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tv   News  RT  December 18, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EST

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a key moment in the syrian peace process diplomats from russia. to try. to take place in the nation.
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but. president. polices sanctions on the country turns a blind eye to violations a neighboring. global security in the balance president putin warns of a shift in the world if. you're tuning in from right around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to our team international my name's. the fates of syria is. being thrust starts in this swiss
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city of geneva a meeting hosted by the un special serious envoy stuff on. top diplomats from russia iran turkey they're all attempting to put together a committee responsible for drafting a new constitution eventually paving the way for elections in the war torn country our senior correspondent. is in geneva. the talks negotiations on this new constitutional reform have been very difficult because the different sides have such. views nevertheless the main sticking point is about the makeup of this constitutional new constitutional committee because it may have to either rewrite the syrian constitution entirely all amend certain parts of the to provide for an all inclusive pan syrian election going into the future there are of course other things that they're going to be discussing but that is the main topic nevertheless these three countries russia iran and turkey they've been working together over
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recent years and their cooperation partnership has yielded concrete results we've seen demilitarized zone that stablished in syria we've seen deescalation and ceasefire cease fire is guaranteed by these three countries the turkish foreign minister though did remark that they've had very little cooperation from the united states and its coalition that they haven't been involved in any sort of talks negotiations with regards to this constitutional reform but what we can say about the united states is they made a new priorities very clear and that isn't getting rid of asset we want to see a regime that is fundamentally different it's not regime change we're not trying to get rid of assad we just want to see a regime again that does not produce the kind of horrors that we have seen there's a strong. readiness on the part of western nations not to ante up money
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for that disaster unless we have some kind of idea that the government is ready to compromise on us and our create yet another horror nevertheless there is a lot of motivation to get things done because the situation in syria while nowhere near as volatile as it was even a year ago it is still remarkably tense for example turkey is threatening intervention invasion of northern syria. against the who. abuses terrorists there have been clashes in the evening as well where there are rebels as well as islamists geodes terrorists clashing with the syrian arab. as i say a lot of drive to get things done ok we may return to that story if we get a statement from geneva but for now let's move to costa rica where several hundred exiled nicaraguans have protested against their country's president daniel ortega.
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the protesters are demanding ortega stop the repression of media and civil rights of nicaraguans have fled to costa rica since the outbreak of government protests more than three hundred people have been killed in. civil unrest in september made street protests of human rights watch has criticized the opposition media and the closure of rights organizations. as northern neighbor honduras is also accused of summer violations but there is a contrast in how the u.s. treats the two central american countries one receives punishing sanctions the other an extensive aid package. it's a tale of two central american countries both plagued with somewhat similar problems corruption violence and government crackdowns. and our. rule of
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law has not fared so well in either country with doris and nicaragua both sinking towards the bottom of the list ponderosa in nicaragua both exemplify a recent regional trend of suppressing the right to protest and using excessive force against demonstrators however hunder us is the only one out of the two that the us seems to have a soft side for don't just take my word for it nicaragua was one of the us is tyrannical trio the spread of tyranny follows a predictable pattern media and opposition parties are silenced the regime unleashes its militants to kidnap torture and execute dissidents but one doris well they're of valuable ally especially after they voted with the us to legitimize to roussillon as israel's capital to people of honduras and stood with us to make that decision ourselves and decide we're we've got our embassy and that's right and we
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greatly appreciate not just disappeared on them but on so many. united nations now both nicaragua and honduras crackdown on anti-government protests this year but they've evoked quite different reactions from the u.s. when nicaragua does it it's a threat to the legitimacy of the current administration every does not victim of this violence and intimidation campaign further undermine its take its legitimacy. and when hundreds cracks down on protesters after a sketchy election well that's a time for people to hold hands and sing whom by coming of the election. dynasties to it's very important that people come together we start to become inclusive and we find success but that's words now what about the money the u.s. is shoveling military and economic aid honduras is way sixty eight million tax dollars
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worth and at the very same time nicaragua is about to be slapped with further sanctions just last week congress passed the nneka act over the latin american countries corruption and human rights violations so two countries with very similar problems but two very different approaches. the view of those two countries has been highly. distorted by the mainstream media by the us government the united states is not concerned about human rights and democracy in fact we know that the us supports seventy three percent of the world's tator ships but uses human rights they are very. arbitrarily and selectively in order to justify its own geopolitical ends up of course is a classic example where the us and ordered the supposed dictatorship for decades
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and now when there was a popular or revolution by the standard reasons worked for over ten years supporting culture terror against their country people forget about that you know and those things need to be remembered in the context of the of the situations we're talking about today. a feud between democrats and republicans over plans for a wall between the united states and mexico has led to threats of a us government shutdown double trouble start after seeking five billion dollars for a wall to prevent illegal immigration while the democrats insist on less than two billion on a simpler border fence anytime you hear a democrat saying that you can have good border security without a wall write them off as just another politician following the party line time for us to save billions of dollars a year and have at the same time far greater safety and control yes so just to be clear it's not clear what exactly will be built on the us mexico border.
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border security to the people of our country very important the wall is a big factor in border security number one we are for strong border security. speaking for myself consider the wall and moral walls can be scaled over walls can be tunneled under the wall doesn't stop any bad things from happening it just makes it impossible for the folks on our side to see what's developing it makes it more
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difficult for them. the president through executive order one three seven six seven directed us to build a wall on the southwest border the wall that we're going to put in here is parents a wall that we're going to put in here you may be wondering why are we choosing the type of fence that we're choosing the bollard wall that we're going to be putting in place excuse me to safety aspects that a wall provides this type of fence this type of ball of walls. if we don't get what we want one way or the other whether it's through you through a military through anything you want to call i would shut down the guy who can have it or not this temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall and it will hurt a lot of people because he will cause a shutdown. investment
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by goldman sachs is facing criminal charges in malaysia over the last of billions of dollars from a state investment fund now the firm say that the former government in kuala lumpur is to blame claiming at allied to the bank well daniel bushnell investigates now whether the company is going to face any real consequences the indictment states goldman sachs not only got ridiculously inflated fees of six hundred million dollars for helping start malaysia's corrupt national wealth fund were in coalition leader anwar abraham says the wall street bank must be complicit in the whole affair probably the most stunning financial scandal of the decade is the failure of governance and you allow this to go this one is much a bottom up and they were. complicit to the. international financial. sector course and instead of investing it in the nation
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prosecutors say the funds cash was blown on a five year spending spree from beverly hills mansions to a rare twenty two carat pink diamond seethrough grand piano gift to australian supermodel miranda kerr a quarter of a billion dollars on this three hundred foot mega yacht called the equity and bankrolling hollywood hit the wolf of wall street about oh the irony but in crimes on an industrial scale the real question is this was this legal. absolutely the. defendants deny the claims and goldman blames those malaysia crimes on a few rogue individuals notably goldman's then celebrated star partner in life but at the end of that six five years spending spree in twenty fourteen the indictment points out goldman actually promoted him worse liason his guilty plea notes others at the bank helped him conceal bribes what he did even quote very much in line with the culture of goldman sachs that culture thrives thanks to what's. the revolving
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door where goldman chiefs worldwide made lawmakers and regulators and vice versa to get elected donald trump railed against goldman as a villain the symbol of the corrupt us establishment but as soon as he got in he filled his team with goldman exacts like gary cohn as chief economic adviser goldman gave cone a living presence pre broyard as senator elizabeth warren dubs it of a quarter of a billion dollars kerry cohen picks out the sacks full of mining goes into government and rewrites the tax laws marriages to cram it through and pointed called once again shell savvy investor u.s. senators railed at goldman selling ordinary american products they knew would fail them betting on their failure practices that contributed to the two thousand and eight world economic crash then treasury secretary hank paulson nevertheless handed goldman a ten billion dollar bailout paulson just happened to have been yes you guessed it goldman sachs chief the evidence shows that goldman repeatedly put its own
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interests and profits ahead of the interests of its clients and our communities when the system finally collapsed under the weight of those toxic mortgages goldman profited from the collapse using a fictitious exchange rate in two thousand and one gold magically disappeared greece's debt so it could cheat its way into the e.u. the bank is said to have trials at an eye watering three hundred million dollar fee in fact greece's debt actually rose and was handed to its citizens suffering to this day the great trick was arranged by this man who infamously said the bank is doing god's work promoted to goldman boss blankfein reportedly met privately with the disgraced merchant at the head of goldman malaysia malays whole scandal is now spawned a best selling board game clip hopefully to goldman sachs is one of these high level finance capital companies in the us that is very close knit group close to
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the leaders of power. on both sides of the political aisle if they can get away with what they get away not in states they can certainly get away with it elsewhere not what's going on in malaysia is just the tip of an iceberg that's going on everywhere they just haven't been caught in any other places it's criminal it's the biggest criminal white white collar criminal event i think. of the last century many even greater we are on the verge of a of another crisis here financial crisis that will make the last one pale in comparison and the goldman sachs and people and businesses like them are at the center of the cause of this. is world security in the balance president putin slams the u.s. over threats to leave a major nuclear weapons treaty the details on reaction to the us when we come back .
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be close this is like the book for free in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the logs of. course if.
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you're back with the international president put in us custody added to us for threatening to pull all its off a crucial nuclear weapons treaty saying it could on balance world security washington announced its potential withdrawal from the cold war era intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. but in october the comments from vladimir putin came during a speech today to russian defense officials so you might be spot on this was why it is you when you're so short of. the u.s. legally i.n.f. a nuclear missile treaty could have serious negative consequences some weakening
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regional and global safety it could collapse the whole last section of arms control and the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. and for tracking developments of all this is our correspondent igor. it's a story with so many ramifications i'm not sure where to begin but what else the president putin have to say on all this well you know union lattimer putin has indeed focused a lot on this i.n.f. treaty indeed and the thing is about this whole deal is. putin's position on this was very much in line with russia's position on that the whole time and i should also say that in fact it has very much correlated with what has been the international view of the situation around the deal the thing about it when it was struck between the united states and then soviet union it basically ended the called war it ended the arms race fueled by the cold war nowadays it is role its role is viewed as not allowing this arms race to happen again to repeat
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and so glad i'm a putin's position has been that really the united states of binding is a bad thing it is excuse me abandoning it all will do more harm and won't do any good at all and probably that's why we've heard so much outcry and concern out of europe because they are basically between the rock and the hard place the united states and russia and according to latimer putin the united states want to leave this deal under a false pretext have a listen you. look. as a reason for the unilateral withdrawal from the i.m.f. the u.s. used the familiar trivial way unsubstantiated accusations of russia violating its obligations under the treaty or the us already violated it themselves and did it a long time ago. well another thing that the united states is why the united states is unhappy with this deal is the fact that it binds only russia and the
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united states and they say that while other countries going to explore their military capabilities and hampered well according to vladimir putin he doesn't really see a problem in inviting other nations to join and to sign this treaty as well but of course if this deal does fall apart eventually then vladimir putin has said russia will have to respond swiftly and well of really he said it won't take much time for russia to develop whatever military countermeasures for whatever the united states have in store what the united states have planned for this deal but a deal is a deal is so that outside of course it wasn't the only thing that the russian president has spoken in front of all the generals he also talked about russia's defensive capabilities about russia's outlook for twenty nineteen he's developing military technology and unmanned warfare capabilities are key are you all saw and mentioned the nuclear tried as
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a priority the development of russia's nuclear arsenal as a top priority as well but all of that he said is only as a measure of deterrence only as a deterrent so only a defensive and not an offensive capability and plan for twenty nineteen ok we will continue to closely follow developments on this story igor is talking to us from central moscow thank you. ok return to our top story now on the mutual efforts of a run turkey and russian to create a syrian constitutional committee essentially a way of saying that elections in syria could be held in the near future that is the hope well let's go live now to omar and the shelby who is a beirut based security political analyst and friend of the program hello to you marc. the u.s. if i may start with this say it isn't seeking regime change but that they want a fundamentally different situation to assad being in charge or those two
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statements in contradiction to each other. well i think the united states is the administration today in washington and in the pentagon they're trying to reposition to position themselves and the reason for this repositioning is the series of failures i think that the bush administration failed in its campaign in iraq in two thousand and three then came the obama administration that failed in its declared objective to really move to do more. to do with the change in syria today the trumpet mr shays failing by counting and supporting in the first in the first phase the they were like counting a little bit on the kurdish presence now tension with turkey has reached an all time high and i don't think that this is very healthy for protecting american interests in this part of the world and on the trumpet mr bush also failed with it
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last at last the role of the united states as a peace broker in the central issue that is the arab israeli conflict so this is a weakness on several fronts and therefore the united states is repositioning itself and that is perhaps a smart move to actually you know try to recover what it has lost from the previous previous ventures that it gauge itself in and the destruction of iraq and almost complete destruction we have millions of refugees destruction of the infrastructure so now here comes the american envoy james jeffrey in saying that yesterday i believe are you saying that the united states doesn't wish to remove the assad regime. actually puts all of a condition that it needs to have a fundamental change in the policy of syria and that fundamental change. i think is the i don't think it's possible at this point do you know or did they would have to they would have to take to what's there on the table and this is the situation they
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have lost they have lost their objective they could not reach their objectives therefore they have to they have to deal with it that he has for that coming i'm sorry if i take a little bit more time mr mr james jeffrey is saying is saying he's also in his words between the lines you can see a threat he's saying that the assad regime did not win the war yet well. what does he mean by that does he mean that the united states is ready to reengage by supporting the terrorist organizations in syria and by and in creating chaos in syria and try again on this failed and destructive kind of a move towards our i am not sure but he's not in a position to make any condition yet time has beaten us omar omar in a shabby security and political analyst in very rich i wish we had more thank you so much for your take this hour. packing a punch next to a must watch documentary little miss kung fu that starts in moments this is r.t. .
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in a world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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imagine that they know the six thirty five and you have a what career and career involves using your eyes filling your computer and things they could have been in an office and perhaps she started getting headaches or circular teeth you could have to stop doing all this and this is tell you lou the minutes must be frightening my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it and the box. around it a very strong magnetic field on my head in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point there says continues on saying with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and
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it's getting worse. yet. all. that sandy. has. solved. yet. so much as all the means.
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five am. a daily training session. this is just been just a couple of months till graduation she and her twenty seven close mates are all running to start the day with a warm up. in the dark we somehow managed to lose john in the crowd. now for. the. front of a. number of.
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bands that. are going to mama. so it's always a millennial with. your forward so. that men you. know in that intense i sound. hines examiner and so a lot. was there then the about saudi jitters or offensive with a. full washout fifield on going. to. the hall for cups. president was a little boy. their boys with their trouble will slowly get understand that it all been the ghost of believe it or. to your mind that i was on my mission with the help of all that super had to sit. there for the laws as your wishes will.


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