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ok ok enough said then i'll move on. which is what if it didn't happen they're not. a fish because of the present government they're just asking a question about oh really ok now the trumpet ministration has taken a strong stand regarding issues related to the u. we've seen the usa withdraw from the human rights council as well as unesco we've also seen the united states accuse the un of being biased against the usa and against israel at this point it is expected that heather nauert will continue those policies no big shift is expected with the new ambassadorship now it's also interesting to note the trouble announced another key appointment and that was the announcement of mr william barr to replace jeff sessions as the u.s. attorney general now william barr was previously u.s. attorney general he's held that post before what's most interesting is that william barr has expressed confidence in special counsel robert muller who is carrying out
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the investigation into alleged collusion between the trumpet ministration and russia it appears that william barr has called for a what he says is a more balanced investigation team regarding that effort so both of these appointments will have to be confirmed by the u.s. senate and as we saw with kavanagh in the supreme court confirmation hearings in the era of trump the confirmation hearings aren't always as smooth as some would expect. president putin has been hosting the greek prime minister today in moscow the told so with an axis of prospal it was a tense summit between the two countries when greece expelled two russian diplomats over allegations of and demining national security at medina caution of the details despite the diplomatic fallout between the two countries and the semi when greece expelled to several russian diplomats this friday. and the kremlin prove that their relations between the two countries are in good shape. they both leaders touched
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upon a number of issues including economic and energy call peroration a greek prime minister's trast the country believes that any international security discussion is not possible without russia enforced and of lattimer putin said that with economic situation in greece now stab realizing more russian companies will invest now the topic of diplomatic strains of was also touched upon i hear the greek prime minister stressed that his country will not fold under the impact of a third party so when it comes to international spats and he brought up the script case as an example as saying that only greece decided not to support the e.u. initiative for to expel russian diplomats over the case now the press conference and a rather a positive note when a russian draw unless asked of mr tsipras why he did not keep up his promise to put
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on the top i have his party with parliamentary elections and be a greek dad gets resolved and hear what the prime minister sat. i guess you missed it but i'd already put on that story of quickly but tony is going around the neck of the greek people and i think this symbolism is very important but if mr putin gives me such a gift at the next meeting where it. all and all judging by the statements that were voice during the press conference it does seem that the relations between the two countries are on a for him footing. pakistan has agreed to a u.s. request for assistance in bringing the taliban to the negotiating table for peace talks in afghanistan. we want the u.s. to leave afghanistan as a friend of the region not as
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a failure you know ousmane came just after america's afghan envoy wrapped up his visit to pakistan follows a difficult period in relations between islamabad and washington in september the u.s. announced it was stopping millions of dollars in aid to pakistan with donald trump claiming that america had received nothing but lies and deceit for its money we can no longer be silent about pakistan safe havens for terrorist organizations or do anything for us to do good damn thing for us no longer paying one point three billion the fact is there were very not because that's what they've done to help us nothing we discussed u.s. policy in the middle east and ties with pakistan and it's showing in missouri pakistan's minister for human rights. president trump was talking absolute nonsense a very mrs saw and for the first over bikes the new prime minister studies the ground and told him off for basically accusing pakistan of all sorts of things
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they have come back to pakistan and. do normally makes a lot of videos strong statements has come like liberty sheepishly. very quiet and asked and trump wrote a letter asking for bikes turned up in bringing about a dialogue with the taliban and helping in resolving the problems and of the understand and now. kim with the same message the next. the problem with the americans is that the policy has been exposed to being wrong their policy has failed the military approach has absolutely failed. there is more chaos there more there is more terrorism there are more deaths now in the violence than than ever before despite the heavy need to an us military presence so that the americans have realised what we had realized
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a long time ago that at the end of the day you have to come to the dialogue table to bring about peace. the americans have to talk to pakistan. the fact that to get. more water money. has changed the approach. and i think that this is dated by the new government that this government because og government is not going to dig dictation from the. news for now i'll be back on the top of the hour with a first. time documentary between more and. more of them and give you a. group or
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a look at the one. they will go ahead with a call it's given through a group or you. want to give it a little. but if it did us with by. the end you'll better tell him. because he's sixty brownsville is surrounded by a fence built during the presidency of democrats. it was a concession made to republicans in support of granting citizenship to twelve million undocumented immigrants in the united states. go up i thought it. looked up only god knows. this the. moment. for me he kind of oh there are medical.
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it's going to have many couples. in both you got this or most responds on the what. do you have to the. through months of tension. in the united states. washington.
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and in the case of. the united states and.
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in the. music shows. a university. and it's the state capital. it's also a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. seek alternative. to somebody who. was born in mexico she's twenty one years old and remember. them a grant. and i want to say what all.
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that about. was you know. nobody drives undocumented immigrants. the slightest infraction could mean they'd risk being deported. is a dream that's what they could. be accused of. thinking
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you know. obama issued an executive order. seems to normalized a situation though it's never actually became law. to model the president it trumps i'm in the cell is a problem i get each order we have to better get the right chill out eat them don't mention alone it must have been built in the hope of the most hasn't come of it but i was brought up but obviously seen one want to do that on my own two goes here is obviously got. to know presume. that i. bought up all the way to be god i'm almost the flag i see it on the city anybody even don't. know i'm in downtown. los angeles.
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known mccrae oh well then it will listen to me i'm never been there when you have a think of it in a state. where you know you're going to kill going off in new york. but just a funny thing is more than a dream she leads a group of young people fighting for immigrant rights in the states with a very conservative government and legislature and of dreamers no i'm afraid i'm afraid long legs but in few months ago she took part in a hearing to convince texans senators not to pass a law that would be tough on undocumented immigrants my little i don't know how you said but i will go to do i got be done but as i've gone through this i would have an idea i want to hear guess a bunk good luck in that document. if you got to move you on us. as we are nico. this then it must. have also built by me and i
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you that i want us here i must give you about this is one of the most almost. and then this will also notice that mickey. said. no no no this and the rest but i don't know what that is the last. but i sent this book out almost halfway on time but. yes mass or not. the state your yes. may i want to says it was the left one also has been messed up because you're missing. instagram or. you know someone in up until one life i mean yes i can think they're used to this. but in the us. is intervention achieved very little days after this interview is to funny
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a return to the texan capitol but this time to lead a protest against approval of the law they opposed known as s.b. full. thug. the republican majority has pushed forward anti sanctuary laws. among other things it allows for a local agent to be jailed for failing to report an undocumented immigrant. moreover it also rises the dismissal of any sheriff who supports century policies even one that's democratically elected finally it also allows the blocking of state funds to municipalities and sanctuary universities. austin is a welcome he had or city some people use the word sanctuary city to describe a city that is violating federal law. in that respect austin would not be
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a sanctuary city because we don't violate any federal law perhaps the serenity and dignity shown by austin's democratic mayor. paid off it remains one of the few centuries cities that were left off the government blacklist i write president donald trump who feels challenged by almost two hundred centuries cities our nature to become a sanctuary. yes new york chicago miami and the entire state of california are on the list. idlers sure about the possibility that the county sheriff will be dismissed. if the legislature does pass such a lot and tried to remove an elected official i would anticipate challenge in our in our in our courts. at the testimonies of leading republicans.
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no one from governor to senators or representatives has wanted all been able to talk in the end but hispanic congressman's lead just as have direct did agree to talk i don't think it criminalizes immigration any more than it already has been it's just simply an enforcement mechanism. i.c.e. can still access prisoners if that the taint. they can have access to their immigration documents and. just. the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest. stand this is just the right questions and the right answer.
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there's a saying. there on the cheap. and then through all the countries so let's . get right. to his company he said if we give them everything. this. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country it's. similar . if. not they got. on. the plane.
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would come to the place story you have to see. some in the united states have begun to comb. hide their wrinkles. they've lived here for more than thirty years because they have residence permits but for the first time in years they feel insecure. president trump statements from
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them that's why this sports center on the outskirts of all. in his full today. don imus. said the scene does make this into a big order. paradoxically it's the mexico consulate the organizer of this campus that advises people who want to apply for u.s. citizenship. what is going on thank you people i mean for my maid and the my maid means and you know see me get on this because then i get to see the child icici eat a killer of us maybe it was at the price you make it to get either you give them a quote of mine and i said no as i do that no second day getting on the stuff i basically was up in sap. and you can walk through the projects you don't know much and if you're not. it is going to messiness and it's just that when he got on bionic and the guy's going to battle. and then he got out and make it all the same it shows and i think you know you've got about. as you. know that's an
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easy one to be known to be seen to satirise out of no no so he ended up being at a senior level are you that i would even start if i only i mean i need you to see battle activities that he's. a legion of volunteer lawyers helps to fill out the final four. if everything is in older in just over six months they will have a u.s. passport they will be saved but the one and a half million undocumented people living and working in texas will continue to be in danger and a system of rapid and cheap economic growth local city be jeopardized. sees passed on to that base i mean yes and by do you get my staff one time i simply said i'm
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bored. separate a good part of the i know that's a present access point he'll say you write in the memo or in the comment that in many ways as american in not knowing castillo continue to use that label because. the food through the. through. the.
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going to see in. the modern world the art outside of most of us would be on. a. bar. that's heaped on us and seeing for us. this thing it is that someone. was this is a guy you missed. this is. the. basic . testimony of a scale one that life has not been merciful to hilda. the. imprisoned and frightened she barely leaves the church. hour and has even asked to work in the safety of the garden as she fears
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a visit from so feds. churches began to give protection to immigrants in the eighty's from then the century concept was extended to total protection in universities and even whole cities. austin has a network of sanctuary churches there are at least a dozen they take for granted that the feds will never enter a temple to arrest an immigrant and that is why they are welcomed. but that was also said of people who protected jews in germany right when the laws being written by criminals decent people have to disobey those rules those laws yeah so and particularly. president trump has made people afraid of the most vulnerable people on earth it's tragic it's seen as courage it's complete
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cowardice to not open your door for a young mother and her young son. to save their lives i just can't imagine not doing. and dive and also cross the rio grande by boat. up to the mexican red nose. the boat was punctured and began to sink just as they reached the shore of macallan . that was their single stroke of luck after twenty minutes of walking in the sun they were seized by the immigration service. on your bottom line or not as out of envy. yes i am just. a young person not want to. be on your feet you see. even your mom i want.
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to move. on. to our. visit there was an article. almost about a. month but. make it a serious he added turning. the cooler marked the start of her second runaway attempt. today off to several missteps in court building was enjoying a temporary permit to stay. she'll see it in a couple of months but her lack of faith in the system is why she spends most of her life within these full walls. fragile in appearance but strong in spirit hilda isn't giving up primarily because she is determined not to return to guatemala to mistreatment and frets. but secondly and vitally because she wants to be there when her ivan receives his doctorate in
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medicine. and ever. almost in the middle i know that wouldn't. have been in us that they are naive and pillage dreams of a child who has lived and lives on the help of others and it's a dream that began in my calendar the place where everything begins. but under oath to me that i. knew the hope of meeting with him along. then momentum. was i. was part of the me oh is. yes miss my long. day. and my boss assume lossless bo'sun i. was in the saw and yet all of the muscle now all around you bank is having
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them and then. your one. your me we then see their bed where belong in the way. they buying your. baby but again in the area around understand your student. loans. show us your. take. on science and. others but. he opened a stick on there. that this was in our i don't know why this is you know. it's .
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this manufactured consensus instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the crime and merry go round live to be the one percent. normal middle of the room sick. really. really knew.
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the. i. was. lucky that i am. running with the yellow best students across france take to the streets over education reforms followed in weeks of protests against fuel price increases which forced
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a government you to. the end.


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