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resume survives a no confidence vote but now is a lame duck heartbreaks it blooms angle of merkel has announced a rim pending political retirement and emmanuelle moral legitimacy as president of france is in the balance the three pillars of the e.u. are on shaky ground is the euro project suffering a crisis of competence. but predatory practices pursued by china and russia poses a significant threat to u.s. national security interests. in africa. and china's influence on the continent and the u.s. national security advisor america's previous approach in effect.
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russian national. who is accused of spying in the united states pleads guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent. jewish protesters clashed with police in the west bank demanding a key motorway be closed to palestinians israel. to i.d.f. soldiers were killed. and if. on its promise to push on with a high spending budget it rejected by brussels revising its plans in a bid to avoid. a welcome to the program here on international we come to you live from moscow as the new. stories but this. america's national security adviser has branded
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russia and china his activities in africa as a predatory practices john bolton was unveiling a new u.s. strategy for the continent which he claims is aimed at the prosperity and goodness of the african nation across the continent russia advances its political and economic relationships with little regard to the rule of law are accountable and transparent governance. it continues to sell arms and energy in exchange for votes at the united nations china uses broad opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands but i've got to delve deeper into this story. this regarding that it reads more like a declaration of war than a strategy and this plan is for the good of africa promises john bolton this coming
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from a guy whose boss trump infamously referred to several african nations as something that i can't mention on there the predatory practices pursued by china and russia stunt economic growth in africa threaten the financial independence of african nations and pose a significant threat to u.s. national security interest its interest in logic so when china or russia or someone else you don't like lends an african nation money that's debt colonialism almost financial slavery when america does it it's investment for africa's own good left mentioning is that russia's trade with the continent pales into insignificance when compared to the u.s. or china look at this realize this highway hydro power station all built with chinese investment beijing is raising entire cities with more to come
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china is willing to provide now the sixty billion dollars in support of africa to government assistance investment and financing the financial institutions and enterprises the phrase actions speak louder than words is entirely a political here the chinese leader xi jinping has visited africa nine times during his tenure tromp one sent his wife but what the united. it's might lack in tact it's more than makes up with guns american troops are stationed in fifty out of fifty four african nations it has thirty four military sites thousands and thousands of soldiers across the entire continent and a long history of military interventions china has one base in djibouti russia has none american troops are there for africans own good washington would say
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speaking of which remember the whole chinese and russian money bad american money good thing well it turns out not so much our new foreign assistance strategy will ensure that all u.s. foreign aid in every corner of the globe vance's u.s. interest countries that repeatedly vote against the united states in international forums or take actions counter to u.s. interest should not receive generous american foreign aid john bolton they does and gentleman man who unveiled america's new africa platen so much for financial independence africans good luck. jhumpa ministration does not actually desire to help africa develop they see africa as a poor idea a new geopolitical just war and therefore they want to use africa against russia and against china i china and russia policies in particular china with the new silk
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road is not particularly china is actually building massive infrastructure projects of course to complement the new silk road built a road initiative there are transforming the continent so the real policy would be for the united states joined with china instead. very cynical and jugular strategy which has nothing to do with their africa and everything to do with the united states trying to meet in europe and against russia and china are the only thing i would do is push people in africa closer to working with other people. after months of detention and a u.s. prison russian national marine boot and has pleaded guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent but i thought he's often the reports that some worry that she's being used as a political pawn and moreover that she's not alone in this respect. when maria boot
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no was arrested the media went wild cue the james bond music and get out your decoder rings it turned out we have a real james bond seductress in real life and they had sexy photos with firearms a web of sex and lies and illegal kremlin agent she offered sex for access to an unnamed political group was likely in contact with russia's f.s.b. and something right out of a spy novel they scraped the barrel for everything even her phone cover which reportedly had putin's face on it received its fair share of air time and now after six months she's been in federal custody much of which in solitary confinement she has come forward and pled guilty to failing to register as a lobbyist for a foreign government yeah no spy stuff no sexual seduction not much at all they've got her for supposedly talking to some politically influential people this is what russia has been saying all along for those little when i heard about what's happening around her i also told the chiefs of our intelligence and no one had
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heard of her only in the federal council had people who had her because she was working as someone's assistant now prior to today's hearing the russian foreign ministry said that they would support her no matter what decision she made it seems like the buttin a saga is now drawing to a close she might be deported back to russia she might go to prison the next hearing is on february twelfth they're not just begun politically motivated this is an utter and total miscarriage of justice i work on chase street in washington d.c. k. street is the center of lobbying for the washington area half of the street is unregistered half of the street is working for foreign countries without registering with the justice department so why target maria because she's russian and they might be able to get some political leverage out of her the only reason this is not about justice not at all but another high profile case is now starting to unravel the chief financial officer of wow a tech. knology the world's leading telecommunications manufacturer has been
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grabbed in canada over charges related to sanctions against iran trump openly admits that u.s. interests and negotiations are a factor if we think it's good for what will be certainly the largest trade deal of the money i would certainly intervene if i thought it was necessary it is going to be dangerous to see is whether we have a federal investigatory body and a justice department that is launching investigations or asking things under the guise of being a yes where the government of the united states without the approval or support of the president or other members of congress. in order to achieve political purposes or do achieve other purposes so that's something we need to be careful of what we cannot do is to let people who act outside u.s. laws or or a subversive those in the name of protecting policies to run those we need to hold them accountable and fortunately we do have a system in the united states where people can be held accountable if the right
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voices speak up you can bet that those who follow world events and geopolitics are rapidly rereading trumps of magnum opus the art of the deal they are scanning pages to see if they can find the part where it says when all else fails grab a prominent woman caleb up and archie new york. line jewish protesters in the west bank of clashed with police demanding the closure of a major motorway to palestinian traffic comes off of the killing of two i.d.f. soldiers in a nearby settlement. do you think. your . israeli military has launched a manhunt in the west bank for the killer of two i.d.f. soldiers checkpoints and roadblocks have been set up throughout the major palestinian city of ramallah is ready forces say they are conducting so it is in
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the area and will be operating there in the foreseeable future. my colleague here to discuss the recent escalation with the head of the euro asian jewish congress. starting with the situation in palestine area what can israel do further avoid escalation of violence in ramallah israel tries to do its best to avoid this kind of escalation but israel's duty is for us the wall to protect our citizens it is totally unacceptable that israeli civilian woman pregnant woman can be attacked at the bus they should do you think however you describe a terrible situation but do you think surrounding ramallah was a reasonable action on the part of the israeli forces considering the palestinians day of rage was planned for friday arab terrorists which is pointed towards israel didn't start three days ago or three years ago it was started one hundred forty
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years ago and unfortunately the main motives the main reason for this kind of hatred that we suffer from is a unwillingness of the arab population to accept a jewish state in any borders so we first of all should try to learn to live together and we should accept each other ariel there are different perspectives to this obviously there's the israeli side and the palestinian side and i ask you again this action. the israelis would have known that it would cause an escalation and my first question was what can israel do to avoid escalation israel first world supplies all the humanitarian needs of the palestinian population and of fortunately we suffer from terror so the only reply of israeli population to terror to stalk any perpetrator who wants to kill civilians and this
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kind of reply of blockade of some region unfortunately terrorists are hiding in its force proper reply and. the budget proposal to the european commission in an effort to avoid. the moves being seen as a major. which previously vowed to stick to its spending plans which were rejected by. the decision it was announced when. the european commission president in brussels. told reporters his change of. trail of italian voters. proposed cutting its budget deficit to two percent of g.d.p. however has not specified how that reduction would be achieved the government is
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promising to maintain spending on pensions on welfare and they rejected. that was back in october when. he came up with a rather unusual way of expressing his dissatisfaction. we spoke. to says that pressure on the financial markets is what's behind the government's. i think the government was quite quiet by bond yields is that was
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your bond yields were the icing on the wall they were consistently high and that was. increasing it in his body costs and that was putting pressure on the banks and and it was creating pressure for businesses and that's particularly important for. them the league which is small businesses in the north which is its kind of intellectual heartland so i think that was the main reason financial market russia . so it is president has announced plans to deploy troops to northern syria to fight what he calls terrorist groups. we will start an operation to free the east of the euphrates from the separatist terrorist organization in the coming days jog it is not american soldiers but rather members of the terrorist organization in this region has plans apparently don't sit well with turkey's nato ally the us the pentagon has issued
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a statement of warning that unilateral military action in that area is of grave concern and added that u.s. personnel may be present in the region and any such military action would be unacceptable. politician says i in korea wants to see u.s. forces gone from syria. we interpret this as a last call of to the united states to seize its support for north. for armed groups in the north east of syria and to retreat its troops which are internationally recognized as illegally present in syria as the first targets here is to finish all kind of armed terrorist activities on syrian soil by maintaining the syrian national unity and reestablishing the government's power on all of syria i think that step by step the u.s. will acknowledge. defeat of its plan for the middle east for c.d.'s specially and
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start. retreating as they already retreated partly from their plan to topple down the president of syria mr bashar al assad. and i've been fourth in the sea off russia's northern capital some petersburg is being converted into a maritime rescue center a purpose that's a little bit different from the one it used to.
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our your program continues in just a moment. excuse . you know i work with potential school shooters for a period of twelve years and none of the students we work with an arc this facility ever went on to commit a school shooting so that gives me hope that if you catch the students early enough and provide the kind of support and mental health treatment that they need that they can come out of the crisis.
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seemed wrong. but. just don't call. me. yet to shape out this day to educate and gain from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thanks for joining us here in the u.s. senate has unanimously approved a resolution blaming the saudi crown prince for the motor. in istanbul two months ago the senate also passed a separate motion demanding a hold to u.s. military support for the saudi incursion in yemen that declaration was approved by fifty six to forty one and both motions represent
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a challenge to trump's policies on saudi arabia and his refusal to scale back military ties with the country. u.s. resident who wrote for the washington post disappeared on the second of october that was entering the saudi consulate in istanbul and we discussed the senate's move on bardot an antiwar campaign. saudi arabia is looked at with a lot of disfavor in the united states right now because of the g. killing and brutal murder that they did because of the human rights violations that there's popular opposition to u.s. policies right now in that region so sunny review doesn't look. like a very good country to the eyes of the american people and it would have been difficult for the legislators to vote in support of saudi arabia at this time. while the senate votes to pull out of yemen's war another vote in the house of
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representatives has all of us created an obstacle against just that on wednesday congress passed the agriculture improvement act it sounds nice but it came with a last minute amendment blocking any vote on limiting american involvement in the yemeni conflict until next year house speaker paul ryan who advocated for the amendment was strongly criticized by democrat who wrote it wanted an earlier vote. this is why people hate congress speaker ryan is not allowing a vote on my resolution to stop the war in yemen because many republicans will vote with us and he will lose the vote he is discrete article one of the constitution and as a result more yemeni children will die. some democrats found themselves in a hot water as well for supporting the amendment to the agricultural improvement
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out among them calling peterson who was questioned by a washington post reporter over the vote. can you explain your vote on the yemen resolution yeah it didn't belong in there why not couldn't you just have come back and done another vote. no we worked for two years on this farm bill and i'll be damned if i let anybody screw it up do you have any thoughts about the war in yemen i don't know a damn thing about it and it should be in there and it it didn't do anything anyway what do you mean by that all it did was say they couldn't have a vote or something didn't authorize anything it didn't you know our party gets off on tangents it's ridiculous and he was campaigning long bato again says amendments like this also known as riders are frequently resorted to in politics to force through on popular measures this is not uncommon in u.s.
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politics when they want to pass something that is not going to be palatable to the people of the united states they put it as a rider in another bill which some people would support and then the people that voted for it said well i'm really against that rider but i really had to vote for it because i was for the main bill and that's what they were hoping to do right now and one of the democrats that did vote for this one of the five democrats was actually a sponsor of the farm bill so this is a way in which they can kind of fool the people of the united states and support. actions that are not very popular and give an excuse for. the terrorists who killed three people in strassburg christmas market on choose day has been shot dead by police on the outskirts of the city the attack and initial failure to catch the gunman caused
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a regional alarm hundreds of french police were involved in the search a suspect is known to have been part of a radicalized network italian government was closely following the situation amid fears of a copycat attack a german security forces were also assisting in the manhunt and off the news of the shooter's death emerged the french interior minister congratulated the police on their actions. yes i personally went to the scene to meet the officers involved and congratulate them as i speak i think of the victims i think of those injured i think of their relatives i think of sternness i think of murdered by this attack and i also think of the security forces who have been totally committed they do so and gentlemen i am proud proud of them. according to eyewitnesses that the shooter shouted god is great in arabic as he opened fire
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at the market authorities say he was a stress by a local and well he reportedly had a criminal record in both france and germany and was on a security watch list and we spoke to antiwar activist brian terrell who says they'll be more acts of terror like this if european countries don't adjust their foreign policy. there's racism there is discrimination in france for people like sharif should cost in terms of employment education and the idea the conceit that people need out in states and europe pav that we can fight a war in the middle east we say we are fighting wars over there so we don't need to fight them here so these wars cup come home peace is the answer to this and by refusing to go to you have to see that by continuing. their friends in the united states and the other countries involved with the wars in iraq and syria and afghanistan that support for the saudis in yemen. and not
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giving up or to ninety's to people in our own cities this is going to be inevitable and. there's going to be no answer to it there's going to be no way to fix this other than changing those things. with christmas nearly upon us the fest. spirit is in full swing but in sweden one department stores holiday offering received a rather frosty reception.
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who is celebrating the winter. meeting to read about winter. are you waiting to open winter presents and to know when to treat.
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the fire. there are just some of your friday world news stories here on art's against and i hope you can join us in twenty five minutes we are back with much more. it was his friends came into. the across the room. thanks. to bush that. bald spot was still get up when you got to put
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the doll with the filter. you know you don't feel as though the kid is the hero of . the mortgage with the bush no. more good fortune just a creature. christie a perfectly good cutter from. the customer because. when lawmakers manufactured them sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round me the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. the real news is
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really the world. who want. the shooting in sandy hook elementary america. having youngsters to take up arms and why do tragedies like this continue to happen i guess. last month psychologist and author of the books school shooters and why kids. school shootings is bleeding america with school kids a. constant danger. with . what happens in the mind of someone who just. can't.


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