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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  January 3, 2019 9:30am-10:00am EST

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to come back but as i said i strongly believe that in today's world we need multilateral responses they're american side they have both criticism and bias as their reasons for their walkout and the united nations security council certainly is not the only body to criticize either israel or the united states for that matter i wonder if you have any concerns at all whether that kind of pass then could be repeated and if the united states can pull out from the united nations altogether possible i mean let's be clear the united states plays a very important role in the where i sit is a founding member like the russian revolution. and of course used to be out of one or two areas that are more i would say the other thing is to be of course involved in the sense of the d.v.d.'s of the wind and i believe these will go on more true believer that when one looks at united states and the russian federation those two countries in many aspects common interests sometimes they are
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fighting but they have common interests and if we look at the middle east that area that we have been that was mentioned the both these decisions the global middle east is there. a strongly believe that the jews the of the humanity the united states and the russian federation and oughtn't i want to be on the contrary well i think the jews are similar and i strongly hope that the visions that have existed of the countries will be overcome and that the two countries will be able to have a strong cooperation a lowing the international system to work there is no way in which an international system like ours can work without corporation between the two most important super bowl let me ask specifically about the reasons cited for the american walkout these allegations of bias are certainly not me i'm sure you have heard the russia china syria many other countries makes little or claims after unfavorable vote. but none
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of them ever walked out of the council simply because i think most of them realize that they're not limited to one single issue and a value of the council is broader do you take this american patrol to mean that the united states at this moment of time doesn't care about anything else about israel no look. human rights council the u.s. position is not supposed to be in the same the us was all it's done it's can mean no it's going all to game which means that there is a balance in the american public opinion and in the american institutions that going on the party that has the balance of the party that is in the shown different attitudes in addition to the human rights council so i don't think we should generalize these i think this is a very specific area where we have always seen the u.s. . position in position to position in so let's hope that in the future of the u.s. will come back now speaking about the nature of that criticism i know that the.
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alstom has just submitted airport to very critical of trump's president tax overhaul claiming that it overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy and of course and inequality and i wonder if that is perhaps a little bit to personalize one thing to criticize any given country's track record and then another thing to. bash individual president's policies before it was actually fully implemented we have in the several things you have the u.n. secretary it you have the different. namely the significance of the general assembly human rights council and then you have a special report that act independently and at present very ports criticizing country zealand there on the most difficult issues which of course do not necessarily present the position of the u.n. and in its entirety my position on these as always been very clear that i sink it is better to do it or was taking the country into account. seeings in the un with. very strong. we need to be impartial and we need not to
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politicize issues to treat them based on the truth and based on the charges that have delighted nations that i have them suggesting that certain people of within the you know one thing against your direct advice because if i if you let me to quote that report it specifically pointed out that the policies pursued over the past year seem deliberately designed to remove basic protections for from the poorest it seems like a fairly targeted. shot especially set forth by special rapporteur independent it's it's an opinion that of course needs to be taken into account can see that but doesn't really present the position the formal position of the un but . you know there's a very delicate issues because i'm sure you would agree with me that the position of the american president of president trump at this point of time his actions are crucial for the future of the organization and he is known as somebody who is very sensitive and sometimes very reactive. to the crisis and. do you think that kind of
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statements are wise in the current environment i don't think it will be. the reason for any crisis as i said in my way of doing scenes different people dustings in different ways my way to do seems to do my job is not to personalize and to do seems based on impartiality and objective analysis of situations but of course people are different to that we have and i seek it's important when you have independent reports on these kinds of issues to respect the independence that doesn't mean that we subscribe what we say but we respect the independence because if not everyone then will be manipulated and does of course with completely undermine the respectability of those independence borders that are an important component of the international community but of course as i say independents are seeing the u.n. secretary it is enough now let me ask you about one more issue that's. in the news
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today that you are yourself weighed in and this is the trumpet ministrations that immigration policy particularly. the practice of separating children from their parents who crossed into the united states illegally mr trump has just sought to reverse that policy by his executive order and i wonder what the u.s. secretary general have really understood how this man functions so what can possibly persuade him to change his mind asking just did on the immigration i don't think we should personalize things with policies or this policy is because it's. a big labor is a relative luxury in fact i tell you and us policy was published was to say that in my opinion debt is not a good thing and that my experience as i commission for refugees is always that's two separate families is something that's going to have very negative consequences for the people and then of course for the society in general and i'm glad that the policy will be if you first see that many other actors in the international community in the in the u.s. politics including in the family. express their opinion as i said let's the
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best way to be ective in my opinion is not to personalize is to look into sinks objectively and if you do it in a way that is impartial if you do it's you know with these objectives i sink that's the best way to convince people to do the right thing well let's try to look at it impartially. policies are usually couched in moral terms but i think there is a very real legal dilemma there. it is not good in any way to separate children from their parents but i think it would also agree that the united states is entitled and has the right to prosecute people who cross into its territory illegally so i wonder whether the more humane way with me to put those children in jail together with their parents or perhaps to brando's parents waver from prosecution simply because they happen to be parents both countries of the right. we have their own migration policies but migration policy is need also to
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respect human rights migration policies in the management of borders needs also to be protective sensitive namely respecting international refugee law i myself am against the nation of someone just because someone entered. illegally in the country you see refugees there's no other chance to escape but to cross the border that that not in a legal way so i'm not in favor of a policy of the minimization but as i said i recognize countries have the right to define their own migration policies what is important is that they do it in respect to human rights to human dignity because migrants are also human beings that need to be can see that and respect it absolutely and we would all do our best for our children but i think i mean i don't represent fox news here but i think it is important to recognize that they are not talking about the mother of fleeing for their life we are talking about mexican mothers and fathers who try to find
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a better future for their kids when they're living vibrant developing country so. i'm portuguese. in the sixty's. when million five hundred thousand portuguese left the country at the time walking into france. and they were basically moving because of poverty and basically because they wanted a better life no it doesn't mean. everybody should do it but i have a lot of respect for people that. in the case of them it's rainy and put their lives at risk crossing the mediterranean with the escalation to provide for their children a better life than the one they could have so again. i am totally against smuggling people but i have a deep respect for the people that try to do something to come out of.
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there is more people killed in these countries by the different gangs that will put it then in the syrian war so we are in situations that are sometimes desperate which means that in these flows of people you have people that fleet only because of economic reasons but we have also people that have been victims of persecution so again. of the right to be found their policies countries have the right to send back migrants but all that needs to be that in respect for the basic human rights and for the dignity of people migration is obviously a very contentious issue not only in the united states but also used to be as you just pointed out. towards migrants and let me tell you something about my question my mother is ninety four years old was not a very you know my mother is under forty years old i visit my mother when i go back to portugal every month and she has always one person taking care of twenty four
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hours by twenty four hours independently of the family and i've never seen a portuguese taking care of my buddy. and you most of you would be in country if you were fifty three indexes of one point two one point three one point four make addition is also necessary what is this what is needed in my opinion is to recognize the need to organize it with interest to avoid these illegal migration to organize migration to create opportunities for legal migration taking into account deaves of states and the answers of people we need to look at migration as a normal scene in which states need to have the responsibility toward denies them properly instead of leaving to these desperate situation a ditch people flee because there is nothing that is not in place do a lot for normal flows that take into account the needs of countries of origin and the needs of countries of this nation what secretaries are not i had a chance to interview i think it was four years ago when you were your high commissioner for refugees and you said pretty much the same thing that migration
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has to be managed and balanced in the four years that have caused do you think that countries have learned how to do it in a balanced way that and that is that all of you have to i think i was right four years ago and i'm still right and the fact that this is not being seen. is creating the chaotic situation that we see in many parts of the world in which by gratian became the issue the issue in many electoral campaigns and because of that you see populists country skin of populist part of these movements and others are gaining ground in many countries if regulation we manage properly in respect for the in the countries but also in terms of the people i see in these would not be the issue that is driving the politics in so many countries now one of the reasons why are. increasing and we are now having record numbers of more than sixty eight million people being displaced globally one reason those are displaced by conflict or by conflict and. number of those violent conflicts is now the highest in thirty areas
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the number of people killed in those conflicts has recent tenfold since two thousand and five. usat makes conflict prevention and mediation all the more important and i would think that the united nations is the most natural of ben your for that why is it not more successful in mediating all this trying to live normally when we are successful nobody notices but i'll just give you an exam they really mean that the danger as it is give you an example there was an actual election in liberia and the election liberia was contested as you know when there was a problem where the results would be recognized or not i've sent a president of our members of our level panel of mediation that's was there in the day talking to the two candidates to make sure that they would accept the results and that there would not be a disturbance as we have seen in many other parts of the if there was a problem to go to the courts and whatever we are now doing the same in mediation to go to the african union and. that we ever done the same in.
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this critically in sierra leone in which me is there are lots of achieve that we i mean the a to get the present moment doing our best to avoid a dramatic battle for the city of all day to recognize that this valley layering know what she says difficult and the reason is very simple polarization is the world became less clear i remember the cold war i remember a uni polar world now the world is kind of chaotic it's moving hopefully into a multi-polar world and i'm a strong defender of the idea that the world should be organized in a multi-polar way but today we have a chaotic world in put it to believe impunity is the name of the game you see lots of vectors i mean how many armies are there now fighting inside syria for example it's very difficult to mediate in these circumstances but. i wonder is and more to make prevention. but i already have priorities to evidencing to the rest of the cause of conflict to create the conditions for communities not to create the level
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of tension that leads them to conflict but you are absolutely right we are far from being so. because these well know is the sequel to all the complex worlds where we have a multiplicity effect in the multiplicity of spoilers creating a vulcan so many areas with the enormous suffering of the people well secretary general let us take a very short break now we will be back in just a few moments states and. all of the institutions. who put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected
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do you think i. can make you well. thank. you lou your local security committee can see that from the. white. house you're going to the home of the view. you more. are favorable for him but almost no for people but he also for the. thank you both we will talk to your.
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welcome back to worlds apart from the secretary general antonio. secretary general it's been about the year and a half since you took this position from the very beginning you were faced with this challenge of diminishing american presence both in financial terms and some would say moral terms and i assume that led you to rely more on other actors on other players hasn't worked out did other house other players that the bag game. in the lives of american. diminishing. the strong support of the so the multiple that won't so i think independently of what to do next it's states we need to be able to promote circumstances in which a multiplicity of victims is more and more relevant here means early release they have to see is that you see more of more to come through in the context of united
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nations and that is very much welcome from easy pendency of the position of united nations the united. states i mean fortunately into a lot of united states of english and to the key financial commitments of the un maintain their position there are as i said as you said some areas that have been pretty for all areas where the u.s. has left but in addition to the center all aspects the u.s. has maintained its independently of that it's important to have a multiplayer city effect and it is that equilibrium that's a loss for us to be more impartial and body fact is given how important the united states still is both to their funding and their running off and i'm sure as secretary general your had to run through several contingency plans i wonder in your planning whether you see this change post share of the united states as something temporary that may change to your let's say six years down the line or is it a permanent change i think it's important to recognize first of all that we have been able to maintain with the us
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a working relationship the best of the nikki haley has been extremely constructive in addressing the difficulties that we face are real and if the latest statement. sounds are talking about three nations michael are talking about solutions with the secretary and the solution of the problems of the of course you're right there's of their own political positions on many issues i'm not talking about that talk about the constructive relationship with the secretariat i think we have managed to have a constructive relationship and we want to keep it but as i said we we need to have the wolves and the united nations in which many actors the text together creating an environment of impartiality and equilibrium where the world or the united nations or whatever only dependent on one or two countries is not a good thing well i know you have long argued that the u.s. has disengagement from global affairs and i wonder if disengagement is the right word because thrum my point of view it's not that the trumpet ministration is in the i'm guessing i think it is engaging in a very unorthodox ways for example take north korea we've just witnessed the first
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ever historic meeting between the two. but it came after him essentially tethering on the brink of war if you are very seasoned diplomat what do you think about this kind of approach to diplomacy well let's be honest. what can be one of the most important success stories. addressing a complex. conflict situation so we can criticize or when we can criticize but i must say that the recent summit that took place in singapore is a remarkable achievement and i congratulate to tony that's that had the courage to do it in circumstances that were called plex of course there were lots of. episodes before but even during these episodes i remember very well the eye. of the six countries i thought all of us you know that is the six party talks with the aim of the six i've sent my and the secretary general on political affairs at the time
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jeffrey feltman to pyongyang exactly with your objective to try to prepare the conditions for these kind of the a lot to be possible which means that if given at the heat of the conflict it was possible with the agreement of all for the wind to play a role trying to create the conditions to bring people together that's all i don't know if hero heard that but mr trump also suggested that if you can apply this kind of personal diplomacy to russia for example ask president putin to get out of syria or ukraine and i don't know about here i would be a little bit nervous about where that conversation can leave and i want to ask you what do you actually think about the current state of the u.s. russian relations given their presence there very massive presence have made. their own server is the president putin recently and i said to both the same namely in relation to the situation in the global middle east in the in syria my belief that i have said it's already to the geostrategic interests of russia and united states in the middle east site and that's in my opinion it's extremely important for the
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future of the middle east that the two countries come together and have a common strategy and they seemed at. i mean it is always easy and i understand that from the point of view of the me that it's much better if you have big fights but from the point of view of the world it's very important that countries are able to come together to overcome their divisions and to understand their common interests especially in these world where terrorism became so dangerous their common interests are more important than the difference is that he said that russian and american common interest in syria overlap somehow and there are grave doubts and grave concerns in this city of that the united states may be moving towards creating some sort of partition in syria. i'm sure you heard john bolton the and national security advisor to mr advocating the creation of the so-called sunni which would comprise certain parts of syria and iraq what do you think about this idea even if it has a chance to bring ideas that have you had the opportunity to talk both with americans and russians on this issue and one scene that i believe you. used to
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preserve the territorial integrity of syria if you doc and other countries in the region to to try not to do some kind of new psych speak will in my opinion because we side move now there are certain issues that are absolutely central to the u.n. a legacy one of them is the palestinian territories it was the united nations after all which ratified the partition of the palestine which allowed for the creation of israel alongside an arab state the promise that was never granted and i think that is now actively sabotage do you think the palestinians still have a reasonable hope of seeing their own state and when it be more moral more honest to tell them you guys go and build your life somewhere else no i don't think it does if that is acceptable i am a strong supporter of the two state solution i don't think that is i think it's realistic i don't see that there is a plan b. i think steps to abandon it is not realistic because to abandon it was to condemn
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territory to a kind of confrontation. in which the the consequences would be absolutely devastating and look at what happened recently in gaza let's not make sure that's make sure that these doesn't does this become the situation in the whole head yet the two state solution might still be possible if we overcome the present divisions to abandon that idea in my opinion is a huge risk and i don't seeing that. we can can see that that the two state solution should be abandoned. and they aren't american mr is serious about the state solution i am not sure about anybody i'm sure about what i believe i am a strong believer that the two state solution is essential because a one state solution would mean what would mean that everybody would have. been in existence. for i don't think it's possible to be maintained never easy to know
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nothing is eternal in the world and i believe our role is not to maintain sets of spoiled rich people suffer and in which the risks for peace and security are there at any moment i think our role is to overcome these states of school and to create a stable peaceful solution where two peoples are able to live together in respect for their homes to go to the secretary general and we have to leave india i really appreciate your time today and i'm curious to keep this conversation going and our social media pages. same place same time here on the walls apart.
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after the war a nazi don't tell was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies criminal had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company develops in the demise a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything paul you know she said is just. minutes and i don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got in the time. but i guess that's. only because interest on their store do it because. i still does not. prove.
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their bread for a single. pappas. they have a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. wraps. and they save lives.
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not meeting. up. headlines this hour the search and rescue operation comes to an end following the tower block collapse in the russian city of mike need to course but off the body of the final victim was recovered in a tragedy which killed thirty nine. french police arrest a key figure in the yellow vest movement and government protests have been raging from midnight vandals with some of the worst writing there in half a century and germany's divide it is this is the man deportation in tougher asylum no worse off for a shocking attack by michael. should be honored to be able to be here and.


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