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they save lives. on. the. plate as you know live in the. home no easy how. the country's gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i'm thinking and we've got to hit the road and get out there traveling across america to find what makes america take the show it's the genius of america here this is it we point around which hollywood is going to
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say we're starting last with is we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bee i think i'm leaving now getting more gonzo to me may be completely different to mr. belton thanks for taking the meeting as i was explaining in my e-mail you know work to do on this trip cross country gone go east or go into the belly the big east are traveling across america to find what makes america take the the charlatans the geniuses we want. we've got millions of viewers of social media is exploding what i missed so far well you need to pitt's factual project gonzo is like dumb and dumber meets three days of the khandahar. but we're a little bit smarter. easyrider enemy of the state. t.v. he opens up a little bicycled of things. there is zero i got every wallet however you know
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eighty talks i don't know i never heard eighty toss so what has he got how about anthony bourdain he's hunter s. thompson anthony bourdain i like him he's genuine super relevant political people love him he travels around the world he explores nooks and crannies he exposes folks in for they really are a super topical he didn't lie that the audience he lied himself less than four i.t. needs hunter s. thompson absence got the dogs oh yeah it's got a chance yeah the crazy little known a little nutty yeah put us together you got a package so funny crazy nice genuine yeah i liked it like that what can we do that crazy me is genuine exactly like i think we're going to do that and then we get ever everywhere of course. hunter s. thompson. used a lot of pain but max kaiser basically will get high on his own supply of
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ideas i drink a lot of coffee they go you know that's my drug gal in the morning they get all the acid and we want everybody in the world to use our so can you make that happen all we need is a wallet we're going to download the wallet for the viewer we're going to show them how to do it and max needs a t. shirt to have an average g.-string zur like what came that way me too ok i feel abused right now i'm feeling exploited i have residual rated product write this for the general public but you know we don't want that our only guess right we've got plenty of swag for it we'll get you the t. shirts the stickers everything you need we got it tell the audience to cheer us on what average is what it does that is so revolutionizes an already revolutionary space average takes this totally new concept of bitcoin and makes it accessible to everyone it's that simple we want everybody in the world to be who has a smartphone android phone or i phone who would download a simple app on their phone and be able to get their first record to be able to
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take that big coin in invest it in other cryptocurrency tokens and just hold it and if they think the price is going to go up they're going to go they don't have to do anything else if they want to send some to their friends to get them into the app they can do that too. so i like all right well i think we're ready just one funds and we'll be on our way and then that's do it wow this is so great this is better than i thought it would be you had to be a god so it wasn't that you had me already you need to do strange things but it didn't hurt james for gonzo good all right actually let's do it the old finger lighting up thing i never understood that it's like you put in the electric socket . yet this reminds me of. one thousand nine hundred two the l.a. riots this is my view that i had because i could not go back home because the brain i will share where i lived. it was on fire literally and i thought it was like the day of the locust that this was the and this was over we had martial law we had
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tanks on the story the national guard fires all over the city you could see plumes of smoke everywhere it was kind of smoky like this because of the plumes of smoke and i thought i have to get out of here because this is real the day of the locust was real the city is on fire and it's going to burn and there's no reason to stay this time out of total cardiac arrest i remember well and it's just a portend of things to come as the entire country is now mired in the occasional near miss of complete annihilation the two thousand and eight crisis was taking us ever closer to that point of no return that's why i'm thinking it's not even worth staying here anymore whatever america was whatever america has been whatever america will be is no more we got to like hit the road and get out of this nihilistic wonderland of cigarette butts and bad story lines every american
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says they're going to leave this country because this president is the most disastrous and horrible of all time every single time i left and you know what los angeles got way better didn't have a metro system when i was here it didn't have any sort of hipster food it had a lot of avocados and i'm all for the emergence of the avocado culture and the transcendence of hipster ism to take us to a new term or a level of prosperity but i'm thinkin of the lore we dig into this the worse it's going to get the whole place is run by this fear this nonsense and collateralize garbage and it can't possibly end off while it is going to be happy ending it's impossible certainly in hollywood it might not be on the verge of burning down it's on the verge of melting down we see them having this trump. sanity they've gone crazy about and for me it's quite interesting to possibly explore
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this mindset and what is actually happening and why things like happened there frog and this n.p.c. like why these why these means have so much power over the politics here in america why americans are on always we always are on the verge of civil war we always are in fact we had a civil war in the past let's just go into deep into and explore it and see what comes out the other and we may be completely different by the end of this journey but at least we will give another one less. as they see wicked now it's like he's crazy. like that oh i bet that's my genuine expression at most all the time yes i know i i noticed and now you've been labeled all right but used simply set out to take photos of popular political figures or breitbart is a popular guy i guess you took photos of bribe or i think you've taken photos of scott adams yeah ok and these people are just there in the public eye and there are
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times told me the any liebowitz of the all right ok ok anyway which is fantastic for a charge of or should be fair everybody that she shoots she makes them look heroic she makes them look you know fantastic and she also has great budgets you know to do that kind of show how dare you apply that to a bright bar right i mean that's what they're saying by some people don't deserve to be photographed well the thing that i did that offends them the most is that i've taken people who they have wronged think that i made them actually look good i made them look corowa you know i wish i had the budgets that any leader would say you know what we'd be turned into i mean what are the powers of all these meanness like i don't understand because max and i are on this journey we're trying to understand what the heck is wrong with the american political system and is it crazy or than usual right i remember watching from europe. when hillary clinton started talking about pepe the frog pepe the frog was a joke that was used ironically by teenagers hey i know this this is like an
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assault pitchfork this is. directly at me so this is something that i guess you can use to a storm of powers yet if i was right if you're if you're storming the capitol yeah ok here we go and. get out. now this is going to salters for this is i want to be your creations it is peter with these mediums like that by the fraud going to traders the political establishment to start censoring people but doesn't is that completely crazy i mean it's just an expression of free speech or why would that trigger censorship especially when like a hillary talks about pepe the frog and doesn't get the joke how does that happen apparently that they don't understand irony i mean pepe the fog is based on an ironic worldview which is which is hey isn't this ridiculous and when people who are acting ridiculous don't understand people who are assigning ridiculousness to
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them then you know they flip out they get mad at a fraud so there's gatekeepers for ridiculousness yes and if you're not part of the game keeping establishment to establish what is ridiculous and what is not ridiculous then you get pushed out of the can you get pushed out of the mainstream media spotlight and you consider to be all right you get a pejorative kind of epithet all right and if you're not ridiculous the way we say you should be you're all right you get labeled as a nazi the irony of the nazi thing is that there aren't any non-si being a nazi is kind of like the most extreme kind of troll that you could be right because it's the thing that has no redemptive redemption right there's no redeeming value to to not see this right so when you go to the nazi level which is what they do on four chan as a joke then people who think that they're being literal people who think that people who are making nazi jokes are being literal get all freaked out. mages are operating out of one little wobble right yeah and me illegal of course in political discourse political advertising or here's the thing about all still images is that
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they go straight into optical cortex and they affect your reptile brain boom and they make an impact on you immediately a video you have to watch you have to have to watch two or three minutes of the next guy's you to figure out what's going on you know a song you've got to listen to an image a still image boom goes straight in your eyes your design explain for example fortune seems to be a factory that generates these powerful weaponized images like they go through hundreds of thousands of images and then one pops up from that from that that interaction an open source quality and then boom that's right use it and then the political establishment is no defense against it just pull the tent and ran away when pepe the frog showed up and made her look firstly out of touch but well to the extent that the you think that the political establishment isn't also using it i mean the thing is about fourteen and it is anonymous so i think that there are many people who are amateurs who are creating their own content that are showing up in four chan but i think there's just as good a chance to the k.g.b.
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or whatever the modern incarnation is the cia musard whatever pick your intelligence agency of whatever national international you want if they've got information that they want to dump or counterintelligence that they want to dump they dump it in fortune it's weird how the image is messing up so many minds like somebody wrote about us in the irish press recently and they journalists sent me an e-mail and said are you all right ever sake watch our content read my tweet stream lake no i'm not all right he said but you tweeted some pay images because somebody made me a pet pay right. i thought it was funny it is funny but somehow that me were all right and as i look at like ten years of tweets lake there's nothing here's the thing right wing about me. there was years of pep in mind you know there wasn't a pep a before the all right listen to pepe my my twelve year old daughter you know at
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junior high school she listened to one pet they became like this mean all of the kids in middle school and high school they were laughing they were going to spend money like what the hell is going on here and i because kids are f.s.b. or cia or mossad in these chat groups that they said oh pepe a is racist is like someone honest people in it chat room said it's racism now the press is very young but this is the troll culture so the whole culture is to take whatever is triggering the other side and move it all the way to a level that's my boomer spinal tap for if it's right. which is to move it all the way to the most extreme thing possible to see what kind of reaction you get back.
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you know like the e.k.g. for countries is their ten year bond you look at that he say oh that country southie the country is not healthy well looks like the health of the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than american. u.s. veterans who come back from war. same stories. were going up for the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers i had been there already several generations of them so i just got this memo to branches off that says we're going to destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money on those. lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed. a war then surely we can risk some discomfort or an easy for.
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you know world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. think hollywood speaking about you know we can just use french go speak no english so how do you think i would portray is america to the rest of the world.
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you know speak english rather well i guess america is a melting pot all the words are all the what on earth was it was yes i thought it would. just. take your brain for a couple minutes if that's ok sure tells how long you've been writing professionally and what projects i may have been associated with or done freshly about two thousand and eleven was on a couple of shows there's one called bent on n b c one of them vinnie on nick at night on n.b.c. again one big happy and then cooper where it's got to surviving life on fox now we're on dear white people and had a couple movies made ones in a better movie called fat camp and one is a netflix original called stepsisters max and i are on a journey from hollywood where all the mists are me about what america is and we're heading back to where it. began on the east coast many films that we've seen throughout the years kind of reflect the society around them in the seventy's
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especially think of the cultural liberation with the generation from easy rider but also the political intrigue of three days of the condor are all the president's men all that sort of stuff parallax you. what about today where are we today what if you were to write your perfect film about where we are in america what sort of film which you write there's a movie that just came out i can't remember the title of it but it's like there and holds and that's if we had a show that's about like a family that sort of split down the middle politically and how they interact over thanksgiving dinner and i think that's really what a majority of the story is it's like this sort of civil war that's brewing i don't need to be like for like sort of civil but it's not a geographical it's an ideological one so it's like there are certain groups of people who believe that you know everybody a government shouldn't help anyone shouldn't you know it should just be a you know limited government and not intruding in anything except for the things that they care about so it's you know we stay out of people's private lives but no
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gay marriage and no abortion it's a really it's a strange dichotomy where you can sort of exist on both sides of that argument so yeah i would say that it's like how people because i've had this experience in my life where people who i really love people who are really care about and who have always considered to be like liberal and caring and loving are found out they voted for trump and it causes you to take a second look at the person and be like all right well i understand how you see me as an individual but how do you see my groups like how do you see black people how do you see gay people how do you. that vote even though it seems like they're really in consequence will thing is really emblematic of your worldview. kind of a scary world view if you think about it and you know i've had friends over the years who you know i love and care about who voted for mccain or who voted for romney and no problem with that i don't like i'm not anti republican i think it's. just that brand of is really what i'm like how can you get behind that regardless of whatever policies of his you support how do you how do you get behind
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a person who says these are things that if i do you think the white non-urban i think is what you are saying are the folks they would have the impression that the output of hollywood has an agenda and that they're pushing an agenda and they seem to object to that aspect of it that they're being preached to sure if it were an agenda that were. sinister in some way i could see how they might take umbrage with that but when the agenda that we're pushing is like inclusive eighty and hey let's all just kind of get along and accept whoever you are if you say you're this then you're this and we move on whether that's trans or whether that's you know bisexual or whether you know whatever whatever you however you identify the gender the hollywood push is like that's fine like that all exist within the american family so let's embrace everybody and move on to issues that are more important like why are there so many people sleeping on the streets like that stuff that we we would
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like to take care of i understand your message i hear is very compassionate and you are sincere artist here los angeles and you're making great content but that's not resonating in the heartland and there trump for all the bad things you can associate with them is seems to be quote unquote winning and the hollywood community seems to be going more and more crazy they seem to be getting more agitated they seem to feel like they're not getting through that they have something to communicate it's not hitting the market so we're going because it looks like that thing that you are feeling hostility from is getting stronger and if you're an artist you're in the biggest community the most powerful cultural center in the world what can be done where is this going you know that's a fantastic question that i don't necessarily have the answer to. i do know that i think a lot of the frustration from hollywood comes from when you're preaching a message of like peace or inclusion and it's getting overshadowed by
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a message of like hatred and exclusion that's a dangerous direction for a society to go in when you're trying to. exclude huge portions of the population from the american dream that is a terrible place for us to go if we were and what if he went and spoke with someone in the gay community who is accepting that if the situation gets more polarized they are going to become. more physical act and he pushed back and the way it was described was they he as a gay community fellows again then he was facing the possibility of being put into camps that there was becoming extreme that radical political agenda was heading toward you know somewhat extreme. hyperbolic or is the gay community are they feeling pressure like all the work that's been done over the past three or four decades and the gay community has done fantastically well. and other groups
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have done remarkably well is there a sense that all this is going to be lost i think the answer somewhere in between there and i mean i can't speak for the entire gay community but as far as you know folks who i surround myself with yeah there is a sense of like all the work that's been done in the last twenty or thirty years to just make people see us as human beings is starting to get erased or at least a step back in a way that's not productive camps seems a little. that i find that i find kind of hard to visualize but it's not something that's out of the realm of possibility we saw the japanese american internment camps and you know we've seen. slavery on a much bigger level like that like that is something that is in america's d.n.a. so it raises nothing happens that happened in america so i would hope that we have learned from those lessons in the past which is why this. wave of of. trump is a miss so scary to me because it's showing a clear indication that a lot of
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a huge part of the country has not learned from those things in the past they have not learned from what happened in germany during world war two where it's like when you start blaming a group an ethnic group or a group of identifies one way sexually or ethnically or whatever from when you start blaming your economic situation on these on other people it's super easy to not see them as human beings and then it becomes much easier to. do really horrible things to them because you're not you you're you're just you're protecting your family and you're doing what's best for your country so like that's sort of the wind nationalism i think is is such a terrible it's a terrible thing for a couple reasons one to like i said because it allows you to do horrible things in the name of country but it also ignores the fact that the people that you're talking about are your country the vietnam era resulted in a lot of really powerful films from hollywood right that were that why don't we have the equivalent now even the iraq stuff look in iraq like these superheroes and
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come to save the day and everybody's well meaning in something where is all that they produce these amazing films which were so powerful i just looked at the people i think the reason that you're not seeing as many stories that are like the ones that came out in the vietnam era because we're not the american electorate as a whole is not as politically engaged as they used to be. we do you know we consume a lot of news and we deal with a lot of domestic politics and i were most people are pretty versed on that but as far as what's happening out in the rest of the world like you don't get a whole lot of information about that stuff of course the vietnam era those films came out right when the hollywood system the old hollywood system was darting off so there was like weird breach where all these films could be made and it seems like nowadays also with social media like you can't possibly make any film that might offend one person out there because it will become a champion. social media and the way the studio system is structured now they're all by corporations that are not necessarily entertainment corporations so that
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they have vested interest in making sure that their you know how they're perceived or how their business interests are protected like overseas like that's what they have to protect you out of. china. to go for a chinese audience are you ok with that i mean i don't love it but it's like that's the law in their country so it's the same way we're like you know but those are your words you know. what i mean consider censorship by their government i don't consider it censorship by my own and i don't like it but obviously i want to i wrote it for a reason the way i did that's how i wanted to be taken but if it's you know if i put it in a movie and some government doesn't want to see the like i think that i also think that you when you're in another country you have to follow that country's laws i can't you know marijuana is legal here in california i can go to you know now i can think of i can go to north dakota. and smoke weed on the street and think that nobody's going to bother me for it i have to. do what's what is legal in that area so though i think it's i think it's awful i think that in
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a way that they're they're way behind in that regard as far as you know freedom of expression freedom of press but. as far as like is it keeping me up at night no has no there's nothing i can do about that i can't go up against the chinese government as a hollywood script writer that's all that i you know would not make sense for me to do. something mysterious something. you say well. you know you're. not all that. far. this just. seems. like.
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the but. this. is. this is a concert. does it present something. of a. this is a family point zero around which hollywood is going to say. this is fact the new american target. this is where the incentive.
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they're bred for a single purpose. they have a supermoon. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. rats. and they save lives. show small seemed wrong but all roles just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape out this day comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know like the e.k.g. for countries a ten year bond rate you look at that you say oh. well looks like. the chinese economy based on that their interest rates are better than america. but see. even if you can you say you. played as you alluded to be. no easy.
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and. france's yellow best movement shows no sign of letting up in two thousand nineteen holding more nationwide protests against the government. and in the news that shaped the week funerals are held for the victims of the apartment block collapse in the russian city of need to go to school which claimed thirty nine lives. the u.s. government shutdown enters its third week as the route over funding border wall drags on. and the orthodox world is celebrating christmas including all across russia we bring you pictures from the service of moscow's largest church because the.


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