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tv   News  RT  December 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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no you know still i still think you'd be. the more you know. you could. just reach. for sister you're a good person or strong. girl somebody but girls. a palestinian teenager is killed while dozens of other protesters were injured in day of rage clashes with israeli soldiers in the west bank and gaza.
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kosovo goes to creates an army in the mood angers not only serbia we recognize possibly as independents but also the e.u. and nato fearing it may threaten regional stability. and questions all the freedom of speech are raised in the u.k. a comedian is asked to sign a behavioral agreement ahead of the game to students banning jokes on certain topics. is one am and you're watching all t. international live from last year in moscow with maine a day or two to welcome to the program. tensions continue to escalate between israel and palestine and a day of rage riots in gaza on the west bank. was
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. was. was was. was really. honest i. was. a palestinian teenager hoping to hold on to us out of the truth and get in clashes with israeli soldiers israel surfaced in self-defense and to stop acts of terrorism palestinian demonstrations follow rallies by hardline jewish protesters and west bank settlements all local reporter. brings the details today in the thirty eight friday in the great march of return we are here at shifa hospital the casualties have branched from live ammunition explosive bullets rubber bullets and
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gas suffocation as well as injuries by gas canisters that were fired on them this friday comes after tuesday's release soldiers were killed by an unknown to me and soon after the israeli forces in no stromal a city as a closed military zone prime minister netanyahu or did what he called accelerated demolition of homes for those who israel considers as tourists would legalize thousands of jewish settlement homes that were built without an israeli proof on palestinian homes in the occupied west bank. in a fiery speech on thursday the israeli prime minister also insisted that israel will respond to all attacks. our guiding principle is that whoever attacks us and who have a choice to attack us will pay with his life i really means know this and we will find them the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative with her by
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gritty claims nonviolent palestinian protests are always met with israeli aggression. how can further escalation of violence in ramallah be avoided in your opinion it can only be avoided if the israeli army gets out of our cities and if they remove the brigades barricades and if they stop the attacks of the settlers on our civilian population that's the first step but then the second step should be immediate initiation of a process of ending occupation there's been no apparent progress if we look at the last six months of the day of rage protests. is an idea to change strategy perhaps the palestinians have changed the strategy the palestinians have adopted the nonviolent resistance and the marshes that are taking place in peaceful nonviolent all forms of violence have been excluded and we have agreed on a strategy that commits to nonviolent resistance but when each peaceful
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demonstration is left with the israeli army shooting the people and killing them of course there will be palestinian reactions to that and in the form of resistance to occupation i don't think it would be a grave mistake to if we're to between the palestinians and israelis in this regard you have to remember that what we have here is palestinian civilian population in the west bank that is totally an armed in confrontation with the israeli army and israeli settlers who are armed to their teeth. cross-overs parliament has there to to form its own army with president. the creation of the cause of our army is the best gift for the end of the year season. the vote aims to turn kosovo security force into a regular army is expected to have five thousand on duty personnel and three thousand reservists however it may take at least ten years to bring the legislation
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fully into force earlier this month serbia stressed that it might even consider military intervention if kosovo went through with this move. i'm hoping we would never have to use the army but this is certainly one of the options on the table as we do not want to watch this ethnic cleansing kosovo declared independence in two thousand and eight a move so be it doesn't recognize serbia says the formation of such an army violates the agreements which brought the kosovo war to an end russia has expressed alarm over kosovo's plans calling the province a pocket of instability the foreign ministry accuse the european union of failing to support dialogue between serbia and kosovo and the secretary general of nato also criticized the move saying the alliance might reconsider its cooperation with kosovo while the transition of the cost of a security force is in principle
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a matter for kosovo to decide we have made clear this move is ill timed nato supports the development of the course of a security force under its current mandate with a change of mandate the north atlantic council will now have to reexamine the level of nato as engagement with the course of a security force meanwhile the united states has backed kosovo's move america's ambassador to the region has tweeted that kosovo must engage with its minority community and nato allies in its transition period he also pledged america's support throughout. international affairs commentator marco told us why he thinks u.s. and nato reacted differently to kosovo's move. stoltenberg is trying to really keep a kind of middle ground without saying anything to anyone that's very controversial therefore present presented this as official nato policy but the real nato policy is the one that the us decides because nato is a vehicle for the us to get its way in europe as it's doing in essence the us is
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supporting itself in the heart of europe as it supported itself nearly twenty years ago when it did the original aggression by which it carved this causey state from the rest of serbia so the us is using kosovo as a strategic interests oriel base of operations is built the largest military base since viet nam it doesn't have to ask anybody's permission to keep it there forever that's what the us likes about the course of leadership they know their place their a colony and that's the way the us likes it. one giant hurdle after another for the embattled british premier terrorism a just two days since arriving a confidence vote from their own party she's now back in the lion's den of brussels she's desperately looking for any think you can take back from a meeting of the ministers which might win over her skeptical parliament to have breaks that plan and a said joe has the details. what a week for theresa may it really was the best of times it was the worst of times
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you know on one hand she managed to plow through that vote of no confidence that would triggered by her own party here in westminster but on the other hand she continues to be stuck in this massive deadlock when it comes to the biggest job she now has to get done which is bracks said all of this while sort of jumping like a tennis ball from one court to another going from westminster to the e.u. back to westminster to the u. and despite all this moving around not a lot of results seem to be getting produced tangible ones with lots and lots of roadblocks getting in her way you've had a falling week. what's been worse. that something this week. one of the reports. you should believe everything you reason what was it was. the malcontents at home or was it been the bullies over here negotiations like this are always tough the wrist difficult times and as you get
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close to the very end then that can get even more difficult what drives me to carry on doing this and making sure we deliver is that this is what's right for the british people well though that latest hurdle was in fact in brussels bound but also back at home it seems that for theresa may everybody is on happy with something at this point you know for some people are saying not her deal let's now move on to the heart bracks it others are saying you know let's remain because things are going so badly at this stage others are saying let's have a second referendum because things are going so badly and you know we've seen earlier today progress of protesters trying to block a bridge in westminster so the british people that to resubmit is trying to do her best who are seem to have a lot so lots of mixed feeling on this issue and that in its own right seems to be the biggest problem that brussels now has with all of this because they've. in saying to theresa may we need you to stop being so vague we need you to go back and
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get specifics from the house of parliament i was following. the second bush. of commons. that there was a deep mistrust. when it comes to the huge. issues for future relations. we have to bring don't do time which this question of whether theresa may is too vague or not ended up being part of an exchange between her and the president of the european commission and ended up grabbing quite a bit of attention in the media. he looks very angry when you respond to. earlier today what did you say to him and did he admit that he had called you mentalists well first of all i had a robust discussion with him because i think that's the sort of discussion you're
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able to have when you've developed a working relationship and you work well together when you use that particular phrase even talking about the general level of debate well whether these are robust discussions as theresa may has described them are actually going to end up leading somewhere remains to be seen whether they're going to end up being able to reach some kind of solutions or whether the u.k. is going to be launched towards a new deal bracks it's something that's increasingly being talked about remains to be seen and there's really not very much time left to see which one it's going to end up being the u.s. has a case china of exploiting africa that story and more still to come. if
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand the news business you just leave as the right questions demand the right answer. question.
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welcome back to the profound america's that national security adviser has criticized the activity of russia and china in africa john bolton was unveiling a new policy for the continent across the continent russia advances its political and economic relationships with little regard to the rule of law are accountable and transparent governance. it continues to sell arms and energy in exchange for votes at the united nations china uses broad opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive to beijing's wishes and demands. very critical of russia and china as opponents and policies of the u.s. and africa has always done so. this regarding its reads more like
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a declaration of war than a strategy and this plan is for the good of the africa promises john bolton this coming from a guy whose boss trump infamously referred to several african nations as something that i can't mention on their the predatory practices pursued by china and russia stunt economic growth in africa threaten the financial independence of african nations and pose a significant threat to u.s. national security interests it's interesting logic so when china or russia or someone else you don't like lends an african nation money that's debt colonialism almost financial slavery when america does it it's investment for africa's own good well if mentioning is that russia's trade with the continent pales into insignificance when compared to the us or china look at this realize this
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highway hydro power station all built with chinese investment beijing is raising entire cities with more to come china is willing to provide another sixty billion dollars in support of africa to government assistance investments and financing the financial institutions and into prizes the phrase actions speak louder than words is entirely a political here the chinese leader xi jinping has visited africa nine talk. i'm steering his tenure tromp one sent his wife but what the united states might lack in tact its more than makes up with guns american troops stationed in fifty out of fifty four african nations it has thirty four military sites thousands and thousands of soldiers across the entire continent and a long history of military interventions china has one base in djibouti russia
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has none american troops are there for africans own good washington would say speaking of which remember the whole chinese and russian money that had american money good thing well it turns out not so much our new foreign assistance strategy will ensure that all us foreign aid in every corner of the globe vance's u.s. interest countries that repeatedly vote against the united states in international forums or take actions counter to u.s. interest should not receive generous american foreign aid john bolton they does and gentleman man who and they'll do america's new africa plodding so much for financial independence africans good luck we need to move it to consider what really africa needs it's not really want china maize want a russian aid or us need everyone china russia or all of france has it all as they
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can really come to be able to number one the infrastructure of development and also to gave technology to grow their agricultural their manufacturing base that's something that command a moral high mel simply elegant the other all of this continent it doesn't really know how these people to grow their industry to earn better life just think upon due to russia or to to china for some of the you know allegedly bad behavior that doesn't really help the picture that. it is up to the africans who decide. u.s. congress has passed a bill that seems to impose a visa ban on any chinese officials who have prevented americans from visiting to bed the legislation requires details to be made to conquest on how many u.s.
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diplomats journalists and tourists weren't granted access to the region it also says that those chinese individuals responsible for the policy will be banned from entering the u.s. if barriers and not lifted china has slammed the move as interference in its affairs. through been bill passed by the u.s. congress is disregarded the facts interfered in china sentinel of grossly and violated the basic norms of international relations china strong would pose this and has already been requested me go shisha it's with the us i must point out that . china since her north and cannot be interfered in by any other country director of the center for international business ethics in beijing. believes china is right to see the bill as intervention. it is chinese domestic issue that is not there to be exposed to extra no intervention now donald trump is
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accusing china all there without sufficient proof all meant going into their mid-term election now you know they come to want to finger to good to china over its own domestic issue so that's not really rested on answer on legal basis and the moment to keep the bit to provide the opportunities to grow cross third bad or so therefore china is not there to tolerate the meddling of another party into it's all domestic. now british comedian booked to appear before students was shocked to find he had been sent a behavior like remit to sign ahead of the cake in order to quote avoid problems constantine case and was among five comedians shuttle to perform at the event being held to raise money for the children's charity unicef they were all sent the
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behavioral agreement by the university's unicef on campus society which forbid any jokes on racism sexism homophobia amongst others they stressed the topics can be raised but only in a respectful way. the university's union though says that it did not require external speakers to sign any form of contract before speaking at a fence and that the organizer unicef on campus had been overzealous later in effect unicef on campus itself came out with an apology. given that unicef is a children's charity we wanted to make sure it was an appropriate eventful because we would never wish to impose that guest would have to agree to anything that they do not believe in we apologize for the misunderstanding the u.k.'s national union of students says it has no evidence of such student union rules in twenty fourteen the comic at the last was banned from performing at cardiff university after seven
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hundred people signed a petition complaining that his show trivialized rape and protected sex and dehumanizing of women the following year campaigners threatened to picket activist kate smith weight performance because of her views on decriminalizing sex work and the u.k. is not the only country raising concerns over free speech in universities a study finds nine in ten u.s. higher education facilities restrict freedom of speech with a third of them imposing substantial restrictions earlier kate smith waved the activist and comedian threatened with picketing by u.k. university debated the issue with legal analyst and media commentator lionel. it's absolutely trivial for me to sign this document and to be honest if you have to stop and go what you know what they're asking me not to be sexist how could they then maybe it's about time that you sort of thought about the fact that it's twenty eighteen and checked out what your material is i find it weird that we're presenting this as though somebody is paying sense of the fact is that by agreeing
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to come on your show i've agreed not to swear on air and if i didn't want to do that i could have not come on your show and you know your other guests are bound by the same thing if every time you see a cup of coffee you shout i hate coffee it's disgusting or you won't be working in a coffee shop next week now let me explain what the problem is imagine if i came on r t. my colleague here in de mint comes out and you say do not talk about this subject do not mention the word kremlin united states trump we would say whoa whoa wait a minute hold it we wouldn't say well those are the rules it's like yelling fire in a crowded theater or coffee in a coffee shop we would say wait a minute you're let me what i'm saying you can make your own decision about what is and isn't ok and they're absolutely things i'm sure that you wouldn't allow me to say on air i know there are all the same and so by coming on air of course we've agreed not to say those things are not you know it's not down to every comedian to
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decide what kind of stuff they want to do and if that means that they don't want to play you know there are shows that i know where the comedians perform to children and of course when you perform a show for children there are kinds of subjects that you don't go near because it's a children's show and personally i don't do those shows because i don't write the kind of material that suits those events and so i don't put myself forward we're not talking about a question you can't define races you can't units of what he did say use a dictionary we know we can't know know yet you know there are many you don't and he didn't have a lie about you and the rest of. all maybe you really. please stop it you know we're talking about your you're being sold dan to give priggish above the rules and looking it up in the dictionary that's not the issue the bigger issue is that instead of us saying wait a minute what rules wait a minute why kid they speak no we're saying excuse me why aren't you abiding by the
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rules look at how we're giving in our first of all don't break the rules instead of saying wait a minute he's a comic is this over eighteen what kind of a club is this i'm sorry but life's tough but i do think that the answer is that everybody is entitled here's my radical opinion i think we're entitled to free speech i think they're entitled to say this is what we think the rules should be and i think everybody else who's involved in that should be entitled to agree to disagree to say well actually i would like a change to this is something you haven't mentioned that i find to be quite problematic i think that you know we know that there are always going to be limits in society about what is and isn't ok to be said in certain forums and certain platforms and that's absolutely fine what's the matter with us we're used to be tough we're becoming a bunch of little snowflake trigger of trigger warning then then heard and be it it's listen to what we're talking about a comedian but by the way if there was no rules or what the heck was he being asked
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to sign we are losing our sense of humor we're losing our guts and our spine we're losing who we are removing our personality so keep it up comics keep it up you'll be out of a job in six months. for the news for now and hold. on thirty minutes for more headlines but do stay tuned for politics. you know i work with potential school shooters for a period of twelve years and none of the students who we work with in our facility the syllabi ever went on to commit a school shooting so that gives me hope that if you catch the students early enough or provide the kind of support and mental health treatment that they need that they can come out of the crisis. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s.
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has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime tamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and because he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you know forty two minutes one and only. the president's former six yr get sentenced to three years in prison oh michael jones downfall impact remaining time in office. we'll take a look at that on this edition of.
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welcome the politicking on larry king on wednesday michael cohn donald trump's form of personal attorney and so-called fixer was sentenced to three years after pleading guilty to several charges his p.r. man says cohen still has a lot to say about his time with donald trump and suggests he's even willing to tell didn't question the investigators what he knows how will this latest development impact the president and where does the robert mueller investigation go next let's start there with our political panel they are john went back republican strategist. party of virginia he's in lansdown virginia and in boston jake mccabe who worked in the obama administration is the former chief speechwriter to attorney general eric holder or john we'll start with you what do
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you make of what happened in the sentencing of mystic own. well you know i think the media would have us believe that michael cohen is this major witness against trump and the mole investigation but i think the sentencing today tells us that he's not as useful as they thought he got a pretty much a typical sentence they did a pretty sense investigation like they normally do in federal sentencing the probation office i think they recommended that he do forty two months of the judge gave him thirty six and i would expect if he was such a great witness for the mole investigation he would have gotten a much better deal he didn't so i think they're going to move on and look for a better witness than michael called jake how did you see it. well you know you'll be surprised to learn that i don't agree with that you know i think it's clear that he provided substantial help to the investigation which is what they said the reason that he continued to get the sense that he got is that he engaged me in a series of corrupt and criminal activities now again they they have said in their
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in their memos and he has said cohen has said that these actions were taken at the direction of president trump which is a pretty big deal so i don't think that you can discount this as a nothing burger this is this is clearly a big development in the miller vest again having said that there's a lot still to come this is only one piece at a much broader story that involves both the more investigation and the investigation coming out of out of the southern district of new york and you just saw even even right after the cohen sentencing you saw american media incorporated which is the company that owns the national national enquirer admit that they paid money. in hush payments to benefit donald trump in the past election so it's going in the twenty sixth election so there are there's a lot happening here and cohen is just one piece of a puzzle but he's a pretty substantial piece and if i was down trump i'd be pretty nervous john lammy damon scones former two need turned advisor release a statement saying that at the appropriate time if you missed
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a moment completions investigation.


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