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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2018 7:00am-7:31am EST

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but i keep thinking a lot like. the . please. subscribed to. just twelve euros fifty a month. the french president meets with political union leaders. break in silence on some of the country's most violent protests in decades with a number of news outlets pinning the blame on social media for fueling. meanwhile
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the french foreign minister warns donald trump to interfere with the u.s. president tweets about the. for him people at the rallies if that was really big. on just one from. the very worst of. britain's labor party is. received. from the government from all the lying smear campaign. belgium's. museum the democratic republic of congo the return of seized when it was a belgian college. live
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from moscow every hour of the day this is our international hello and welcome my names you know neal our top story in france is political elite union chiefs are meeting with the country's president. enough for almost four weeks of nationwide protests by the yellow vests movement on the parts all of us were left strewn with burned out cars shattered rubber bullets in what was the worst rioting in over a decade charlotte she's been in the french reporting for the last number of days here's her report. but addressed the nation is eagerly awaited by many yellow vest protesters who've been asking for president to speak to him directly since the start of these protests back on november seventeenth this will be the first time that he will directly address the french finance minister describe these protests
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that have been going on now for the last four weekends as being an economic catastrophe with france with french economic growth being reduced boy zero point one percent a result of them why we've been describing these protests as being a spontaneous social need when to the last three weeks there is invite something deeper behind it it's social media mainstream media outlets now suggesting that facebook algorithms could be to blame for spreading these protests on twitter yes those pesky russian boats they're at it again with some chew hundred accounts retreating or tweeting one thousand six hundred times a day to put in context that's on average eight tweets three tweets per account on saturday i think a tweet at least twelve times so it's not a huge amount but the french authorities have said that they are launching an investigation in to this alleged interfering baju russia once again but they said that they won't speculate as to the results of that until that investigation is
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ended that's according to the foreign minister who's also taken out to hit out against donald trump after he sent this tweet on saturday the paris agreement isn't working out so well for paris protests and riots all over french people do not want to pay large sums of money much to third world countries that are questionably run in order to maybe protect the environment chanting we want trump love france i am telling donald trump the president of the republic also told him we do not take part in america's debate leave our nation out. donald trump say that it's we the people on the streets of france and in paris which own thing we want trump well we didn't hear anything such like that but we decided to ask the protesters if they did indeed want trump even to leave. the french one revolution they don't want mccrone they want him and the french government to resign. no i don't want trump or
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micro it's dangerous i'm not sure who is worse trump is rich billionaire and just like micro for me he's not a politician no one in france would have voted for trump for us trump represents the very worst of our own president we want. you power in france some feel. about equality and we balance system something like that. we have a kid and we don't want the king anymore it seems the protesters don't want trump more today he won't not. many will be waiting with bated breath to see what the president will say to the country this evening the protests continuing today in france and yellow vests said they will be out again in force this weekend they describing as marked by well some news outlets are suggesting social media is the
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driving force behind the riots not rising fuel costs there's been suggestions that bad actors are stirring up this part. of the reason see these social media invaders is the scene of many many other instances of the reactions and other such things this whole thing has been revved up on the social media can you imagine all of this upheaval hundreds of thousands in the streets every day don't forget we've got these massive demonstrations on saturday. but every day sounds of this just towns across to got demonstrations i think this is totally irresponsible this is preposterous this is incredible that they even do this they're so disconnected to search the to do list and the don't assume the responsibility of the have to they have to do some soup learning and find a scapegoat and at the end of course it is this it is always the case today when
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there's a problem the worst then they have to blame at one point russia this is ridiculous and nobody believes that in france today besides maybe a couple people around the room. there's anger among british opposition labor politicians following revelations of a think tank received government money for an online smear campaign against their party let's go live now to westminster and our correspondent. hi there enough here i suppose of all the weeks for this to happen what do we know about the think tanks activities. well you know not revelations that a scotland based organization dubbed the integrity initiative that is actually aimed at tackling russian dissin from ation has apparently been using its official twitter account to attack opposition party leader jeremy corbyn and other members of the labor party to the tune of over two million pounds of foreign office cash has stirred up quite a scandal here in the u.k.
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and really sent the labor party fuming this comes following reports citing quote explosive leaked documents that were passed on to the sunday mail that provide some of the details of what exactly has been unraveling now some of the tweets addressed towards jeremy corbyn that are being used to prove that there's been a campaign against him going on site things such as calling him quote a useful idiot with an open visceral anti western isn't that helps the kremlin cause and things like unlike galloway corben does not scream conspiracy he implies it and of course the labor party have made it clear they're not going to have any of this. it is simply outrageous that the clearly misname integrity initiative funded by the foreign office to the tune of two point two thousand and five million pounds over the past two years has routinely been using its twitter feed to
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disseminate personal attacks and smear against the leader of the opposition the labor party and labor officials what the hell is going on i say able to parliamentary question recently and discovered the foreign office has given two million pounds of public money to a shady organization that's indulging in black propaganda against jeremy coburn and the labor party if it is true that there is a deep state funded to operation against party it is totally unacceptable and to next one nation plus an inquiry must be conducted to mediately well look previously the foreign office had confirmed finding this integrity initiative think tank with over one million and nine hundred thousand pounds this financial year as well as two hundred ninety six thousand in the previous financial year but following these latest revelations we know that the foreign office has now have now launched an investigation to find out exactly what has been going on while look condemning any
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involvement in domestic politics. i don't know the facts but if there is any kind of organization for which we are paying which is involved in domestic politics in that way i would totally condemn it well we've sent out our own request for comment to the foreign office and we'll certainly update if we hear back from them with more details you know not small changes of either the story artes and to see a lawyer from westminster this hour thinking. trouble brewing between belgium over the democratic republic of congo with the reopening of a museum dedicated to central africa now was supposed to be a new chapter in relations between the two countries but some of it given belgium's brutal colonial history congolese president joseph kabila is the man being the return of items seized during the two euro which are on the splay in the museum
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which is located near brussels when first established in the late nineteenth century museum aim to shine a light on the imperial might of belgium showcasing the greatest artifacts from the african continent seven congolese actually died in the building eighteen ninety seven after being put on shows living exhibits the ses its focus is on the works of african artists but it's thousands of items looted from congo including the skulls of tribal chiefs despite sixty years of independence the horrors of belgian rule are still remembered there and warning the following clip contains some disturbing culprit.
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well in a statement the museum acknowledged the mistakes of the past while visitors on opening day were divided on the controversy. because that is really interesting to see true history i think because of the fact that the disease. it's still managed by the white people who are still in power that it is still a wide vision. on a good movie it's a new vision of africa it's different to the one that existed when i was a child i'm going to discover it just when i think i used to come here as a child so i'm curious to see the end of a museum i don't feel concerned by the controversy which i think it's ok that these artifacts are here in belgium a museum is
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a museum it allows us to see what happened the friends of the congo advocacy group believe that in order for a new start all the looted artifacts should be returned. to have a situation where through belgian colonialism european colonialism. they. destroyed african societies and now we've gotten to a point where africans are making the demand they come and say well you don't have the infrastructure to accommodate the materials that we deluded in order for a new chapter to be opened the thousands of artifacts in the museum need to be returned to the congo that's fine and they can advance expand the museum and. other artifacts however the primary concern is the return of the cultural legacy of the africans. well you can watch
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a special report on how colonial rule impacted upon the african nation from the day here on r.t. international or you can watch online by searching my precious at r.t. dot com. u.s. sanctions against iran may lead to a deluge of drugs asylum seekers bombs on terrorists in the west the warning coming from tehran it's the economic pressure it's facing could affect the fight against drugs on its border with afghanistan the world's leading opiate supplier iran spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to curb the illegal drug trade and the society that's been looking into the story. trump iran sanctions three words all a little too familiar to the world although washington aimed sanctions at iran it's european companies who have felt the impact all those sanctions may have closed the
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door to european businesses they could apparently open another to the flow of drugs . i warn those who impose sanctions that if iran's ability to fight drugs and terrorism are affected you will not be safe from a daily drugs asylum seekers bombs and terrorism in case you didn't know iran has been a barrier to a deluge of drugs coming from afghanistan feel he is. iran has a lengthy border with afghanistan the world's largest producer of opium destined for markets in europe and elsewhere in twenty sixteen alone the u.n. estimates that iran seized a hof a million kilos of opium iranian officials say they spent a hefty amounts on enforcement measures barriers canals fences around eight hundred million dollars annually it says on sealing its borders to prevent the transit of
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narcotics and if iran come to a stop because of sanctions well you get the picture. you don't weaken iran by sanctions many will not be safe washington claims to have the problem under control since two thousand and two has been engaged in accounts a narcotic program in afghanistan but get this back in two thousand and one before the u.s. intervention poppy field stretched to around seven thousand six hundred and six has fast forward to twenty seventeen and the number grows to three hundred twenty eight thousand hex has no contra program undertaken by the united states its coalition partners or the afghan government resulted in lasting reductions in poppy cultivation were opium production so this. iran can no longer protect its borders with afghanistan a wave of drugs threatens to engulf europe and beyond another tragic consequence of trumps foreign policy hitting allies and stet the effort iran is putting in
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fighting drug trafficking is primarily aimed at protecting its own citizens drugs affect over two million iranians nevertheless it's also bringing benefits for other countries such as the europeans as well i think with the wrong honey government is trying to do is it is trying to tell of the europeans that if the iran nuclear deal dies and unfortunately it seems that that is the path we are going to. they cannot expect he wants cooperation on other issues such as fighting drugs in fighting terrorism and while drugs and terrorism impact iran primarily but we have to remember that they also in the region as well the transmitter why your search is europe. there is fresh scrutiny on the israeli military after a mentally ill polish than ian mom is shot dead in a raid it's among the r.t.e. news stories still ahead after this.
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one almost sure seem wrong. but all wars just don't call. me old yet to shape out this day because educated and ingenious read equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. place. dr vision between northern ireland. economic consequences it has a lot of consequences for people particularly those who live along the border there's a lot of free movement at the moment people move forward there's
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a lot of economic activity there's a lot of social social activity. and we start with an update on a story you may remember our young boy and devoted a football star leo messi has been forced to flee his home for the second time after threats from the taliban the group initially confronted the seven year old after a picture of him in a homemade messy shirt made from a plastic bag went viral on the little boy's family now i fear for his life once more.
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so that's. good that sometimes that's. what it was going to get on with you but i'm loving that i forgot a little. act .
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that you tell us back. to catch up since it's just something that should should. i say. that. it's been a year since a rock clear victory over islamic state the defeat of the terrorist group came a few months after a rocky armed forces secured control of major urban areas including the country second largest city mosul the humanitarian situation however remains dire as pointed out by the norwegian refugee council in its latest report its eight millions are displaced across the country many of them in need of aid they also say thousands of children born under islamic state rule are still on recognized by the
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government. the iraqi security forces are still active in some parts of iraq there are still operate i'm going to get rid of what is left of islamic state groups one hundred ten million are still displaced across the country one year on five hundred thousands are in panic only for twenty eighteen eight million iraqis were in need of humanitarian assistance iraqi government face tremendous challenges big country has been through this war for three years what we need to focus on today is to ensure that millions of displaced iraqis are able to go home the need to to rebuild schools the need to rebuild all spittles was some parts of iraq are slowly recovering. like most all even if it's still heavily destroyed but other parts like sanjoy for
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example are still destroyed to up to seventy percent with a total lack of service is the budget for the country for for twenty one thousand is currently being discussed and the overwhelming to allocate only one percent of the budget to the river to mosul which is the city where the where the needs are the biggest and this governor eight counts to ten percent of the population of the country so it's far from being and of god it is essential that international the international community community invest as much in the country in the record friction and in the stabilization of the country as they did in the fight against islamic states it is indeed an exceptional and to think that millions can respond at a generous bend on bombs but not on human eternity and reconstruction their work is far from being done and as of today when i discuss with iraqis in in the terms they
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really tell me that legal happened and since then the feats of islamic state group so this is not time to abandon iraq. it's was twenty fourteen when a ruinous civil war broke out in iraq leaving the country exposed to the tyranny of islamic state let's recap how things have on folded since then. it will take time to read a case of cancer like i said we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. working with the iraqi government.
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staying in the general region next the killing of a mentally ill palestinian man in the west bank has once again brought the actions of the israeli defense forces into question a video of the incident has appeared a partly showing him being shot in the head so a warning the following images are disturbing twenty two year old mohamed ali and be seen my face done pleading he was pronounced dead later in hospital with
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hundreds said tending his funeral in the west bank we spoke to muhammad's parents about the trust. it was on the way home from work and happened to come across some israeli soldiers he was then shot and the bullet hit between his eye and his nose you could see that his eye was swollen it said that he was shot from far away but we saw on the t.v. that the three israeli soldiers shot him at close range. that he got a call saying that had been shot and is now in hospital his father rushed there only to find he was already dead. my son was not related to any political faction he was a very simple person jew to his mental disability. well the i.d.f. for its part say its soldiers were responding to dozens of palestinians who were hurling rocks use riot dispersal means on life fire in response to that an
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investigation has been launched we know that israel regularly raids the west bank searching suspects wanted for terror attacks or illegal weapons possession last year twenty eight palestinians were killed and over a thousand arrested your son in previous cases that we have covered. in the. mohammad father remains devastated by the killing of his psalm and opened up to us about his loss and who he believes is to blame. well most.
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israelis claim that they have been investigating the three soldiers who shot him but i have no idea if the investigation will continue he's a big loss to everyone he was special and different to all his brothers he was my rights and how me with everything i want to repeat that the israeli army has full responsibility for the death of my son. while they are news stories for now but next here in our to international no arguments one easily answered the bait show cross talk with peter lavelle guests. in a world of big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one in one business show you can afford to miss the one and only.
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hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle the oh that's shaped friend stuart is it time to go speaking of time to go with the vote looming is teressa mays time up to also my palm pale wants to remake the world.


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