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tv   News  RT  December 21, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EST

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if you say the wrong thing in public you could lose your job and live welcome to the era of simply shut up. stories this secret project by. tactics during a state election is revealed in the new york times for its. methods of an old story. another hits for the trump administration defense secretary james. just a day after the u.s. president surprised by saying he's withdrawing troops from syria. journalist from one of germany's most respected publications is exposed for fake news for years he's been stripped of several awards for his investigations
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including c.n.n. journalists. just two pm here in moscow this friday december the twenty first welcome to our to international i mean and o'neill our top story. russia's alleged meddling surfaced once again but this time moscow cannot be blamed the new york times reports the group of democrats on there took a secret project to test online and on election in the u.s. state of alabama last year by employing methods allegedly used by russia to influence campaigns rocco's the of has been looking into it. for years the public you me were barash by stories of russian bots on
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t.v. radio papers daily they told us of malicious programs of evil software soulless slaves puton an existential threat to america take the alabama election a year ago russian bartz the media reported interfered medaled corrupted on behalf of republican candidates roy moore so surprise a tougher supporter more they both have a deep love of country the countries russia but still rather. use for it's pretty alarming when a guy's lives in a fluent russian or speaks fluent russian russian it everywhere year later it's moving closer to the oval office one might wonder why on earth russia would bother with a massive dissin from asian campaign in alabama of all places to france salad value of the van as juicy
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a target room or himself was clueless about it i had no idea why this was happening so as is republican tradition he blame the democrats for setting him up the democrats as a source are tradition change the subject and insulted him. maybe more should check with putin who shares his views on depriving people of their civil rights here is where it gets really good the new york times did some digging and found a report titled the alabama project and figured out those weren't putin's bots at all they were faked dressed up to look like russian bots we orchestrated and a labrat false flag operation that planted the idea that the more campaign was amplified on social media by a russian but that i've seen some dirty stuff in politics all over the world but
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this this is platinum tear this on this deplorable and dirty tricks turns out it was all of fake psyop orchestrated by a group of i.t. experts who wanted to help the democrat win by cheating by lying and by their fraud being millions of voters in an attempt to frame the republican as being helped by russia the guy who allegedly financed all of this is billionaire reid hoffman co-founder of linked in and apparently a guy with a really faulty moral compass often comes with the money my experience now here is the kicker and lighty is telling people shouldn't worry it's only one hundred thousand dollars peanuts when it comes to elections whatever world the democrats live in a hundred grand is change. joe trippi
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a seasoned democratic operative said it was impossible that one hundred thousand dollar operation had an impact on the race journalists no longer report the news they report their opinions same new york times when talking about how alleged to think russian facebook accounts bend the same money hundred thousand dollars on advertising on a national campaign the disclosure adds to the evidence of the broad scope of the russian influence campaign. so when a democratic group is all but cool with spending a hundred grand on this information on lies framing and defaming someone it's just one hundred grand paul could change but if it's the russians at one hundred thousand dollars becomes an absolute fortune crime against
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america and go on i've always been suspicious that the russians bought in there it was slim z. and was probably made up simply because that's the kind of saying that the democratic party does they makes things up in order to create the basis for an attack on the right wing and on the conservatives this is in the character of the democratic party and in the lack of character i should say and it's a it's a criminal element that has taken over the democratic party the mainstream media only talk about things that service that democratic party agenda and it's an agenda that we saw in syria you know it's an agenda that will lead to war it's an agenda that risks nuclear conflict with the two great nuclear powers it's an agenda that needs to be stopped. pro independence groups in casimir are rallying ahead of a couple meeting in barcelona spanish prime minister pedro sanchez and council on
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leader kim toure agreed on thursday to quote an effective dialogue these are live pictures night just after midday seven minutes past twelve in the council on the capital of barcelona as you can see thousands of people are in what is the main thoroughfare in at barcelona the weekly meeting we've been speaking about it's usually held in madrid but authorities decided to move it in order to reduce tension in catalonia that was seen however by many as a provocation because it is. exactly a year after the previous spanish government health snap elections in catalonia pro independence region not helping without out all the picture at the moment is more than twenty roads i believe are being blocked across the rest of the region in total police deployed in large numbers ahead of the meeting as well as you can see lots of bombers lots of yellow and red pickup only
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a color st george's cross. as well and to madrid protests are expected to grow throughout the day we'll be keeping a very close eye on the philippines from barcelona. the trump administration has taken another hit the fan secretary james mattis has announced he's stepping down. because you have a right to have a secretary of defense whose views of best are aligned with us on these and other subjects i believe it's right for me to step down from my position james mattis has served in the military for over forty years and has been defense secretary from the start of trump's term he supported the president's calls to strengthen the military but was known to disagree with trump on many points thrown in this week surprised decision to a draw us troops from syria well. seems to have been the last straw
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for this it also appears to have driven a wedge through the us uk large as well with media establishment figures criticise the move but ordinary americans strongly supporting it with more not aspect here skill up. comes announcement withdrawing the usa from syria has got the media up in arms the republicans and the democrats are livid they say that the usa is losing out i believe it is a catastrophic mistake the job's not over dangerous premature jeopardize america's mission in theory and her allies makes our country an even bigger laughingstock than it already is that gift it benefits iran the only reason they're not dancing in the into iran in isis camps is they just don't believe in density media's outrage does not match public opinion polls show that eighty six percent of americans say that us military force should only be used as
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a last resort now that opinion used to be very common on the opposite side of the political spectrum remember the peace marchers the antiwar movement this is what bernie sanders had to say my main concern terms of the middle east is to make certain that the united states does not get involved in perpetual warfare in the quagmire of iraq and syria trump made the same announcement last year but forces swiftly moved in to change his mind russian president vladimir putin who sent forces to support the syrian government against the terrorists a big game changer in the conflict he says he's a bit skeptical of trump's announcement would be stupid to you concerning the us withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the us has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they say that they are withdrawing the troops they are still there now is the presence of american troops needed in syria or do you think so let's not forget that the presence there was illegitimate it was not agreed either with the un security council nor with the syrian government so if the us plans to withdraw that is the
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right decision while politicians and media from both sides of the political spectrum is voicing outrage trump's move is at least complying with international law now let's see if he sticks to his guns this time. r.t. new york. former u.s. congressman ron paul told us diplomacy has to be at the forefront of any further developments. although he has his ups and downs i think that he has taken a good position he said he wanted to get out of out of syria and he said in the campaign he said. isis is not a threat there and that it's time to come home and i just want to be complete yes move the troops out our couple thousand troops but i want to make sure that you know the cia's out and the special forces are out and that we don't use sanctions and that we move in that direction where we just have hands off and deal with diplomacy and getting along with people but in that philosophy that i just spoke it
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also means no foreign aid our problem is if we dominate and militarized a country then we finance all that and if we converted into friendship then we send them millions of dollars because we still own you so we still should be concerned it's great to do troops are leaving and as i mentioned as we began that i wanted to be more inclusive to you know i'm not saying we're going to remove two thousand troops because we've been in a many many country and we continue to be in countries but we start off with our cia agents and we start off with special forces we start off with interfering with sanctions and we just. we don't need any of that if we're noninterventionist and we just want friendship and trade you don't spend that money because it gets us into trouble with a list or warning that us by a kurdish fighters will now be left abundant vulnerable turkey is threatened on offensive in northern syria against the kurds who they view as terrorists.
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so you know we're blurring the terrorists and the well they dug themselves and will continue to we spoke to mr trump those terrorists would go east of the euphrates if they would go the sunday because the both of the ring us were asked were strategic partners with the us than was to do with his need it well the official spokesperson of the armed opposition the syrian democratic forces which includes the kurds confirm that the surprise withdrawal couldn't danger kurds in the region. because the american decision to withdraw from syria is sudden and shocking to us and even for the american troops here on the ground and the american withdrawal will surely contribute in one way or another to escalating the continuous turkish threats toward the north of syria in general and towards the kurdish people in particular.
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invention and deception in germany where a top journalist from the respected der spiegel newspaper has been sacked for making up stories for years to little quarter takes us through what has been discovered when it comes to trustworthy journalism the mainstream media might tell you there is no alternative to. meet one of their poster boys of honesty class reload us work for one of germany's most respected newsmagazines der spiegel he was even named cnn's journalist of the year back in two thousand and fourteen for a story about prison inmate care the report takes to predict an interesting approach to a major social problem. if you look to experience pictures in the reader's mind
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that unfold like a few well an acting career might have been better suited for real odious because the paragon of modern journalism seems to have faked his way through his seven year career of the sixty articles we know der spiegel published reloading us admitted fourteen contained fake news and a story about a young syrian boy he made up quotes and locations the tale of a guantanamo bay prison or a complete fabrication it was only after his colleague revealed his doubts over a story they were working on together about the us mexican border that the truth came out the first there were just like little mistakes that i paid attention to things that seemed suspicious a vigilante group that doesn't allow you to take pictures of them but they tell you unbelievable stuff even admit to their crimes like that they detained mexicans and crossed the mexican border with weapons were no went through the ringer with his
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managers trying to bring his doubts forward imagine challenging the legitimacy of an award winning western journalist praised by c.n.n. itself and if you're thinking this is a glitch in the mainstream media think again all these outlets have parted with journalists after they fabricated stories some more award winning journalists but awards in journalism are a whole other matter take journalist. he faked his own death with the help of the ukrainian secret service attempting to pin the blame on russia for an assassination it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime that tanko with killed due to his professional activities he was only working on things that were critical and investigative of russia you know that is it was one of the biggest fake news stories of the year but he was even given the time award for journalistic bravery if the mainstream. media insists you should question less you might want to take
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a second to question more donald quarter r.t. . from russia's economy and education to possible nuclear war and world domination president putin feel that a wide array of questions from journalists during his fourteenth annual q. and a with the media on thursday we've gathered together some of the most memorable moments from the event. as. the u.s. is now leaving the i.n.f. treaty what's going to happen it's hard to imagine what if the rockets are located in europe what should we do of course we will have to ensure our security with concrete steps that we will let them not say later that we are trying to get an advantage we're not trying to get an advantage merely to see your balance to ensure
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a security. concern in the u.s. withdrawal from syria i don't really know what that means for example the us has been present in afghanistan for the past seventeen years and almost every year they say that they are withdrawing their troops but they are still there now and what is the presence of american troops needed in syria but you can i don't think so but let's not forget that presence there is illegitimate but it was not agreed on but it will be there with the u.n. security council you know with the syrian leadership if the u.s. plans to withdraw from the masses the right decision. will block just tell me this is the blockade between the on the us and the rest of ukraine but it's going to russia you know if it was done by the ukrainian authorities they have in forced a full economic blockade of the territory they consider their own they shoot at those they consider their own citizens almost every day civilians die though we
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provide humanitarian support for those living that but only not to let those people starve to death but. i'm sure you will be because she was assassinated everyone knows that there is evidence script is a lie however there are sanctions against russia and complete silence in the case of saudi arabia is that where this politicized russia phobic approach is just another reason to attack russia. if it was not a script they would have thought of something else this is obvious to me and the aim is one to hold workers growth at any cost. in my view. relations are at a stalemate is in the interests of both of our countries to get out of this stalemate are we interested in me storing our relations with the u.k. yes we are and so is the u.k. . many western politicians and experts and even ordinary people see russia as a threat they even think that you want to rule the world of course i do i just want
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to know if you're already won this was a real end of your foreign policy. concerning ruling the world so we know where the headquarters are located of those who want to do this and it's not in moscow you can connect this to defense spending the us spends over seven hundred billion dollars on all russia only forty six million of them in about all do you really think that's our aim is to rule the world or the us that this is just a cliché that's being imposed by the west in order to resolve their own domestic problems but in the. uk it was in just when will you marry in the home and home. these are two different questions are you married. yes so he is married and wants me to suffer the same. first of all do they cannot and then they said my flash was bothering with the russian flag was there any what do i want to refer to keep
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playing who said when everyone is then the great game is finished the at the great there will be a meeting whenever i'm all done this is a question about how i think it should be the next one of us in the world yet you know how. you would not see me know. all this by spending several hours just close to four hours in fact in total with hundreds of journalists in wasn't quite finished a teenage russian girl has registered blind and hopes to be a top reporter herself that the country's leader towards. hello how are you. i would like to ask you some questions did you always dream of becoming president or before you wanted to be for example an astronaut you could. honestly i never dreamed of becoming president and i had no
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intention this happened by chance. probably at first it was very difficult for you can you describe your first days as president. yes it wasn't easy these were very difficult years for the country as a whole we were balancing with survival there was a very difficult situation with the economy and security as well. what was your most memorable day as president. it is very difficult to say but we just talked about this at a big press conference the most striking events of this year with the presidential election on the world cup how do you make a wish i mean you're. used to yes this wish was a secret but i can share it with you i wish all our wishes will come true may attach to you of course. you are very handsome. thank you very much. so great questions there from regain
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a. media regulator is probing. in this country more. right. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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china much bigger economic power lunch or wall inter. i think. you have to live with it. and there's lots of advantages that the europeans jethro but as well as america. twenty four minutes into the program welcome back russia's media regulator launched an investigation into whether b.b.c. world news which broadcasts in russia is in compliance with the country's laws or to medina. more in this choice we live on the program either medina bring us up to
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speed well just as you mention you know and indeed russia's media regulator plans to look into the b.b.c. world news and b.b.c. websites to see whether they are in compliance with the russian law and this news came just a day after an other an ounce moments and this time that announcement was made by the british media regulator off com which found the r t news channel broke broadcasting rules and now the kremlin says that that was a measure taking and response. of course it's a retaliatory measure though there are plenty of questions for the b.b.c. overall coverage of some events coverage i should show you so gender driven and biased however no one can judge a channel except a special regulator according to our. investigation. b.b.c. representatives. russia as in any other country the b.b.c.
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brings independent information to its audience following all rules and regulations set by the local government now earlier this year off gone which is a british media regulator launched in number of investigations into r.t. to determine whether the channel had complied with a broadcasting rules and as a result of these investigations it was found that news channel broke broadcasting rules by failing to preserve you impartiality in seven news and current affairs. graeme's says that it was deeply disappointed by the results of these investigations and also added that it appears has failed to take on board that in response to its investigations and it's also added that. broadcast in the u.k. following all rules set by the british regulator. artes and dana kushner bring
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us right up to date thank you. dozens of migrants rescued at sea including three children have arrived in the spanish port city of el maria the body of one refugee was also recovered hours earlier eleven dead migrants including a pregnant woman were found in a boat off southern spain a further eleven are still missing. meanwhile in a spanish city on the north african coast more than a hundred migrants have reportedly attempted to storm the port there fifty of whom were arrested when they tried to cross from morocco into spanish territory the border know it is reportedly close to spite the dangers many migrants in the region put their lives on the line with the dream of reaching madrid and further into europe.
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it can be anything she knew how to get in the dream even study i also want to get a job to make some money and go back tomorrow kuvin. the ambulance took me to hospital with a broken arm where a doctors took care of me. and head exam is a border guards catch illegal migrants at the ferry they beat them up. there is no work no education nothing i want to live like europeans our life in
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america is just suffering. the posting on the street in the cold when the locals insult us we cannot turn to the police as they might deport us. pro independence groups in testimony or are rallying ahead of a cabinet meeting in barcelona spanish prime minister pedro sanchez and leader team torah agreed on thursday to affect the dialogue will ease our live scenes right now you may be able to hear the chanting the songs of the public. as it approaches just half past made day in the catalog capital of the further end of your screen you can see right police employed in force. well the weekly meeting is usually held in madrid but authorities decided to move it in
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order to reduce tension in you can see. the protesters in many ways more than twenty being blocked across the rest of region in large numbers as we've been seeing over the last number of hours there all of. this meeting. protests are expected to grow today this of course one of the busiest days of the year with the roads. in the. let's just leave you know we go to break with some of the sights that we've been hearing in counseling programs ahead bill.


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