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they have you coming out today chinese and u.s. trade negotiators have been meeting in beijing today we'll look at what could be accomplished and markets too will look at that with steve malzberg and danielle sherry who are standing by and it's the final countdown to bret's it on march twenty ninth only eighty days away we'll get a brecht's an update from the c.e.o. of throw mark hillary forward with plus we take our first poll and look at energy in twenty nine thousand what types of energy are beings produced and which are being used around the world will answer those and take us a couple of more questions about canada and u.s. energy specifically what parties science have injured and alex much pilotage all of it in our sights but first we get right to some headlines let's go to. the latest major merger to reshape the world's drug and health care sector leads our global report today as i literally in company of indianapolis indiana acquires the lock so on college e. for eight billion dollars in cash locks on college is believed to be on the verge
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of major profits from a number of drug treatments which fight cancer with applied to no mix after a lock so first such product key was approved for sale in the united states by the food and drug administration last year the prospects for several more potential blockbuster drugs already unlocks those pipeline seem to have inspired a generous bid with lilly offering two hundred thirty five dollars per share for a lock so stock a premium of nearly seventy percent over locks those price at the close of trading on friday listen to this lock sold shares surged today by more than sixty five percent on the news of the merger just three dollars shy of the lilly bid well lillies stock fell one point five percent. and the latest effort by the united states to curb chinese economic diplomacy targets a prominent u.s. client state israel u.s. national security adviser. john bolton has expressed concerns to israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu over the wall of chinese companies in israeli infrastructure mr bolton cited in israeli agreement from twenty fifteen that calls for the shanghai international support group or s i.p.g. whose majority shareholder is the chinese government to manage the civilian port of haifa for twenty five years beginning in twenty twenty one haifa of support also host vessels from the u.s. navy's six fleet leading to mr bolton's concern over operational security at the port israeli officials are said to be working to address u.s. concerns. and other news of apparent international economic intrigue earlier today taiwan's criminal investigative bureau or cia be announced it has arrested six current or former employees of the local subsidy or a german judge chemical giant b a s f and charged them with spying on behalf of
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a chinese company your officials say these six are now or previously were engineers at b.s.f. in taiwan before a chinese company jang yang wa electronics paid them and him out worth nearly eight million bucks eight million dollars in exchange for information on b a s f c quote key techno all technologies and processes the case is similar to many in recent months though the c.i. b. says the illicit payments in this case were unusually large. and jumping to the mainland china's national development and reform commission seems to be increasing the velocity of railway projects moving through their planning approval process as many global observers begin to wonder whether a chinese economic slowdown is on the way it's already here the commission is approved projects to build sixty eight hundred miles of new rail capacity with a total project value of get this one hundred twenty five billion dollars. since
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december fifth of last year just a little more than a month ago many outside analysts say the challenge facing chinese authority on this front will be to apply sufficient stimulus will keep the overall chinese debt at manageable levels. and for the first time since the two countries agreed to a ninety day truce on trade in december representatives from the u.s. and china have been meeting face to face today in beijing as they try to reach agreement on a new trade deal president donald trump yesterday said that he believes china really wants to make a deal due to weakness in the chinese economy we just spoke about he also said talks have been going well leading up to today so what can we expect what are the main issues to be resolved and how are markets and various stocks reacting here to tell us are conservative commentators steve mossberg and danielle sherry of simpler trading welcome to you both steve i want to start with you it what are the key
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issues that negotiations have been focusing on and realistically steve should we expect anything out of these talks. well i don't think you'll get a deal in the next two days bart i think what you'll get is a agreement to for a nother date perhaps at the end davos later in the month the vice president of china will be there and donald trump will be there perhaps they could meet there and maybe sign some kind of agreement i think the question is what kind of agreement will it be something to just placate both sides and kick the can down the road or will it really address the issues of the issues from the u.s. point of view mandatory transfer of technology you want to do business with china you've got to give them your technology and they're stockpiling that technology and they have a grand plan called made in china two thousand and twenty five where they plan on being a manufacturing superpower when it comes to i.t. and robots and new autos and donald trump says that's a violation of the w t o so that's one big issue also intellectual property theft
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which donald trump's been talking about since before he even ran for president it's estimated the u.s. loses about six hundred billion dollars a year on that and non non tariff barriers into the chinese market that's something else the u.s. wants to address china for its part says you treat our companies like way and as a security threat that's not fair so these as these are some of the main issues on both sides and a great laying that out thank you steve and danielle we've talked about markets in general but how are they reacting to all this we've seen some highs a low but what's your take on how they're reacting. so far as you know i have been pretty much bearish for the past few months however the two covey there were number one fed chairman powell coming around and saying hey i recognize that the stock market is taking a huge hit and i'm going to adjust my rate hikes that has now happened so as of
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last friday powell came out had some really positive comments that sent the market rocketing higher the second piece of that is a positive deal with china and you know what honestly i think this is the key moment in time that can really shift this market back into a bullish stance on looking for more near term volatility i think that honestly i mean president from he does not like the state of the stock market right now and i think that he really really wants a good positive deal and even if the deal isn't made in the next couple days like he was saying i still think that he's going to want to come out of this with some positive news and i think that's going to send the stock market rocketing higher i agree with you danielle on both counts the fed in the trade thing and then put i guess a third one in there coming up in a couple of weeks some of that we see the q four earnings report would be a big one coming up but steve let me ask you danielle talked about how much the president may want this who wants this more the chinese or the u.s.
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and who needs more. wow i mean donald trump needs it for various reasons as stated i mean the economy is firing on almost all cylinders if you can get this china thing behind us so much of a geo political doubt as it relates to the economy is all china related if you could get this kind of agreement it would help with all the others not saying that all fall into place immediately but it would certainly be a big boost confidence wise china though i think is desperate wilbur ross commerce secretary said today look at c.t. as an example of how china needs us the second the president the united states said american companies can no longer sell parts to z t z t e collapse china's president had to come to trump and beg them to reverse and he did so i think that is an example the economy as you alluded to earlier and big trouble in china the opposite of really what's happening here in the united states and i think that china really does need it more than we need it but i think a win win would really be beneficial to both countries for different reasons and
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talked about z t e but how about u.s. companies and their stocks which might be most impacted by this trade deal or lack thereof. oh definitely and so what i'm looking at here are the stocks that could potentially be impacted by a trade deal in a positive way and that brings me to two different sectors the industrials as well as the semiconductors so these two sectors have been so beaten down ever since the beginning of the trade war talks and i think they have i think if we have positive deals with china they have the most to gain particularly i don't know if you remember we discussed caterpillar and john deere about a month or so ago back when the trade truth first came out i think those two on the industrial side and then as far as the semiconductors i really like a.m.d. as well as intel absolutely and i'd put in there too from my perspective boeing also did you know another big one with those steel and aluminum terrorist danielle
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shit and steve most for how great to start up the week with two experts on this important topic thank you guys sure appreciate it thank you grant here. and world bank president jim yong kim announced today that he will resign with three and a half years left in his term on february first mr kim seem to refer to the unified hopes for mr kim's world bank tenure that were held by some advocates for public health and economic justice in his farewell indicating he now sees the private sector as quote the path through which i will be able to make the largest impact on major global issues like climate change and the infrastructure deficit. and time now for a quick break to hang here because when we return the c.e.o. of stroll mark our friend he'll report which is here to give us an update on the final countdown to practice on march twenty ninth only eighty days away and what types of energy are being used around the world and what's being produced we take
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our first full view of energy in twenty nineteen and answer those and other questions with our q.'s alex behind all of that you have and your as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell we will be back in a flash. you know world's big partners mug and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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when i came back from iraq oh marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine anything that's altering trying to get this out of. that bad mindset using a chemical that would be so. i want to be drinking and drinking just killing myself but. alcoholics don't drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why it's this way drug addicts do what they do a shot glass over and their. star cool under which these guys are going through to do it it just means to. need to be helped and pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be built. and they just really should be looked
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at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention. welcome back there's a mirror eighty days until march twenty ninth that's the date the united kingdom is set to leave the european union but a lot needs to take place for that to occur here for an update on the deadline as the deadline approaches our friend we're joined she's also a u.k. you u.s. citizen the c.e.o. strong market were ford which here we haven't seen you get happy new year great to see you twenty nine thousand what's the latest on bret's. yeah great to see two bought my pleasure to be here the latest is there are four options here is the current deal there's a refined deal there's no deal or there's an extension on the extension we talked about before potentially until twenty twenty one and another referendum or that's
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really about option and another referendum is really risky on both sides the current deal isn't really going to go through theresa may knows that that's why she was supposed to vote about a month ago she knew it would be a no vote in a was that there was a no vote of confidence so that is a deal that is no not an option the next option of course is a refined deal and there recently over the christmas break has been a lot of work on the outside and in tact fact today there was a move by cooper on the back bench on the labor side she proposed another option as that a number of tories it was backed by two hundred nine ministers they actually have been meeting with theresa may and there's a formal meeting tomorrow tuesday so this refined option is called sort of norway plus it would remain some of the customs situation and the customs regulations would remain in place it's probably too close to the e.u. for many to like but again two hundred nine ministers want to avoid a no deal the third scenario i talked about is no deal with no deal it is what the
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hardliners want no deal would result in there being really sort of this this hard fall out this this dramatic they keep calling the divorce one thing that's interesting to note actually is if you remember bottom many of our viewers probably remember around of the y2k remediation the millennial bug there were a multitude of global companies had consulting firms that were offering all the services in terms of dealing with the millennium bug when it came to nothing if you think about it how many consultancy phones and how much is there out there being offered in terms of dealing with the e.u. hold for well the drastic dark consequences little of it i would note to martin for example the chairman. of j.d. wetherspoon that say a big conglomerate that owns a lot of pubs and hotels across the u.k. if you listen to him he said they're totally prepared and you know what he's done and this is what the e.u. does not want to hear this is the preparedness they don't want to hear and that is
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all of their brandy's that were french they've switched to brandy from across the world in fact u.k. brandy's they switched all their wine purchases also to california wines and they're quite prepared to look at what barclays said over christmas the spending up from barclays that report is plus four percent last year it was plus three point five percent so consumer spending hasn't declined consumers aren't scared i think there are a lot of scare tactics out there so i do think it won't be the current vote the current deal because that was a no vote andreessen they postponed and it certainly won't be anything the way it looks today i think between now and january fifteenth next week when the hard vote comes in the u.k. you will probably see something that's refined to recess theresa may spend the christmas holidays calling around to all the ministers across europe she was on the phone with my problem from france she was on the phone with local germany and also our son just from spain and others irish prime minister so she has been pleading and begging with them to help her find the deal the e.u.
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is holding strong they're saying they're not going to renegotiate but i think you might see a softening on both sides and that's my best prediction right now it's probably a good one but we want you back to tell us as things go forward hilary forward to see your mark thanks ellery my pleasure pleasure. and updating the serious financial woes at california's pacific gas and electric the company's stock is a serious shoeless bankruptcy rumors swirled in the aftermath of those major wildfires that may have created crippling liabilities for the utility p.g. and e. stock traded down more than twenty percent today dipping below twenty dollars per share for the first time since the vendor of last year p.g.d. stock was. weighed down by a pair of inconvenient stories with reuters reporting that p.g. and e. management is considering bankruptcy while cable finance network c m d c cited informed estimates of at least thirty billion dollars in liabilities resulting from
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those two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen wildfires most notably last year's record setting camp fire. and another sign of the times coming out of the global energy sector major players china and russia are joining the club of countries considering creation of new financial tools to effectively replace the institution of the petro dollar the us dollars roll in international petrol hummers china's launched a new oil futures contract and nominated in the chinese yuan on the shanghai international energy exchange in march of last year growth has been strong with trading volume and oil futures on the yuan denominated shanghai exchange are partly surpassing that of the buys mercantile exchange previously ranked as the world's third largest trading venue neighboring russia is increasingly accepting payments denominated in you on for oil exports to china making the petro you on
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a more likely longer term reality. and speaking of energy we begin the first full week of the year all with a focus on energy first of all we go a couple of questions and let me ask you this which is the largest source of energy used in the world is an oil natural gas call how about nuclear energy and the answer is natural gas at thirty one percent followed by or oil at twenty eight percent then call it seventeen point eight and nuclear at nine point six percent and here's the second question which nations consumers consumes the most energy it's china followed by the united states then india then russia germany and then in sixth place as for consumption canada. but let's take a regional view of what types of energy are being consumed take a look here at consumption by region region with asia pacific having a mix but big time based upon coal followed by oh well then natural gas and some
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hydro and a little in terms of nuclear energy consumption but negligible in terms of renewables like solar and wind in europe and eurasia it's a more blended energy consumption as is north america they both have a relatively larger share of nuclear energy upon which they rely than other regions of the world that's the green down there if you can see at the bottom of the chart the only difference is that north america has a very negligible renewables there are some just not viewable on this chart it's so small and it's very small in europe and you're a shit at the bottom there you can see a little very small blue line africa is a little less diversified with no notable nuclear power and boy in the middle east it's all as one might expect oil and natural gas no nuclear call or no new levels renewables no and finally south and central america is a blend but no nukes or notable renewables and for more we focus in on energy production in canada and the united states to do so we're joined by r.t.
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correspondent alex mohai levitin r.t. producer sayas haven't sure thank you guys for being here we sure appreciate your look look at this for us alex first of all what are the specific energies these are the products being produced in canada. you think of canada you think of oil as what most people would think but you know we produce a lot more types of energy and of course we're much more diversified than than people would first think and a lot of our energy actually comes alec tricity about sixty percent of about two thirds comes from hydro so famous places like niagara falls which which tend to produce a lot of the energy that we use here in southern ontario meaning toronto all the way down to buffalo new york now look here's a little bit of a break down this chart will give us sort of a good idea of why we have that much energy that we can actually send a lot to the states so our breakdown sure fifteen percent nuclear ninety percent fossil fuels and like i said two thirds are basically hydro but a lot of the stuff we send south mostly oil of course but three percent i would
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tricity i really want to focus on that one because the elec tricity the grid and you've got to see this there's a map that we have where you are grids are tied where one in the same when it comes to the united states and canada we sell tons of our electricity over the border to the northeastern states even south of manitoba manitoba actually sells about twenty five percent of its electricity to states south of the border so canada is huge six hundred forty eight hours which is what we have a domestic consumption and we have even more to give so we can think about all the time but another big part of our equation is electricity and the states are eating it up because it is clean renewable electricity for the northeastern states to meet their mandates in the upcoming years of being more renewable they're going to buy more energy from us and talk a little bit about alberta alex i mean that's really the hub out there what are the challenges going forward in the twenty ninth. i'll berta you know that we talk
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about oil we've got to really come back to oil big challenges coming forward for alberta you know look if they're really going through a loyal price crisis things look a little bit better now than they did a month ago so if you're looking at alberto oil there is the standard that we all go by and that. comparing it to the texas standard so it's a heavy western canadian select versus the west texas intermediate that the u.s. benchmarks were looking at the canadian oil being about twelve dollars and fifty cents less it's a discounted price they've shut down production by over eight percent hoping to get the prices down or prices up i should say by lowering the amount produced because we don't have enough pipelines to push it out that's just the simple equation now they're talking about building refineries and using you know using more oil i hope but we have enough of refineries that wait till two thousand and twenty new maritime laws are coming into effect we're types of crude oil that are now being used on ships is going to have to drop from three point five to point five percent and that's going to hit alberta hard whatever's happening right now with type one
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that's the only a part of the equation there is much worse things coming down the barrel and child let's break down u.s. energy production how high was the mix worked out well barred this three major fossil fossil fuels petroleum natural gas and coal combined accounted for over seventy seven percent of the us primary energy production in two thousand and seventeen and natural gas of course having the biggest part at a little over thirty one percent for a nubile energy is about over twelve percent and nuclear electric power a little over nine percent now the shale boom has put the u.s. at put an all time high of about eleven point five million barrels per day putting the u.s. production on par with saudi arabia and russia and for twenty nineteen the u.s. crude oil production is expected to average twelve point six million barrels per day but in order to maintain those numbers drillers have to spend a lot more money to drill more wells which is not something possible as current oil
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prices. so what are the big challenges going forward in the u.s. this year siah well some of the biggest challenges is that as a recent report by the wall street journal is that a lot it seems thousands of share. well thousands of wells have been actually they did a report of about sixteen thousand wells operated by twenty nine of the biggest producers in or laces in texas and north dakota and it appears the biggest challenge is that forecasts that top shell oil companies gave investors have been overly optimistic now here's the problem bart sheldrick drillers are under extreme pressure to cut spending in the face of a forty percent crude oil and crime yet there was drill more to meet chorus targets so what owners have forecasted to investors are just not adding up and shale drillers are actually pumping less than ten percent in forecasted and although ten percent might not appear to be that high bar it but over thirty years that's
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equivalent of thirty billion dollars and some companies are even off track by more than fifty percent in certain regions now the two of the biggest oil and gas producers in their prime and basin that are lagging behind forecasts are pioneer natural resources and parsley energy by leading producers like exxon mobil don't make shale well production projections so we really don't know if they're with have met their forecast numbers but something else it's really important to know that all the missing projections doesn't mean that the u.s. oil output is about to drop it just means that when shale wells meet their output maximum new wells must be drilled and unfortunately with current crude oil prices profits for declining for companies and that's just not something investors want to see so the numbers just don't lie so they're dealing with just a lot of issues due to the current crude oil prices great information from both of you saya scavenger tells me hilditch thank you both appreciate it thank you.
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and that's it for this time thanks for being on board you can catch the bus on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel two a b. or streaming twenty four seven one quito t.v. we'll see you next time. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in this population of profit if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were to. say on a statement that i would be all about it the next day there's a culture or on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in
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misconduct that has nothing to do with all their cry. the most important moments are when the principals of the foreign minister or the president actually ask your opinion when that happens you are on your own and young of the two you actually. have to say what you think. of. this prison for a single purpose. they have a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they saved lives.
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let. me show you. a fake temperance movement joint fabricated russian counsel the list of alleged u.s. democrats' efforts to sway twenty seventeen election and alabama.


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