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president promises to raise the minimum wage and cut taxes after four weeks of civil unrest across france. the british prime minister calls off a crucial bragg's it vote in parliament after admitting she would face a major defeat prompting calls for her to resign. this government and the prime minister's fields it's time because of the weak prime minister members across this
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house don't want your deal she don't realize how chaotic and curious this make. and an alleged russian agent requests to change her plea in the u.s. after initially insisting she was not guilty hearing will be held on wednesday. international palms from ground to have you with us. now the french president has offered a series of concessions to quell four weeks of mass on rest and a televised address into the nation micron promised to raise the minimum wage and introduce several tax cuts. looted your economy i'm declaring a state of economic and social emergency today i want to stop affronts where our
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children will live better that we have a very humble tone from president matt corn as he addressed the nation as a gesture that he really wanted people to know that he had been listening to the stories over the last few weeks as people who have been out on the streets have been talking about the problems that they deal with on an everyday basis in france because of the high cost of living according to those yellow vests on protesters but president said that while people had a legitimate right to protest there was no legitimacy for the violence that is being seen he also warned that france was facing an economic and a social crisis. because of this crisis i want to reconcile with you salaries will increase by one hundred euros in two thousand and nineteen are no extra cost to employers over time will not be taxed and i will ask all employers to pay an end of year bonus this will not be taxed and there will be no social payment
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for pensioners receiving less than two thousand euros the tax increase will be cancelled as we had planned well what did he offer as a concession and all of branch to the protesters first of all he said that the minimum wage would increase by a hundred euros every month that will start from next month he also said that over time shouldn't be taxed and shouldn't have any social charges taken away from it this of course comes after four weekends of violence and many people have been calling on president mack on to speak many people wondering why it's taken him so long until now let's just look back at the four weekends and three weeks of protests that france has so far seen.
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well is it enough it's not yet clear and one thing that many people may be particularly unhappy about as announced today is the president back on said he would not roll back on one thing that many of the protests asked for and this is the changes that were made to the wealth tax and agree on a more about a motive and thirty percent want someone to go back on the wealth tax this is been around for forty years it just cause people to leave our country we can't go back we want we need to create jobs well this speech was being described by many as much moment of truth will it be enough to quell the the social tensions here in france will it be enough for this. yellow vests to decide that they will no longer take to the streets of france will it be enough to stop the violence that remains to be
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seen solitary pinsky r.t. paris independent journalist robert harness believes the concessions president micron is offering will not be enough to end the civil unrest. he's got to solve this problem we can't have a situation every weekend where mobs go down the chandelier smashing the place up and all the tells are empty that cannot be allowed to continue is he going to change his strategy as he's been the great european well if you continue with these policies a spending money then he has to change his policy regarding the euro an already the euro if you don't you're exploding so easy suddenly going to turn it back on europe the so what the germans are now saying they were a contributor and we just have to go our own way i don't know i mean it's it's the implications of what he's done are massive because it means that he's completely turned away from the policies on which he would you go to elect. british prime
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minister has postponed today's problem entry vote on her brakes at the planet theresa may was confronted by anger on all sides in the house of commons as she admitted to lawmakers were bound to reject her deal. just this house wants to deliver bricks it. if she doesn't take on board the fundamental changes required then she must make way for those who can the biggest on certainty for british business lies not in this field but on the front bench should the labor was the reason was that she. was. i was. i right there was a prime minister members across this house don't want your deal does she not
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realize how can your check and when articulate this make you know you here is so it's a reason may that addressing a very fractious house of commons confirming that vote has been delayed it must have been humiliating for her to concede that her deal that she'd been talking up she said it would be voted down and that she will now go to brussels in an attempt to renegotiate certain elements of the deal is she actually calls it to seek assurances over the contentious issue of the irish back start in the future of the irish or they take a listen to what she had to say this very carefully to what has been said in this chamber and. i. from listening to those views it is clear that while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of the deal i yes on one issue on one issue than all the
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backstop that remains widespread and deep concern we will therefore defer the vote for tomorrow. and not to proceed to divide the house at this time the challenge. is almost. the result of the referendum it's pretty dark this house wants to deliver bricks it. a clear message from the s.n.p. but if stiles does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. be honest that this risks dividing the country again. time wise to reason may says that she wants to go and visit e.u.
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leaders in the european commission before this week's e.u. summit but still not clear specifically when that's going to be but she wants to discuss changes and address and peace concerns but we don't have a date for every new devote for when this vote will now take place and that is a great source of anger among politicians in the chamber many of them with desperate to finally have that say on this rather chaotic gregg's that process make claims that she's listened to her critics into the case that people have and that she's going to do everything she can to seek assurances from the e.u. over the issue of the irish stop well a lot of people would say that she didn't listen that she should have those in her own party will say she should have postponed the spoke earlier on this say that this wasn't a deal that they wanted a whole and that's what the leader of the labor opposition party jeremy corbyn had to say the government is in disarray uncertainty is building for business
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people are in despair at the stage of these failed negotiations the prime minister is trying to buy herself one last chance to save this deal if she doesn't take on board the fundamental changes required then she must make way for those who. jan m.p. off to m.p. after two reason my statement lined up desperate to get in that ostensibly that questions to the prime minister but really indignant criticisms of how she has handled this negotiation process as of yet no date for the vote the prime minister planning to tweak or not renegotiate but seek a sure it says on some elements of the deal which calls the m.p.'s in the chamber of already dismissed as not good enough and a deal that brussels has already said that it's going to refuse to renegotiate. broadcaster and former m.p. george galloway says teresa mayes attempts to improve her brigs a deal will be doomed to failure this is not bricks that she's proposing and
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therefore a good one hundred of our own m.p.'s will never vote for whatever reassurances she brings but it's a bit it's a bit like jim berlin waving his piece of paper promising peace in our time the e.u. leaders clearly smell blood this meld blood in the form of a second referendum which they hope would lead to a reversal of the last referendum result whether or not they're right about that it would still leave millions of people very bitter and angry it would risk peace and if the first referendum is somehow an old i think the most likely outcome is treason may being overthrown by her own army her own party and the new prime minister returning to you square one there are plenty of people in the wings waiting boris johnson even gore is here for the occasion just a loop prime ministerial and he's churchill's biographer
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a member of the irish partition fein which holds seven seats in the u.k. parliament says briggs it would be a disaster for northern ireland. we don't want to see on a border certainly not on the island of ireland and not in the r.e.c. either the majority here in the north of ireland for it to ring me in it that is absolute right down across descry assess a to force us to accept the european union if we accept on the terms that the black city years or the d p s's may as allies wish then it will mean a return to a hard border of will me diminishing on the undermanning of the good friday agreement which of course is the underpinnings are peace process will mean that the jobs will be lost and vestment will be lost we will jeopardize the progress that we have me in terms of our peace progress on in terms of reconciliation over twenty years. russian citizen maria who hasn't been charged in the us
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of being an illegal foreign agent has filed a request to change her plea hearing on the motion is scheduled for wednesday. defined. by council and a government by through its attorney respectfully found this joint motion to set a change of plea hearing in the above caption matter and request a hearing at the court's earliest convenience we understand that this has been filed and they're requesting a hearing in which she can then change the police people are jumping to some pretty strong conclusions the press has been speculating that she may be ready to plead guilty however that's just it's a pretty strong conclusion to jump to now at the moment it would be possible for her to perhaps change her plead to no contest maria bettina she has been charged with being an agent allegedly of the russian government and trying to infiltrate the politically powerful national rifle association and at first it was put forward
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that she had been in town to act with intelligence officers and that she'd been trading favors for sex however prosecutors dropped the charge of espionage at this point are simply charging her with being an unregistered lobbyist failing to report herself as a foreign agent now she's denied all charges said that she is not guilty and after her arrest she was denied she was denied bail and she was held pending pending trial so she's been in a federal prison awaiting trial this entire time since her arrest appears that pretty soon we will be seeing bettina in federal court and that she will be having a hearing regarding a change of police there's a many many different possibilities about what this could mean a change of police that seems to be what is coming up and we'll have to wait and see what happens in the courtroom maria boots and his father valarie britain has denied reports of a plea deal with u.s. prosecutors he sent a written statement to r.t. . there have been media reports on an upcoming plea deal between maria and us
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federal prosecutor says i have no such information and any such claims without possession of the case materials and nothing but speculation maria will not falsely admit to violating the law the reports that she is due to get us citizenship appear fantasy or simply lies from the media or elsewhere we are critically short of money for maria boots in his legal defense and we need support during three out of the five months of maria's dissension she's been in solitary confinement causing her psychological and physical harm it's hard to tell how long a person can in just such torture. representatives of more than one hundred sixty countries agreed on monday to adopt the united nations global migration pact at a meeting in morocco however some states as well as the us refused to attend. salo with what they've been those who were in attendance were intending in what they were attending for the migration pact the un migration pact to set out to put in
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place a framework for a global solution or at least to try and get a global solution to tackling migration one of those world leaders that was in attendance was the german chancellor angela merkel. the whole migration pact idea was roundly supported here in germany only the right wing opposition alternative for germany spoke out against it they have this to say the migration pact contains lots of political commitments and leads to more migrants entering germany but it proved far more toxic elsewhere another of the big names in attendance from europe was the belgian prime minister sharjah shell and now he in fact lost his well governing coalition because of this migration pact on sunday the right wing flemish nationalists that were helping to give him a ruling majority in the belgian parliament walked out of the coalition over this issue in slovakia the foreign minister. he threatened to resign over it it was only
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when assurances were made that bratislava would main would remain closely aligned to both the and nato when it came to issues of migration did he agree to well pull back that resignation and in fact in countries such as canada we've seen quite big demonstrations against this pact. was odd was the united states australia austria the czech republic hungry amongst many others have also said they wouldn't be signing this deal in fact the un secretary general he outlined exactly what was meant by this non-binding agreement the compact is. not at d.t. moreover it is not legally binding it is a framework for international corporation but rooted in an intergovernmental
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process of negotiation in good face and if that wording is perhaps led to a lot of nations being unwilling to sign it because why sign up to something if it isn't binding in the first place. the e.u. foreign policy chief says a plan to maintain trade with iran despite u.s. sanctions could be ready in the coming weeks fredricka marina gave a statement in brussels. from it and we have to make sure that iranians benefit that italian people benefit from the lifting of sanctions even after the u.s. this intervene for some of the sanctions i would expect this instrument to be established in the coming weeks before the handover here as a way to protect it from out a legitimate business with the fact itself that the e.u. is taking this step and there's already made some symbolic expressions of support for the deal to maintain
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a deal is really important in itself we should not forget that. allies within the e.u. do conservatives of falseness are also in favor of maintaining this deal with iran after ink it's going to go on dishrag and isn't but we should not overestimate its possible consequences now big companies in our car companies or others are going to do they're going to do do do do do best and not stop dealing trade with iran anyway because they're going to maintain their biggest trade on but for some smaller e.u. companies who for example only have to treat dealings with near asia or with iran specifically they will benefit from this deal in the indeed they will. iran has warned of it u.s. sanctions could have a catastrophic impact on the fight against drugs and terrorism artes and isha southie takes up the story for. trump iran sanctions three words all a little too familiar to the world although washington aimed sanctions at iran it's
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european companies who have felt the impact although sanctions may have closed the door to european businesses they could apparently open another to the flow of drugs . i warn those who impose sanctions that if iran's ability to fight drugs and terrorism are affected you will not be safe from a daily use of drugs asylum seekers bombs and terrorism in case you didn't know iran has been a barrier to a deluge of drugs coming from afghanistan feel he is. iran has a lengthy border with afghanistan the world's largest producer of opium destined for markets in europe and elsewhere in twenty sixteen alone the u.n. estimates that iran seized a hof a million kilos of opium iranian officials say they've spent a hefty amounts on enforcement measures barriers canals fences around eight hundred
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million dollars annually it says on sealing its borders to prevent the transit of narcotics and if iran contra was stopped because of sanctions well you get the picture. you don't weaken iran by sanctions many will not be safe washington claims to have the problem under control since two thousand and two has been engaged in the council narcotics program in afghanistan but get this back in two thousand and one before the u.s. intervention poppy field stretched to around seven thousand six hundred and six has fast forward to twenty seventeen and the number grows to three hundred twenty eight thousand hex hesse. program undertaken by the united states its coalition partners or the afghan government resulted in lasting reductions in poppy cultivation were opium production so this. iran can no longer protect its borders with afghanistan a wave of drugs threatens to engulf europe and beyond another tragic consequence of
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trump's foreign policy hitting allies and stat. a picture of the ukrainian president posing with paratroopers has caused widespread shock and surprise images shows petro poroshenko lined up alongside ukraine's elite troops but if you take a closer look at one soldier you can see the insignia of the nazi s.s. deaths head division we ask the presidential administration of ukraine to comment on the photo but have not yet received a response of the death's head division was a part of nazi germany's military during the second world war it was initially formed from concentration camp guards and was involved in the mass murder of polish civilians and a massacre of british soldiers during the battle of france and this is not the first case of nazi imagery being used by ukrainian forces the as of in which is a ukrainian national guard regiment uses a logo very simular to another nazi german military symbol however the kiev
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officials have denied that there is any connection. i. was. and vendor still president of the media company your voice america thinks the ukrainian leader may be pandering to far right movements to gain their support ahead of next year's election. clearly what i was trying to do is curry favor with the folks that he believes are going to support him in his reelection coming in january he's not polling very strongly i believe he's definitely pandering to the far right because he thinks that not only
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can gain the votes there but i think he's also looking potentially to find the funding ukrainians need to maintain vigilance for that far right movement because we do not want to see a repeat of what happened in world war two you do not want to see the rise of the far right party the amount a far right movement you're seeing in ukraine is not going to necessarily create problems today but the problem with that is there's no such thing as a little bit of cancer a little bit of cancer if it's ignored it gets to be a bigger piece of cancer and we saw that back in nazi germany and this is the beginning of what can potentially be another history repeating itself story. japan has barred two major chinese tech firms from government contracts tokyo says state ministries and the armed forces will no longer buy equipment from wall way and z t e due to a data security concern this follows the arrests in canada of wild ways chief financial officer at the request of the us event hoover court has refused to
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release many one true on bail and her hearing will continue on tuesday washington accuses her of violating american sanctions imposed on iran and is seeking her extradition one jews arrest has undermined recent efforts to repair ties between the u.s. and china and china's foreign ministry has warned both kemah grammy us of consequences if she is not released. due to over the weekend the voice for a minister some in both the canadians and the u.s. some boss it is a make clear opposition to the issue we hope that the governments of the two states take this seriously as for the. severe consequences will be that the voice for a minister warned off when we see the canadian ambassador i can tell you that it's totally depends on the canadian side itself. all right while way is the world's largest producer of telecommunications equipment and second largest smartphone manufacturer hong kong based political scientist joseph chang believes both japan and the u.s. wants to limit the firm's growing reach. since twenty fourteen the american
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government has been warning. and agency in the united states. and. has also had. its praise while waiting in the coming two years and now. and also a new cd trying to avoid losing. money so this apparently is the consulate you need and promoted by the united states to exert pressure on. young afghan boy and devoted fan of football star messi has been forced to flee his home for the second time after threats from the taliban the group initially confronted the seven year old after a picture of him in a home made messi jersey made from a plastic bag went viral and little boy's family now fear for their lives once
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again. sometimes. one of those going to going to see what it would have. done so.
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gosh i was sent some time. machine should. i buy that does it for me headlines in about thirty one minutes stay with us this is our two international.
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place hard order. dr vision between northern ireland and. has economic consequences it has a lot of consequences for people particularly those who live along the border there's a lot of free movement at the moment people move back and forward there's a lot of economic activity there's a lot of social social activity and nobody wants to see that just up to. six guys or financial survival guys. when customers go buy your supplies. to now well reducible our. that's undercutting not what's good for market it's not good for the global economy.


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