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tv   News  RT  December 15, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EST

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customer because they. let me read. you. the quote. unquote. palestinian teenager is killed and dozens of protesters in q during clashes with israeli soldiers in the west bank and gaza.
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meanwhile france's yellow vest movements and spies process in tel aviv where people are also angry about the high cost of living that is piracies its fifth consecutive weekend of demonstrations with police out in force in case of riots also to come the course of announce the creation of its own army a move that's left some parts of europe worried about possible military escalation under british comedian sentiment topics he's told he's not allowed to joke about before an appearance at university so is it a matter of respect or censorship we put the issue up for debate. club suit be trivial for me to sign this document and to be honest if you have to stop and go you know what they're asking me not to be sexist how could i maybe it's about time that you sort of thought about the fact that it's twenty eight and check out what
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your material is when you're a comedian and by virtue of what you're doing this subject matter. in the spirit of lenny bruce and mort sahl and dick gregory. thanks for the welcome she's going to pm here in moscow you're watching international our top story this hour a palestinian teenager has been shot dead by israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank this happened during street protests after the israeli army sealed off from allah the seat of the palestinian authority during a security operation i. was. i. was. i.
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was told. i. was. a thousands more palestinians were injured during friday's clashes the demonstrations came after over forty were arrested by israeli troops and raids in the ramallah district that i just ask lation started after two israeli soldiers were killed in a shooting in the west bank settlement the israeli prime minister gave a firm statement on thursday vowing to avenge the deaths of the two soldiers. sure our guiding principle is that whoever attacks us and whoever tries to attack us will pay with his life i really mean and we will find them off from the right after that statement and netanyahu issued a number of security orders including the excel array to demolition of alleged
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terrorists homes. i was. i was just one example because on saturdays ready to send soldiers flew up the family home of a palestinian had been convicted of killing an israeli soldier the israeli prime minister also awarded the legislation of thousands of homes in palestinian territories and an increase in the i.d.f. presence there my colleague today are today spoke with palestinian politician with stuff about gotti he says israel is using excessive force. how can further escalation of violence in ramallah be avoided in your opinion it can only be avoided if the israeli army gets out of our cities and if they remove the brigades barricades and if they stop the attacks of the settlers on our civilian population that's the first step but then the second step should be immediate initiation of
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a process of ending occupation there's been no apparent progress if we look at the last six months of the day of rage protests. is an idea to change strategy perhaps the palestinians have changed the strategy the palestinians have adopted the nonviolent resistance and the marshes that are taking place in peaceful nonviolent all forms of violence have been excluded and we have a. strategy that commits to nonviolent resistance but when each peaceful demonstration is left with the israeli army shooting the people and killing them of course there will be palestinian reactions and in the form of resistance to occupation i don't think it would be a grave mistake between the palestinians and israelis in this regard you have to remember that what we have here is palestinian civilian population in the west bank
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that is totally an armed in confrontation with the israeli army and israeli settlers who are armed to their teeth. well thousands of palestinians did gather on the israeli border on friday in the latest march of return rally a local reporter uma was there for us but here at shifa hospital the casualties have friends from live ammunition explosive bullets rubber bullets and gasification as well as injuries by gas canisters that were fired on them this friday khans asked her to israeli soldiers who were killed by an unknown palestinian soon after the israeli forces in now stromal a city as a closed military zone prime minister netanyahu or did what he called acts in the region didn't listen of homes for it does who israel considers as tourists would legalize thousands of jewish settlement homes that were built without an israeli prison on palestinian homes in the occupied west bank or protests of
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a different kind were taking place northeast of the north east of guards the guards israeli border sorry intel of if on friday the city soars own version of france's yellow vests movement taking to the streets protesting high taxes and the cost of living. was. there was. room while hundreds of people took part in that demonstration blocking off roads in the city center comes after recent hikes in water electricity and also food prices demonstrators accuse the government of ignoring the fact that salaries are not keeping up with the city's cost of living. i look at what happened in france when
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they raise the fuel tax but here in israel the government is constantly taking similar measures and from the first of january the cost of living will become even higher but these rarely parliament members have voted to raise their own salaries by five hundred shekels is that the reason we want our government to take all these monopoles in order to help corporations and make their game but it's fair game i don't know that their. price is that. the force that watch air everything they stare back is in direction from oh god i'm ok with me they. say because. nothing now but they can say meanwhile another saturday brings another yellow vest protest to france for the rally just getting underway in paris right now this is the fifth
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consecutive weekend of demonstrations some of which have previously turned violent so let's get the latest then from these people over who's in paris for us peter good afternoon just run through them what is the situation there like right now. well what we see right now and he is much different situation to what we've seen in the previous weeks there is if we come over to my left right now as you can see a huge police presence there really has a ring of steel around the. right now leading up to the arctic triomphe bullet what we're looking at is hundreds as opposed to the thousands that we had seen previously what we understand is that a number of these people were told not to come today because they wanted people to respect and to to to stay away because of what happened in strauss book over the week. they've expressed their anger and this has been heard we ask you to be
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reasonable and not to attend any protests. now that's not to say that we haven't seen some of the violence aims that we have seen in the past there and at other parts of the city to where i am right now we understand that tear gas has been deployed by the french police that's been the weapon of choice if you will for them when they've been dealing with the the yellowjacket demonstrators we have a sound that has been deployed we could probably guess from the cheers the ping going up to my right that that's definitely the case and what we have to look at is that now apparently only one in every five french people would support the policies of a money well my call that's compared to sixty six percent when he was first elected there is dissatisfaction here it's very clear however today it does seem that
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dissatisfaction isn't going to spill over into the type of riot that we saw in previous occasions. that was. was
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. hooker. recruiting. for her. now there was a brief yellow vest protest on westminster bridge in the u.k. yesterday by pro breaks the campaign is but generally speaking what started in france hasn't spread to britain so with an alternative look here's party boy and her latest episode of in case you missed it. in crowds people hate the idea of feels like coming more expensive but in britain it's been expensive but it really is the spell as an impulse says one i love all that same two way he lays your own revolution yellow vests would never make it here surely.
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one street across the nation an assignment in school ming being angry the healing john are on to something. very. fast the hunger they appear he spoke of but this only upon event the warriors of paris to have weapons now but because they keep this revolution as a secret then to die saying their bayonets and then machetes as tools and
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machines hurry. past full name. and my god there's another one. this conspiracy goes great to the very top. but france has a government in this there are a elite of it seem out of touch with normal people the issue of immigration dividing the nation no i get a vest revolution happening. credit. for your lisa. i see them. now a british comedian booked to appear before students was shocked to find he'd been sent a behavioral agreement sent ahead of the gig the document was designed to quote avoid
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problems and outlined what not to joke about by signing this contract you are agreeing to our no tolerance policy with regards to racism sexism classism ages i'm able as i am homophobia by phobia transfer xenophobia islamophobia or anti religion or anti atheism or constantine kissin was among five comedians shared jewel to perform at the event being held to raise money for the children's charity unicef the university's unicef on campus society central performance though the behavioral agreement which forbids any jokes on racism as you heard there sexism and homophobia they stress that while the topics can be raised this must be done in a respectful way however the university student union says that it does not require guests to sign any form of contract before speaking at events adding that the organizer unicef on campus had been overzealous later unicef on campus itself
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issued an apology. given that unicef is a children's charity we wanted to make sure it was an appropriate event tool because we would never wish to impose that guest with have to agree to anything that they do not believe in we apologize for the misunderstanding of the u.k.'s national union student says it has no evidence that universities are dictating what guess is can actually say however there have been several other cases too in the u.k. where comics have been asked to adapt their material or been stopped from performing or together here are some examples in twenty fourteen the comic darker laughs was banned from performing at cardiff university after hundreds signed a petition complaining that his show trivialized unprotected sex the following year activist and comedian kate smith waste performance was cancelled at a london universe at london university because of her views on the criminalizing prostitution smith way came to debate the issue with media commentator line perhaps
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a trivial for me to sign this document and to be honest if you have to stop and go what you know what they're asking me not to be sexist how could they then maybe it's about time that you sort of thought about the fact that it's twenty eighteen and checked out what your material is i find it weird that we're presenting this as though somebody is paying sense of the fact is that by agreeing to come on your show i've agreed not to swear on air and if i didn't want to do that i could have not come on your show when you know your other guests are bound by the same thing if every time you see a cup of coffee you shout i hate coffee it's disgusting or you won't be working in a coffee shop next week now let me explain what the problem is imagine if i came on r t. my colleague here in comes on you say do not talk about this subject do not mention the word pulled the kremlin united states trump would say whoa whoa wait a minute hold it we wouldn't say well those are the rules it's like yelling fire in
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a crowded theater or. in a coffee shop we would say wait a minute you're let me what i'm saying you can make your own decision about what is and isn't ok and there are absolutely things i'm sure that you wouldn't allow me to say on and i know there are you know in line all the same and so by coming on air of course we've agreed not to say those things are not you know it's not down to every comedian to decide what kind of stuff they want to do and if that means that they don't want to play you know there are shows that i know where the comedians perform to children and of course when you perform a show for children there are kinds of subjects that you don't go near because it's a children's show and personally i don't do those shows because i don't write the kind of material that suits those events and so i don't put myself forward we're not talking to them not a question you can't define races you can't units of what he did say use a dictionary we love no we can't no no yeah you know i have many you don't want me to carry. on and the rest absolutely all maybe you will please
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stop but you know we're talking about your your being so dandy good british above the rules and looking it up in the dictionary that's not the issue the bigger issue is that instead of us saying wait a minute what rules wait a minute why kid they speak no we're saying excuse me why aren't you abiding by the rules look at how we're giving in our first of all don't break the rules instead of saying wait a minute he's a comic is this over eighteen what kind of a club is this i'm sorry but life's tough but i do think that the answer is that everybody is entitled to you know here's my radical opinion i think we're entitled to free speech i think they're entitled to say this is what we think the rules should be and i think everybody else who's involved in that should be entitled to agree to disagree to say well actually i would like a change to this is something you haven't mentioned that i find to be quite problematic i think that you know we know that there are always going to be limits in society about what is and isn't ok to be said in certain forums and certain
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platforms. and that's absolutely fine what's the matter with us we're used to be tough we're becoming a bunch of little snowflake trigger trigger warning then then heard and b it's listen to what we're talking about a comedian but by the way if there was no rules or what the heck was he being asked to sign we are losing our sense of humor we're losing our guts and our spine we're losing who we are removing our personality so keep it up our backs keep it up you'll be out of a job in six months to pay if you had to really hear an artist of comfy this hour a spanish course is accused of violating journalist rights after ordering the seizure of their phones and computers that some on the stories we've got coming up just after the break. thank.
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you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to be rich. to be close it's like that before three of the more people. interested in the water.
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again that cost of that has declared it is creating its i know me turning small security forces into full scale military units kosovo is disputed territory in the east of europe it attempted to separate from serbia a decade ago is latest decision has left some parts of europe concerned as. reports . we like to think of europe as peaceful conflict less a place where differences a result in a civilized way but this place is different. with this vote today a new era starts for our country. from this moment if we have the course got the.
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europe has its darker aspects ethnic strife religious divides contested borders kosovo is all of that it is permanently on the brink of a new war it just needs a spock the self-proclaimed government there wants to appear strong escalate cashing in on ratings voters just love a good military parade where the cost of zero is the right place for that you decide. that though. although. the parliament of the republic. serbia which is
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sworn to protect ethnic serbs who live in kosovo is afraid very afraid that this new army will eventually be used to target its brethren for ethnic cleansing belgrade says that this could only mean one thing costs of zero doesn't one piece everything the president doesn't evidently it does it all with the support of the us and britain is against the law serbia says even a military intervention is an option anything to stop this given that they would have to force their way past nato troops permanent least. nation and kosovo should give you an idea of how serious they are on the topic of nato the alliance has long wanted the kosovo to join in the process is already underway and even nato has called this move unwise all the transition of the kosovo security force is in principle and matter for kosovo to decide we have made clear this move is ill timed
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nato supports the development of the kosovo security force under its current mandate with a change of mandate the north atlantic council will now have to read examine the level of nato as engagement with the kosovo security force why would that be why would many nato allies be against this new army because it risks war in europe again no one in that neighborhood wants a repeat of the nine hundred ninety nine catastrophe no one wants to deal with ethnic slaughter with war crimes genocide and refugees and these no one who has anything to lose now more than ever the government of course of them must engage with minority communities and coordinate closely with nato allies and partners as it begins the ten year transition of its security forces the u.s. will be there with you the united states has been added for years prodding and encouraging kosovo to raise an army despite every objection and why not if they do
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were american weapon manufacturers might have a whole new army to outfit tension generated could guarantee an american presence in the area for decades to come and there's also jabot china and russia which support serbia and don't recognize kosovo all in all a fell safe plan sell the firewood sell the matches convince someone to spark a fire and then be there to put it out. well we discussed kosovo's plan to create its own army with the political writer diana johnston. well you should look really big zero me the first thing is that the u.s. ambassadors in a journey will be there with you wherever that means which sounds like you use curse of all of your vocal or because you know this will be there with you this is simply a gesture to emphasize the toast of the status as an american karlie because the
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base there isn't a little base it's an american base and and you look at his children there are american flags all over the place if it came to a crank you do in serbia and kosovo militarily. course a course in the army wouldn't have a chance sure it's still depend on nato and the american army it can't have any significant military it's simply too good to do it captured to the americans and the americans are willing to lend itself to the united states. media organizations around the world have condemned the recent ruling by a spanish judge to seize the phones and computers of two investigative journalists on the island of new york and they say that the move violates the rights of reporters not to disclose their sources the journalists were covering the case of a local businessman called holocaust sack known as the king of the night and was once considered the island's most powerful figure but in march of twenty seventeen
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he was arrested on multiple charges including bribery extortion and homicide officials say they seized the journalist equipment to trace a link in the ongoing criminal probe however people working for various media outlets staged a protest in front of the court the man doing the right demanding that the right to keep professional secret is upheld and a letter to the head of the state prosecutor's office denouncing the judge's ruling was signed by more than two hundred reporters spanish journalistic nassi haro says though that if an instance like this are tolerated democracy is threatened. but you should have said the president said a really dangerous direction and toward the road in three known the press which by the way east and and i understand is considered an article. might be some sort of warning for journalists who are really delving into into the
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years mothers in spanish. politics understand it all to. pull off some people. from investigators understandable then what love is here are the very peelers of the marker seen in this country and that's the news for now here in r.t. we're back again in just over half a. prosecution only. this threat of. political pressure on the. security mission and. other
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business models used by american corporations. and investigative documentary. ghost war. as for the president trump indeed has has his way of communicating but you have to hand it to him but sometimes it's better to try and shake up the established way of doing things in order to come to a different conclusion i think what's worrying is this focus on you know faith news and jump news because one of the foundations of a democracy has to be the trust in news facts and information and if that trust is
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fundamentally shaken and the independent media ah.


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