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relations between. minister calls on the french people to get rid of president. signed the treaty to strengthen ties with germany critics warn that the deal will weaken the sovereignty of both countries claiming it's a smokescreen for problems. the russian foreign ministry response to new revelations that the first responder on location after the poisoning of former russian spy said good.
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evening and welcome this is international. first in a fresh attack against emanuel italy's interior minister has called on the french people to get rid of their president. has details. well incredibly strong words from italy's deputy prime minister stahl vini and with relations already strained he's now poked away even further at president mark on saying that he hoped that france could soon be free of in his words a terrible president when the i hope the french can free themselves from a terrible president and the opportunity will come on may twenty sixth when finally the french people will be able to take back control of their future destiny and cried which are poorly represented by character like macro now all of this tension is bubbling away as european countries are ready to head to the new parliamentary elections they can be taking place in may and leaders of countries
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have already been drawing the battle lines across europe on the one side populist politicians like salvini a calling for new europe one that's no longer dominated by france and germany and on the other it's centrist politicians like michael calling for greater integration now this attack is just the latest in a series from italy and france italy spain paris for the migrant crisis saying it's to blame because it never let go of its colonial times in africa and its rugby league say the wrong way of the packing the yellow vest protests. we must address the causes of this crisis because people are leaving africa in part because some european countries led by france have never stopped being colonizers. a little bit been a french i hope for the good of the french who are a great people that they come out of that moment of crisis was deliberately invented product to stand in
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a way of any change on the horizon that seems obvious to be now. this latest outburst by celibidache seems there to mark a new no in relations between two neighboring countries who are of course supposed to be on the same site so that you can ski. paris. professor of politics at the university of milan remarkable sonnie things to tell you the politicians have made a fair point i think there is a basis for the ija demaio accusation against friends little group of countries in central africa in that treat francis the us they look for them for recognition during the civil war or they reach out for minister it's in france they use the currency that was backed by the french treasury and so on him and saying if you don't call it media colonialism i wonder what what kind of policy could you call neo colonialism it's they are at an all time low the relations between the france
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and italy and it's clear why this point mark on the government in france is really sort of even soon regime walk out together the european union the sort of the old elite for thirty or forty years. germany's angela merkel in france is a man of micron have signed a treaty to boost their relations that comes amid rising tensions in the european union from bickering between member states and said to have a brags it and a rise in populism right across the continent auntie's paid all over explains. germany and france must tackle the challenges of our time hand in hand those were the words of angela merkel as she put pen to paper on the treaty of ark and now it was signed in historic city hall the the historic well significance of the place wasn't missed at all by anybody that was speaking in fact if you didn't know about the history of arkan after this well you clearly weren't listening it was charlemagne's capital it's changed hands numerous times between france and germany
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sometimes in bloody conflict over the centuries but the message that was coming from the leaders was the past is in the past but there are still battles to be for today and are there a stark now about populism and nationalism are becoming stronger in our countries for the first time with britain a country is leaving the european union that is why they fascinate a renewed commitment to our responsibility within the european union the responsibility of france and germany in the. europe wouldn't survive disunity it would make it die that is the new frankly german responsibility for europe given the tools sovereignty in terms of different security or space x. this in terms of migration environmental and digital transitions. that was echoed by the european council president who was also in attendance he said that there were those at large today that would seek to bring down the european union well his
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colleague the european commission president jiang called younker was a little jolly and he ended by saying long live franco german cooperation long live year up the whole reason that they streety was signed in the first place isn't because there's any major conflict between france and germany right now thankfully not the reason it's being done is to try and shore up some of the cracks in the european union from the major cracks like break that up to the potentially major cracks the fact that italy hungary poland none of the. i want to play the game the way brussels wants to see it played and that is why brussels paris and berlin all came together to say there may be trouble elsewhere but we are unified here so i had a look at what's in this treaty and why some of the plaudits mentioned today well maybe hard to put into practice in reality the draft of the deal was a little light on real details but there is a clear intent with it let's have
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a look at the deal was set for an increase in bilateral statements when it comes to major e.u. issues now this is something that's already fairly commonplace from the two now it's going to be in writing there's also plans for both fiscal integration and what's being called the franco germany konami zone. on the military front both nations want their armed forces to be as into twined as their economies with germany and france combining to reinforce nato and defense also what's being called the fostering of a common culture in the ranks and a franco german security council so the brass the politicians pulling in the same direction there's also foreign policy goals which may prove a little less straightforward including a permanent seat for germany on the un security council but not everyone is happy about these e.u. powerhouses getting even more chummy and cementing their position within the bloc.
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europe is used to the franco german axis but we're seeking a new balance a new energy and in this sense poland and italy will be the protagonists of this new european spring there's also domestic upset over the deal alternative for germany say it erodes german sovereignty while the same sentiments have been echoed by the usual suspects in france are seen also triggered by sending the sacked on the quiet in the way to market on commutes treason with briggs's. the runways of euro skepticism it makes sense that berlin powers would look to court not brings us back to the question of foreign policy how will the into the french sit with the germans for their cause should.
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we. put them mentally changing the global military outlook it's hard to see how this deal changed much or anything at all peter overall. there's been a new development in the screwball case in the case been revealed one of the first people on the scene to administer hope to the poisoned ex russian spy and his daughter was a senior army medic with the details as aunties polly. it was a seeing our army medic and her teenage daughter. it's been revealed one of the first responders when again you lay a script found collapsed on a bench and souls prayed last march now the local teenage girl had recently undergone a first aid course at school and the family had been celebrating the girl's brother's birthday so they were out in the city center and the sixteen year old
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girl spotted the pat unconscious and she didn't initially thought that sag a scrap owl was suffering from a heart attack so she quickly mother who happens to be a british army know that together the two of them gave the script files fast stayed until the paramedics arrived now the reason we know about this now is because the mom in this story nominated her daughter for a local bravery a war. that was handed out by a local radio station and the radio station that handed out the award said they didn't want any press attention immediately sort of in the aftermath of the script . which is why it's only become public knowledge now now as for the mother the mother's name is colonel allison mccord and she is now the chief nursing officer for the british army and she's got an o.b.e.
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she's had quite a career it's got to be said she's worked in kosovo bosnia iraq and also treating him in sierra leone it does appear that the the girl and her mother and her mother live locally and allison mccourt appears to have worked in some of the military installations around that area as part of her role in the british military now the russian embassy in the u.k. has published a statement on its website in response to the emergence of this story take a listen to what they have to say the fact that this young girl was present at the crime scene together with her mother allison mccord who happens to be a conal and the chief nursing overseas of the british show me and to the numerous extraordinary coincidences characteristic of the screwballs boys and for the more one has to wonder why this information unusual as it is is only been made public so after the incident the russian embassy has long had
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a bone to pick with the way the british government has handled the the aftermath of the script all poisoning ever since the incident took place the russian side has been asking for clarification over what happened as well as access to the victims who remain russian nationals as well and a calling for an open and co-operative investigation we've also asked the ministry of defense to comment on this story which they've said is a local story said they won't comment on it however they did refer us to to reason may's original condemnation of the attack against sergei and. r.t. also request a comment from colonel allison mccall sport so far we've received no response. with the political heat rising in venezuela and protests growing ever more violent the united states says that it fully supports the country's opposition and its
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decision to form a new government and u.s. vice president mike pence even spoke spanish. i'm mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or the president of your national assembly to assert that body's constitutional powers declare madeira your serp or and call for the establishment of a transitional government moochers crassus e vi on kunti us. and we can show you the latest pictures from caracas where the country's national assembly has gathered following violent protests earlier in the capital that comes after. government forces branded president the duros inauguration illegitimate while the trumpet ministration has been referring to as well as national assembly as the last vestige of democracy on the courthouse. it's all out chaos in the streets of caracas with especially violent protests raging in
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the streets the beginning of the week saw an explosion of violence when government soldiers were arrested for stealing weapons in the capital right wing protests in support of them broke out into warlike clashes with government forces opposition a national assembly leader called for a meeting with supporters to be held on wednesday but it's a bit too late to play nice says last week quite a declared venezuelan president nicolas maduro as entire claim to power illegitimate and c.n.n. announced the trumpet ministration may be prepared to recognize quiet though as venezuela's unelected president as a result of venezuela's supreme court has declared the national assembly as political power nell and void.
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trumps national security advisor john bolton didn't seem too happy today's action by the supreme court was a predictable and hope that the united states resolutely supports the national assembly of. democratic institution the brave effort to restore democracy u.s. vice president mike pence even said when duro has no right to exercise legitimate political power there is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power one who is a pristine. venezuelan people for far too long the united states strongly supports the courageous decision by one door the president of the national assembly to invoke constitutional protections and declare the country's presidency vacant the mainstream media has been adding fuel to the fire with headlines predicting a venezuelan doomsday going on for years already it's hard to tell if the opposition is really that popular but one thing is for sure the trumpet
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ministration and mainstream media might not agree on much but when it comes to venezuela the government must go. it's so ironic right that the u.s. political establishment has been crying wolf you know over over russia and president trump being in cahoots with the russians when it comes to foreign policy right when it comes to u.s. imperialism and intervention especially in latin america there is a consensus right now amongst the corporate elite and our political establishment you know under the guise of spreading democracy in freedom it's almost as if venice well has been a experimental ground for us imperialism in the twenty first century these these tactics they use from media coups to drone attacks to to giving them recognizing glider as a legitimate president and saying that the democratically elected president maduro has the illegitimate power that would be akin to
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a foreign nation saying that our our president is illegitimate and they will you know they will recognize the senate or the house leader as the president. there's been anger in the u.s. media after a native american vietnam vet was reportedly harassed by teenagers wearing make america great again caps details after the break. he's gone into a nihilistic fever. thank god it hit the road and get out traveling across america what makes america the showed. put america this is it we've come to a point which element is gone so we always are on the bridges to the.
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forty. we're starting west with. the beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the b. i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo than this maybe completely different to. join me every thursday on the alex so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back it's said that there are two sides to every story and that is certainly true when it came to reports of a standoff between a student wearing
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a make america great again cap and a native american veteran a video of the two taken in washington d.c. went viral and they spoke out rage in the media you know if he's going to blow up and looks at what is not being reported. a visual like this will get your blood boiling. the catholic high school student who comes face to face with a native american soldier and a viral video is now responding to the media went wild a youth trademark tat disrespecting an elderly native american just starving viral video has sparked outrage toward covington catholic kinds. will it just stir being viral video shows a mall that seems to make america great again perhaps harassing a native american out there in washington a troubling incident at the foot of the lincoln memorial and it wasn't just any native american this guy is a vietnam veteran he was instantly turned into a hero by celebrities and the media the red make america great again to have is the new white hood without white boys been able to empathize with other people humanity
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will continue to destroy south this is appalling the ignorance the goal the disrespect it's shameful that native american man showed incredible strength and dignity i heard him say. here i sit here because we have to stand strong on this side the one who has all that anger and all of that wanting to. have to freedom to just rip me apart but there's always more to the story than a single snapshot. that make america great again. look at it. we think. we've got thank you look again. it turns out that the boys were taunted
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rather hatefully by black nationalists and others and all kinds of hate was unloaded on them simply for wearing trunks a baseball cap and furthermore unlike those trying to provoke them the boy in the picture he simply stood silently however he did put a defiant grin on his face. compared to. the young man is now penned his version of events he's getting death threats from across the globe i'm being called every name in the book including a racist and i will not stand for the small black character assassination of my family's name so some channels are now editing the story but the damage is already done this is turned into a huge story only because this child was wearing a make america great again i think that there is a serious lack of integrity in reporting at the end of the day everybody wants to
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put their own spin on a story it's no longer about who what when where and why it's about how could we spin this in a way that benefits our narrative. the world anti-doping agency has decided not to reimpose a suspension on the russian and to duping agency despite missing a deadline to hand over key data earlier i talked to the sports correspondent. you have shed light on the situation remember the missing of the deadline it was a bit of a scandalous headline in the global media didn't look good. for russian sporting orthorexic on september twentieth last year after three years in the wilderness for the russian anti-doping agency the world anti-doping agency decided to reinstate rosado the decision which was criticized by many athletes worldwide nevertheless there were two conditions imposed one of them very important that the experts get access to the most called the board story the old anti-doping laboratory where the doping samples were kept the deadline was set to be thirty first of december on
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december thirty first the delegation of water reported that they came back from moscow empty handed there was a lot of outcry both on the critic side and some on the russian side saying that this access must be provided immediately so right after new year this access was indeed provided the delegation of water came to moscow up to all the samples and water has a very thorough explanation of exactly what happened let's listen the date it was not received by the thirty first of december twenty eighth usually a code signatory is then given at least three months to correct that non-conformity before referral to the c c but in this case want to follow the special file strength procedure this was probably followed by full cooperation by the russian authorities as a result of which an expert team was given full access to the moscow laboratory and was able to make forensic images of all the data from the laboratory instruments so the president of the world anti-doping agency craig greedy he lauded this decision today by the executive committee although he stressed that some of the members of
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that board war not really happy with the fact that russia missed the deadline but still decided not to impose any sanctions because that violation was insignificant and for the future of clean sport this decision was very significant it also shows according to craig really that there is a level of trust and cooperation between water and which he hopes will lead to effective work in the future for the fight against doping i'm guessing that was the u.s. representative who's remembers incandescent with rage at the fact that result of mr dylan but like me. in a statement three months it's kind of standard practice what's the russian reaction been to this decision well the sports minister of russia bifocal of course i would say the chief negotiator between russia and the wall anti-doping agency he was very happy here welcome this decision said that this would bolster the cooperation and he hopes that cooperation will flourish in the future we also managed to get some comments from the head of the decider mr garner who was also happy but he said specifically that today's decision is
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a big step for athletes. but i want to congratulate everyone decided to reinstate i also want to congratulate our sportsman and sports officials so we can now continue. with mr gunness was also very frank and very clear that the actual hard work begins now because not only will be you know heavily scrutinized by the world anti-doping agency also that the board story which was the stumbling block the one which needed to get the access to it has to have access again in case water needs to come back to moscow to collect anything for the samples although they claim they collected everything so right now it's still it's not a finish line it's a lot of work ahead for restarted to be effective in its work a lot of sports experts will say you know world athletics isn't the same without a powerhouse like russia are involved in for the athletes to be involved. active and compliant so what's the future now for first and foremost after the daubing
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scandal twenty fifteen the trust has to be rebuilt and that is something that you know is step by step is happening between rosado and water as we can see also. specifically said that the russian laboratory the new restart of the border needs to get a credit and in order to obtain that accreditation the previous all the board story has to be completely transparent and open he hopes that happens every athlete athlete in russia should hope that happens because that's you know the future of all the federations. depends on that what i cannot understand is that today we have a decision by water yet some people in the media come out and say no this decision was bad and russia should have been banned again which begs for a question if these guys are advocating for a clean sport how would they want clean sport to be in russia if they don't want the agency tasked with providing that clean sport to operate normally in the country that's something i'm failing to to grasp ok i'll be back for bringing you
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the latest updates on our top stories on plenty more half an hour's time sierra. seemed wrong. just don't hold. any belief yet to shape our disdain comes to agitate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. there's nobody left essentially in the earth's mantle i predict as i've said before
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that was the central banks find it difficult to buy any gold whatsoever they're going to start buying bitcoin demanding bitcoin to their strategic reserves of course russia's been rumored as a possibly the first to go down this we don't know the details but one of the major central banks will start putting. gold into their strategic reserves and this will set off a mad scramble for gold and. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk.
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how do you hide this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm part children washington we're sure glad you're on board well coming up today there is just released review and news new new news rather about the global economy and china
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growth our economies and markets doing danielle shay and steve malzberg are standing by to tell us plus it might warm your heart and sound fantastic to hear about an alliance to end waste in plastic but you'll be less enthusiastic when alex behala bitch tells us more about the group and later we'll bring you a walk around and talk with exhibitors at the north american big coin conference we don't have time to get it to you on our last broadcast but we have it today from a crypto artist to a hollywood t.v. producer it was an eclectic and electric group of people all that directly had but first we had some headlines let's go. darkening prospects for the world economy lead our global report today as the international monetary fund once again downgrades its forecast for a world in twenty nineteen i.m.f. researchers now say they expect the global economy to grow at a rate of three point five percent this year that's is the second downward determination.


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