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that. was. i. that is why the self-proclaimed interim leader refuses to rule out a military intervention in his country putting yet more pressure on president nicolas maduro. also to come the french police under scrutiny after us protested he was on the receiving end. i understand that the government is deaf to
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well it couldn't hear the demands of the appeals being made on the streets and i'm see internationally pieces torso organizations are profiting from war crimes by listing accommodation in disputed west bank settlements. hello they're welcome just gone two pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international ivan is why the self-proclaimed interim leader has appeared on american television explaining how he intends to oust his country's president nicolas maduro he did not rule out the possibility of using u.s. military support i just want you to tell me whether you would support a u.s. military intervention we're doing everything to be able to put as much pressure as published so that we do not get into that kind of a scenario in which nobody would wish to have. well the u.s.
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backed venezuelan opposition leader bronze medal rose regime a dictatorship while present during the keys is quiet though if attempting to stage a coup with washington's help as the situation intensifies what's happening in venezuela does have similarities to events in the past they greedy think the whole world is too fullish to notice either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with his mayhem when we stand with the syrian people or with their oppressors the former dura regime has oppressed its people for years repressive regime of bashar assad the tyranny of the now defunct mature regime the assad regime its brutality and repression active threat to the entire region growing threat to regional peace and security it is time for men to go it's time for assad to get out of the way the stories of syria venezuela and the protest movements there are from two separate books but can someone tell me why anyone who
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is in charge of america always reads off the same manual when their national interest rate or spots another regime change opportunity let's go through the steps that are a must venezuela versus syria some great examples for you. people in american politics have a special sense for legitimacy what if they have a device for that or something from our perspective he has lost legitimacy he has failed to deliver on the promises he's made in its rule as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the venezuelan people the national assembly invokes the country's constitution to declare nicolas maduro illegitimate and the office of the presidency therefore vacant you see the manual so great that even donald trump couldn't help picking it up after hillary. yes the idea is not just to start backing the opposition you physically got to be there
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with them oh my god. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. now that's a classic what could be more classic it almost makes you imagine that as kids all american politicians are told when you grow up you'll never succeed unless you sanctions and filthy regime syria check venezuela check will keep increasing sanctions to cut off the regime with the money it needs to survive we're going to announce sanctions against patro is to venezuela associate a name we're paid a vase as it's known by its spanish acronym the state owned oil monopoly since the opposition in places like venezuela or syria are pretty much aware of the contents
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of the manual they know when it's the right time for them to start asking for weapons armed rebels defected soldiers there will always be those who would be happy to get new guns that are going to spend it's going on so much that we make a request to the us he says to support us in logistical terms of communication with weapons so we can realize venezuelan freedom what we need is. and. until the science back to the states and the people in charge there when you're only one step away from sending your old army in to get the job done don't forget to say that the other day but is that your dream which is all options always all options are on the. you know what all of this was an intentional never planned. to topple regime.
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their own government. we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force is that also in the manual in the prank of their will following washington's lead the european union is also turning up the heat on venezuelan president nicolas maduro with brussels now lending its full support to quiet though he used foreign policy chief has outlined possible measures that could be taken against my daughter's government peter all of has more on that better reek of mockery and he has announced what's being called an international contact group all venezuela it will be made up of european union members as well as latin american partners what she says is this is definitely not going to be any official attempt at mediation in the venezuelan crisis this is really a talking shop getting people together getting discussions going while venezuela tries to sort out its problems using the mechanisms that already exist in the venezuelan constitution but while she was saying that she also said that there could well be further sanctions from e.u.
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member states against venezuela those would be sanctions that targeted the government we have a sanctions targeted sanctions in place already that would be news unanimously recently and should there are elements of sanctions might be considered by the ministers in the coming days if we would not see positive developments any sanction that's not. that's not. implemented by the security council is illegal so all the sanctions that the us simplemente against a business will and people are illegal according to international law the e.u. parliament passed a resolution on venezuela and it's says that they recognize one quite doe as the legitimate interim president of venezuela they reject any type of violence solution to the ongoing impasse in the country and they also support fully a proposal by the un secretary-general for
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a full and independent investigation into deaths in venezuela let's have a listen to what was said in brussels i mean that the european parliament is the first european institution to do this nude asked member states to do the same as quickly as possible in order to ensure that we have a strong unified european position germany the u.k. and france had already said that they were going to give nicolas maduro until monday to call fresh elections otherwise they would be throwing their full support behind one quite though it almost seems certain that that's going to happen right now particularly when you hear from nicolas maduro that he has no intention of calling elections the next elections he sees in his country will be in twenty twenty five when his current is supposed to end unfortunately e.u. shows that it's incapable of taking an independent foreign policy they've made a bunch of noises about continuing to do business with iran despite the fact that the u.s. unilaterally illegally pulled out of the p five plus one deal and once again there
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are lining up behind washington's foreign policy maybe they've been promised some of the spoils john bolton the other day said openly in explicitly u.s. companies should go into venezuela and take the oil maybe they'll give a few table scraps to the europeans as well so that's what it would say that this is the largest oil reserves in the world so you can imagine how many hands in the us in the e.u. are rubbing themselves together with glee and dissipating the windfall profits well with all. all eyes on venezuela does have international support with turkey china and russia calling him the only if you timid leader says he wants to solve the country's problems the russian ambassador to caracas alleges that the opposition is putting its political ambitions above all else. the venezuelan opposition is indeed quite diverse but the political ambitions of the opposition plaintiffs are genitives of the opposition and i ask them why they did not raise issues that really affected people i mean the food shortage shortage of medicine or safety
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because every public survey shows these topics stir up public opinion their replies were vague and the only way i can explain it is that the political ambitions of the opposition happen to be more important for them than these hot button issues important to the majority of venezuelan citizens but on thursday hundreds of people did take to the streets of athens and barcelona in support of the venezuelan government finance stage their rally outside the european union's headquarters there while demonstrators anathemas marched to the parliament and the u.s. embassy kerry and his way of them flags political analyst. told us that international support will play a key role in venezuela. it's very important to get the support of russia china turkey and many other countries as well for him with europe so his people understand that there is international support that they're not that these countries are not going to let the democratically elected president be removed
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removed by undemocratic means or a coup when you look at what's going on in venezuela were only one or two small events from it turning into a syria now i hear mention vietnam but i think it's a lot closer to what happened in syria you look at the opposition defected soldiers from the c.n.n. report requesting arms from trump well i mean that sounds very similar to what happens in two thousand and eleven when oh by. started army people. on saturday france will see more yellow vests marches but with a difference because this time people won't just be calling for reforms they were also paid tribute to those injured by excessive police force at previous rallies but not almost as your back what you were deliberately chose a five two on the to root which is not much compared to what we did before but we're going to have some injured people all the injured will be there the start of the march who also sit ins and speeches. or fanatics day when i woke up from the
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operation i look to myself in the mirror and said to myself it's not me it can't be me today i do not dare look at myself in the mirror for me my life is over it's destroyed. well over one hundred festive geishas have been opened against the french authorities over the controversial use of those riot guns by police in recent months leading rights organizations in france want a blanket ban on the use of the weapon which fires gold golf ball sized rubber bullets and has caused serious injury to a yellow vest protests. was .
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our sister channel r.t. france has spoken to one of the protests as you claimed the government isn't listening to its people. i understand now that the government is deaf to us that it couldn't hear the demands and the appeal was being made on the streets but now i see i who lost an eye that they are completely blind even on the basis of the videotapes they were unable to accept responsibility for what is happening our efforts are peaceful that's my slogan i'm a humanist i want protesters to be protected and the greatest gift for me was when during act nine children came to kiss me to shake my hand they were happy to come to the protest with their parents so why call for an icky why call for everything to be broken it is not in our interests we are reasonable people we will not
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destroy our own country. they are profiting from war crimes that's what a new report by human rights group amnesty international says certain tours companies are doing by listing accommodation in disputed west bank settlements however this has prompted one israeli minister to call for amnesty to be banned from the country israel has been illegally building settlements on palestinian land for decades but it's also hundreds of thousands of palestinians. and israeli settlers who moved in these actions constitute war crimes the world's leading digital tourism companies promoted settlements as tourist destination be booking dot com expedia and trip advisor list hotels b. and b.'s attractions and tours in several months. in the report the international criticizes online booking companies for offering hundreds of places to stay in
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settlements across the west bank for failing to state that they are in disputed territory adam shapiro is the co-founder of the international solidarity movement and says it wouldn't be the first time israel's banned organizations like amnesty i think the reaction by over the years rose if they were to ban mysterious rational researchers would be sort of foolish although not only expected we've seen previously when the human rights watch researcher who is on the ground on worship here published a report similar about there being the activities in the occupied territories israel moved immediately to have them removed from the country so far they have not been successful as the courts have intervened and there is a case going on but you know this is happened many times over the years where when initial organization or any kind of monitor of what's going on in the occupied territories reports what's happening in israel moves to takes efforts to remove
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those people from being in the occupied territories and prevent others from coming to see israel has. thousands of people myself included from entering the occupied territories and preventing thousands of others from entering because they suspect that people are coming to witness to bear witness to the occupation one of the companies listed there has previously come under fire for the same thing and is also accused of failing to fulfill a promise to remove listings in disputed settlements back in november other companies named in the report responded by insisting that they do actually state clearly where the accommodation is located and that the information they provide is a political. you know she off international still had few to sell us lawyers acting for a russian businessman implicated in the moon a probe have been denied access to evidence in the case we'll have a look at why just after the break.
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you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. seem wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become educated and in games from it equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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hello again that has been another twist in america's money into alleged russian collusion because it's refusing to share evidence with the us lawyers of a russian businessman who has been implicated. as more on the story. the prospect of proof coming from the miller investigation on any collusion may never see the light of day that's long been normalised by pundits but now the shroud of secrecy around the renowned russia probe is darkening further election meddling evidence could be out of reach even for the defense the united states of america
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respectfully opposes the motion of defendant concord management and consulting l l c for approval to disclose documents identified by the special counsel and sensitive for purposes of preparing for trial the defendant this time is a concord management consulting a firm managed by you've gainey proportion a russian multimillionaire nicknamed putin's chef for his catering commitments to the kremlin moto accuses him of being the chieftain of russian online trolls who allegedly played a role in swaying the twenty sixteen election in response his company hired a law firm in the u.s. as you would but apparently some of the private information the lawyers had previously received from miller emersion line for all to see it was published on twitter by the account hacking redstone which has then been suspended a representative of the online file sharing portal has confirmed to the f.b.i.
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that the specific account who used to publish the matching discovery materials was registered on october nineteenth two thousand and eighteen but a user with an ip address that results to russia but a screenshot of the tweet allegedly showed the law firm had been hacked so apparently the attorneys had nothing to do with it it's not like they would voluntarily leak classified information why because of because the they can that's why and some outlets sent this unique bandwagon crashing down the hill this company when hired a. law firm and was and has managed to essentially draw this out and use especially the legal system of the united states against the mother investigation so in histories paraded over the myriad of court cases where defendants would hire lawyers to world defend themselves against the accusations the pleaded not guilty
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to this one somehow stands out and what standard procedure in every single other case is using the legal system in this one but miller is totally cool with it now he has a perfectly good reason to deny the defense access to court materials which is any prosecutor's dream come true miller says he will only show the case docs to progression himself but making someone who will never come to the us to face these supposed charges and arrest dream on that is a problem of concorde's own making so how the tide has turned now anyone salivating in anticipation of juicy collusion details might be better off waiting for russian hackers it was done of all legal analysts learn to say that prosecutors are normally eager to share evidence there is a concept of disclosing information which tends to be exculpatory meaning
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information which tends to work to your defense the prosecutor must always provide information evidence to let you know the defend it what you are being charged. and what you can do to interpose a defense the only time a prosecutor wants to hide information from you is that if the information doesn't help the prosecutor if there's something that hurts the prosecutor i was a prosecutor we'd love to show you evidence of what we have against you we want you to know everything that we have so that you think wow they've got me now so why is he doing this because either a he doesn't have any evidence b. there's something embarrassing me doesn't want you to see or see all of the above. posts of the us a currently in crisp of a deadly cold snap but some do you fear it's not just the record low temperatures
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that leaving people vulnerable to one of the coldest air in a generation is poor across the upper midwest breaking low temperatures will make the next few days the coldest the region has seen the take a look at chicago almost completely frozen over nearly ninety million americans are now in the grip of dangerous cold or what happened if russia killed the power in fargo today what would happen if all the natural gas lines just poof on the coal to stay in recent memory and it wasn't in our power whether or not to turn them back on i mean what would you do if you lost heat allow fear of a possible hack attack on gas pipeline systems based on the recent us intelligence committee report it does say that china and russia could pose a threat to u.s. national security through malicious so i brought to the targeting structure. china has the ability to launch cyber attacks that cause localized temporally disruptive of facts and critical infrastructure such as disruption of natural gas pipelines
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for days to weeks in the united states russia has the ability to execute cyber attacks in the united states to generate localized temporary disruptive effect some critical infrastructure such as disruption and electrical distribution network for at least a few hours there is no indication that russia has any ability to shut down any natural gas pipeline in fact the only thing that they did about russia is that they would have the ability to affect some power grid for a couple of hours well so do the people who are using too much electricity during. a bit like what we're seeing right now the number of people using natural gas in the dakotas right now and in that minneapolis area they are a greater threat to collapsing the grid there and the russians and the chinese well the u.s. media goes further to quoting officials saying that russia has already compromised america's electrical grid hacking its way in fireback dogs but then one again says it is terrorist potential to exploit these were abilities that should be the main concern. wouldn't individual terror actors or
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individual how actors also be an equal or greater threat to nation states who are doing that why can't just the everyday hackers be able to get into these same systems so why isn't she talking about that and talking about not that russia is the threat but the system that we have built that allows anyone to access these very important infrastructures isn't that the threat you want ya say thanks for the company to soften that's how the news is looking so fast a day here we're back again though in just over half. of the stand here from us and. from what i saw.
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i know that i'm in our truck at the rather rough weather on the fourth because of that. only and that compatibility question and you can keep an. eye on floozy china for truffle is not good and. then our modeling on the show the top. in mind. if it's whole food place choice for you and there's a payoff this time in syria says. the model for the fuck around mr hates it for jim and then oil but i hope that our
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friends in the. looks like the beginning of the french revolution whether one already those any such a movement these people those you know race they don't know each other then there's a wendell most of them never went to demonstrations after craftsmen middle class people from a working class background that's why they are. just manufactured to sentenced to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lives only the one percent. that's nice we can all middle of the room six. billion real needs.
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it was in the one nine hundred fifty s. that our secretary of state john foster dulles proclaimed our policy is global. we started as a continental empire by clearing out the native peoples and other
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foreign forces then we became an overseas empire by taking islands and various parts of a. world and then after the second world war we began a global empire now we are playing on the whole billiard. ball. the united states has always had a variety of tools to use in its attacks on other countries. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military pressure on the countries
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a true talking about and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country particularly in our own caress and in the press of that leader's own country americans love to think there were intervening in other countries to overthrow evil people and if that's true you have to make the person look evil. in nineteen fifty one ottomans came to power in guatemala after being a looked at by the people. years ago i wrote a book about how the united states overthrew the government of guatemala in nineteen feet.


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