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but the. media.
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report. made by the country's deputy prime minister louis. policy in africa. the following report. france and italy have quite a long story of fighting as e.u. elections edged closer the two countries are increasingly looking to bolster their allies and to drown out the rival italy's a deputy prime minister has laid the blame for the on going my current crisis here
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in europe with france saying it's impoverished african nations with its colonialist policies. we must address the causes of this crisis because people are leaving africa in part because some european countries led by france have never stopped being colonizers he even went as far as calling for brussels dissension paris now some might say that it's a bit rich to lay the blame on france's colonial past given that italy too had colonies but to my use beef is that a cooling to him france has never let go there are dozens of african countries in which friends prints its own currency the franc of the colonies and with that currency french public debt is financed by italy's been ruffling matt corns feathers for a while including in its support for the yellow vests movement they had been a french as i hope for the good of the french who are
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a great people that they come out of this moment of crisis macron was a laboratory invented product to stand in the way of any change on the horizon that seems obvious to me now. while rome's hand of friendship is being offered to world's other e.u. nations disgruntled with the influx of migration including hungary in poland they calling for a european spring french president has taken up the fight media care facility and he's just like it is indeed clear that today there is a strong opposition between nationalists and progressives and i will not give anything away to nationalists and to those who deliver this hate speech and so if they wanted to see me as their main opponent on their right. france and italy have ninety bangs of contention immigration settlement in libya relations with russia and they can't even decide on leonardo da vinci's legacy but they do have one thing
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in common both want to take the lead within the e.u. charlotte even ski altie paris we spoke to monaco professor of politics at the university of maryland he things to my zero makes a fair point. i think there is a basis for the ija to my new accusation against friends little group of countries in central africa in that treat francis the us they look for them for recognition during the civil war or they reach out for minister it's in france they use the currency that is backed by the french treasury and so on and i'm saying if you don't call it media colonialism i wonder what what kind of policy could you call neo colonialism it's they are at an all time low those relations between the france and italy and it's clear why on this point not quality the government in france is really sort of in the stone regime walk out together the european union the sort of
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the old elite for thirty or forty years i mean tensions between paris and rome germany and france are seeking to strengthen ties the two european heavyweights are about to sign a new treaty with both coal and it might hold back wrong having now arrived in the city of action where the ceremony will take place shortly a document will set the stage for a close a bilateral relations on multiple levels however not everyone is sold on the idea let's get some details now has paid her own mother. the draft of the deal was a little light on real details but there is a clear intent with it let's have a look at the deal was set for an increase in bilateral statements when it comes to major e.u. issues now this is something that's already fairly commonplace from the two now it's going to be in writing there's also plans full fiscal integration and what's being called the franco germany konami zone. on the military front both nations
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want their armed forces to be as into twined as their economies with germany and france combining to reinforce nato and sense also what's being called the fostering of a common culture in the ranks and the franco german security council so the brass and the politicians pulling in the same direction there's also foreign policy goals which may prove a little less straightforward including a permanent seat for germany on the un security council but not everyone is happy about these e.u. powerhouses getting even more chummy and cementing their position within the bloc. europe is used to the franco german axis but we're seeking a new balance a new energy and in this sense poland and italy will be the protagonists of this new european spring there's also domestic upset over the deal alternative for germany say it erodes german sovereignty while the same sentiments have been echoed
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by the usual suspects in france she also triggered by sending the sacked on the quiet in the way to market on can be treason with briggs it's on the rise of euro skepticism it makes sense that berlin and paris would look to tomorrow not brings us back to the question of foreign policy how will the interventionist french sit with the germans we now know for that caution. without. changing its global military outlook it's hard to see how they deal change much or anything at all. we discussed this new deal
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with german political commentator and publisher i. in my point of view it is more then just a statement it is the least the rulers the arrows and. the citizens. both together or rebel against them as you can see you know where. paris now. quite a danger is going to every. the vast majority is against it but mrs merkel doesn't care here is show that it is all through the decisions in that she doesn't carry on whether she is a man from the list are nor from the city of it also in germany a major iranian airline has been a security concern so it's a move welcomed by the united states will be delving into that story just a bit later this. of course there are always two sides to every story
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something that appears to be true about the standoff between a student wearing a make america great again cap and a native american veteran if you do off the two taken in washington d.c. went viral sparking outrage in the media so ati's now investigates what's not being reported. a visual like this will get your blood boiling. the catholic high school student who comes face to face with a native american soldier in a viral video is now responding the media went wild a youth in trump's trademark tat disrespecting an elderly native american disturbing viral video has sparked outrage toward covington catholic high school just stirring viral video shows a modern teen see make america great again around seeing in need of a miracle now in washington a troubling incident at the foot of the lincoln memorial and it wasn't just any native american this guy is a vietnam vet. he was instantly turned into
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a hero by celebrities and the media the red make america great again to have is the new white hood without white boys been able to empathize with other people humanity will continue to destroy itself this is appalling the ignorance the goal the disrespect it's shameful that native american man showed incredible strength and dignity i heard him say you know down. here i sit here after we have just struck all of us that the one who has all that anger and all of that wanting to. have to freedom to just rip me apart but there's always more to the story than a single snapshot. that make america great again. look at it. we think.
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we've got thank you look again. it turns out that the boys were taunted rather hatefully by black nationalists and others and all kinds of hate was unloaded on them simply for wearing trunks a baseball cap and furthermore unlike those trying to provoke them the boy in the picture he simply stood silently however he did put a defiant grin on his face. compared to. the young man has now penned his version of events he's getting death threats from across the globe i'm being called every name in the book including a racist and i will not stand for the small black character assassination of my family's name so some channels are now editing the story but the damage is already done this is turned into a huge story only because this child was wearing
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a make america great again i think that there is a serious lack of integrity in reporting at the end of the day everybody wants to put their own spin on a story it's no longer about who what when where and why it's about how could we spin this in a way that benefits our narrative. as being a bit of a social media backlash for an american a muslim activist was mis identified as a pakistani actress by u.s. fashion magazine folk noura to guarini posted a video on instagram capturing the moment she found out that glossy publication i got the name wrong. the. nurse is a journalist of libyan origin who promotes women's rights she got of global media attention by becoming the first muslim women to appear in playboy
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a shoot for which she wore the other clothing to curry says she's been misidentified multiple times by the media before and last year her photos were used to represent nor solomon the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter. misrepresentation and misidentification is a constant problem if you're a muslim in america and as much as i work to fight this there are moments like this where i feel defeated by vogue magazine later posted an apology saying they were sincerely sorry for the mix up they also added that they were thrilled at the chance to photograph to shine a light on the important work that she does but some people on twitter think the apology wasn't good enough saying that she should be given another shoot a full interview in a future issue earlier we spoke with the. founder of muslim girl dot com she says the media needs to recruit from more diverse backgrounds to avert the problem of
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misidentifying muslims. this is absolutely a problem i mean not only is this an issue within the media but it's also an issue in real life as well it is very common for muslim women and also women from many other minorities to be misrepresented mis identified mis named especially in the public eye in the public space the surest way that we can regulate mistakes like by hiring people of color and placing the mike in the hands of the people that were reporting on it and the stories that we're trying to tell that in this case it really shone a light and what a big difference it can make right you know really can use somebody from a completely different background in a completely different profession or exploit only different identity i think really just shows how deep the problem really goes. down as well and security forces have detained at twenty seven members of the national guard accusing them of launching
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an uprising against the government. the arrests were made during a pre-dawn raid in caracas the national guards had reportedly taken a police captain hostage and stolen a cache of weapons that incident was followed by street under-estimate the police station residents to set fire to rubbish bins and chanted coals for president nicolas maduro to resign and they were dispersed by riot police but earlier the u.s. expressed its support for opposition leader one guy you know who says he is ready to replace mr much. less than one minute on your program returns. country's gone into a nihilistic fever i think we got to hit the road and get out the traveling across
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america what makes america take to charlotte is the genius of this place the south american hero this is it we've come to a point around which element is done so we always are on the current system. called saying. oh. we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bee i think i want to leave now. we may be completely different in this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only mostly exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and
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talk. truth a program here on the lead of russia and japan and a meeting here in moscow late on tuesday for talks on finally signing a world war two peace treaty between the two countries a major sticking point up until now has been russia's karylle islands which japan still lays claim to the head of the talks so hundreds rallied here in moscow calling on the kremlin not to cede the territory. we're. going to. it's guaranteed barely anyone possibly even zero people in this crowd have been all the way here seven thousand kilometers away roughly the distance from london to miami but the protesters are out there standing in the cold to defend the
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fate of this group of little islands. which also in this case means defending what came out of world war two without digging into history too much japan was then germany's ally and eventually lost along with the rest of hitler's axis and these three men the winners agreed on see item three the handover of the karylle islands to the so that union some ten years later the u.s.s.r. in japan officially ended his still ities but never signed a peace agreement more than six decades later we're in a whole new reality where the russian president can say no it is official he needed me to go to. a military somewhere that. this shakes you to each new facility where japan's prime minister makes an oath on his father's grave to sort the russian issue as journalists have reported but despite the apparent friendship i mean putin and i have been seen clinking glasses enjoying ballet at
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moscow's bolshoi watching a judo showdown and even having a fun moment with mr putin's japanese dog something has always gone wrong with the peace treaty progress tokyo keeps saying it has a historic right to claim the south coral's they call them northern territories moscow keeps repeating its sovereignty over the islands can't be questioned and some of the words that come out when russian and japanese politicians are not together aren't helping the inhabitants of the northern territories or russians. position in the negotiations is not about saying please get out of there are rather work e thing to say when nothing's been decided moscow was unhappy with that at all so when smiles and all kinds of positive signals get mixed with a bunch of disclaimers you won't call pleasant even the journalists are left baffled what's up for discussion and what's not but what if this tuesday sees
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a historical peace agreement finally emergency meeting is in about forty minutes we'll keep you posted the. social media giant facebook planning to tighten rules on political advertising to prevent an election into fair. our goal was to get to a global solution and so until we can get to that in june we have to look at the different elections and what we think we can do facebook's new rules will however depend on the region in nigeria and ukraine for example only advertisers located inside the country can run electoral in india facebook valves to create a library of all adverts used during campaigns and ahead of european elections it intends to make its ad system in the e.u. more transparent lottie's i've across he discussed the role of social media in political campaigns with our guests. i think we're seeing
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a massive increase in the volume of political advertising across all social media platforms and arguably it is having an enormous effect on most recent elections place because it is a technology i she usually enormously disruptive technology that's deployed at a scale that's absolutely unprecedented in modern human history and one of the big problems i think for for people who are trying to deal with facebook i'm trying to control is advertising is first to establish to what extent these advertisements. influence operations what everyone to call them what impact they're having you know in terms of regulating facebook that's obviously another story and you know i think facebook realizes it's kind of living on borrowed time relatively unregulated what comes next it is another question of how much frankly regulation of facebook outside the u.s. is a trade barrier as opposed to something that's truly done to protect citizens
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that's another question as well there are always a element of vested interests in any kind of regulation but facebook needs to act globally in terms of its transparency the whole principle around the advertising based internet model that facebook and google are kind of par excellence example zoeth people could receive highly specified adverts. sizing in highly particular places of high particular times of the day that increase the quality of their lives obviously you know in many respects the technology has in my opinion is i don't think technology has made of the kind of contribution that everybody was hoping for i think the big challenge here is literally the volume of information facebook and twitter and other people are trying to improve the efficiency of their algorithms but they have a long way to go do i and the further they go the more all the doctors are actually going to try and innovate in order to try and beat the algorithms it's going to be a very difficult tells the greater issue is that around. who is going to do next so
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face because already describing itself now as it looks like it they don't say they're a technology company on the one of but now they're becoming an ai company and an algorithm based company i would say the problem for regulating legislating about facebook is that we saw this at the zuckerberg here it's october hearing at least members of congress were clueless about how facebook functioned remember senator orrin hatch talked about the internet being a bunch of tubes several years ago and it's kind of almost twenty eighteen iteration of that in the six months before the congressional hearings where jack dorsey was brought in and some people wrote in and there was an empty chair for google at some stage they didn't make us somehow you know there was there was a very definite change in the air and you could tell that government u.s. government was asking the silicon valley giants some very very serious questions and i think what we're seeing now is some of the responses that have come out from that kind of you know pressure that the silicon valley found itself in my forecast
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is the way that facebook is going to be brought to kind of bear. is through litigation somebody like what happened with eighteen t. the big phone try it with that novel he was broken up in the court because then you had to submit documents submit yourself to testimony under oath if you lied there would be penalties that's the way to facebook i don't think congress frankly has the capacity to get to the bottom of it in a way that the litigation process does. germany has banned a major iranian airline from using the country's airports citing security concerns a government spokesman explained the move. all cannot be ruled out at this airline could be used to transport things to germany the effect of security concerns. is especially true against a backdrop of learned terrorist activities intelligence on terrorist activities from the iranians so it's a shock to you and the rain entities in europe and the parts. for you there is the second largest airline in iran it's privately owned with no direct links to the
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iranian government a carrier or its routes across asia and europe including four flights a week between germany and tehran now air has been under u.s. sanctions since twenty eleven washington has accused the company of transporting arms to so-called terrorist proxy groups including has by law and of providing support to the syrian government the trump administration has welcomed germany's decision to ban the by. the u.s. who was germany's decision to deny loans inroads to iran's mohamed the airline transport swift on the some five disagree as to me the east supporting the iran in regimes destructive from bush and this iran the region we encourage all of those to follow suit. last week a fifty year old german afghan citizen was detained in germany on suspicion of spying for iran iran's foreign ministry dismissed the allegations as fabrication
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and geo political analyst rainer office says berlin is just out to curry favor with washington. iran is. under pressure since donald trump has gotten i would alter the nuclear deal from germany house followed a request of nato countries above all united states. air during many years to hold the ruble and. we. in respect of that relations to the to the united states to with stand their wish this move has happened just two days before our foreign minister. it will be restricting washington so maybe it's also thought to be like a president like a gift that wants to bring to washington it's been a pleasure having you with us for the tuesday program today more of your worldwide headlines with my colleague andrew farmer at the top of the hour.
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six geysers financial survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. didn't help well reduce our. that's undercutting but what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. still seems wrong. rowles just don't hold. anything in the world yet to see how it does the ethical and engage in it because the trail. went on many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics score business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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how do you hide this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business of finance and the impact on all of us i'm part children washington we're sure glad you're on board welcome coming up today there is just released review and news new new news rather about the global economy and china growth our economies and markets doing danielle shay and steve malzberg are standing by to tell us plus it might warm your heart and sound fantastic to hear about an alliance to end waste in plastic but you'll be less enthusiastic when alex behala bitch tells us more about the group and later we'll bring you a walk around and talk with exhibitors at the north american big coin conference we don't have time to get it to you on our last broadcast but we have it today from a crypto artist to a hollywood t.v. producer it was an eclectic and electric group of people all that directly had but
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first we had some headlines let's go. darkening prospects for the world economy leader global report today as the international monetary fund once again downgrades its forecast for a world in twenty nineteen i.m.f. researchers now say they expect the. global economy to grow at a rate of three point five percent this year that is the second downward determination by the i.m.f. last summer they expected twenty one thousand to grow four tenths of a percent higher at three point nine percent a familiar litany of slowdown reports especially in europe are likely causes for the adjustment though the i.m.f. forecasts for growth in the u.s. and china are notably unchanged since the last i.m.f. review which occurred in october i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde characterize the latest economic indicators earlier today and the bottom line is not off to two years of solid expansion the world economy is growing most slowly than expected.


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