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i feel it in my head. it's like a real heart pressure my skin burns and that wireless access point out there just continues on c.n.n. with our students in the schools. we are just continually our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electoral small and it's getting worse. i'm going to turn to paris as the best movement takes to the streets for the fifth weekend in a row despite the president making key concessions. kossovo
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along says the creation of its own army a move that's left some parts of europe worried about a possible military escalation. and a british comedian is sends a list of topics he's not allowed to joke about before an appearance at university a matter of respect or censorship we put the issue of the debate. so absolutely trivial for me to sign this document and to be honest if you have to stop and go well you know what's there also could be not to be sexist how could they maybe it's about time that you sort of thought about the fact that it's twenty eighty and check out what your material is when you're with the comedian and by virtue of what you're doing this subject matter pete king did. in the spirit of lenny bruce unmoored soul and dick gregory. it's one am when you're watching all t into. from
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a studio here in moscow with me in india today welcome to the program. to gas arrests and violent confrontations have been seen on the streets of the french capital on saturday is the fifth consecutive weekend to the yellow vest movement has held its demonstrations against inequality which snowballed into protests against president micron some reports suggest nearly one hundred seventy arrests have been made. no. you can look awful it was was. was. was. is the tear gas leaves this area of the seans allee's a the famous streets in paris police are moving their way up towards the arc de triomphe clearing out anybody who they deemed to be involved in the violence that
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we saw a rope out of absolutely nowhere it was incredibly peaceful throughout today and then just in a few seconds it went from zero to ten immediately and we saw police deploy tear gas which is in the air right now as we're moving into it and also the cannon as well as well as the rubber bullets being fired certainly a very forceful move by the place in order to make sure that they take they took control of this particular area of the seans elisei after five weeks of the police tactics being found somewhat lacking what we have seen here is well they subsidy at least anyway tactics that have brought every single one of those yellow vest demonstrators into one little corner here right now it seems that it's over here it
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seems that they've brought them into that particular area but this has been quite a while in the ventral afternoon that started off quietly and escalated really really quickly there are a number of people that are acquiring medical attention we saw one of our colleagues from auntie france who is here on the show and so they say was taken away for some medical treatment however. this has been a much smaller scale demonstration there what we've seen in the previous weeks. but. the to. the touch .
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the touch her whenever. i. feel. the flow. well the best protest movement against government policies has moved outside of france to the belgian capital brussels was hit by demonstrations on saturday as well several hundred protesters took to the streets making a stand against low wages high taxes and social welfare. meanwhile in italy yellow
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vests have been demonstrating against the country's current migration policy in rome they gathered in the city center to stand in solidarity with my hands an asylum seekers it comes as the italian government moves to eliminate him military protection as one of its he's a catch a place. the protests have spread outside of europe to on friday tell of eve saw its own version of the french movement taking to the streets protesting high taxes and the cost of living. i. was. there. was. hundreds of people took part in the demo proper blocking off roads in the city
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center and it comes after a recent hikes in water electricity and food prices demonstrators accuse the government of ignoring the fact that salaries the not keeping up with the city's cost of living. i mean look at what happened in france when they raised the fuel tax but here in israel the government is constantly taking similar measures and from the first of january the cost of living will become even higher but these really parliament members have voted to raise their own salaries by five hundred shekels is that reasonable we want our government to take all this monopoles and all those corporations and make game but it's fair game i don't know that. the. right. the food the water everything their best the ration from. the time. they.
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got there. there was a brief yellow vest protest on westminster bridge in the u.k. yesterday by pro brags that campaigners but generally speaking well started in france hasn't spread to britain with an alternative look his polyploidy co wouldn't her latest episode of in case you missed it. in crowds people hate the idea of feel like i'm a more expensive but important it's an expensive but really is these parallels and paul says what i love all that same two way he lays your own revolution a rest would never make it here surely. one street across the nation assignment in school ming being angry with the liaison are on to something.
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very. fast the hunger they appear he's full of but this only upon even the warriors of paris to have weapons now but because they keep this revolution as a secret then to diving their bayonets and then machetes as tools and machinery. cost full name. my god there's another one. this conspiracy goes great to the very top.
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but france is a government in this there are a elite of it seem out of touch with normal people the issue of immigration dividing the nation no i get a vest revolution happening. credit. who is your lisa. receive them. cassava has declared it's creating its own army turning small security forces into full scale military units the move however has found little support among long standing allies with the us being the only exception were gassed year takes a look at why most of europe is concerned. we like to think of europe as peaceful conflict less a place where differences a result of that in a civilized way but this place is different. with this vote today
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a new era starts for our country. from this moment if we have the course got the. europe has its darker aspects ethnic strife religious divides contested borders kosovo is all of that it is permanently on the brink of a new war it just needs a spock the self-proclaimed government there wants to appear strong escalate cashing in on ratings voters just love a good military parade where the cost of zero is the right place for that you decide. to. go to. the local. bar.
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the parliament of the republic. serbia which is sworn to protect ethnic serbs who live in kosovo is afraid very afraid that this new army will eventually be used to target its brethren ethnic cleansing belgrade says that this could only mean one thing kossovo doesn't want peace everything the president doesn't evidently it does it all with the support of the us and britain is against the law serbia says even a military intervention is an option anything to stop this given that they would have to force their way past nato troops permanent least. nation and kosovo should give you an idea of how serious they are on the topic of nato the alliance has long wanted kosovo to join in the process is already underway and even nato has called
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this move unwise while the transition of the kosovo security force is in principle and matter for kosovo to decide we have made clear this move is ill timed nato supports the development of the kosovo security force under its current mandate with a change of mandate the north atlantic council will now have to reexamine the level of nato's engagement with the kosovo security force why would that be why would many nato allies be against this new army because it risks war in europe again no one in that neighborhood wants a repeat of the nine hundred ninety nine catastrophe no one wants to deal with ethnic slaughter with war crimes genocide and refugees that is no one who has anything to lose now more than ever the government of course of them must engage with minority communities and coordinate closely with nato allies and partners as
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it begins the ten year transition of its security forces the u.s. will be there with you. the united states has been added for years prodding and encouraging costs a little to raise an army despite every objection and why not if they do were american weapon manufacturers might have a whole new army to outfit tension generated could guarantee an american presence in the area for decades to come it is also a job that china and russia which support serbia and don't recognize kosovo all in all the plan sell the firewood sell the matches convince someone to spark a fire and then be there to put out. a british comedian booked to appear before students were shocked to find he had been sent a behavioral agreement the document was designed to quote avoid problems and outlined which jokes needed sensitivity. by signing this contract you are agreeing
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to our no tolerance policy with regards to racism sexism classism ages i'm able ism homophobia by food transfer xenophobia islamophobia or anti religion and atheism constantine kissin was among five comedians struggle to perform at the event being held to raise money for the children's charity unicef the university's unicef on campus societies and all performers the behavioral agreement and stressed that while the topics can be raised it must be done in a respectful way. however the university student union said the agreement was overzealous and later on campus issued an apology. given that unicef is a children's charity we wanted to make sure it was an appropriate event for because we would never wish to impose that guest with have to agree to anything that they do not believe in we apologize for the misunderstanding so is this a one off the u.k.'s national student seems to think so and says it has no evidence
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universities are dictating what guest speakers can say however there have been several other cases in the u.k. where comics have been stopped from performing or had their material censored that a laugh was banned from performing at cardiff university after hundreds signed a petition complaining his show trivialize rape and activist and comedian kate smith wait had her performance cancelled at a london university because of her views on prostitution she debated the story with media commentator lionel. subsidy trivial for me to sign this document and to be honest if you have to stop and go what you know what they're asking me not to be sexist how could they then maybe it's about time that you sort of thought about the fact that it's twenty eighty and checked out what your material is if every time you see a cup of coffee you shout i hate coffee it's disgusting or you won't be working in a coffee shop next week let me explain what the problem is imagine if i came on r t . my colleague here in comes out and you say oh do not talk about this subject do
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not mention the word pull kremlin united states trump we would say whoa whoa wait a minute hold it we wouldn't say well those are the rules it's like yelling fire in a crowded theater you know it's not down to every comedian to decide what kind of stuff they want to do and if that means that they don't want to play you know there are shows that i know where the comedians perform to children personally i don't do those shows because i don't write the kind of material that suits those events and so i don't put myself forward when i talk is not a question you can't define raises you can't do you know units of what i don't hear and say use a dictionary we know we can't. no no yeah you know i have many you don't want me to carry lying about as i are by and the rest of earth absolutely raises a peek into me if you're hyper sensitive go up racism but that's not raises or yes it is no it's not so if you say don't say the homophobic don't see anything that in
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any way is sexually gratuitous what does that mean look it up in the dictionary i'm not asking what the word racist means i'm talking about the context your application of it but i do think that the answer is that everybody is entitled to offend you know here's my radical opinion think you're entitled to free speech i think they're entitled to say this is what we think the rules should be and i think everybody else who's involved in that should be entitled to agree to disagree you're saying a saying can't let it go or get out of here should be rules listen to what we're talking about a comedian but by the way if there was no rules or what the heck was he being asked to sign we are losing our sense of humor we're losing our guts and our spine we're losing who we are removing our personality so keep it up comics keep it up you'll be out of a job in six months i dispute his lead up within germany's governing coalition over an abortion or van story and more still to come.
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mind share that's where the playing field the battlefield of the furniture center so we're at war right now i mean so whether you know it trickles down to bullets and bombs and guns and stuff i mean that's the material we're already out war right now it's being played out. if you wake up in the morning and you feel it was a massive headache just because china and america are now worried you're my. president trump indeed has has he's way of communicating but you have to hand it to him but sometimes it's better to try and shake up the established way of doing things in order to come to a different conclusion i think what's worrying is this focus. you know free news and jump news because one of the foundations of
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a democracy has to be the trust in news and information and if that trust is fundamentally shaken and the independent media are criticized then i think that's a problem from a communications perspective. welcome back to the program every minute within jamey's governing coalition over a long standing no banning doctors from advertising abortions the social democrats who are the junior partner in the coalition say the law is too harsh and should be scrapped but the new leader of the christian democratic union says it should stay in place and. then as a k.-k. . last week is known for his strong conservative views opponents of the old states back to. the doctors at risk of criminal charges for offering information about
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abortions. a.k.k. took to twitter to say protecting life both born and unborn remains of utmost importance to our party we asked locals for their views on the controversial. i think it's a really difficult decision. and the women do that because. i think mostly they're desperate and not because it's yeah it's fancy and it is quite healthy you to not promoted but to inform people about certain options to have this is very important and they're down and doctors can really get this information to patients and it's hard to see something going to the moon are you so stupid to do you would just have an abortion because it's so much on. the link a party member began thomas early believes if a crime the current power continues the policy of apprentice as a party will lose support fast. trying to pretend to
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be a conservative but she's just following in the footsteps of angela merkel and those a conservative issues that she's bringing up are failing to convince and i believe that she should be tackling the real issues that she should be going back to christian democrat philosophy of the one nine hundred fifty s. which was but you also have to your people that you have just an economy that works for everyone and those issues have been overlooked by the american government we have lots of poverty in our country and those are the values that people care about it and i did come can. continue the policies of angle of merkel then the c.d.u. will continue to lead voters and lose at the polls. question lashawn maria but tonight could testify in an unspecified second u.s.
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case according to new reports having spent months in an american jail on thursday she pleaded guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent the charges initially brought against maria button included const to defraud the us mainstream media were quick to put a sensational spin on it being a spy though she was not accused of being one following her guilty plea the prosecutor's office said it would seek up to five years in prison with deportation also an option as the case tried but as essentially been kept in solitary confinement for months her father believes this played a role in her guilty plea. for years and you the conditions she's being kept in are having an impact if you have the chance to prove her innocence and justify her activity she would do just that this is very hard for her for most three months now she's been discriminated against and has been held in isolation what she needs most bizarre support we are waiting for the situation to be resolved soon and in
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a way that is such as fact. to both my daughter and our whole family since november the twenty years she's been kept in administrative segregation which involves twenty two hours in the cell and as early or two hours outside during which time she can make calls so we know what those conditions are really like. international law attorney booth marked on the bottle not behind bars. well at the beginning of this you know she was a russian spy well she wasn't a spy. the concept of a spy is somebody who's obtaining secrets from the government that didn't happen at all this is a young girl she believes in the right to bear arms she met only with private people she has a relationship with somebody who used to be i think in the senate in russia mr torsion who strongly believes that as well we have a very technical law that says if you're quote representing a foreign government or official that you have to register and that's that the
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technicality. that she violated and this is not the type of case that you would have thought would have been prosecuted he would have not thought that she would have put him put in jail as long as she was if there was a technical violation at the most she should have been expelled from the country. but next up it's. everything.
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if we have a new trade arrangements with china that may build a new foundation for wars they will relations i think broadly the if there's a problem in itself in the rise of china no matter what they do. my son was doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs
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like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. for whom our own are minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of the abyss it doesn't get easier. not after times here we're going underground is the twenty eight western economic catastrophe ten years on catalyzes unarguable european democratic crisis coming up in the show will political legal and constitutional deadlock of the juries of may now lead to
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a return to terror in the united kingdom we go to dublin to speak to t.d. information fame doyle leader. and the head of his being laid to rest in canada tomorrow we celebrate the life of passion of campaigner against neo liberalism harry leslie smith who fought so that we might live plus the ghosts of grand fell following the last side of pork before christmas we remember those who lost their lives to the neo liberalism with hip hop artist and activist loci all the civil coming up in. today's show but first is to resume and the future of the british government now in the hands of dublin joining me now from the irish capital is t.d. for calvin monaghan and former shin fein doyle leader david ok on cave on welcome back to going underground so to be overawed saying it's your westminster m.p.'s that should be taking up their seats to vote try to raise a maze of bricks that deal that's the that's the big issue and. well it's a bit ironic that he would be so commenting in the week that we celebrate the
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major irish electoral success of nineteen eighteen when you shouldn't fan having swept the boards across this island took the very historic and courageous decision to set up an irish parliament here in dublin which met next month one hundred years the goal on an up stench and basis from westminster and that has been our party policy ever since so you know it's all very well to celebrate and raise a toast to the likes of constance markovitch but you know the people today who represent chin fan those who were elected as m.p.'s north of the border word elected on one abstention this mandate and that is the message that the people give them and we will hold fast to that relationship with our respective electorates and the constituencies know much about guns as markovitch in the british school curriculum i'm afraid what he's saying that the show doesn't understand irish history well i have to say that he should take note of the fact that you know this
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particular policy a served us well the teacher of what didn't even be in the position that he is in charge of a government at an irish parliament in dublin simply only for the fact that took that position one hundred years ago and of held fast to it interesting leader not in the course of this year a portrait of constance markovitch the first woman elected to the westminster parliament as it was all those years ago was all of a and in the houses of parliament in westminster so someone there are some people there clearly have an understanding of the history of all of that good to me corbin you're referring to there in the moment but the teacher gave your and b.'s in westminster another option that was.


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