this proxy war the us is funding al qaeda in yemen the very group that we say that we were going there to eliminate in the first place is now being funded by the u.s. so even if the war in the tomorrow which it won't but if it does and tomorrow it does not change that there is now probably decades of problems death and destruction ahead because of the fact that we've allowed this to go on you know you know when there's another thing i feel like we've allowed to go on to move on and this country and that sense you know that that day in september of two thousand and one we have forgotten something really important and i don't just mean the people at large but the people on capitol hill who make our laws who do it the constitution is a very clear. very clear about who gets to declare war very clear and it's not the president it's congress so why are we continually dodging that requirement and i
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ask you this are the leaders just ignorant of the document they're sworn to uphold . or. i mean to me that's almost that or it's better it just it may i'm is a rabbit if better that they not understand it and they're doing us on purpose because i like what can you tell our audience why why that's so important well it is so important because remember that the the authorization of military force which came after nine eleven essentially said that our president whoever it might be and whoever it is has been since two thousand and one so whether it was bush obama or now trump has the authority to wage war in any place in the world at any time to any level that they choose to do so and there's no repercussion there's no checks and balances there's no authority from congress to step in and say no well you know you really shouldn't be in this country of this country we shouldn't be in yemen we shouldn't be in syria we shouldn't be in libya we shouldn't be in all these places
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around the middle east because remember after two thousand and eleven it was afghanistan and for some reason it was iraq and those were the first two but it has expanded everywhere since then and it continues to so if you are part of the military industrial complex you love this concept because it gives you the authority through whichever puppet is that essentially is in the executive branch to say we'll continue to wage war because the war on terror is inless and folks as you all know the war on terror simply creates more war and more terror that's the only thing that is accomplished in all these years you're exactly right ben it's of self perpetuating kind of prophecy your snake eating its own tail whatever metaphor we want to use and i want to say as always thank you for coming on the day and educating the audience on this decision by congress to look forward to having you on a grim surfin if you. think so much. since you first went live on september tenth two thousand and eight the large hadron
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collider in g.m. has discovered the god particle known as they have said it smashed around about. sixteen million billion protons and hasn't the energy of thirteen trillion volts but that's not enough for it's effect marvel it's looking to level up and it might take a while see in order to update the collider and its systems they have to handle even more energy output they have to turn it off and back on again from now until twenty twenty the colliders accelerators are to be upgraded with even more intense beams new injection and acceleration systems and faster detectors just to name a few in fact the upgrades will allow the collider to smash particles five times more powerfully than before and if your world worried about the new more powerful hadron collider could end the world with a black hole i say put that concern to rest for now
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to run couldn't serve to. go where i'm good i'm good at albacore i'm concerned you are a liar these last couple shows a whole lot higher suns you come here but what if they drop was like keeping the black hole from the well now and i know now we'll be like oh yeah you won and won is out our words can't get here all right we're. the problem that observers are over there remember everyone in this world we are told we are loved for tell you all i love you i am a robot and capitalist keep on watching those dreams are the. responding quickly in this hour the need by josie but of your double digit your mother. in our
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eyes how did argue with the you again get out your guns the jolly. young. you know it's a pretty. rigorous bother. to get at them and you know has a funny but it was you know you. write on the bank all the work on bayswater of chemical lights and this is going to that he would develop a new treatment there in time national market know that these industries out of polluting your dissenting ignored your money time and money. and when he's also the mother of the lightnings we lost even this.
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go in and you may never get out of the most of. my teenage gang rules here. i don't want to do. the minute. you were. looking for. me and melanie when the little.
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little. prosecution will need to become almost. a full time design. where you question does threshold fines. by the number one proceed to i mean yeah yeah i mean political pressure on the only moon called golden earthworm security generation knows what the bundled up business models he was by american corporations jadhav was called police sold them could be mental disease or use. the solution. lies up in association with people. i know when he saw some dogs it is just simply his ability to maintain an investigative documentary.


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