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for the. week to make rules for the rest of. us without us there will be. days before withdrawing from a landmark arms control agreement of the us announces it will begin manufacturing a new type of thermo nuclear warhead. venezuela's opposition leader calls for nationwide protests against the government of nicolas maduro and urges the army to help him force the embattled president from power. but it's been said to be clear is my contacts with the european union leaders is that they want to deal with this house budget for last night. and it is back to the negotiating table for britain's
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prime minister as parliament supports of bed to rework her stalled brags that deal . are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our to international and john thomas glad to have you with us now the united states is set to withdraw from the landmark i.n.f. treaty before the end of this week the agreement which was signed by the leaders of the u.s. and soviet union in one nine hundred eighty seven band of the manufacture of an entire category of nuclear arms both washington and its nato allies have said that moscow is squarely to blame for the collapse of the deal. russia has developed and the lloyd new intermediate range missiles so for some years now all nato allies. agree that it is important for. russia come backs
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into compliance in a transparent but a five way if russia doesn't come back into compliance then we have to be prepared for a world without the i.n.f. treaty and with more russian missile violating the treaty. asco for its part denies violating the pact to earlier on wednesday the russian foreign minister accused the us of increasing the risk of nuclear conflict by developing a new type of thermonuclear war. as far as the announcement about the us beginning to manufacture a new low yield nuclear warhead i remind you that the topic was already included in last year's review of washington's policy in the nucular sphere even then we expressed our serious concern about the fact that the production of such warheads lower the threshold for a nuclear conflict and as such increases the risk of nuclear conflict of what we
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wish mr it is the pentagon's newest toy the w seventy six dash two when it is essentially i mean you less baggage less radiation less fallout and most importantly less responsibility i think you started through a new. and full of major countries and workmen's. in developing new true. green in their research what can be developed and what cannot be. treated so there's not one dominated country and we're all could do could be energy of other countries naturally this new nuclear arms race is not america's fault but every what outsiders namely the usual suspects since twenty ten we have seen the return of great power competition to varying degrees russia and china have made clear that they seek to substantially revise the post cold war international order
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and norms of behavior we could of course beat a dead horse and again point out that russia is not even in the same the is the us when it comes to military budgets in fact russian military spending has been for the ng for years while america's has ballooned symbolic as well within days. the u.s. should begin withdrawing from the into immediate range nuclear forces treaty blaming russia's development of a cruise missile but really gets on the old nerves here is the commander in chief of the united states is unpredictability and seemingly his habit of threatening everyone we have more money than anybody else by far we'll build it up so we have a tremendous amount of money to play with the military said we're going to develop the weapons funding to modernize our nuclear arsenal so important but we're spending a tremendous amount of money on our nuclear arsenal nobody will have close when
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now two minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock on the brink or now officially into a new cold war a nuclear arms race world powers that each other's throats and no light at the end of the tunnel countries will continue to make threats against other countries just look at what's happening no. treaty to go she the rule of major treated. between china and united states and the exercise sometimes. put your phone and so on listen. to turley and from a national security. countries like the. troops you could slow the entry of food into. a new wave of anti-government protests are currently being held across venezuela in response to calls from the
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opposition leader one guy though journalist nourse i've got reports now from caracas where currently in also near square one of their most implemented the news for a position protests. place is a very crowded after one way to call for a new round of protest after its. he isa investigated by the. government supreme court and the public prosecutor due to activities against the government earlier and we saw president nicolas maduro of these sit in the troops the armed forces trying to gain their support. i already do but it is the first time this has happened it indicates just how desperate the white house is they can't go with venezuela it's a delicate matter what am i doing i'm fulfilling my duties as supreme commander under the constitution and so has done one way or who has been speaking to the
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armed forces trying both of them to win. support of the armed forces and one of the most important estimates of the venice well in polity though it's all the soldiers of venezuela i'm talking to you this is the moment to be on the side of the constitution it is not a time for fear or time to step but it's not the time to disrespect the venezuelan people meanwhile the u.s. government has recognized as the interim president of venezuela and actually congratulated him also one way to go and boy at the u.s. said that the opposition would not engage in if you find all the dialogue with the band as well and government. well u.s. government officials are speaking out on the protest in venezuela president trump expressed his approval of the rallies while secretary of state pompei o is calling on the venezuelan military to support opposition leader. nicolas maduro as meanwhile warned of the consequences if the u.s.
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intervenes. speaking in caracas material called on people not to trust washington's version of events in venezuela and warned the us of a second vietnam war. since they cannot fake venezuela and would do a row having weapons of mass destruction to intervene against us they now make up lies on a daily basis and false news to justify aggression against our country to be bought let's not allow another war like vietnam in latin america if the government of the united states intends to intervene against us they will have another vietnam worse than you can imagine. the venezuelan president has also accused donald trump of ordering his assassination remarking that if something happens to him washington end of the colombian government are the ones to blame go join you know neil in the studio earlier with the latest on the turmoil in venezuela the things that mr moore was saying lately on the one hand it has been typical nicolas maduro furious
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about everything america's doing on the other hand mr madore is saying that he's absolutely ready to talk to donald trump anywhere in the u.s. in minnesota and any kind of format and he's sure that these kind of negotiations will be a great success although he says that donald trump's advisors in america would never allow this kind of meeting to happen so he mediately takes a step back well just to remind you that this is how he addressed what donald trump was doing and donald trump himself just a little earlier this week. do you mean how. donna true. when it comes to mr goh i do know caracas was forced to act when washington said
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that it was pretty much handing over the floor to belonging to the majority government although they were in american banks to the opposition leader and so now . assets and accounts in venezuela have been frozen and he's not allowed to leave the country and he's now also being investigated for attempts to assist other countries and to feeling in venezuela's internal affairs now in response to that already caracas has been promised severe consequences by donald trump's national security advisor john paul we know that the u.s. has no alone in terms of support for the opposition leader where other countries coming down in this and this is a divide really if we look at the opposition support surely america has been the champion we've got to think the here in this case because some of the strongest players of the blog for now the u.k.
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still in there germany france and spain they have sent an alternate for mr brewer they promise that they will recognize one as the legitimate leader of the country unless the cost of a door announces an early election before the end of this week but this isn't enough for one in an interview with the german magazine built he says that he once more helped by the way that interview was typed roots built meets the hope of venezuela. we thank germany and europe for supporting the activists who had to flee we hope the e.u. is serious about the ultimatum is against me and reached a conclusion on the situation we can almost be one hundred percent certain that the ultimatum will bite the dust and fall flat because mr meridor is saying the next elections in his country won't happen before twenty twenty five and that is the
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official and of his term asked president by the way russia also had something to say about that ultimatum by some european union countries doesn't mean it's any initiatives to mediation must be unbiased they should come from different places you have an influence both on the government and the opposition's plus we have to understand the purpose. preparing the ground for a compromise between the sides must be the only purpose if the goal is to push through what's already been decided there's no need for such mediation russia has been backing the mad dura government as the old me a legitimate government of venezuela which was in fact elected however moscow has said many times that it's ready to become a mediator in the crisis well just now we heard from the russian ambassador and then as well that so far no such requests have been received by moscow from the
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opposition or the government so the russian side will be waiting for that to happen before it starts any kind of action or a political commentator john white told us the u.s. is aiming to regain influence in venezuela which it lost under the current government. that's a violation of their legitimate governments normal trade relations with other sovereign governments it's not just about washington wanting this country back venezuela being returned to its rightful place in the eyes of the neo cons in washington as a wholly owned subsidiary this is a bit of pushing back against russia's influence in the region the americans are clearly what it about how that influence is going to tell across the way the region with other countries start to see russia as more of a safe bet in terms of got into enough sovereignty got in she'd gotten thousands stability and being a safe pair of hands because that she has to international look it's a despicable announcement because these are contracts that need to be upheld and
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the need to be respected they were saying by the countries legitimate government and for this opposition these are these coup plotters to say that they will resend those contracts if he managed to succeed in that objective book or through when we do look there now is that the spectacle that just speaks to home elaine distain i think isn't what this is all about seeing you know. switching gears now the former head of starbucks has announced he is considering running for the u.s. presidency next year howard schultz took a swipe at president trump in doing so who was quick to fire back we're living at a most fragile time not only the fact that this president is not qualified to be the president but the fact that both parties are consistently not doing what's necessary on behalf of the american people howard schultz doesn't have the guts to run for president watched him on sixty minutes last night and i agree with him that
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he's not the smartest person besides america already has that arnie hope that starbucks is still paying me their runs in trump tower all right mr shelters announcement was slammed by a democrat as well who fear the independent candidate could split their voters. i want to see america when i don't care if you're democrat independent libertarian republican bring me your ideas his critics have now called for a boycott of starbucks and are urging people to get their coffee elsewhere we asked people in new york what they thought about howard schultz is chances of becoming the next american leader. he has a right to run he wants to run i think that he has a bit of a job as a president now i feel like you need some sort of experience with. public office i think he definitely would have a lot of people who would be interested in seeing what he has to say.
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spectacularly if he's trying to bring down trump and you divide the ticket that he could easily lead. if you ran it would really hurt. it would help getting reelected i think it will actually hurt trump. over the excessive for sure i don't know why people would say that just because he's running for president boycotting i don't believe in boycotts of anything i think people should have their opinions and be able to do what they want to in a free country i think that seems a rather pointless idea now legal analyst jennifer breeden told us why she believes many democrats are so angry about this announcement. now if you look historically at u.s. presidential elections and most of these campaigns historically third party candidates independents libertarians other parties they generally are not successful they end up splitting away from the opposing base and so we have seen
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that historically however twenty twenty is looking to shape up to be a different year frankly and almost ironically because of what donald trump has done in the white house which is change the way things are going changing a lot of the narrative so what we're seeing here is actually the hate for donald trump from the democratic party that spilling over on to howard schultz for the democrats they think that anybody that could take away from their shot to beat donald trump in two thousand and twenty anybody that might take away from that anybody that might run as an independent and take away votes from the democrats because they would be voting for an independent any of that they could leave donald trump in power the democrats are going to hate they're going to come after them they're going to be angry they're going to be afraid so that's why we're seeing some of the animosity now coming out against howard schultz because of because that he's mentioned wanting to run as an independent the future of trees amaze birds a deal is uncertain with that you are willing to renegotiate as demanded by the british parliament details coming up i'm sure briggs are with us.
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in a world of big partisan. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i think the one of the main reasons why now we're working as compliant nationals but in the position because most of the day is totally different organization. to
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the previous two or so i was sure still. fifteen and all previous q so it. is one of the best national and to them in the world. welcome back this is our international so it was a day of small victories for british prime minister treece in may on tuesday as m.p.'s voted on amendments to the braggs that deal in parliament however it could all be short lived with the e.u. seemingly unwilling to take negotiations further and he's peter oliver has been. plenty of reaction from europe to that vote in the house of commons on tuesday night i'll start with those messages that were all message that was supportive may
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the reason i say message is there is only one the german chancellor's office here in berlin putting out a statement saying that angle americal held a phone call with the polish prime minister in which both said they were committed to trying to. the deal to avoid that dreaded no deal breaks it however in the european parliament we heard from michel barnier a the e.u. chief negotiator on break he said well the blame game that is going on inside british politics needs to stop and focus really needs to be found on finding a solution to to the break that problems to the break that impasse we also heard from any piece like brockie said that that in fighting has to stop. as well adding the same message junkyard younger the european commission president said that there would be no renegotiations of the withdrawal agreement he said that it's they were committed to supporting island and that was also backed up by other e.u. leaders as well sometimes from time to time i have to push and. some hope
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to turn to other countries really burns and vexed. at the last minute but this is not a game. is it disappeared by leftish it goes to the heart of what being a member of dupion union meets bordeaux is you look sport and. my message to me the you position is clear and consistent that we draw agreement is not open for renegotiation yesterday we found out what the u.k. doesn't want but we still don't know what the key does warm. me the irish deputy prime minister the irish foreign minister has also been speaking on wednesday saying that there's no alternative to the backstop as it's written in the withdrawal agreement right now he also said there would be no reopening of negotiations so jeremy corbin and his team have been meeting with to reason make
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and her team this meeting took place on wednesday in the prime minister's office in the houses of parliament not at number ten downing street nor visit to the. the official residence for jeremy corbin and his opposition they were supposed to be trying to have talks about how they could take the country forward together but before they went into those talks this is how they were talking to one another in parliament she set out today what leads alternative arrangements might be passed night house set a clear direction on the way that house could agree a deal and that's what i and that is about dealing is the rise of the gentleman says with the issue with a backstop as i said yesterday there are a number of proposals for how that could be done none of that was very clear to me are going to anybody and i would have been our eyes mr speaker it would have been really nice if the prime minister had acknowledged that she did we're programmed please to try and support no deal and was defeated on that i mean absolutely clear
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with my contacts with the european union leaders is that they want a deal what this house voted for last night no sign of a break in the impasse as of yet but one piece of news coming through to us on wednesday evening from the european side is that even if it goes to the no deal the thirty nine billion pound breaks that divorce bill as it's being called will still be owed that won't be written off at all so even if there is a no deal breaks it there's still going to have to be money paid to brussels. i mean america's professor of international history at the london school of economics alan scared told us he doesn't believe the bloc will be willing to return to the negotiating table does look as if he's running into a brick wall everybody said well more let's see what he said but the not willing to open up their distraught agree with a lot going to see a. particular center of this particular. problem absolutely adamant no one haves
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a proper alternative plan will to the government except even without a deal just like the try to stand up to fifty but that failed in the house of commons my succeed the second time. the twenty seven member states and the european parliament would have to agree to that and they said they want to extend to fifty just for the sake of biggest stations they would have to see a proper plan. president has lashed out at america's intelligence agencies calling them naive and even suggesting they should go back to school that's after the director of national intelligence and his cia chief both told a senate hearing that iran is not currently developing a nuclear arsenal we do not believe iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device they are testing rockets last week and more and are coming very
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close to the edge their economies now crashing which is the only thing holding them back be careful of iran perhaps intelligence should go back to school. trumpet claims that iran is building nuclear weapons as well as missiles capable of carrying them that reason the president scrapped of the iran nuclear deal struck following twelve years of negotiations. former cia analyst and whistleblower john kiriakou thinks trumps views are being formed by those in his inner circle. the contradiction on iran between what the president's position is and what the intelligence says i think is very fundamental in that you have john bolton as the national security advisor john bolton is probably the single most anti iran. intelligence figure in america and he's whispering into the president's ear every day that the iranians are terrible and so dumb trouble is ation went into this presidency with the same position that he also turns to a young senator that he's
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a republican you know tom cotton from the state of arkansas tom harkin also is still rightly strongly anti iran and don't forget that benjamin netanyahu the prime minister of israel is very influential in this white house they he and trump speak regularly and trump takes his advice. and does it for me i'll be back with more headlines and let's say thirty four minutes. i'm. up with.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they did accept or reject. so when you want to express interest. you somehow want to be rich. but you're going to be disliked. three of the people. interested in the war in the. u.s. veterans who come back from war to same stories. are the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there are already several generations of them i just got this memo from the serger
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defenses office says we're going to attack and destroy their governments and seven countries in five years americans pay for the walls with them money others with lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort. ratings and salutation every election season politicians gather around the cameras and microphones and they promised us jobs lots of jobs just great i mean who doesn't like jobs or doesn't like get a paycheck but often what these politicians don't tell you is what's in the fine print is you know just what exactly these jobs will be and what exactly you'll be
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making just ask the folks who work at the pentax plant in amarillo texas with this week saw the first of the newest member of the united states nuclear weapon arsenal the w seventy six dash to come off the production line on monday the w seventy six that too is part of the united states new low yield brand of nucular missiles and is a modification of the existing trident warhead delivering a blast that would be approximately a third of the force of the bomb dropped on hiroshima. how lovely the national nuclear security administration told defense news that they are on track to complete the w six dash two initial operation capability warhead quantity and deliver the units to the navy by the end of the fiscal year of two thousand and nineteen naturally this move is not without controversy with many nonproliferation advocates arguing that the smaller yield makes them far more tempting to use on the
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battlefield by u.s. presidents generals and others who feel the need to plunge the world into nuclear war on a whim but advocates like the trump administration argue that argue for these new weapons actually they actually that they actually bring peace the u.s. government's two thousand and eighteen nucular posture review states that low yield nukes help ensure that potential adversaries perceive no possible advantage in limited nuclear execute latest escalation making nuclear employment deployment less likely. and if you believe that having many smaller nucular weapons makes the world a safer place well then i've got a bridge in brooklyn i'd like to sell you or for that matter some wonderful new jobs at a factory in amarillo texas that may or may not make you culpable in bringing about the end of the world. now and start watching the hawks.


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