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continues all day with our students in the schools. we are just continually our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electoral small and it's getting worse. for just twelve euros fifty a month. a large protest gets underway in the streets of brussels against a controversial u.n. migration deal which critics say is a threat to national. and
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the stories that shaped the way to gas and violence marks the fifth consecutive weekend of protests in paris the french president had called on demonstrators not to take to the streets off for a terror attack in strand's book. four people were killed in a dozen injured in that time when a gunman opened fire on a crowded christmas markets the suspect was later killed by police and the predatory practices pursued by china and russia are those a significant threat to u.s. national security interests in washington and by also policy in africa to counter russian and chinese influence on the continent the u.s. national security adviser claims that america's previous approach was ineffective.
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thank you for the welcome the latest development and look back at what's been happening over the last seven days to you watch the weekly here on r.t. international now clashes have erupted in the belgian capital today after more than five thousand demonstrators gathered for an anti migrant protest. was i. was. was was. i i i i the protesters try to enter key buildings police used water cannon and take gas to push them back the demonstrators angry at the u.n. migration deal that belgium signed up to that document was agreed by more than one
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hundred sixty un member states at a summit america on monday it aims to find a common global approach to migration to critics who say it will limit the ability of countries to shape their own migration policies counter protest is expected to take place later on sunday less juss a bit further lovin isa former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament and he's with us now new very welcome as usual missed of a news firstly he's a are you surprised at all by what we've seen on the streets of belgium today. i have to admit that i'm surprised by the amount of people that showed up yes absolutely i'm a sales ham i'm appalled by that number i mean these are people that hardly ever read the text of this compact because it's not a treaty it's a compact and all the know the bible is hearsay from certain political but the parties what does it reflect then is it an underlying fear of migration mean we know it's been
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a problem across europe but particularly in belgium what she thinks sparked this demonstration then. well ludicrous if expired couldn't tell this is something that has been going on for the us for the last eight years already basically have only work you see these people who are indeed afraid but who have been told that their loss of social security of jobs is to be bird blamed on migrants and not on of the harm of big companies who get away with murder by evading taxes and so undermining their source security now does to me is the main reason why people down both focus on these issues i mean do the problem is there nobody is going to deny that the program exists but among other problems it's not even the big the biggest problem that people face from the moment so what you have is really story of stirring up people so that it don't focus on the real issues that really affect their daily lives. with regard to this document that has been signed about
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migration across europe i mean the critics of that day say that it's perhaps a threat to national sovereignty would you go along with that no absolutely not first of all the compact which is not a not a bind it's not a treat it's a compact which means that it just gives some guidelines specifically states that my gruesome policy of national country remains sit within the ranks of the national governments and secondly the party that mark claim the right to broaden our claim that this undermines song of the same ones that do not oppose the loss of some in the need to context in the you're going to get older three pretreated free trade agreements and so on which impact the peoples like much more than there is. we're also expecting a counter demonstration today which is suspect that they are just people who. they want to react and show their discontent with anti migrant protesters not so much to
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do with this document it has been a signed or pact that's been put forward where. i actually have to believe contradict what you say discounted demonstration has already happened also in the morning there were some hundred and five hundred people there but the most important to me regrettably that is what happened the day we tried a dozen people there is dead for the last two days and nights brussels people show their solidarity by getting all the migrants are going to mix a million park and brussels most this a trip to night in a row so that these extremists could not go there and trust in them something that the experts that they would do. on a more general point we've seen demonstrations yellow vests demonstrations across france brussels to the us did you think there's a link between all of the mayhem in what's the common thread as far as she. well i wouldn't equate the one with the other but as i already mentioned in the beginning
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the whole. bag of austerity policy for the last three decades has an important are important reasons why there is so much discontent among ordinary people yes and sometimes regrettably their voices their discontent in this in this extremist way or a world that is something that has to be don't and it's a reality. ok mr thanks for your time today enjoy speaking to there was even a former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament thank you. for that saturday brought a renewed way for file instead paris with take gas arrests and clashes once again seen on the streets during the latest best protest it was the fifth consecutive weekend of demonstrations what began as a protest against fuel tax hikes and high living costs as nice snowballed into a revolt against the authority of president emanuel mackerel. it was
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a complete look awful it was was . was. as the tear gas leaves this area of the seans allee's a the famous streets in paris police are moving their way up towards the arc de triomphe clearing out anybody who they deemed to be involved in the violence that we saw a rope out of absolutely nowhere it was incredibly peaceful and then just in a few seconds it went from zero to ten immediately and we saw police deployed gas was also a cannon as well as well as the rubber bullets being fired at after five weeks of
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the police tactics being found somewhat lacking what we have seen here is well the subsidy at least anyway tactics that have brought every single one of those yellow vests demonstrators into one little corner here there are a number of people that are acquiring medical attention we saw one of our colleagues from on sea front series here on the show on sunday say was taken away some medical treatment was that that was a little he was going to be god and however this has been a much smaller scale demonstration there what we've seen in the previous weeks the was. nothing to do with. in the hospital gave them a vision of. the. i
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. or following the most violent protest at the start of the month the french president did eventually yield he's now promised to scrap unpopular planned increases in the price of fuel and also raise the minimum wage that though hasn't the few some of the anger on the streets now it all started just over a month ago when one man posted a video on facebook calling on protesters to take up the yellow vest as a symbol the video quickly went viral chalking up a million or millions of viewers. well the presidential. we all have these yellow vests for the whole week starting from the seventeenth of november put on your yellow vest to show that you are with us with our movement. but we spoke to the
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inspiration behind the i guess movement again and he told us why people are still protesting despite concessions so it's these measures will affect only a small part of the population not all of the people who benefit from what we're trying to now not all of the people are paid minimum wage there are people with a slightly higher wage he targeted a small majority unfortunately this is not the whole population and these measures are really small he could do a lot more he should have reduced the salaries of the rich because they have disproportionate salaries. these are rich who always benefit this is not fair the poor pay more debts and the rich with zero taxes this is disproportionately this is the beginning of chaos we should for measures to resolve it we are on the streets in the wind in the cold not for a pleasure. the french of come because they could not stand it this is lasted for years not only mark wrong although here force did nothing to save the situations
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people are on the streets not giving it because they are determined. but only this week in france four people were killed in a dozen injured in a terror attack in strasburg a gunman opened fire on a crowded christmas market and then fled a two day manhunt followed ending in a gunfight with police during which the suspect was killed. i saw a lot of people running it were terrified children were crying so i realized something terrible was happening and people said there was a shooting right next door so i ran to. the scene. i was a mo way to the city center with a friend but the road was blocked and we couldn't go further someone told us there
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was a gunman shouldn't it people couldn't even get back home so we ended up being stuck here but it's reported that the gunman shouted god is great in arabic as he started shooting authorities say he was a local man who'd likely been radicalized in prison his father said to the son supported islamic state believing it's militants were fighting a just cause it's also been revealed he had an extensive police record and was on the french watch list of possible. considering who target the perpetrators way of parading his profile and the testimonies of those. and to terror police have been called into action terrorism has once again struck our country in strasburg reminding us in a dramatic fashion but the threat is still very real what we heard from two members of the european parliament from op if their opposite ends of the political spectrum about this they did green that europe's current anti terror policy does need
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reviewing. we kept one minute of silence for the victims as we do recently. as we're doing every day and does good is good and bad because we are doing the work of the this a lot of time this mandate so that means we have to change policies to find the sources of the terrorism and to attack the sources of their readers are the terrorists we have to stop the war should we do this we have to really degrade their words realize due to the suburbs of paris and brussels. and we have to do to work together with the moderate islam to the week of two to establish some long term goals and try to achieve them marial as much as i think this was expected this is proof that this is a must terrorist has committed a crime that was relatively easy to commit i believe it is time to react the terrorist who carried out this mosque yesterday was well known to the police so why
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wasn't he detained in advance we discuss a heron stross book with the e.u. having opened its borders this free such a nation of people has bought a loud criminals to move about freely every time we have such tragedy we get back to the topic of border control and i think we should take back control of the borders and make the criminals afraid again because now they are not scad yet ordinary people are scared of going to christmas markets with their kids scared to go outside it is not enough to light candles to cry to say like they do all the time just. as we bought the clan we all front and we want france to live in peace. so come the weekly this hour washington has unveiled its new plan for africa criticized the presence of russia and china there we've got more details just after the break.
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president trump indeed has has he's way of communicating but you have to hand it to him but sometimes it's better to try and shake up the established way of doing things in order to come to a different conclusion i think what's worrying is this focus on you know fake news and junk news because one of the foundations of a democracy has to be the trust in news facts and information and if that trust is fundamentally shaken and the independent media criticized then i think that that's a problem from a communications perspective. if we have a new trade arrangements with china may build a new foundation for wars they will relations i think broadly the there's of the u.s. has a problem in itself in the rise of china no matter what they do. welcome
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back now the u.s. national security adviser has criticized russia and china as activities in africa john bolton was unveiling a new policy which he says will benefit the continent across the continent russia advances its political and economic relationships with little regard to the rule of law are accountable and transparent governance. it continues to sell arms and energy in exchange for votes at the united nations china uses bribes opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in africa captive
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to beijing's wishes and demands to move on when china talks about cooperation with africa china's focuses more on what africa needs such as agriculture modernization and accelerated industrialization but the related statement made by the u.s. concerned simply what the united states itself needs so with bolton have any critical then of the role of russia and china in the area. has taken a closer look at america's own vision. this regarding that it reads more like a declaration of war than a strategy this plan is for the good of africa promises john bolton this coming from a guy whose boss trump infamously referred to several african nations as something that i can't mention on their the predatory practices pursued by china and russia stunt economic growth in africa threaten the financial independence of african nations and pose a significant threat to u.s. national security interests its interest in logic so when china or russia or
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someone else you don't like lends an african nation money that's dead colonialism almost financial slavery when america does it it's investment for africa's own good but if mentioning is that russia's trade with the continent pales into insignificance when compared to the us or china look at this rely on this highway hydro power station all built with chinese investment beijing is raising entire cities with more to come china is willing to provide now the sixty billion dollars in support of africa to government assistance investment and financing the financial institutions and enterprises the phrase actions speak louder than words is entirely a political here the chinese leader xi jinping has visited africa nine times during his tenure trump once sent his wife but what the united states might lack in tact
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it more than makes up with guns american troops are stationed in fifty out of fifty four african nations it has thirty four military sites thousands and thousands of soldiers across the entire continent and a long history of military interventions china has. one base in djibouti russia has none american troops are there for africans own good washington would say speaking of which remember the whole chinese and russian money that had american money good thing well it turns out not so much our new foreign assistance strategy will ensure that all us foreign aid in every corner of the globe vance's us interest countries that repeatedly vote against the united states in international forums or take actions counter to u.s.
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interest should not receive generous american foreign aid john bolton they does in gentleman man who unveiled america's new africa plodding so much for financial independence africans good luck we need to move it to consider what really africa needs it's not really what china and maize want a russian aid or us need everyone china russia or all of france as it all has the kind really contribution to number one the infrastructure development and also to gave technology to grow their agricultural their manufacturing base that's something that command a moral high morale simply albon the other all of this continent it doesn't really know how these people to grow their industry to earn better life just think of pounding to russia or to to china for some of the you know allegedly
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bad behavior that doesn't really help the picture so it is up to the africans will decide if totally wrong. look at us go over to yemen i with the paucity of head aida and a few other areas have reportedly been the target of shelling the side led coalition which supports yemen's government has not commented on these reports so far although it does come. just days after yemen's pro-government forces reached a ceasefire with who threw rebels in her data the truce was agreed to during un backed talks held in sweden the first of their kind in two and a half years under the ceasefire terms the warring sides were to halt hostilities and withdraw their forces from the data a strategic or city that was as the main entry point for humanitarian aid the truce was meant to take effect immediately but as clashes have continued it's reportedly been put off until tuesday the u.n. is warning the humanitarian situation in yemen is deteriorating by the day
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a terrible tragedy is unfolding in yemen and it's getting worse millions of people are starving sick desperate they have one message for the world this war needs to stop meanwhile a new report by the armed conflict location and event data project claims that the number of yemenis killed since twenty sixty has reached sixty thousand and that figure is six times greater than the normally cited ten thousand dead so let's bring in now under recall bernie he's a searcher on the movie armed conflict location and event data project the group that put together that report thank you for your time today and there firstly this might come as a big shock to some people a figure now is being put forward of sixty thousand hugely more than what we've heard before or why is that is it just because there's been a lack of data prior to this or perhaps are there other motives at play.
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well thank you for having me here. let me first say collecting fatality numbers he's usually the single most difficult piece of information you can get from a conflict zone. because of course there are reporting by years that because there is a limited access to the part of. what we did. in partnership with the u.n. the project is reviewing over three hundred media sources. internationally and locally. and try to collect as much information as possible about the conflict in yemen we always try to triangulate the information we collected and use the most conservative estimate when it comes to how talented numbers. so there's sixty thousand as you mentioned the period between generally twenty sixteen and november twenty eighth. going to be
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closer probably to eighty thousand when we also start to include twenty fifty. the figure is different from from from what actually has been used in the media and released by the u.n. in twenty sixteen mostly because the un relied on official official structures like facilities or other medical centers the u.n. i know that when they released these number that actually the figure was an underestimate but the figure has been used in the media almost incessantly sin since twenty seventeen. so of course these provided had distorted picture of of the of the true toll of the human war has it been difficult to do your research. as i mentioned collecting data on fatalities particularly is very difficult because when it comes to yemen
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particularly. there are areas where reporting is very limited there are very few sources reporting on on the company these are sometimes very parties and they are either biased or sometimes they actually they provide very little information these these has been. the most difficult challenge in collecting. all the information in the day we do on a on a regular basis from your time doing this research to your group would have been your impressions about the humanitarian situation in yemen we hear dire warnings from the u.n. but specifically from what you've learned how would you assess it. are the war has definitely aggravated the humanitarian crisis in yemen yemenis a country where for instance ninety percent of all foodies imported.
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all operations the may actually hinder imports of food like blockade or are seizing trucks carrying humanitarian goads he's keeps a huge blow to the to the humanitarian to the humanitarian situation we hear from save the children for instance that eighty five thousands of people may have also died because of malnutrition and disease is connected to two to it we know already there are pockets of famine reported in several areas across the yemen and simply a declaration of hasn't been released yet because the data to do it. is very difficult to gather and he's very difficult to confirm if you felt frustrated about a lack of intent from international community to do something to help. well. definitely the biggest push for the international community to act
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has been after the death of a journalist. in in istanbul the recent resolution by the u.s. senate has been a very strong are particularly in deference of the foreign policy of president trump but he's mostly a deck lera tory are so it doesn't have a binding force on on us foreign policy. definitely from from what we could see in reporting at least there has been a very kind of a generally lazy attitude in using for instance that ten thousand figure provided by the un the salt fish are figure. twenty sixteen and still many newspapers and media outlets are still using that has you know a figure which significantly downplay the devastation of that war and the humanitarian crisis as well has brought to yemen into the yemeni people ok and
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today look we're going to have to leave it there run after time but we appreciate your time tonight was under a club only researcher in yemen for the armed conflict location and event data project thank you thank you if you watch and weekly here in artie's usual back with more few more stories in the headlines in just over half an. hello and welcome to worlds apart it's been blamed on the divans of populism or their revenge of the deplorable but the norms of public discourse have visibly shifted over the last few years and it's not just in the united states where don't
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trump continues writing history that he's misspelled tweets but also in the u.k. france and other countries with seemingly establish standards of public discourse is the old west becoming wild again well to discuss that i'm now joined by michael stop for the former deputy assistant secretary general for strategic communications at nato and currently managing director at oxford in the lake mr stuff for the it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time pleasure to be here excited thank you i know that the new yorker and capacity you are advised clients on the situation in the middle east which is usually thought of as a far riskier and more unpredictable region than the stable and civil western world but given the events in france the veil very violent protests there as well as the orderly brax of negotiations don't you think that the your clients are perhaps more perplexed figuring out what's going on in their own neck of the woods well that's an interesting question.


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