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join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world. or i'm sure i'll see you. subscribe to real people also get. twelve euros fifty a month. gloria a russian citizen detained in the u.s. pleads guilty to being a foreign agent. politicized claiming she was put under pressure.
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french parliament rejects a motion of no confidence in the government despite growing criticism all the president. of the yellow vests protests. israeli army conducts raids in the west bank checkpoints around the two israeli soldiers were killed and another injured in a shooting. and. an investigation into russia over claims of doping. championships the competitors deny the charges and say the rumors are not so. it's midnight and you're watching all t. international live from. moscow with me. welcome to the program. maria a russian national in the u.s. on charges of being an unregistered foreign agent has entered
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a guilty plea washington d.c. court was told she faces up to five years behind bars or could be deported. well in the washington d.c. . well in the washington d.c. court room we saw maria buton that come forward and enter a plea of guilty to acting as an unregistered lobbyist now she has not pled guilty to any of the other charges and sensational accusations were made in the media regarding being a spy to that effect and in her statement of a fan she came forward and said that she sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with americans having power and influence over us politics and now at this point we don't know exactly what sentence she'll be facing there will not be a sentencing hearing because she is still cooperating with law enforcement the next hearing will be on february twelfth a status hearing now the prosecution is not asking for more than five years and they could file a downward motion in the future to get
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a lesser sentence and the issue of deportation is something that will not be decided by this judge this is a federal criminal court however the issue of deportation would be decided by immigration authorities and others so the judge is not ruling on whether or not she will be deported now in the lead up to today's hearing we did hear from the russian foreign ministry this is what was said about the pressure that was placed on boots and in the lead up to today and they wouldn't say she's a political prisoner and what's been happening with respect to putin that has nothing to do with justice or investigation of any kind but this is probably a form of political pressure and blackmail she's been subjected to a whole range of methods of psychological pressure so will support whatever decision she makes that will lead to her lead at this point we have heard that many russian lawmakers have come forward and called this a miscarriage of justice said that has been badly mistreated saying that the charges are fabricated so there's been quite an outrage in russian response to the
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way bettina has been treated people be waiting to see what happens next. they come from the international human rights committee and if the way. has been treated in the u.s. is unacceptable. maria bruton is being held in prison in the city of alexandria and the conditions she is in are downright unacceptable as if she is a dangerous felon or a terrorist or a serial killer says being kept apart from the rest of the inmates she spent most of her time in prison like that she's got no way of communicating with other inmates zille out to go for a walk only between two and four am which is appalling really for all practical purposes has been deprived of sleep either go for war could talk to a loved one some the phone which is understandably of great importance to maria asleep maria has to make this choice on a daily basis it clearly constitutes a violation of the human rights convention under which sleep deprivation is classed
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as a form of torture going without proper sleep for a prolonged period of time could pose a serious threat to a person's health they also discussed with legal analyst jennifer pretend she says there is scant evidence against but an. he's always been fascinated by the national rifle association which is a u.s. nonprofit even creating her own so this is a woman who was politically motivated but didn't know things and then joined that or was involved in the n.r.a. when she came to united states just based on what she had been like in since childhood what i'm seeing now is that the bottom line is that the government or here the united states the justice department are going to prosecutors are arguing that this woman was an agent of russia based merely on her citizenship in alleged communications with somebody in the russian government even though she was never paid and there is very little evidence of direct collusion to undermine u.s. policy and that to me is very problematic just because she was an outspoken supporter of donald trump who as we know prosecutors have been trying to tie to
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russia and this investigation so it seems like a little bit of a stretch to say that this woman was was politically motivated to help undermine the u.s. government under our federal rules. so any prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ordered to increase the military presence in the west bank this comes just hours after a time where two israeli soldiers were killed and another injured in a shooting at a bus stop near the palestinian city of ramallah it led israeli forces to immediately impose strict checkpoint rules around the area now the reporter. has. according to reports initial reports was the palestinians opened fire on is really soldiers on a flying checkpoint near a little bit or as soon as that happened all roads were closed there's really no army is under adama loaches the defacto capital of the palestinian authority and there are currently confrontations happening between palestinian youth and israeli
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forces the model has been completely closed off by the israeli army and there are also problems on the main roads between palestinians and israeli settlers sutlers of throwing rocks palestinian cars and so those rule has been. over the past four nights conducting raids searching houses searching stores even taking camera footage from cameras throughout the area israel has put the blame on the palestinian authority and at the same time the palestinian authority is putting the blame on the israeli government. dole comes a mentee pinning tensions between israel and palestine since donald trump you know actually recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel twelve months ago. palestinians in the gaza strip organizing mass protests throughout this year known as the great march of return i discussed the recent escalation between israel and palestine and the deaths of the two israeli soldiers with the head of the euro asian jewish congress ariel. starting with the situation in palestine area what can
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israel do further avoid escalation of violence in ramallah is world tries to do its best to avoid this kind of escalation but israel's duty is for us the wall to protect our citizens it is totally unacceptable that israeli civilian woman pregnant woman can be attacked at the bus they should do you think however you describe a terrible situation but do you think surrounding ramallah was a reasonable action on the part of the israeli forces considering the palestinians day of rage was planned for friday arab terrorists which is pointed towards israel didn't start three days ago or three years ago it was started one hundred forty years ago and unfortunately the main motives the main reason for this kind of hatred that we suffer from is a unwillingness of the arab population to accept jewish
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state in any borders so we first of all should try to learn to live together and then we should accept each other. ariel there are different perspectives to this obviously there's the israeli side and the palestinian side and i ask you again this action. the israelis would have known that it would cause an escalation and my first question was what can israel do to avoid escalation israel first wald supplies all the humanitarian needs of the palestinian population fortunately we suffer from terror. reply is really popular should first of all to stalk in the perpetrator who wants to kill civilians and this kind of reply or for. some reason or some region story that unfortunately tourists are
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hiding in its force proper reply in spur east to provide proper protection is really arab civilian population. the terrorist who killed three people in strasburg christmas market has reportedly been shot dead by police on the outskirts of the city according to french media you can see live pictures on your screen right now of strasbourg where so far there's been no official confirmation ceri venture cats had been on the run since the shooting on choose day evening. according to witness is the shooter shouted god is great in arabic as he opened fire just outside the market authorities say he was a struggle berg local and may have been radicalized in prison he had a criminal record in both france and germany and was on a security watch list the terrorist attack and and searing manhunt had caused
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international alarm hundreds of french police were involved in the search and the national terror threat was raised to its highest level cherif chatter is believed to have been part of a radicalized network in strasburg the. government is closely following the situation amid fears of a copycat attack and german security forces have been assisting the search too he was already on the radar having served time in prison for robbery and with the manhunt a french prosecutor spoke of how the threat is still very real. considering the target the perpetrators way of his profile and the testimonies of those who how to humor. and to terror police have been called into action terrorism has once again struck our country in strasburg reminding us in a dramatic fashion but the threat is still very real we heard from two members of the european parliament from opposite ends of the political spectrum they agree
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though that europe's current anti terror policy needs reviewing. we kept one minute of silence for the victims as we do recently. as you were doing every time and this is good is good and bad because you are doing the work of though this a lot of time this mandate so that means we have to change policies to find the sources of the terrorism and to attack the sources of the research or the we have to stop the wars in the middle east we have to really degrade the youth the suburbs of paris and brussels. and we have to do to work together with the moderate islam to the week of two to establish some long term goals and try to achieve them marial is more i think this was expected this is proof that this is a must terrorist has committed a crime that was relatively easy to commit i believe it is time to react the terrorist who carried out this massacre yesterday was well known to the police so
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why wasn't he detained in advance we discuss a heron strauss book with the e.u. having opened its borders this free such relation of people has bought a loud criminals to move about freely every time we have such tragedy we get back to the topic of border control and i think we should take back control of the borders and make the criminals afraid again because now they are not scared yet ordinary people are scared of going to christmas markets with their kids scared to go outside it is not enough to light candles to cry to say like they do all the time. we bought the clan we are france and we want france to live in peace. time lee has rejected a no motion of no confidence in the government a motion that was tabled in the wake of last year all of us protests across the country shouted bensky reports well this was no surprise the result of this this
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vote of no confidence as you mentioned there rejected by french m.p. . he's in the nationalist assembly on thursday evening they were directed it by two hundred eighty nine to seventy now this was launched by three parties from the left of the political spectrum and it came in the wake of a speech by president mack on and addressed the nation on monday where he described france's experiencing as social and economic crisis that's as a result of the protests that we've been seeing the chelation ones on the yellow vests over the last few weeks now the result as i said wasn't a surprise because of course a lot of the public on march party has got a big majority in the french national assembly but let's take a listen to some of the debate what the prime minister would felipe had to say and also the leader of fonts also meese. one of the parties who tabled this vote of no confidence. containing the president's social and economic
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emergency measures will be submitted to the council of ministers next wednesday this bill to stop the health insurance hikes giving poor pensioners an annual saving of three hundred euro. you know we need a finer unsure of illusion a grown clear point eighty percent of tax me shifts from which this country's richest ten percent profit now it comes as france has been experiencing a few weeks now of a yellow vest protests these protests started back on nov seventeenth due to what was going to be a new tax hike on fuel here in france that since been reversed after a government u. turn on that because of the protests but it since then it's developed into something much wider with people demanding many other things such as reform the tax system here in france and we've also seen farmers students police union and others trying to join in the protests and showing their support of the digital asia ones.
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oh. i was so. please. please . q i thought. i. really were going to. cut off was. i. cut.
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i. live to. french publishing journalist thanks for coming on the program so the french parliament rejected a motion of no confidence despite the scale of the anti micron protest is this the result you expected. yes of course because this parliament was elected just after the victory of the cross on the presidential election so because of the the reversal of the electoral law calendar twenty years ago or rather three the parliament is elected after the president so it has stripped her strength and. the presidential character of the constitution but those of the problem is that this
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pardon doesn't to reprint real france anymore today i mean earlier the french government urged people to hold off on protests amid security concerns after the strasburg attack before we go on to the next question let's have a little listen to what the government spokesperson said that i could have to explain me live express their anger and this has been heard we ask you to be reasonable and not to attend any protests at all isn't that what you make of that plea. it's a kind of instrument or it is a sion of the sufferings of the pain of the people of course because unfortunately in france we are used to seeing this kind of violence on the streets and especially since two thousand and fifteen. so. maybe this link with the islamist radicals in in syria for instance and the only way to to stop it is to to stop this this alliance with with right so i think
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but of course because of this. typical alliance from they to the islamic like ben laden in the past in afghanistan and things like that. a lot of people could think that it could be completely. many priced this this kind of attack but of course we don't have any evidence we don't have proof but it's true that the government's instrument earlier used. in terms of instrument or is ation. of the thing because it has nothing to do with with the demonstrations of the yellow vests were completely against this kind of violence that will wear. a black or ribbon. next saturday of course they will they will demonstrate because they it's about their lives it's about their living standards you have people who can't just simply cannot make ends meet or can carry cannot put fuel into gallon gas in
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order to see you know their grandmothers in the weekends because if they have only fuel in order to get to go to work there's just just simply cannot leave. this way and that's so that's a point at macro only major token reforms and i think. the end of the people yeah i mean are you talking about the opposition the anger of the people the opposition they're claiming electrons government has worsened the inequality problem in france what kind of pressure do you expect them to apply now that this no confidence motion has failed. now the problem is it's not only an economy crisis isn't it it's an economical crisis it's an institutional crisis because the micro was elected by default it was elected by people there was an. election and people were against the far right candidates because because of and to
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fascism and the they were able to to vote for mr macro because even if it's. representative of the high finance of the big banks here and so on but the problem in france or whether you have a position from the left of persons from the right you have people who cannot get along together the only thing they have been common is that they want to get rid of macro so as we are in a presidential election with a very strong president and very weak parliament you don't have power sharing like i think in the in the u.k. or in the us for instance mark was much more power than donald trump for instance who has always a congress against him so that's that's an institutional crisis because micro is used to weak for is legitimacy to too strong. with these powers so it has only to
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get to go away and we have to change the constitution not only get rid of macro but change the entire constitution make much more parliamentary much more you call a constitution not this kind of bonapartists constitution that was made by de gaulle. who maybe was good for the good because he incarnated at this time of the nation but nowadays it doesn't. work like that anymore. ok we're going to leave it there and reglan vale french publisher and journalist thanks very much for giving our opinion on the latest developments in france thank you. russian doping scandals are back in the headlines austrian police are looking into claims russian by athletes violated anti doping rules at the twenty seven world championships my colleague and the former earlier discussed the story with. ski. now we know that on wednesday
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night the austrian police went into the hotel where the russian national biathlon team was staying in austria during the world cup actually it was the night before some of the athletes accused were supposed to hit the track and participate in the world championships they put forward the accusations that at least four of the athletes and six members of the staff violated the anti-doping regulations back in twenty seventeen during the world championship in austria just a year ago. this is a very serious accusation because in austria it entails a criminal punishment so the athletes were pretty shocked judging by their reaction and i believe we can listen to some of those i've been accused of something i haven't done i can assure you one thousand percent everything i've been accused of is full i want to ask a rhetorical question do russian athletes really value their sporting curious so little that they do the things we're accused of. against me all the rumors are nonsense total nonsense i've always been true to myself to the biathlon family and
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to the fans i have nothing to feel bad about i have to say alex on the log in one of the biggest stars of russian biathlon at the moment has a very good point in the question he raised in that instagram post now he himself knows what doping like he was actually on the disqualification up until two thousand and sixteen and after that he has never tested positive for doping again he actually reinforced his words in that post on instagram with a printout of all the doping tests he has taken since then in twenty sixteen seventeen including that championship in austria and although those tests were negative in terms of doping the russian sports ministry confirmed to us that they have received a formal accusation from the or store authorities on the matter but it gets a little confusing because the austrian side on their matter they say that they have notified the russian authorities before bringing in the official accusations into the hotel of the of the national team on wednesday night with regard to russia's anti doping a. what if they said well we are seeing this story happening in the times when the
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russian anti-doping agency looks to be reinstated by wide of the world anti-doping agency that decision in september caused a lot of surprise among many nonetheless i actually had a chance to go to the russian anti-doping agency this morning and spoke exclusively to the head of russian and i'd open agency i believe we can listen to that. inspection yesterday it was completed in full it was a thorough in series all the documents were thorough loop through the results so good we confident the charts will reveal no violations we will take the results seriously and implement through the measures to fight do. so in regards to the latest scandal in austria mr gunness the head of said that he was cautiously optimistic yet still had some concerns about the story that needs to be investigated needs to be looked at but next week water is here in moscow he has every reason to be concerned it's a big meeting when they will enter the laboratory with urine samples which is the
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key condition for assad as reinstatement and obviously will be all over that story on tuesday next week and we'll update our viewers with that michael from the court of arbitration believes the visit of praising previous stepping tests for athletes will stand in their favor. this is strong evidence of course a bridge may be willing to help build it they did it leads to effectively hound into it but. preliminary in this. release it is information from sound weird it might be it whistle blower. they waded to the head information maybe this information or a great deal of time but they waited until the moment when. they wanted to have the information burial nosed in territory in good in the.
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investigation is due to quickly. meanwhile bobsledder alexanders of car found another four russian athletes were temporary suspended today for violating antidoping at the twenty fourteen eleven pick games in sochi the decision was taken by the international bobsled and skeleton federation socog one of two goals and such but has been stripped of the battles with disqualified from this year's olympics in south korea. the u.s. national security adviser john bolton has outlined a new strategy for africa limiting american aid to certain countries he said the previous strategy that to billions being spent and effectively. the united states will no longer provide indiscriminate assistance across the entire continent without focus or prioritization under our new africa strategy we will target u.s.
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funding toward key countries and particular strategic objectives in his speech bolton also said the new strategy will encourage african leaders to choose high quality transparent and sustainable projects that will benefit that countries and the u.s. he emphasized a new object it of resolving conflicts instead of facing them the u.s. national security adviser also claim that russia and china pose a threat to american interests in the region. great power competitors namely china and russia are rapidly expanding their financial and political influence across africa they are deliberately and aggressively targeting their investments in the region to gain a compare competitive advantage over the united states china with. chinese told us the u.s. is unable to revive beijing's economic clout in china. china has taken an interest
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in africa because there are lots of resources in africa it was you know certainly worth it for china to engage with them in the in the long run to help them develop even though many african nations or extremely poor and couldn't pay back china for a lot of the vestments and so china was willing to use barter the u.s. was containing china for a year they need to go in and compete with china and of course russia has gone in there as well and so this is actually good for african nations you know if there is more choice but you know it really depends on how the u.s. goes about dealing with them if the u.s. chooses to. deal in the very mafia like fashion in the way they've demonstrated with wall way by arresting a high executive. you know that kind of arm twisting in order to get concessions is
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probably not going to win any friends. of the news for now i'll be back in around thirty minutes with more headlines but do stay tuned for a documentary called ghost world which is up next here on r.t. international. a p.f.a. and i first met last document would be of good to ceci to say he cannot be and i'm sure many pretty good pool where he's on. the if hansei crucifixion but up your ass your idea on de mayo as he was as was he. had to keep the island you know because i want to do bottom one as you sees. fit i guess keep us.
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