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this is going to. do internationally that these industries. ignore you one. of them like the end of it. i'm. standing there with the best students across from the streets. protesting. his way to. the
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end of an era. known as a k.k.k. . and. they think. over the situation it's not fresh to be. the discussion about we'll be trying to go. you know. what the problem. but i don't believe. it's. watching all. the national live from our studio with me in
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a day or two to welcome to the program. students across france are protesting against the government's education reforms forcing more than one hundred fifty schools to close in the number of cities the demonstrations turned violent. meanwhile french m.p.'s have slammed as unacceptable and humiliating the police treatment of student protesters on thursday after video emerged of detained students in the suburbs of paris in forced on to their knees.
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france's education minister condemned the footage though adding that the context of the protests must be taken into account the country has seen some of the worst violence in half a century with demonstrators rallying for weeks now more protests are planned for this weekend the l a best writers have seen three deaths and hundreds of injuries nationwide in paris alone shop profits are dropped fifty percent and four million euro damage was inflicted french retailers have lost around one billion euro since the start of the demonstrations and the government has since backed down promising to scrap its proposed fuel tax however it's still introducing exceptional security measures with visitors to paris for example told to stay away from major attractions like the eiffel tower. in an interview the french prime minister said the government will deploy a dozen armored vehicles to ensure the protests remained peaceful on the streets of
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paris last time such a measure was taken was thirteen years ago. because of all does the former we have information about a great number of individuals who are coming to paris not to protest peacefully but to confront to attack the forces of law. we mobilized an important number of police officers eighty nine thousand in france a rule this is an exceptional mobilization because we don't want to endanger the republic. weeks of protests have taken their toll on authority of president along with his ratings charlotte do penske reports another day another protest in france . by the governments you cheering on a few taxwise feel like the wings are changing and blowing in the eyes for you now as the crisis continues parties from the left are calling for a very. in the french government this second in months when most want a vote of no confidence as is clear from the name means that we tell the government
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you are going in the wrong direction i mean the majority party because the government can then resign and the president of the republic would appoint a new prime minister in addition to the three factions that signed this vote of no confidence the communist party unbowed france and the socialists we want to unite and win over all of the deputies. touted as front sees hope when he was elected last year he came into office with an approval rating of more than sixty percent but he's gone from jupiter to g.s. with the latest polls showing his popularity has crashed. labor will be free companies will be supported an initiative will be encouraged he was was a. gamble i'm i will humbly serve our people was sick. because as
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a frenchman and french women we feel forgotten be better protected. so what's caused the collapse as well as implementing a vast range of unpopular reforms that have led to him being labelled the president of the rich he's also known for his loose tongue and perceived arrogance he told army generals just give a close shave off just speech over spending cuts the head of the french armed forces soon quit and he would be far from the last to abandon macron scamped the president even told pensioners that france would be better off if people stop whining after being harangued by the worried about. pension cuts the only thing we don't have the right to do complain the president may have hoped the u.
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turn on fuel tax hikes would have quelled the anger but it hasn't it only seems to have intensified it with truckers farmers are new students now taking their concerns to the streets protesters here are calling for a makeover to resign and once you of course you doubt i consider my comment to be a president who's against social rights who's trying to deconstruct the welfare state. he's clearly implementing policies for the rich because he's the president of the rich we want a president of a lawsuit a president who prioritizes the common interest as well. as across was a commission would be a deal palms job is to respond to the people's democracy unfortunately though the national assembly where the majority are with a march the deputies follow orders like sheep but we're happy because there are a deputies who represent the interests of the people more uncertain. mark and i don't like him a lot but the problem is that if you want to make on to resign who are you going to
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put forward against them so if you have a good candidate that's fine but michael resign. let's see what happens is that a great option for corn once penda book entitled a revolution in it he wrote about the quest to reinvent the french nation is a popular policies may just be doing that as the yellow this movement continues to gain traction problem is this was the revolution the president foresaw nor wanted charlotte even ski r.t. paris. professor of political science at the catholic university of. john laughland says the protest movement could spell the end for micron's presidency. it's certainly the end of the dream that he liked to cultivate he made people dream or think made people think and dream that change could take place without
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difficulty and that because he was new and a new person and a new party that everything would suddenly get better emanuel michael like his two predecessors has absolutely no new ideas he remains where did the policies that have failed well for many decades in france high tax high spending. european policy relaxed policy on immigration all the costs of these things add up and spending is out of control and so taxes keep going up higher and higher and people have had enough and one french cake maker is providing some rather unexpected support to the yellow vest may have meant the arsenal a bakery in northern france is making sure that the demonstrators get their just desserts.
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in the wake of this movement by the french people we wanted to support them all when. we took the bodies of a classic. and transform. the sort of article yesterday in the local newspaper but i didn't know it was this bakery. sandwich. the search and rescue ship the aquarius which has saved thousands of migrants from the mediterranean has announced its season operations doctors without borders which runs the mission blamed pressure from european countries initiated by italy the
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charities said had sabotaged its efforts to save lives for the last two months the ship has been confined to the port in last say falling allegations it broke the law the italian government accused those behind the mission of running a taxi service to italian force by carrying people on the ship according to international organization for migration more than two thousand people have died or gone missing this year in attempts to reach europe via the mediterranean well live but now to dr tom de carlo who is going to discuss this further project coordinator for the aquarius thanks for coming on to the program tom. why exactly have you decided to give up on this. but we certainly haven't given up we've been forced to stop operations. can you explain why. in the last three months we've had our flag stripped twice. once expressed lee from
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italian pressure to the panamanian maritime authority remotes recently we've had a trumped up. waste profiteering legal process started in catania sicily and it's part of a longer two year smear campaign not just of ourselves but of the whole search and rescue. community if you'd like to refer to it as such all of it attempting to switch the focus onto os away from the vulnerable who are at present drowning in sea. tell me if you throw in the towel now won't thousands will migrants not be at risk. but we're doing this precisely because we want to be where they are and be in the position to save them. sometimes you have to switch tax to get back in the position to help people and that's
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consequently what we've been forced to do. if we look at what it's elisa cues to choir is doing is said that they're providing a taxi service to pull. can you understand the concerns that they raised what are your music. i mean it's an easy claim to say that we are a taxi service it's a way of creating hyperbole it's a way of making it easy. summary of a very complex situation but we're not a taxi service we are association of doctors and nurses working with american owners in the sea to save people's lives it's not a taxi service it's making such a claim is patently absurd. i mean they've said they've said that you've helped save migrants making dangerous crossing to europe from libya and elsewhere but
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you've faced this strong opposition particularly from italy and they their policy is that migrants picked up at sea should be returned to libya by the country's coast guard. you've kind of helped them get to the italian ports. in the past prior to the closure of ports we brought them to the closest port of safety which is a legal concept to which italy is a party to. how europe chooses to make assessments for asylum claims is it a european his shoe but ultimately. saying that the libyan coast guard is responsible for bringing them back to libya has been acknowledged by the u.n.h.c.r. three times two thousand and twelve two thousand and fourteen and again this amber as an act of will of the will which means putting people who will have a human right to flee their right not to be sent back into grave danger where
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indefinitely arbitrary detention is a common practice is not an acceptable alternative and that's not acceptable for us . and if we look at you know from the italian perspective they're trying to control illegal migration to europe that's the perspective they're putting so how are they going to avoid returning these migrants back to libya and the other countries that they're having from. you mean how are they going to try and avoid it i mean the european the european union has something called chaos which is a comprehensive european the asylum system. at present there is something called the dublin regulation it dictates that every border nation is responsible for everybody who arrives there the priest. creating man was that order states take their. migration very seriously consequently it is left room for
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populist right wing politicians to create and stoke fear and use what is arguably not a migration crisis the european commission has admitted it's as much. to create fear. the one hundred thousand people crossing the mediterranean is a draw is a very very small drop in the bucket. population and with the the ultimate point here is that what what. italian and other european politicians are seeking is are creating this into a discussion about migration and it is most certainly not a discussion about migration is a discussion about rescue at sea ok the time to call project coordinator will be a crisis thank you very much for coming on to the program to explain the situation thank you. international attention is on the opec group
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of oil producing countries as they meet in the austrian capital vienna earlier they announced that they had agreed a cut in production all producers hope that opec's move will stabilise on the might suggest the group has agreed to cut all production by one point two million barrels a day a fact of the haul for a year however the u.a.e. energy minister has reportedly confirmed that iran venezuela and exempt from. the price of oil jumped five percent on the news to opec meeting after a thirty percent slide in all prices in just two months one of the worst since the two thousand and eight financial crisis has added interest in the tools off to qatar announced on the eve of the meeting. it was quitting the organization and to discuss this further with crossing live to talk to mom salim a international oil economist under thanks for coming on to the program let's talk
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about the significance of how significant would a one point two million barrel production can be. it would be very significant to stab realizes the declining oil prices you remember of that in july saudi arabia and russia six hundred fifty thousand bet it's. against the wishes of most opaque members and that added. to an existing small of blood. so all in all and of course the fact that the u.s. sanctions on iran have not produced that acquired the results so far gave the market a bit of realisation that maybe the sanctions have have failed can seek one clean the market started to relax and that was effective in declining oil
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prices now the cup by opaque will stab you lies the oil prices and could add more to it particularly that the fundamentals of the global oil market are still robust despite whatever analysts are saying i think the glow of the global demand for oil is growing fast the global economy is still growing at three point nine per cent and china as demand for oil or thirty four is still on a be it so all in all i expect that of this that prices would start to go up i would if you set a price. if they go far beyond seventy and in the exceptional they could even hit eighty as they did in october. we've heard that iran venezuela and libya will be
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exempt why is this the case that they should be exempt from the cuts well to start with iran iran is and that of sanctions and of course the assumption is that if you are lose some i don't think it to lose any of its oil exports but it is rightly saw that it should be exempted yvonne's wella has a declining production therefore it can be exempted libya although it has added more than five hundred thousand barrels a day in the last four months it's producing now almost one point three i think that you don't know if two more all the exporting poor it's illegal will be shot by strife concede quickly the. step beneath the over has not got on the so
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they are giving it a chance to see whether the league will stab realized in the coming months benjamin and now reports are suggesting the. states will cut around harf the amount with the rest coming from russia and our other allies what do you make of finds. well among the copts the biggest contributor will be saudi arabia followed to some extent by i shall i shall was very reluctant to add to join the cult simply because its economy during as it is a lot of the diversification says twenty fourteen can now live with an oil price of forty dollars or less so its objectives are completely different. from saudi arabia saudi arabia badly needs to be cut because it needs an all in price
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of eighty or above to balance its budget so the bulk of the cuts i think will be from saudi russia would contribute possibly to the one fifty thousand to two hundred thousand barrels and the balance will be redistributed over other. members of. we'll leave it there international oil economist dr solomon franks very much for your time thank you. has named the state department's heather now as his nominee for u.s. ambassador to the united nations the president said she's smart she's nice she's all other things which make a good candidate. heather nauert will be nominated. go work with nikki haley to. replace vicki at united age and she'll be ambassador to the united nations very talented very hard very quick and i think she's going to be respected
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by all so that they're now or will be nominated for the bigger says the united nations. more details we cross to caleb more pain is this a surprising and choice do you think. well it's one of two announcements we heard recently from donald trump about filling cabinet positions so we've got heather nauert slated to replace nikki haley nikki haley trump's ambassador to the united nations is stepping down now heather nauert has been at the state department and it was highlighted when she was confirmed for that position as the spokesperson for the state department that she had no previous foreign policy experience now she's been holding that post for a little while here's some of the highlights of heather nauert at the u.s. state department briefings.
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it was slow to take in the united states it was. sent to different directions so i had to say that they are going to tell you everything from russian citizenship if you yell fix it ok and upset then i'll move on. which is funny if it turns out they're not. a fish because of the price of government exam question about me ok ok. to practice by the russian government the fact that you work here as a representative of the russian government so-called news organizations russian news if you were. misspent in the green jacqueline. is some. type of you know what i don't know if you are working for today or what but i do
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not remember the name of the movie. because it was kind of weak but. i will talk to you after the know the iraqi parliament that. table for the iraq teacher for foreign she. now criticism of the united nations has been pretty key in the the identity of the trumpet ministration we saw nikki haley frequently criticize the un accuse it of being biased against israel and against the united states we also saw the un under the trumpet ministration with nikki haley as the ambassador remove itself we saw the united states remove itself from the nasco and from the un human rights council so it is not expected that very much will change there's been no indication that under the heading of heather now we're at leadership as the us ambassador to the united nations that anything will really show. and it's expected she will continue the trump administration's policies now it's also interesting to note the trouble
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announced another key appointment and that was the announcement of mr william barr to replace jeff sessions as the u.s. attorney general now william barr was previously u.s. attorney general he's held that post before and william barr most interestingly has declared himself to be a supporter of the bob muller investigation into alleged collusion with russia now trump is announced both these appointments heather nauert for the u.n. and william barr as attorney general but the world is still waiting for the confirmation hearings the senate will have to then confirm the appointments and as we saw with kavanagh and that whole deal with the kavanagh supreme court justice confirmation hearings those confirmation hearings to get quite exciting me in the air of trump so the world is waiting to see what will happen next but now we have these two announcements from trump to new officials will be added to his administration if they can fast past confirmation. thanks for the. reporting
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from new york thanks. to meeting christian democrats voted just chosen i think went karen by as its new leader to step down from the roll off to eighteen is all of the reports from pandan. the new leader of germany's christian democratic union party will be under great hour the former prime minister of the state of silent she was going into this vote they're already the general secretary of the party she was given that role essentially the papal blessing if you will from angola merkel the outgoing leader of the party that she ruled over for eighteen years. current power was very much the continuity candidate she is expected to continue to a certain extent the work that angela merkel was getting on with however that may cause some problems because as angela merkel was giving her farewell address to the
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party conference she pointed out the current state of the party in the state of politics in germany means it's a very polarized and difficult situation that the woman known as a k.-k. is walking into. it's a fight it's a critical time for our country and for parties like ours the c.d.u. c.s.u. with the f.t. to the right of us and to the polarized societies one of the reasons that delegates may have decided that they wanted to go for only great crime karen barr is the fact that she does have this relationship with angela merkel who of course is going to be staying on as chancellor as she stepped down as leader of the c.d.u. but you'll remain in germany's top job until the end of her term she says twenty twenty one and that may well be the main reason that she beat her contender in the runoff vote because chancellor merkel and mr maritz they have a history that goes way back to when angela merkel took over the party in the early two thousand she essentially ousted him from his role within the within the
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christian democratic union so it's going to be a great time karen bauer who takes over just who is she and what's her outlook on things the preferred choice of mrs merkel is understood to be an internet camp counselor known by her initials. and atlanticist with a small a pro european and a francophile she certain to foster the already tight links with france when it comes to russia she is perhaps even more skeptical of the kremlin the chancellor merkel last week she called for russian ships coming from the azov sea to be barred from u.s. and e.u. ports saying bloodier putin hadn't been squeezed enough. to put in pushes as far as his things he will get away with and if you read from the years done given through and united's response he will continue to push president we have seen this in the recent years. those policies and those ideals that got of the votes that
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porter across the line one thousand and one delegates voted in hamburg and. convinced five hundred seventeen of them that she was the woman for the job. and i'll be back at the top of the hour with well but first head on the international it's been a bust. how do you hide this is boom bust broadcast to go around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm barred children into europe city today the heart of global finance we're glad you're on board coming up in the ever evolving saw go of.


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