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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 10, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EST

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i am delighted to give my best wishes and celebrate the seventy seven first city is one of the most exceptional documents ever conceived universal declaration of human rights i've seen on the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights were going underground for british chile to the saudi war on yemen on the ever growing history of britain's secret human rights abuses for this going underground special i'm joined now by one of the world's great chroniclers of anglo-american secrecy and lies the author of secret affairs britain's collusion with radical islam and the great deception anglo-american power and world order and many other works mark thanks so much for coming on just before we get to the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration predictable that there was almost
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universal media derision and political derision and generally corbin for raising poverty instead of the important issues like breaks it only important tourism liver religion surprise me of course been received a lot of criticism for that because he's raising an important issue and it has to be said much of the british media and lot of british parliament don't seem to like important issues actually being raised in public they seem to be much more content often with debating fairly marginal issues rather than issues of real public importance i mean for example where is the real outrage and accountability for the prime minister over war crimes in yemen at the moment for example why is there not very much attention on that in the political scene or in the media scene i would have thought that that is an absolutely fundamental issue in terms of britain's role in the world in terms of how we interact with people around the world and you know that complicity in war crimes in yemen is simply not being addressed to.
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anything like the level it should be and we have to ask ourselves a question why not what is it about our political and media system that doesn't focus on the really important issues to be fair there has been some media attention i think you would recognize but this on the seventieth anniversary of the universal declaration raising me often says it's a low key phrase usual that had the international rules based order which britain is a promoter what would you say the u.k. is report card over seventy years is today well it's exceedingly poor my view looking at the going through the declassified files looking at the evidence on british foreign policy over the last seventy eighty years since the end of the second world war is that britain is a systematic violator of human rights of the un principles this is systematic supporter of repressive regimes of systematic promoter of wars and i think that this is been largely kept from the british public. you can go right the way back to
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the late one nine hundred forty s. when britain was engaged in a very brutal war in malaya terror bombing vast areas of a war which has been described as a kind of liberation for the for the malayan people right the way through to the current war in in yemen and many episodes in between i think highlight the fact that britain is not a promoter of human rights and not a not holder of international principles it is a serial violator of them and it's easy to find this out actually doesn't it's not rocket science to actually find out what britain is doing but it is largely kept from us i think by media by the mainstream media and by a political system which doesn't seem to want to uncover the really important things that britain is actually doing in the world ok well many in the foreign office may agree with you and say it's rail politic and and it was diplomacy and people might know about the gander coup chile in seventy three the chaebol. iraq
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obviously one moment that we surely have to be proud about is role not in going to vietnam the wilson labor government that seems to be the kind of article of faith you you've seen in other documents it seems that the only thing that the media can ever say about britain's role in the vietnam war in the one nine hundred sixty s. is that britain didn't. break into a program to westminster and the british house of commons where prime minister treason may is just beginning a statement to m.p.'s it's a vote in parliament let's listen and after we have left i've listened very carefully to what has been said in this chamber and i know what is being said in this train and out of it by members formal side it's from listening to those views it is clear that while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of the deal i. guess on one issue on one issue the northern ireland backstop
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there remains widespread and deep concern as a result if we went ahead and held the votes tomorrow the deal would be rejected it was significant. we will therefore defer the vote for tomorrow. and not proceed to divide the house at this time i set out in my speech opening the debate last week the reasons why the backstop is a necessary guarantee to the people of northern ireland and why whatever future relationship you want there is no deal available that does not include the back story. behind all those arguments in a skate people facts the fact that northern ireland shares a land border with another sovereign state the fact. the fact that the hard one piece. the fact that the hard won p. that has been built in northern ireland over
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the last two decades has been built around a seamless border and the fact that brics it will create a wholly new situation on the thirtieth of march the northern ireland are going to border will for the first time become the external front here of the european union's single market and customs union. the challenge. the challenge this poses must be met not with rhetoric but with real and workable solutions businesses operate across that border people live their lives crossing and recrossing it every day i've been there and spoken to some of those people they do not want their every day lives to change as a result of the decision we have taken they do not want a return to our hard border. and if this house cares about preserving our union it must listen to those people because our union will only end with the consent.
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we had hoped that the changes we've secured to the backstop would reassure members that we could never be trapped in it indefinitely i hope the house will forgive me if i take a moment to remind it of those changes the customs argument of the backstop is now u.k. wide and no longer splits our country into two customs territories this also means that the backstop is now an uncomfortable arrangement for the e.u. so they won't want it to come into use or persist for long if it does both sides are now legally committed to using best endeavors to have our new relationship in place before the end of the implementation period ensuring the backstop is never used if a new relationship isn't ready we can now choose to extend the implementation period further reducing the likelihood of the backstop coming into use if the backstop ever does come into use we now don't have to get the new. relationship in
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place to get out of it alternative arrangements that make use of technology could be put in place instead the treaty the treaty is now clear that the backstop can only ever be temporary and there is now a terminations roles. but i but i am clear what i am what i have heard in this place and from my own conversations that these elements do not offer a sufficient number of colleagues the reassurance that they need. i spoke to a number of e.u. leaders over the weekend and in advance of the european council i will go to see my counterparts in other member states and the leadership of the council and the commission i will discuss with them the clear concerns that this house has expressed we are also looking closely at new ways of empowering the house of commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy and to enable the house to place its own obligations on the government. to enable the house to place its own obligations on
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the government to ensure that the backstop cannot be in place indefinitely mr speaker having spent the best part of two years poring over the details of brecht's it listening to the public's ambitions and yes their fears too and testing the limits of what the other side is prepared to accept i mean absolutely no doubt that this deal is the right one it's on as the result of the referendum for the remainder of the statement must be heard and i invite her house to hear it with courtesy and for the avoidance of doubt and also the benefit of those attending to our proceedings are not members of the house i emphasise that as per usual i will call everyone who wants to question the prime minister. but meanwhile these hero the prime minister. it's on as the result of the referendum it protects job security and our union but it also represents the very best deal that is actually
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negotiable with the e.u. i believe in it as do many members of this house and i still believe there is a majority to be won in this house and support of it if i can secure additional reassurance on the question of the backstop and that is what my focus will be in the days ahead. but mr speaker if you take a step back it is clear that this house faces a much more fundamental question does this house want to deliver bricks it. i. fear a clear message from the s.n.p. but if not now styles does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with a majority of this house and we all have to ask ourselves whether we're prepared to
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make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful brics it without some compromise on both sides of the debate. many of the most controversial aspects of this dealing kluge in the backstop are simply inescapable facts of having a negotiated brix it those members who continue to disagree need to shoulder the responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. and do so and do so without ducking its implications so if you want a second referendum to overturn the results of the first be honest this risks dividing the country again. to. be honest that this risks dividing the country again when it's a house we should be striving to bring it back together. if you if you want to
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remain part of the single market in the customs union be open that this would require free movement rule taking across the economy and ongoing financial contributions none of which are in my view compatible with the results of the referenda yeah. if you. if you want to leave without a deal be upfront that in the short term this would cause significant economic damage to parts of our country who can least afford to bear the burden i do not believe that any of those courses of action command a majority in this house but notwithstanding that fact for as long as we fail to agree a deal the risk of an accidental no deal increases so the government so the government will step up its work in preparation for that potential outcome and the cabinet will hold further discussions on it this week. the move fast majority of us mr
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speaker set the result of the referendum and wants to leave with a deal we have a responsibility to discharge if we will the ends we must also will the means and i know that members across the house appreciate how important that responsibility is and i'm very grateful to all members on this side of the house and a few on the other side to back this deal and spoken up for it here many many others many others i know have been wrestling with their consciences particularly over the question of the backstop seized of the need to face up to the challenge posed by the irish border but genuinely concerned about the consequences i have listened i have heard those concerns and i will now do everything i. simply can't secure further assurances if i may conclude mr speaker on a personal note on the morning after the referendum two and a half years ago i knew that we had witnessed
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a defining moment for our democracy places that didn't get a lot of attention at elections and which did not get much coverage on the news were making their voices heard and saying that they wanted things to change i knew in that moment that parliament had to deliver for them but of course that doesn't just mean delivering bricks it it means working across all areas building a stronger economy improving public services. tackling tackling tackling social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone. and the prime minister must be heard the prime minister. tackling social injustices to make this a country that truly works for everyone a country where no where and nobody is left behind and these matters are too important to be after thoughts in our politics they deserve to be at the center of
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our thinking but that can only happen if we get bricks it done and get it done right and even though i voted for may from the moment i took up the responsibility of being prime minister of this great country i've known that my duty is to honor the results of that vote here and i mean just as determined to protect the jobs that put food on the tables of working families and the security partnership. and the security partnerships that keep each one of us safe and that's what this deal does it gives us control of our borders our money and on the rules it protects job security and our union it is the right deal for britain i am determined to do all i can to secure all the reassurances this house requires to get this deal over the line and deliver for the british people and i commend this statement to the house. and i. thank you thank you mr speaker and i thank the prime
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minister for a copy of the statement before we hear those afternoon we're in an extremely serious and unprecedented situation the government has lost control of invents and is in complete disarray yeah it's been evident for weeks that the prime minister's deal did not have the confidence of this house yet she ploughed on regardless reiterating this is the only deal available can she be clear with the house is she she seeking changes to the deal or mere reassurances does she therefore except the statement from the european commission at lunch time saying that it was. the only deal possible we will not renegotiate opposition has not changed on and veronica has said it is not possible to renegotiate the irish border backstop stating that it was the prime minister's own red lines that made the backstop
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necessary. so can the prime minister be clear is she now ready to drop further red lines in order to make progress mr speaker can the prime minister confirm that the deal presented to this house is not off the table but will be reprinted with a few assurances bringing back the same botched deal either next week or in january and can she be clear on the timing will not change its fundamental flaws and deeply held objections right across this house which go far wider than the backstop alone yeah mr speaker this is a bad deal for britain a bad deal for our economy and a bad deal for our democracy our country deserves better than this. the real damage the deal the deal damages our economy and it isn't just the opposition saying that
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the government's own analysis shows this deal would make us worse off if the prime minister cannot be clear that she can and will make a negotiated deal then she must make way. and if she is and mr speaker if she is going back to brussels then she needs to build a consensus in this house and since it appears business is change for the next two days then it seems not only possible but necessary. this house debates the negotiating mandate that the prime minister takes to brussels there is no point no point at all in this prime minister bringing back the same deal again which clearly does not support the government not supported by this house mr speaker we even do
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it through years of shambolic negotiations red lines which being bowled in now stand cast aside when now on our third breaks it secretary and it appears each one of them has been excluded from these vital negotiations we were promised a precise and substantive document and got a very twenty six page wish list and they become the first government ever in british history to be held in contempt of parliament. the government is in disarray uncertainty is building for business people are in despair at the state of these failed negotiations i'm concerned about what it means about their jobs their livelihood and their communities and the fault lies soley at the door
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of this shambolic government. the prime minister is trying to buy herself one last chance to save this deal if she doesn't take on board the fundamental changes required then she must make way for those who can. and i think. if i can respond briefly to the right on which gentleman russian one gentleman appeared to argue one hand that it wasn't possible to change the deal because the e.u. had said this was the only deal and on the other hand the only thing he would accept was until every negotiation is the right honorable gentleman quoting the european union. saying this was the only deal and then goes on to say that the whole deal needs to be renegotiated this is that the fundamental question that members of this house have to ask themselves is whether they wish to deliver grex it and honor the results of the referendum if you wish to deliver all the analysis
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shows that if you wish to deliver bricks if you wish to honor the results of the referendum then the deal that does that the best protects jobs and our economy is the deal that is on. forward that. everybody will have his or her charms but the questions have been put and the most similarly be heard the prime minister. that is the fundamental question for members of this house to deliver on and on are the results of the referendum but to do it in a way that protects jobs and our economy and that is what this deal does the right honorable gentleman talks about a number of issues he wants to be in the customs union such that free movement would have to understand the market and free movement would have to be accepted he refuses to accept that any deal requires a backstop because that's our commitment to the people of northern ireland he
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claims he wants to negotiate trade deals yet wants to be in the customs union and fully in the customs union that will not enable us to negotiate those trade deals and finally he says about the uncertainty he says about an certainty for british business i can tell the right honorable gentleman that the biggest uncertainty for british business lies not in this deal but on the front bench of the labor by in. order. before i. look to the father of the house. of a colleagues i want to say before lowering. the government's intention to hold this debate at this inordinately late show. age has been widely leaked to the media in advance i felt it only appropriate to hear what she has proposed before advising the house. holding the debate after no fewer than one
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hundred sixty four colleagues have taken the trouble to contribute will be thought by many members of this house to be deeply discourteous to it indeed in the hours since news of this intention emerged many colleagues from across the house have bridges to that view to me in the most forceful turds. having taken the best procedural advice colleague should be informed that there are two ways of doing this the first. and the democratic terms the infinitely preferable way is for a minister to move at the outset of the debate that the debate be adjourned this will give the house the opportunity to express its view
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in a vote here whether or not it wishes the debate to be brought to a premature and inconclusive end i can reassure ministers that i would be happy to accept such a motion so that the house can decide. the alternative is for the government unilaterally to decline to move to day's business which means that the house is not only deprived of its opportunity to vote upon the substance of the debate tomorrow but also that it is given no chance to express its view today. on whether the debate should or should not be allowed to continue. i politely suggest that
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in any courteous respectful and mature environment allowing the house to have a say its say on this matter would be the right and dare i say the obvious course to take the lead to see if those who have assured this house and the public over and over and over again that this supremely important vote is going to take place tomorrow without fear. you wish to rise to the occasion just to get a car. speaker on the congress to move your this house is no just to buy you departed history by due to factors and it becomes clear that at the moment of predictable big georgie brady's single course of action going forward it. would be
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a writer would refrain the prime minister agree that no other governments are going to start negotiations with those on any new arrangement whilst the british continue to explore what exactly it is they can get a parliamentary majority to agree to. further more or we are strictly bound quite rightly to the good friday agreement which on the issue of i permanently open border in early two zero does she agree that each particular only folly for a large fraction in this house to continue for the argument to do that argument that we shouldn't siege to the other governments that the british will have a unilateral right to declare an end to that open border at the time of their choosing which is why the backstop remains you have a terrible. thing to say to my right honorable and learned friend that i certainly
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agree i think none of the alternative arrangements that have been floated and said suggested in this house actually would command a majority of this house but he's also right that we retain our absolute commitment to belfast good friday agreement and to the commitments with that the united kingdom government made within a mint and any agreement which had to be was being negotiated with the european union be that either of the other two options that are normally quoted the norway. option of some form or the candidate option of some form would require negotiation could risk the possibility of there being a period of time when that relationship was not in place and therefore would indeed require about strong history but yeah. i'd like to thank prime minister period fansite statement and thank you mr speaker for the benefit of your words in relation to this could proceed to the events of the past few hours have highlighted that this is a government in
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a total state of collapse here the prime minister has been forced to put in a stunning display of pathetic cowardice here and i would have shown the way all of this titles but this government is focused on saving the prime minister's job and her party instead of doing what is right for these countries here she is advocating her responsibility her deal will make people pewter it will lead to years of further uncertainty and difficult negotiation here nor guarantee that a trade deal can even be struck yet it does not have the support of her backbenchers indeed no support from the majority of benches across this place no support from the scottish parliament and no support from the well she said. why has it taken the prime minister this long to face up to reality her deal was dead in the water long before this morning here last week it was this deal or no deal she needs to be clear with this house of the court has changed mr speaker scotland for
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to overwhelmingly children being in the e.u. but yet again our views are being ignored if you know as they have been through i should say so you just asked chris an incompetent gregson who is back in twenty four team scotland was promised the strange and security of the u.k. but the reality has been westminster collapse and chaos you hear we were promised an equal partnership but we've been treated with contempt yet mr speaker the prime minister has lost the confidence of her own ventures and she's failed to convince the. for eckstein the ear we simply cannot born like this year it is clear the prime minister is incapable of taking decisions about the future and that dynasty cannot negotiate any more either with the e.u. or with the twenty fact mention of him here what she is really scared of is allowing this ties to terror and the way forward and i mean the public the opportunity to remain in the e.u. she knows she's lost but she still wasting precious time mr speaker we need the prime minister to be clear about when the house will vote on this yeah this
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government and the prime minister have failed it's time they got out of the week prime minister members across this house don't want your deal the e.u. don't want to renegotiate isn't the only week to break this deadlock to put it to the people in the area. beyond the honorable they asked what would i be doing actually what i've been doing is listening to members of this house who have identified a very specific concern with the deal as it with the deal that was negotiated as i said we had negotiated within that deal a number of aspects to address that we issue around the permanence or otherwise of the backstop those i had hoped would actually give sufficient confidence to members of this house it is proved in discussions that they have not and therefore we are going to. work to get those further reassurances that i want to get that i want to ensure with.


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