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welcome with some pleasure on the one hand they know the day coming up we have told you about the to vote you as represent news all this week well now there is a royal inquiry on it the queen has made her points clear all of that's coming up with hillary for what you plus we also go to global oil markets is canada the canary in the coal mine alex mahela mentioned joins us plus we'll do our weekly gold market and round up and break down the market moves with stocks that cling to the just like the impacted by a government shutdown danielle shades jungreis will join us and later tech media guru and host of the big picture apollo and come join doesn't talk about sports writers and the future of that place all that directly in our sights but first we had right to some headlines let's go to. governmental gamesmanship in the united states leads our global report today as u.s. president donald trump agrees to reopen the government for three weeks only
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blinking in the face of escalating consequences of the partial government shutdown we've told you about he said that he would be proud to own it well maybe not so much on the shutdowns thirty fifth day as concerns about air traffic safety seem to be reeky and critical mass mr trump held a press conference to say he would sign appropriations measures to said eight hundred thousand furloughed federal employees back to work until february fifteenth boom busters may recall that mr trump's teensy scene stealing announcement with a grain of salt as we recall that he previously flip flopped on the shutdown under pressure from conservative commentators. and flying over to kingdom of the wrecks a crisis may have compelled queen elizabeth to nudge the british political class to resolve the mess she said there are tried and tested recipes like speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view coming together to seek our
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common ground and never losing sight of the bigger picture adding i commend them to everyone many of them seems to have taken the words as appropriately understand that the world cup commentary on the crisis meanwhile goldman sachs c.e.o. an official from the irish central bank joined the chorus delivering clear signals about a no brics deal and for her take on all of the royal inquiry and others that were this week particularly tony blair we are more than pleased to be joined by our friend our jewel joint citizen of the u.k. and the u.s. hillary for brits the c.e.o. of straw mark hillary thank you for being with us i want to get your take first of all on the queen and on tony blair the former british prime minister who yesterday seemed to say hey look let's have one more vote on this if it's still the vote to leave we leave but he didn't think that with this is such a mess that it would be fair to go on as is what do you make of this all ellery
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well first of all bob pleasure to be here and you're right about the queen sort of weighing in but it was an opaque reference because she said we want to everybody she wants everybody to seek common ground or that really could be taken by either side as either a remain as point of view our point of view what was interesting was that back in sixteen off of the rest around the time of the referendum or maybe before the sun had a major headline saying that the queen was bracks that she was actually purported to be pro bracks that and then when she opened palm and in seventeen she actually was the colors of the with blue outfit and a blue hat with little yellow sort of specks in the flowers and a hat. so those are the e.u. colors so which side is she on she has been very clever about remaining above politics i think everybody everybody wants there to be a common ground to be found the problem is what tony blair said and he actually was right i always think of him as sort of the master of the soundbite with his
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brilliant alliteration if you recall after princess diana died he came up with you know the people's princess so sort of the master of alliteration said when he was in davos you referred to him recently saying he was there at the world economic summit and in davos he said this is really a choice between the painful or the pointless of course the point this is that the current deal on the table really is giving this choice of pay thirty nine billion dollars and not be able to trade with the rest of the world which is sort of ghastly that's a very pointless deal and the other option really is very painful to break out with no deal so it's the painful versus the pointless and i think that tony blair is right on that point the point you're referring to though bart is with regard to his advocating for a second referendum there doesn't seem to be a majority behind that. paul and really don't forget i think the reason he
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wants that is he is fundamentally a globalist and i remain of the remain as it had a chance to recover from that awesome shot of course of that which nobody really thought was ever going to take place there was a vos sort of media spirit behind the remain as so i think he is advocating for another referendum because he knows remain as have had a found time to sort of gone that spirit and have had a chance to unite and he predicts of course the vote now would be remaining and that would be due to in the light of so many moving to amsterdam threatening to pull out of the u.k. bentley saying this is going to be an absolute nightmare so there are many corporations who are saying that many others of course on the other side of the breaks it is a saying look ninety three percent of products can be bought from the rest of the world what the queen overall is advocating is yes for everyone to find a common ground to seek a common ground and to respect other people and there are a few people who disagree with that principle. can't we all just get along together
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we are so pleased that you're with us we get along with you all right we could probably work out a deal hillary for which the c.e.o. of straw mark thank you hillary you're welcome pleasure. gulf oil industry gas folks in canada think pipelines are the answer to the country's fossil fuel woes many are ignoring a number of other factors that are negatively affecting the sector with or without ways to move or oil and gas market the energy business is currently undergoing disruption and that's a story that extends beyond canada's borders with more we're pleased to be joined by alex behala bichon toronto hey alex i mean canada has some of the biggest oil and gas reserves on the whole part in the whole planet but the country has had a tough time turning a profit lately what do you think is going on. well it is a little bit of pipelines a lot of politics and
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a lot of prices the prices are low so these are three factors that investors are looking at and if we look at investors well they're investing at an all time low in canada when it comes to oil and gas and there's many reasons for this pipelines being one of them but really i mean we can't just focus on that let's let's look at this graph this graph tells us a little bit of a different story or at least a different part of the story this is the historical equity performance over the past couple of years in oil and gas in canada look at that drop so massive drop you can see that i mean the u.s. isn't far off but this is something that's reflective of the industry as a whole so the investors are looking for a market not only looking for a market access and that's what the so many canadians in this business or that are supportive of the business are saying that it's all about pipelines that it's all about access to the oil that's all about pushing the oil out to it's the markets and the gas. industry in flux that's what we're seeing here and that has more to do with other factors as well such as investors want to see that they want to see
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progress they want to see ingenuity they want to see technology they want to see new things happen in this industry and a lot of these investors are talking about the energy sector and when we talk about the energy sector do these days we also talk about renewables and that they're looking at renewables as well and we see companies that are in this business diversifying now beyond that let's look at canada and the fact that the companies that are right now getting hit hard while they're adapting the companies that are smart are adapting to what's happening on the ground and these are the factors at play here so they're adapting to arena with low commodity prices as we mentioned stricter regulations in this country tighter capital markets social pressure and politics all things that we're seeing around the world not just in canada and this is something this is going to be the reality foil the oil and gas industry around the world. alex well as i said earlier i mean canada seems to be the canary in the coal mine so we'll keep an eye on it and we help we hope you will continue to help
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us out and guide us through it alex mahela vision toronto thank you alex have a great weekend you too thank you. and it's time now for our global weekly market graph and we start in russia where we like to start at the mo x. which was up just a little bit the shanghai composite index in china was also up and also up just a little on the weekend down a little across the east china sea to japan and tokyo the nikkei two twenty five the hang seng in hong kong is off this past week as was the a.s.x. at the australian stock exchange but in mumbai at the bombay stock exchange not such a good week down there at the sensex and over in capetown the all shares was down moving up to europe both the french cac forty and the german dax were up this week but across the channel in london we're just talking about brecht's that there the footsie has been down down down all week and heading to south america where there's
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been that tremendous shake up in venezuela the clumpy and cold caps was up but by just a very little and in brazil at the i will bet which has done so very well for the past year we've told you about that traders seem to like what their new president hardball scenarios said this week in davos at the world economics son despite some that negative news we may be able to tell you more today about his son allegedly being involved in some unsavory activities the i bethought up yet again i want to have a real on a real roll there and heading to canada up at the toronto stock exchange where alex was the ts act was up as is both the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange up just a little bit on the week we hope you'll stay with us coming up we've got danielle shay and john grace to talk about what what type of stock companies you may want to invest in during a government shutdown too will be resilient plus column cook's media buff and tech buff will be with us to talk about netflix and more will be back in
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a flash here the daily numbers from new york at the closing bell. wolf like there's someone else living inside of me or controlling my body. the byproduct of that drug is the cause like some peer pressure. because it literally made him into a zombie it's crazy. you know we don't have to do anything it's not our fault since crazy and all that. here's
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a con addict takes a long time to get rid of. bagel you know right location. oh you'll be able through. all of us who wrote and old out. between the united states and russia. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still oil here i mean your list put video and put
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him in the new bill is that idea spilling you know to the former ukrainian. president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. do seem to. get in the studio over billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and i think it will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. welcome back we now shift to take a look at markets and to do so with an eye toward the partial government shutdown which may or may not be on an end it appears so but who knows who it's a pretty decent beginning at least to the year also in markets we're joined by john grace of investors advantage of danielle shay of simpler trading welcome to you both danielle let's start with you which could be that companies and or the stocks
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which could really sort of bear better in a government shutdown whether or not this one actually stops you know it will only go till the fifteenth of february so we might have another one after that if president trump doesn't get his then a-d. border wall project what do you think which might be a good investment in you know. so what i'm looking at here in the case of the government shutdown or really any other instance in the news that's causing volatility is i want to look at the phoenix stocks these are the stocks that have risen from the ashes the quickest and the fastest after the selloff that we saw in december and particularly what i'm looking at right now are sectors such as the semiconductor sectors and the cloud stocks as well because you know at the end of the day they're very fundamentally sound and the technicals got a little bit wrecked but once the market started climbing higher so did the stocks . so which would you which would you point in that give us
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a couple of names for those taking notes then you know. definitely and so for cloud names particularly microsoft and amazon those are two of your obvious picks i also really like cisco and orc poll as well as sales force so those companies are really very strong and particularly around earnings season a lot of the times are going to see those companies have a nice run up into earnings and in the end since where you have such positive earnings reports that can send them skyrocketing even higher for example some of the reports that we saw yesterday and some of the semiconductor stocks such as xilinx and l.r.c. x. these are really positive reports and we saw movement in intel initially also in a.m.d. pushing those stocks higher and i do think that you know a.m.d. continues to be a really strong buy in the semiconductor space and i knew you would come through
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with names thank you danielle john a year ago we were sitting pretty in markets and things seem to be sort of a better roses at least for markets but as the old radio host paul harvey used to say now for the rest of the story things certainly changed last year some may think that we're in a sort of a similar starting point to two thousand and nineteen even with all the uncertainties that we speak about on the program i mean what's an investor to do right now john. well to recognize you're right that last year or in this year look remarkably similar so far and i think we peaked on january twenty sixth didn't he see another peak to take that one out until september twentieth and then of course we ended up in a bit of territory so if we look at football which we're all going to be looking at on super bowl weekend right we all know that the best often says a strong defense and what we're submitting is to develop
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a defense that you want to plan now so that you don't have to panic later and you want to add more asset classes in addition to stocks and bonds look to see what other asset classes you can bring into the equation and then look back to see how those other asset quiet classes may have helped you keep your assets intact like an old otu and then oh wait no not. danielle do you it sounds like a pretty solid strategy to me that john laid out do you agree with that yes i definitely do agree with that and you know having a balanced portfolio is really critical what i like to do especially as an options traders i do like to focus on some of the stronger sectors as well to really kind of compound those gains but you know going back to your previous question of what do we do during the government shutdown is the one thing that i would warn people about is the stocks that get hit by the government shutdown are typically stocks within the travel industry consumer discretionary so anything like hotels airlines
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because you know when people aren't getting paid what's the first thing if they cut out extra things that they're wanting to buy so what we're looking at right positives we also have to look at some that we would like to avoid are. just a kind of get a well rounded idea of what we should be doing during this market volatility. you know i was looking at a couple of stocks earlier today guys one there is this news that. the air traffic controllers a bunch of them called in sick or maybe they're trying to go get loans etc from payday lenders by the way the couple of the payday lenders their stocks have been moving up in recent days but i was worried because they were cutting they were the f.a.a. was stopping all these plane flights on the east coast and i i want to look at the airline stocks but all all three are not well american united and delta were all up and they were up before the announcement came that we talked about earlier in
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the program that there may be some sort of deal but i wonder john i mean whether or not you know given where gold has been should investors think about spreading out into gold spreading into cryptocurrency or you think they should just stay sort of in equity and bonds etc. well i'm i'm wary of those things i don't fully understand i love warren buffett's quote risk is not knowing what you're doing and so i'm not a gold bug and i'm not into crypto currencies at this point what i am suggesting is whether it's gold or currencies any other currency or commodities or cash or bonds or stocks what we want is to install you know a regulator and i mean a person who's looking at client assets daily the question is risk on do we want to pour more fuel on the fire or risk off do we want to cool off put water on that fire because we're in a declining mode so i want all those assets watched every single day to determine
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are we holding or do we need to be lightening up to at least letting off the gas pedal because this thing could go a wry at any moment just as we saw nine twenty two twelve twenty four markets up twenty percent that's pretty quick and for most folks that caught them completely by surprise they were ill prepared. great advice from both of you john grace and danielle shea thanks to both of you for your time and expertise on particularly on a on a friday we wish you both a good weekend and thank you again for your expertise. thank you for your part. one point two million subscribers cancelled cable or satellite service of the united states in the third quarter of last year with almost a million cord cutters in q four are others likely to follow we turn to our resident media guru and tech buff holland cook host of the big picture here at r.t.
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america holland thank you for being back with us it's always so much fun when you're here it is cable going the way of the dinosaurs my friend bart nobody loves their cable company except for internet access as the term television is being redefined before our very eyes in just the last couple of weeks these over the top t.v. headlines netflix the world's biggest t.v. network fifty eight million subscribers in the usa alone announced a two dollars price hike eleven to thirteen dollars a month in their stock immediately went up and why they're doing this is expensive original programming amazon debuted prime video channels a member perk that lets members subscribe to more than a hundred t.v. networks for a monthly fee subscribers get access to the channels back log catalog to and can stream shows live on computers and other devices with the prime video app roku
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announced that its streaming device now has twenty seven million users and a free pluto t.v. app where a lot of people watch us has attard modern sit coms and spanish language movie channels and now viacom has bought upstart pluto t.v. grab the armrest three hundred forty million dollars viacom already serves over one hundred billion hours of content each year. on channels like b e t comedy central m.t.v. and v h one nickel odeon and t.v. land c.m.t. and the paramount network so viacom which is relatively late to the streaming t.v. party is catching up with cord cutters and pluto t.v. users are about to get even more channels. they just have to remember channel one thirty two. so where where does all of this leave over the air t.v.
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broadcasters unsurprisingly legacy broadcasters are playing defense they figure if you can't beat them join them and b c universal will roll out a free ad supported streaming service for its comcast cable service here and for sky in europe and for a fee there's an ad free version and service to nine cable subscribers and t.v. station mego owners sinclair broadcast group has launched a stir which is their free over the top t.v. entertainment bundle offering local news and general entertainment sports and lifestyle channels no logon no password you will recall the recent aborted sinclair tribune merger that would have made some clarity these biggest own or even bigger this new service expand sinclair's if you were footprint to geographies where they don't have stations and it amortizes their programming costs over another platform it's another way to monetize what they're already doing. and holland before we
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leave this area you're talking about netflix you're talking about expensive original content the academy award nominees were announced on tuesday this week and the most nominations went to two movies the favorite which i haven't seen in roma and netflix is actually behind roma and this is the first time they've had a picture for a nominee for best picture what do you make of it well every year you know in the oscars come out we watch the show and say i haven't seen any of these movies the beauty of netflix is when you're ready for it it's there and i think what we're seeing is an inflection point because roma was in theaters but it was not released to theaters netflix actually rented movie theaters for the purpose of showing it in the theatrical arena during the window that would qualify it for consideration so which is the tail and which is the dog is changing before our very
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eyes. and you see that's why you're the media guru you know all these things like that interesting tidbit another big media name in the news again this week is going to net the owner of usa today that we spoke about last week that they were going to be bought by this hedge fund that people have dubbed the destroyer of newspapers what's the latest on that it looks like they may again it may be already laying off some folks as u.n. margo's predicted on the program what's going on there hollande margaux and nailed it what a prediction again that is a former t.v. group on earth they spun off their t.v. stations which were very profitable they sold the biggest billboard company in north america a license to print money and they kept newspapers including flagship usa today and this week mass firings a real bloodbath under way again at newspapers across the country reporters would buy lines that have been in print for years and this comes. as hedge fund back
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digital first media which own seven point five percent of going to its stock is offering one point three six billion dollars to buy him out it's a hostile takeover and what has the media world cackling and wall street intrigue is that can that which is always been notorious for buying media companies then slashing costs has probably met its match in digital first media who moez devise struggling newspapers and slash jobs you might recall when they took over the denver post the cuts were painful there were protests so these are tough times for print media and they're getting tougher according to pew research social media has now surpassed print newspapers as square usa adults surveyed often get their news for one in five social media is effectively the new newspaper while only sixteen percent are regular hard copy newspaper readers and while newspapers have
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amped up their on line and mobile versions they're swapping print advertising dollars for digital dimes because we expect to get what we want free on the internet and meantime television is scrambling to give us more stuff and more devices bottom line on all of this the media is chasing us they're struggling to keep up with us consumers. hala we can't thank you enough thank you so much have a great weekend and that's it for this time we appreciate you all being with us you can always catch boom bust that you tube dot com slash bone bust r.t. so long. but hope to do something to. put themselves on the line. they did accept the reject . so when you want to present. i want to be rich.
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to going to proceed with what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the college. there should be. an instant media darling and certainly a fresh face the newly minted congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is rattling some democratic establishment cage's she calls herself a democratic socialist and she has some big clients is the democratic party and america is ready they see. the setup of the past couple of years some see dragon pits and that these islands
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off them but the reality is there may still be a shit and. have it in this fine lair of my crape past they want to see you bury. the biggest thing and show me is that we've never had an empty. like the then meaning of the founding of an album. people obviously come in they just throw them into the water as disposal it may not be harmful for that little fish that eats one fragment of plastic but once it makes its way up to us in the food chain it's getting to levels that are harmful. if you are you know more than fifty percent of the day is pass your screen and your screen is controlling you sort of little incentives and hey you know robot on the shelf you know play my favorite song and feel so good oh so warm inside you know meanwhile your bank accounts being drained by wall street. and you know if you know
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your net worth is collapsing in your money's being destroyed and all the relationships are hardly dysfunctional and you're living in a frickin prison and you have no right to assemble no rights of free speech but you're feeling good about it because this is extraordinarily mischa's it's some versus it's hull ations it's the state gone amok. venezuela's president snake us mature and says he's ready to talk to the opposition need to end the country's political crisis but one way they refused is to negotiate . with venezuela torn between rival need to add some measure of calling it to you by washington we look at some america's track record of regime change.


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