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tv   News  RT  December 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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you know you don't. know what. you're good for this creature. that's just to get. them with you because. the only gunman kills i'm pleased to two people and several more have a french christmas market officials are calling it an act of terrorism. the british
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prime minister meets european leaders in a bid to save her brags at the plan after failing to get the support of the u.k. parliament. and israeli troops a raid a palestinian news outlet in the west bank allegedly firing tear gas and confiscating surveillance of footage we speak it's the agency's english desk editor . casting live and direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now two people have been confirmed dead and eleven injured in a shooting at a christmas market in the french city of strasbourg near the german border the prosecutor's office has declared the incident an act of terrorism the video has emerged online apparently posted by witnesses.
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some horrific screams there harrowing footage we can now cross to our europe correspondent peter all over peter so far two fatalities are officially confirmed but french media are saying the actual number is higher can you bring us up to date on what we know so far. that's right french media from the scene are reporting as many as four people may have been killed in this incident they're reporting nine wounded as well five of those in a critical condition the attack has been called they said it's going to be investigated as a terrorist incident by prosecutors at the scene the gunman who opened fire on those people remains at large i say good man because authorities have released some details about the main suspect that they are currently hunting down in the city of
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stroudsburg they say he's a twenty nine year old man from the city of stroudsburg who was on a terror watch list there are some media reports that is house that actually been raided earlier on tuesday and he wasn't at home police have been searching for him throughout the day. what else we know from this is this said it's being considered a terrorist attack the interior minister of france as the sea port and back to president francois president. we are hearing reports that there was an exchange of fire taken place in an area in the south of the city a major operation that is going on we can only presume it has something to do with that it certainly does seem like it has something to do with that the attack itself took place near to the iconic christmas market in the city of strauss book two million people every year visit that christmas market the one of the busiest times of the year for tourism in the city it's also an incredibly busy time right now in
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the city of strasburg because the e.u. parliament is sitting in session there in fact the plenary hearing recession was taking part place at the time of the of the shooting the european parliament was put on lockdown some members of the european parliament some of their staff as well were amongst the first people to be tweeting out. reaction from the scene as they were in the cafes bars restaurants or even. christmas market itself in the case of one m.p. from the northern ocean fane party the european parliament remains on lockdown as they say this is one of the busiest christmas markets around in europe and fact it's not the first time or the christmas market has been the target for what we are calling now a terrorist attack that's what police prosecutors are investigating it as the two years ago here in berlin we became the target of a fatal truck attack the target a christmas market.
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so the latest what we're hearing from stroudsburg is that four people have been killed a number of people wounded at meze many as five of those said to be in a critical condition after a gunman opened fire near to a christmas market the gunman is not in custody and he remains at large a major operation is underway in the city of strasburg right now to locate him. over there in europe for us keeping across the situation we know as the story develops you'll be across it for us thanks. all right switching gears now the british prime minister is on a tour of europe seeking to rescue her breaks that deal on monday theresa may inferior aided her own parliament by postponing
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a crucial brags that vote at the eleventh hour a correspondent ali has the latest. now it looks like it's going to be a really tough few days for the prime minister as she kicks off a european wildwind top in the hague in the netherlands today meeting with the dutch mogs rights and then from there she had to off to meet with i'm going to call in live in and then from that she went on to meet with european leaders in brussels and it would appear that all of those leaders seem to be reading off the same hymn sheet but they are if the prime minister herself is to be believed willing to make some small concessions reassurances for example on whether the backstop on the border between northern ireland the republic whether that backstop agreement will run indefinitely or not the prime minister saying of course she wants reassurances that the u.k. will be able to leave that backstop if it wishes to. point to the far as trees
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a may is concerned she says that there is an understanding between the u.k. and european leaders and what i've been doing here in europe the past day is actually doing what i promised comments i would do which is to speak to other leaders in europe about the. since parliament is raised about the backstop and most has been shown to me from those meetings is that there is a shared nation to deal with this issue and address this problem now as far as the d u p who are of course the party which to reason may's tories are in partnership with in a confidence and supply agreement in government well they don't want reinsure reassurances on the backstop they want the backstop agreement removed altogether and of course their votes would be crucial if the prime minister's draft was told agreement is to get through the house of commons in the parliament now as far as european leaders are concerned when it comes to the real meat and bones issues of
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that draft he drawled agreement that there is no room for renegotiation to deal we have achieved is the best you push it gets to early. and so we can look at. thank you thank you. for the negotiation well if we're to believe mr young cut that out there is no room for renegotiation then it really remains to be seen how exactly to reason is going to come back and face those m.p.'s who let's face it she would very likely according to many commentators to lose that vote and to have her deal rejected and if the e.u. aren't willing to make any significant concessions that could win those people around that is very difficult to see exactly where the prime minister goes from there and that i get in the house perhaps best summed up by the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn the european commission size it will not agree negotiate with the
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prime minister concedes she's not negotiating either so what is she doing travelling from capital to capital in europe it can't be christmas shopping i'm sure that's not the case so what on earth is she doing in europe. but worse than not mr speaker it shows once again she is simply not listening now of course it's not just the opposition parties who to reason may needs to convince there are many m.p.'s within her own party who are deeply unhappy with this deal and it's thought that up to forty eight m.p.'s are willing to hand in a letter expressing their lack of confidence in the prime minister now according to internal conservative party rules if that number of forty eight is reached that was the spark of votes of no confidence and potentially a leadership challenge within the conservative party and that's another battle that fought to reason may to win now we understand that the vote the perspiring vote
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will take place at some point before january the twenty first so again it's unclear whether to resume a really truly believe she will get some type of renegotiation that will let her win that vote whether she simply delaying the inevitable and kicking the can down the road. teresa mayes a meeting with on the merkel got off to a shaky start the prime minister's car door got stuck and it took two of her assistants to open it and may also appear to have left berlin and be handed as chancellor merkel is said to have rejected the idea of renegotiating the terms of brags that the british premier is now in brussels where she has met with the president of the european council donald tusk among other top. political analyst. believes theresa may is unlikely to make any breakthrough on her brakes of plan. but what we've noticed throughout these last two years that the e.u. has been very concrete or very stable in what it's been expected it's what it's expected
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from the u.k. and what its own expectations are and they haven't you know that really too much on what they hope to achieve from this britain on the other side has been wavering back and forth trying to find the best you know trying to find the best way forward because internally in parliament there's been such deep divisions where one deal cannot please or so if she does return which she will i don't think we'll see any major changes or any even little changes to the deal as a stance if you look back to what the initial question was did anyone specifically outlined what breaks it actually meant that is the resulting no on all sides so now when she tries to execute something which wasn't for formed in a concrete way in the first place very difficult to execute on such weak measures in the first place so this these uncertainties are very natural. after a month of civil unrest in france president gave a speech on monday night making several concessions to the yellow best protest
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movement are trying to pinsky reports now from pairs. well hundred c. from new york to more than a thousand students have turned out for this protest today not happy yet again thanks to the admission process is due to change here in france they say that that would become discriminatory from students from poorer backgrounds this protest comes just hours after president michel gave a speech to the nation last night outlining his proposals trying to aim of the protests we've seen accounts particularly the protests by the yellow prices which are being violent to the last summer weekends and this is what the president had to say to the nation. because of this crisis i want to reconcile with you salaries will increase by one hundred euros and twenty nineteen at no extra cost to employers over time will not be taxed and i will ask all employers to pay an end of year by onerous this will not be taxed and there will be no social payments for
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pensioners receiving less than two thousand euros the tax increase will be cancelled as we had planned the total cost of all the measures is likely to be between eight billion and ten billion euros we are in the process of fine tuning to see how to finance it i've been speaking to many of the protesters are they snorts today and they say there are unhappy that macro speech didn't really touch on the things that they have been protesting about for the last year or so he talks about education reform but they say wasn't enough because he didn't offer anything to them when i asked them about what we know for two yellow best reasons this idea of increasing the minimum wage giving people earning the minimum wage a hundred years plus a month for giving concessions chip pensioners they said it's not enough it's not good enough and is too difficult tonight this is what some people have been telling us it was because you would need
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a city school system you could go across words are mostly useless namely the proposal to raise the. wage by one hundred euros but he did not specify that it would be one hundred gross so it's not that big a deal as it's just crumbs because this is nothing in relation to the rage of the people who simply does not care so you. are secure today only prioritised students have access to universities often across reforms and much more scandalous is that young people have been mobilizing for two weeks and there was no sign that mccrone had accepted any of our demands mccrum has not listened to the young and the youth is here today to be good to mobilize because in this he should sit at clueless like it almost and there have been college student protests for two and a half months and there's been nothing in the media nothing at all we see the yellow vests are violent they break things they burn cars and we're peaceful which is why i didn't create a buzz so that's the reaction you know from people on the streets here in paris he still seems to be a huge emerging intention towards the president many people saying what he also dos
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night was too little too late but what about the mexico reaction this is what's been happening so far. i believe that brown five of the revolution in our country next saturday will be a great moment of mobilization but of course i think it's up to those who are in the protest movement. mccrone has become dangerous for france under the guise of measures he chooses not to change his policy and continues to rule against the people if a man your micron is so sure of himself he should have the courage to have his measures backed by referendum so far it seems there to be all a staunch offered by president mack or isn't enough to quell the disquiet arianna harry rants many people still cooling phase resignation saying what he also doesn't like was too little too late and he needs to offer more than for the moment
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it looks like the process is set to continue with his shoelaces on set to have another protest on saturday this weekend which will make it the fifth weekend in a row show and even ski. paris. it was just six weeks ago that one man called on protesters to take up the yellow vest as a symbol and that video went viral receiving millions of views. well the truth as it is will. we all have these yellow vests for the whole week starting from the seventeenth of november you know put on your yellow vests to show that you are with us without. and we spoke to that man you just saw he told us he is not satisfied with iran's proposed solutions so let's assume that these measures will affect only a small part of the population not all of the people would benefit from what astronaut not all of the people are paid minimum wage but there are people with a slightly higher wattage and he targeted a small majority unfortunately this is not the whole population and these measures
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are really small it's he could do a lot more he should have reduced the salaries of the rich because they have disproportionate some of. these are rich ways benefits this is not that the poor pay more debt than rich with zero taxes this is disproportionate this is the beginning of chaos we should find measures to resolve it we are on the streets in the wind in the cold not for a pleasure for the french of come because they could not stand this this is lasted for years not only mycroft although here course they did nothing to save the situation so people are on the streets not giving it up because they are determined . and french political analyst enjoy in russia he believes that micron's latest economic maneuvering isn't quite what it seems. many. say yesterday that he didn't want to do to make the reach or so it says this anyway we are afraid ferns
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because apparently it doesn't want to make their reach the more you say that you want to do to improve between crees as a. class people salary. about one hundred rule but so at the beginning that that announcement was it was great for the look that's people but a journalist the. i woke. up to wonder whether it was plain you know. no model is going to be you know so people are not so a p. because many young michael lie to them again and yes definitively lowest murder rates use of predation are the israeli forces have raided a palestinian news agency that story much more still to come you are watching r.t. international.
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so seems wrong. wrong just don't call. me. yet to say pal just be educated and in detroit it was betrayed.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back this is r.t. international now israeli soldiers have raided the office of the palestinian news agency while in the west bank this according to the agency soldiers fired a tear gas and seized footage from surveillance cameras while searching the building. journalist. number one in.
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all these pictures were released by the rigid news agency some people were seen praying while israeli soldiers search the building israel gave no reason for the raid but it is believed to be linked to a shooting on sunday in which seven israelis were wounded and made a profit clashes between israeli soldiers and civilians in the palestinian red crescent reports that doesn't want it including the people struck by life and. earlier we spoke to a journalist from the agency was there at the time of the raid he described some from. the army entered an ordained pastor from and. in that and in the morning actually they were searching buildings along the way sort of looking and taking pictures because we're a news agency we have for the jet that is there and so they decided to come up also
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to our building i was there myself and i did live through that ordeal i do you guys was in the building where we work and it was really difficult to stay inside. one point even as you were taking some pictures from the balcony of the our floor they fired stun grenades at us which exploded in the balcony and then they looked for footage of security cameras that are out what in the building of the streets and they took. tapes according to court because of the. it could have asked. us. to put it could have done that and put it would have been delivered to them. i think in a problem there was no need at all for what happened there was no need to enter the building and to take them by force they used intimidation and force and scared
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the jihadists there and forced them to open the doors and enter the rooms where the servers were and took their footage without any. approval from from their from the administration of. the russian government has hit back at the u.s. secretary of state over his remarks on two russian military aircraft sent to venezuela to take part in exercises mike pompei are accused of the two countries of squandering of public funds comments which the kremlin described as completely inappropriate and instant you can use this is a very undiplomatic step from the u.s. secretary of state it's a serious accusation pointed at the russian government and we believe it is not an appropriate statement talking about public spending we do not agree with this more on that this is an inappropriate statement from a country which could feed the whole of africa with half its military budget we
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continue to seek dialogue with our colleagues and hope for washington's readiness sooner rather than later. this response came off to the u.s. secretary of state mike compare had claimed that sending two russian military at crufts across the atlantic was a waste of money and these are his words russia's government has sent bombers halfway around the world to venezuela the russian and venezuelan people should see this for what it is to corrupt governments squandering public funds and squelch and liberty and freedom while that people suffer the suburban exchange following to deploy mine told to russian strategic bombers here in venice to well what earlier on monday as part of a brokered military cooperation between moscow and caracas we missed the arrival of two russian white swans he is my report here at today's one of the two russian tupolev to you one is sixty's joint chief capable of ours was
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yes that. was. the job the company. doctor and. know. right. from the base and russia's no. crimes have covered the distance no more than ten thousand kilometers and they flew over that plant it before they let it here it is well it. was sixty supersonic strategic bomber like. it was a vacation no need russia has. it
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is designed to deliver nuclear and conventional and strike strategic targets they may carry. out. such flights are useful to us within russia we can conduct long distance nonstop flights but not one like this the aircraft cross the ocean different. which is useful for training and demonstrating aircraft reliability. this is a very close. between the two countries russia is army number one with. the weaponry. by the country's armed forces four years old ready under. the country's defense minister has gone to the airfield to greet the russian pilots. our armed
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forces have improved the combat readiness we are constantly working to raise again and show that we have a more than military capable of defending the country russia and venezuela have already conducted joint military drills and later this week on wednesday these. are expected to be here as part of yet another russian even as well and military training. a recap of our breaking news now from france at least two people have been killed in a shooting at a christmas market in the city of strasbourg eleven more are injured some of them critically prosecutors have declared an act of terrorism at. the christmas market around eight pm local time leading to scenes of panic the attackers are still at large and the area is under lockdown including the european parliament which is nearby police say the suspect is twenty nine years old had a criminal record and was on a list of people considered
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a security risk but they have not released. i. law. what holds us institutions little. they put themselves on the laws. they get accepted over just. so when you want to be president of something i want to. let you go right to be prosperous like the flag three in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested in the waters of all.
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