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tv   Documentary  RT  December 10, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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yeah. but what does. the take down the boards that you supply feel. like the sort of company. that how much are you. making and i fear that i'm going to. be. well they're not as they think that i feel as a new month will not always shut. up at that but those who like the channel because i could tell you when i got that in mind when i got because i suppose i will say fatty as they like it or not like that thank you jennifer i do not get why
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you keep one leg about people like you. look at joan beckett as the one who i don't know what and i don't and i we asked would i know ruby i know we're going to work at the last poem when i was about that i'm spoiled because you. know you show by not me but you have a lot of people who see me. plus the pool some white heat you don't think you know you have you do so it's not depend on who. you. think. if you don't like how we got back you know basically i let way but you. need it then now you know but then i mean it's not me but then i would have bet she'd bust and tell you to do a knuckle but the bases of my d.q. look you know i'm going to but the base know my fellow quit but i still have a point before you might be an equal meaning my did equal mean one i know when i back up we're glad i didn't. you know what i'm going to back up. the program and.
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what. we want to thank you and make. money for the right let's look at the event got to the end of this. entirely. but i have. one today in nearby benjamin who i did a quick look at a bed. one when i. call for an outfit and. i know. i come. but then they come up. beneath. i don't for a while but then she will put in the one i may but now run up a little bit of a new book. i was sent to do that to build up. the well to my cabin of
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a democrat. who now mungo. me but not to cut it up look at the b. division walk. around and. look at me. one on me well listen to my body what have i been up on so i'll be with. you got baghdad will get it can you tell. me. one of us it was love so. i'm fine of course. coming up with a white man. why you look up from one of the never seen the. show don't know what do you. think you missed it. the food on my side does
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not. seem to play much of. a kind of felt and i still find it funny. as a part. of the winter when the police are similar to similar. but the two things and learn what that's. like. and then one of course if i. must say i work out what people will pick up without the local knowledge. and. evaluate any. conclusion from that from the look on my. life and i do you mean that you could do the job and i've done my.
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work and i. went on a project because in. the office because i wasn't. happy. i don't want. me to. decide that monday.
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yeah you. know like you deal. with.
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the exception. of each other. and i'm trying to. keep you but this is the food you just you. know. it. was you know. those guys you know who live up in a school. you can see that in the village in that area there is no television. place will. you yourself are welcome back yes there are. some of them never feel both up i need. they both of the staff. what thinks they
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know that's just me looking at a conference that's coming here and take of control they know but they don't understand in which way it's. the corporation comes here they will give them some salary but it's salary of misery as as before as big gents have done. i did they said where from where we've come this from because this is the system this is the system that's how to change it i don't know i don't know. so. it's. really one. of. them has us. both some. people who couldn't see much of it i think might be. what happened pretty quickly because it's
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a big deal. because they get a situational seem more educational if you remember song the. d.c.p. do feel good that you did it you people didn't like it you got to get a fifty. k. don't. you to not be from beyond the double digit to get here. he. says. when you hear that as the. yes.
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so we'll see that it's up to you. just cut. to do a lot that's a good evening to. you know seem especially nice this year. when the whole may just manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes and protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent.
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going all middle of the room sick. killing millions more you don't need. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss. one and only.
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prosecution will need to become almost. a full design. where you push off the threat of finds somebody known perceived to i mean jani i mean political pressure on a god you've concluded to security genocide knows where to put your kind of business models used by american corporations jadhav was incomplete please fondle good mental disease as you use the controls on the scene. the solution. in association with. newton he saw as it is just simply his or deleting data and investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. putting back in place
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a hard order. that division between northern ireland and a lot of them has economic consequences it has a lot of consequences for people particularly those who live along the border there's a lot of free movement at the moment people move back and forward there's a lot of economic activity there's a lot of social and social activity and nobody wants to see got to stop them.
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but that was it but every time i know who. it was. i think so. but that's ok maybe. you. should be good. enough for them if you think this is you know this isn't a case. you know professional. tell. me what. you did you see that it's we've got to go through as i say yeah come on if you don't know who are you to what could you know we don't know about the number one on i don't know what they did that will do what it was to assume the problem was if that's what i want to start something from no doubt i will obviously they're all going to give me more none of this is good i mean that i mean as i stood up to me. i would be out there live from you know what they got and you going to wonder.
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what that what you're going to get when i was a. donor none of that i mean some of the dimension of my life and as much time was going to that this. novel that people it's given them to you know that struck me it was much easier. for him you know what you believe i mean we're not going in the number is on the notice of these delegates is he really. making this up. you know is as i was so we. took on a choke up. one of. the. well i mean. if.
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you're getting your money and you don't see that. i don't want you to. believe i'm going to do this i'm proud of the. name of the ship. and i. dish it and sing some from lead from those about i just want to. be sure the album is it. not. to you rather you know about the. second boy how about as i'm in one. do you know. what i'm going to jump into the newseum as i'm going to make it up to see. if you don't have
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a feeling when i do you. should not look up not coming to the landing because of. some of these people. but i wasn't the only one up on the. lawn. if you know how much i'm going to. but i don't because obama got to do a lot. of stuff and what. you. got morning about. this is somebody. why should. i say. well when i get to do now that you. are going out. there why don't you go one step at
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a bit i'm going to be able guy does that you know what i'm about the light is i woke up as you can see got a good ones a. little left but you know nothing but oh you think you can do it with that you feel. i've been a good at dillard's. over . to the philadelphia. area. so that's. part of me that you feel like it was good well thank.
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you but if you need to find him. down there where you. can i mean no one. here to take him just to take him. here where you said ok i'll have a you didn't do doesn't it don't have an internet you gotta have you have you know part she can see what they want to tell she should just shut. up i paid for all this is just a month or so just as i said that and you know i'm here if you own the truth when. i don't. well. when i said to myself that i think. you're missing hiker but isn't your thing. i mean i. guess is you. know you know.
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maybe means one committee member of a new division of each. leg like. a look i want to. tell. you of my. interest in the familiar. and. measure that you don't know. if. i'd like. to see. that when or that's. a form you know it's.
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going to consist of if you know. what contributed for the progress of the war. the minutes of. the economy of the lord will go down and many many countries which stuff. imagine this is not fun anymore god how can we live again in the world with upfront about the comforts without the plane it'll be really had to sas. we're coming back to this story did you see. any lengthy best to keep you. busy i can't say that. what he's having control of i want to. know because no one benefits no mentor so i'm not the best but i wish some companies have the one
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funding that making them tough choices wide web getting. i'm a physician for my children because now we've got to be ceased to be slaves for. there's never be enough power. to challenge the western countries. we saw. the future would be dish each off sniffs you know. i don't i don't i don't think i don't think i want children we've been able to solve that problem that we can solve . crime is. better. cover your cards or that. you.
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know. keep it till is a. good look. at those lives because you must really have a sequel still screaming. there must. be true you will see this in the funniest. i do you mean from. because. you have. your head down and shipped to you
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that. it's hard to keep in. good time to spend less time to see if. they have to go to school. i don't think the folks at the book i wrote. a book. and i don't see i don't see any of those things. because my wife broke the ice. many times. but now. i see have. no. goals and she. has
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a whole lot. of them. that will get. them like this right. this week and that's a good. one. but that's not what i. have. my wife and i gots met it's not the life of the people who are church. you
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know. doesn't go to school it's either two seaters families you know but i decided to look for my wife i might say i've been through many south bronx i have i don't i have left so i went to the. drinking. that's. and they stopped and that's a funeral or. you are my wife church notion that these lots you don't even know be said no i don't i don't need to know you and then when to get the right place says that the. we have to get.
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a little bit. through to the good spirits that is. no she was a prostitute and that's what she was really opposed to but she had forgotten everything and sometimes she said to look at me and say take. that light maybe i'll be dead one you know but this is never how can you think i love that song. was. done was i've got. to go. glad. to.
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see. a good. bit. of stuff but. i feel a lot like. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happy he did. eighty five percent
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of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. prosecution will need to become almost. equal when you push us off the threshold. find. somebody number one plus you do i mean yeah i mean i mean political pressure on the. bundled up business models used by
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american corporations. and the solution. in association. is it is just really really take. an investigative documentary. ghost war on agin. french president to monument concrete political and union leaders and he has to break his silence on some of the most violent protests in decades with some outlets blaming social media the feeling.


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