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the presidential twenty eight biggest. threats of nuclear war. which. many western politicians and even ordinary people. they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do international journalists. get a little worried response to global. also coming up. fighting for a long time in syria now we've won it's time to come back. takes credit for defeating islamic state in syria. ministration announcing
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a surprise troop withdrawal from the country all that ahead. a very warm welcome to our to international wherever you are joining us from rights are raw and the global just a few minutes ago wrapped up his q. and a on the biggest defense all of the year it was his fourteenth a lot of interesting questions being given we go through it in a moment. well our senior correspondent joins us live on the program and you've been watching i mean for the past number of hours not his longest ever but incredible amount of
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topics being raised. you've picked out the highlights. yeah not quite the five hours that his record but you know pretty near four hours solid enough but there was so much covered so much from fuel prices to protests to even nuclear war breaks it mentioning those frogs i mentioned relations with various countries they had a chance of conflict but one thing that stood out towards the end was an interesting question of. who can about whether he wants to rule the world and he does. them. many western politicians and even ordinary people see russia as a threat they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do i just want to know you really want this was surreal and of your foreign policy. concerning ruling the world we know where the headquarters are located of those who
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want to do this and it's not in moscow you can connect this to defense spending the u.s. spends over seven hundred billion dollars on it or russia only forty six billion in about all do you really think that our aim is to rule the world or universe that this is just a cliche that's being imposed by the west in order to resolve their own domestic problems in the. blackmail putin also asked about tribes tribes announcement resident declaration yesterday resident tweet i suppose that he is going to pull out american troops from syria now that the job has been done and isis has been destroyed it hasn't but. says it has blood in there putin was asked what he thought about that intent. concerning the u.s. withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the us has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they
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say that they are withdrawing their troops but they are still there and now is the presence of american troops needed in syria i don't think so let's not forget the presence there is illegitimate but it was not agreed either with the un security council or with the syrian regime so if the us plans to withdraw is the right decision. ukrainian journalists are also always welcome at this press conference cept in recent years of the more nationalistic li minded and zealously anti putin ones seem to favor displaying their colors. for everyone to see. flags or banners or indeed provocative questions. you can express it will try to do i just wanted to ask you how much money do you spend on done by us people are starving and they've turned into slaves of russian frankly speaking as a way to shoot three members of the puzzles. just tell me this who set the blockade
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between us and the rest of ukraine that it was russia you know it was done by the ukrainian authorities they have been forced a full economic blockade of the territory they consider their own they shoot at those. considered their own citizens almost every day civilians die though we provide humanitarian support for those living national but only not to let those people starve to death. another important thing that people have been talking about for some years several years now escalation growing tensions in the world armament an arms race and vladimir putin was asked about potential nuclear war he said that would be catastrophic but the risk is there because the global security order the global security mechanism is unraveling it is failing it is being destroyed nations are pulling out of arms treaties out of arms limitation treaties developing these
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new weapons capable of defeating all defenses and there is the problem that balance is gone there is no mutually assured destruction there is no parity and so everybody is trying to make new weapons there is a global arms race and it isn't going to end well. as the us is now leaving the i.n.f. treaty going to happen it is hard to imagine what is the rockets are located in europe what should we do of course we will have to ensure our security with some concrete steps to let them not say later that we are trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get some advantage but merely to seek your pilots to ensure our security. so much more covered the we don't have time to pack in now almost four hours is record being five hours a record as well one thousand seven hundred and two credited journalists
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in attendance with a lot of questions and times a very chaotic with gen the screaming and shouting and jumping to be noticed and to get the question of. the new one in than many more journalists as always an action packed afternoon thank you very much for that our senior correspondent with the big aspects of the q. and a let's put some meat on the bones of what was spoken to by very happy to say live from brussels a small professor. commentator live on the program. perhaps after the russian economy the biggest topic spoken of by it was syria president putin saying that the conflict that country is edging closer to a political solution indeed he also well i would say praise donald trump for the decision to pull out your troops but he also said that he remembers afghanistan and seventeen years later troops u.s.
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troops are still in afghanistan after saying that you know almost every year we will be leaving the country you're initial thoughts on putin stance on syria. well eighteen putin has been working very hard boiled bass reporting the syrian state and also by negotiating with the saudis and the sending. in order to each in agreement which is maybe acceptable to the united states at least to determine what the problem is and is not a dictator i mean not a problem maybe but he's not a dictator and therefore he has to go along with congress and with his military and so on and it's very interesting to see that the reaction from the new york times and from other liberal circles of the liberal people and. the hopes that the new hope is that we do hold for the home u.s. to come syria is a victory for her and for his hand and it makes. this says well
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obviously if we are not seeing this because of the decades long intervention in that part of the world which goes back to the creation of israel we don't have to do anything they would just pull out go home yankee go home as we said during the vietnam war and there's the on it instead there i mean there's the only sensitive solution including from the point of view of the american people including from the point of view of the american businessman there is a good deal of people neil conservative military industrial complex in the media. the sort of liberal into the guinness one to intervene everywhere but this is not the end of the united states not of the interest of the people of the world not the interest of anybody into catastrophic their interventions have been systematically catastrophic if turned manages to growth then a lot of these can usually be. another aspect spoken of by today with the yellow vests which have been happening not only in france but also where you are now in
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brussels in belgium we saw some of a lot of our putin saying that the planned increase of fuel tax was only a trigger for the protests leading to a general spill out of general dissatisfaction would you agree with that sentiment . or here certainly i mean that was the trigger but of course the dissatisfaction is very deep you see them in the western economies have been transformed into service economies and people dog of course partly there to do to make an addition but it's also partly due to deal it is asian and simply the fact that we import now good twenty. cheap cheap labor such as china and because we can then. produce what we consume. and then we create all kinds of jobs in the service sector including the public sector that's also fine. and this is just not a way to get the economy going and people are very dissatisfied because these jobs
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. are not. so full it so of course they send usually satisfaction and dissatisfaction is not the one that we talk about usually namely. the. islam and so on is in a deep dissatisfaction with the economy has been hunting for the last. in the west and same thing with the same thing a courtesy of just talking about break that was briefly brought up the russian president didn't stay too long on it saying that it won't really affect russia but it will of course the world which russia is a part of the global community but he did speak about u.k. russia relations a lot of our putin describing it as a stalemate and expressed the intention to fix those relations what do you think can be done in that regard. oh jeremy corbin was prime minister they would be very quickly fixed because he has no stated to her but it's obvious that there is
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a part of the british indeed. that they don't really understand that may go back to the nineteenth century and i've always been very anti-abortion when they were on take only you could think that that's because of ideological reasons but now this idea that he's and have these appear and we are back to the kenyan world in one thousand center here or something like that where all this is some sort of a british aristocracy. and the british government being a tory government is also very anti hershon you're serious cripple and in other for example in the fact that the vanguard of sanctions and. i don't know what putin can do to fix it with the current government on the other hand your government change and labor will. go with asians who will employ really quickly. loft professor political commentator live on the program less or a sean thank you as always. thank you. well our teaser reporter was among the assembled journalists. q.
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and a in moscow. so you can see he's live on the program another big question and answer session with the president but take us back a few hours how did the russian leader handle your question. unit hey there yeah i just want to go back to the actual wang's of the whole press conference as you've mentioned this is not a record but more than three and a half hours but trust me when you're sitting there when you're trying to hold this little thing actually the size of this was the limit to this year for all the journalists when you're desperate to get this question you can feel every minute of it possibly even second and then when it gets closer to the end it really really puts a lot of pressure on you but i was lucky enough to get a chance to ask my questions about ask my questions after about one and a half hours while we were there in that room and this is the moment when you really try and mention all the important aspects bring up all the important things
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that happened this year and so i began was mentioning the script scandal and the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi this is something that vladimir putin likes to talk about and it's a double standards in the clearly there are double standards when it comes to the reaction to these cases in the west and here's what the washington president said about that. i'm sure you would be cautious he was assassinated everyone knows that there is evidence script is alone however there are sanctions against russia and complete silence in the case of saudi arabia that this politicized russia for you because it is just one of the reason to attack russia if it was not script they would have thought of something else this is obvious to me and the aim is one to hold russia's growth it's any cost well speaking of other double standards i went on to talk about more things for example. the arrest of rushing journalists in fact he is used to be the head of a russian news agency in ukraine carol the sin city in the ukraine he's been
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arrested for months the arrests of a blue team in the u.s. and the recent attention of the way financial director in canada by the way donald trump refers to her house of bargaining chip in the trade one game possibly open the door one that and i want to ask lot of our poop whether this is possible in russia to detain foreigners whether we'll ever see that on under some dodgy pretext to then possibly exchange the prisoners that are under arrest in the west and if we take the rules of the game that are being set by america and some other western countries in this case whether that is at all acceptable the answer from the russian president was no he said that russia will never try to use this kind of tactic. terrific stuff fairly if thanks so much bring this up to date
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with all that this hour ok that is where we leave the q. and a for nothing but a lot more still to come syria the united states donald trump surprise decision to a draw american troops we've been all day down reaction coming up right after this . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to. politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see if. i. was a principal emotions covering petitions is this a. medical doctor i want him to do his will need to like so
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i try not to attach any part of personal feelings maybe something tickled objections i would have but in politics history is a judge and history will judge who's presidency. and. which was not. but the big story of the week. the defeats state in syria with the rapid withdrawal of all two thousand u.s. troops there the american president took to twitter giving the u.s.
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on time self much of the credit for the victory over the terrorists a low his words seem to up his administration. advisers. we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won it's time to come back. because all remain on the ground there after the physical to kill we have the pieces in place to ensure that the shooters and or. the knock at the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon. to u.s. officials tell and be seen as the president reluctantly agreeing to keep troops in syria well no detail plan for the withdrawal was actually given but the white house did stress that the victory of horizonal does not signal the end of the coalition's campaign adding that washington is transitioning to the next phase of the u.s. intervention in the syrian conflict began back in twenty fourteen with air strikes and boots on the ground without approval from damascus or
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a un dates well kevin all spoke to correspondent igor down off a little bit earlier to get a broader look back at the u.s. campaign in syria united states. have been changing the rules of this game as it said game was ongoing when it comes to why the in syria in the first place because it certainly wasn't an official invitation from the un recognized leader bashar assad and to the country saying they want to fight terrorists i saw so now they've defeated unlike the i don't really introduced a new reasons a new pretext as why the should stay for example come combating and kind of countering iranian influence in syria well where did that come from so now they say that their priorities have shifted again we're not asking for regime change we're not asking for the russians to leave we're asking for is a compromise settlement there's a strong. readiness on the part of western nations not to ante up money
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for that disaster unless we have some kind of i'd. there that the government is ready to compromise a notion i create yet another horror in the years ahead the united states did do a lot to defeat eisel in syria i mean that can can't really be taken from them they pretty much liberated all of the eastern and northern much of the northern syrian regions of course not their soldiers not their troops but their proxy a sort of army as the kurds i mean the self-proclaimed capital of the caliphate rucka was liberated by the united states and their allies but the thing is the means that the because they did kick i sell out with their favorite tool with their favorite approach and that is blunt stupid force so that's what they used on rocket for example the blue treated the city with bombings once a flourishing prosperous city now it still lies in ruins i mean we've heard
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a very very big outcry coming from human rights groups for instance who have been accusing the united states of indiscriminate bombing and even using a term as an annihilation war and saying that this should be considered a war crime what the united states bombings did there just to give you the scale of how bad it is bodies are still being found in rock or complain and did in twenty seventeen. it was still a thirty year we were forced to leave our homes because of eisele when we returned we found everything which used to rubble look at all the devastation rock is a ghost city. we're living in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned everything around has been destroyed.
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the u.s. coalition caused the destruction of records and has a responsibility to rebuild the city. well unless point the u.s. backed kurdish fighters will now be left abandoned vulnerable turkey has threatened an offensive in northern syria against the kurds who they view as terrorists a fear of a clash with the u.s. postponed onslaught well a lot of trumps opponents supporters in the administration are not pleased with his the session former u.s. diplomat jim justice say's we will have to see if they succeed in pushing trying to reverse it. could make a comeback and in fact some of the opponents of president trump's decision to pull out of syria are citing exactly that they're comparing it to their accusations against barack obama that his quote premature withdrawal from iraq led to the rise
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of isis in the first place look if claiming the defeat of isis is an excuse for donald trump to get us out of syria i say who ray it's the right decision the real question is is will these so-called experts that he's appointed to run his administration sandbag him and drag their feet and find some way to dig a this decision and that's the real question we don't know the answer to. in the midst of a heated breaks and to bait on a one moment in the u.k. parliament between pm trees and me an opposition leader germy corbin has lip readers hard work some people are asking whether corbin muttered miss nugent comment on his breath you can look for yourself did deliberately to actually say woman or did he say people. would be the responsible position of any government to put in place contingency arrangements or no deal. would be
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a disaster for our country. responsible government would have. christmas stocking down. in the chimney on the terrace mistreating these guys i'm trying to write. it's the prime minister who is supposed to be undertaking going to go see. the prime minister that style to bring an acceptable deal but it's the right honorable gentleman doesn't want to see money being spent on no deal he's got an easy also cut this deal. cut i was talking about you. know. this kind of missile domestic language must not be tolerated. during prime minister's question time to eight i referred to those who i believe were seeking to
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turn the debate about the national crisis facing our country into account in mind as stupid people. this is big to ignore use the words stupid woman about the problem is still or anyone else and i'm completely opposed to the use of sexist old misogynist language in absolutely any form. it doesn't look like stupid woman to me i can see stupid woman. the phrase no problem is well known and familiar in many languages but the swahili translation is now at the center of a trademark against the entertainment giant disney you may know the phrase from
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this movie. my problem. was that. since the lion king came out in one thousand nine hundred forty generations growing up knowing how cool. the phrase was trademarked by disney to protect its movie merchandising but this studio is being accused of colonialism a petition launched by zimbabwe and activist to get disney to drop its company right claim has been signed by more than sixty thousand people saying the phrase belongs to african culture and is not in invention will disney's trademark dates back to two thousand and three for hakuna matata to be used on clothing and footwear the studio doesn't deny this one heli origin of either the phrase or the names of almost all the lion king characters although it hasn't yet commented on the petition itself or the case has fired up some angry opinions out there. why
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we're seeing so much pushback from people on it they see this as another as you alluded to manifestation of cultural appropriation and it continues a capitalism entrepreneur africa and specifically africa a continent representing everything that capitalist wants everything capitalist need but everything capitalists don't want to pay for that's used if you look at it and i'm not necessarily anti-capitalist stand i mean i don't want to find out the answer me that you're driving a jeep cherokee let me just leave it at that obviously i think it's unnecessary pressure as i mentioned earlier we live in an error of only outreach people are just looking for a reason to be offended i don't think this is a case about offending people right i mean everyone will find a way to get up to be offended i think what we're seeing here is the commodification of culture and we have to go beyond sheridan to the one thing that does the did do is davey d. investment in the lion king franchise which is created a lot of jobs did these made a lot of money and let me tell you something disney has donated to africa and
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causes in africa last year two thousand and seventeen they donated over three hundred forty million dollars not everything is meant to be commodified and culture is one of those things especially when the culture does not belong to the corporation that is trying to appropriate and make money off of it at the end of the date disney is a global company so it's not to say that they can't appropriate or use phrases from other cultures let me say something right now where are we going to go with this next is taco bell going to be under attack is the tilted kill pub franchise i think it's a faulty parallelism to compare a franchise like taco bell to language like recruitment tata disney also tried this with dia de los went though so they also tried some copyright the day of the dead which is also something that is culturally sacre to people specifically in mexico you make money the way that you want to make money and that's fine but this is like cultural appropriation. all right that's selection of programs no depending on what
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part of the globe but you're in but a promise they're all going to live from the russian capital every hour of the day this is our t. international. thank you very much.
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what a whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be precise that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the warnings in the. course of. what is the pin that's going to pop the global bubble back in two thousand and eight there was a two thousand and eight subprime crisis today i think we can safely say that the bubble will be popped but the collapse of deutsche bank.


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