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i know. that i said that with taking the patients away. the u.s. secretary of state suspends a key nuclear arms control treaty with russia. compliance from moscow a claim that the kremlin denies. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests and we could no longer be restricted by the treaty while russia
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shamelessly violates. reactions from e.u. leaders suggest growing opposition to jeopardizing the deal with warnings that could take the world back to battlefield between nuclear superpower. the girls would do well not to test the resolve of the united states i u.s. vice president warns venezuela's leader nicolas maduro to quit not provoke washington as all options are on the table. french police are under scrutiny after over one hundred cases are open into the guns we talk to you know best protester who expects the i often alleged my office is. i understand now that the government is deaf to us. thanks for joining us live on our teams national from moscow just here in the
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russian capital i'm ben hawkins revenue thanks for joining us on the program. now russia says it reserves the right to respond to america's decision to suspend its obligations under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty earlier on friday the u.s. secretary of state explained the move saying that washington would pull out of the deal completely this summer if moscow doesn't change its behavior. the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the and have treaty effective february second. we will provide russia and the other treaty parties with formal notice that the united states is withdrawing from the un after the effective in six months pursuant to article fifteen of the tree well the u.s. has long accused russia of violating the treaty without actually providing any credible evidence russia has jeopardized the united states' security interest and we can no longer be restricted by the treaty while russia shamelessly violates the us is accusing russia of testing and deploying an intermediate range missile
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meanwhile russia has actually exhibited the missile and given detailed explanations of its characteristics moscow is strongly denied washington's accusations saying its land based missile get fully complies with the ins requirements and u.s. officials didn't even bother to attend the last thing of the missile on december which they were invited to this treaty the i.n.f. treaty is crucial for the balance of powers it was signed back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven by the united states and the u.s.s.r. and it stipulates that both countries destroyed missiles within the five hundred to five thousand five hundred kilometer range under the agreement now neither the u.s. nor or russia are allowed to produce or test any such missiles in the future russia is saying that the us withdrawing from the street he could trigger a new arms race a moscow has long accused the us of making all to mesdames russian president
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vladimir putin said the us was searching for any possible reason to withdraw from the treaty first the american side says it wants to leave the treaty then they start looking for reasons why the main reason given is that we are violating something but at the same time no evidence of this is presented. and now president donald trump goes further and openly suggesting. rating its own so-called military response will move forward with developing response options and will work with nato and other allies and partners to deny russia any mildred vantage from its a lawful conduct so this seems the fall we play into the hands of the u.s. as it develops its own new nuclear weapon and further expands its military capabilities russia's foreign ministry says the decision follows an established pattern of washington breaking international agreements moscow insists it's not a question of russia's violation of the i.n.f.
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treaty but an american strategy aimed at removing international and legal obligations speak to all of has been gathering global reaction. well it does seem like this was expected like this was the where world leaders were waiting for this decision to be made especially if we look at the statements made by stoltenberg the nato secretary general federica market in the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs shortly before the mike pompei announcement that the u.s. would be pulling out of the i.m.f. it certainly seems like they felt it would be in coming so we must prepare for a world without the un if. i want to we definitely don't want to see our continent million back to being a battlefield or a place where. other superpowers confront themselves there's belongs to the far away history well straight away after the pompei o announcement stoltenberg tweeted out that russia must use the next six months to get their house in order in order
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to try and save the treaty the latvian foreign minister in a very similar vein saying russia needs to comply with the deal the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt also incredibly critical of russia in the immediate aftermath sending out tweets the german chancellor angela merkel though said that she hopes that her country can play a role in dialogue with russia to try and solve this issue. it is clear to pass the trash is by later this treaty and that's why there is a need for dialogue with russia proud part the german foreign minister and i will do everything to pave the way for talks within the six month period apart from that nato will thoroughly sassed what the u.s. withdrawal will mean it is important to keep the window for dialogue open. the german foreign minister said that this decision by the united states to pull out of the i.m.f. would make europe less secure but did say that the world doesn't need debates it
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needs well it needs controls on the type of weapons the austrian foreign minister as well. added her voice saying that she regretted the u.s. decision but hopes for dialogue and that the i.n.f. treaty could be saved in the future now we've also heard reaction from iran if you cast your mind back to last year the united states unilaterally pulled out of a nuclear deal with tehran what we've heard from the iranian foreign minister is that deal signed with the united states may not be worth the ink peter because nick professor of history and the director of the nuclear studies institute at the american university tell us washington's move is a serious threat to peace. back in the mid one nine hundred eighty s. we had seventy thousand nuclear weapons one point five million here is she looked at the equivalent jobs and now we're potential is we can go back to that from seems indifferent to that risk the europeans understand it this was
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a nuclear treaty that eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons and wasn't as good as what we hoped to get out of reykjavik but it was still a major step forward and now we're threatened with going back to that very very dangerous confrontational situation that we dealt with back in one nine hundred eighty seven given all the tensions now internationally the bonita how much scientists executives just kept their hands a doomsday clock at two minutes before midnight we've got hotspots around the world crises conflicts that are very very dangerous right now and every country all nine nuclear powers are modernizing their nuclear arsenals so we are in a very dangerous situation and the united states to be doing this now is quite reckless. the standoff between the venezuelan government time its opposition leader is escalating off to the u.s. officially recognized one door as interim president washington is now warned
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nicolas window to resign. this is no time for dialogue this is time for options are on the. with of the with nicolas maduro would do well not to test the resolve of the united states. meanwhile venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader one dog has appeared on u.s. television explaining how he intends to oust president nicolas maduro he didn't rule out using pentagon support. i just want you to tell me whether you would support a u.s. military intervention we're doing everything to be able to put as much pressure as published so that we do not get i'm going to that kind of a scenario in which nobody would wish to have three now in this crisis in which hand and the other officials of the transit ministration are seeing that anything
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that penicillin in its defense. possible aggression the u.s. options on the table this is precedent to move by the united states you have an open call and mittens that the u.s. is claiming the principle role in trying to overthrow them a little government and the pull of very revolution and the government has people to represent and defend not going to a deal just become president from what i think he became president was elected by i mean seventy percent of the african nation with the situation intensifying what's happening in venezuela appears to have similarities to events in the past as if the trunk of explains they really think the whole world is too fullish to notice either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with material and his mayhem where we stand with the syrian people or with their oppressors the former
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madeira regime has oppressed its people for years repressive regime of bashar al assad the tyranny of the now defunct mature regime the assad regime its brutality and repression active threat to the entire region growing threat to regional peace and security it is time for me to go it's time for assad to get out of the way. the stories of syria venezuela and the protest movements there are from two separate books but can someone tell me why anyone who is in charge of america always reads off the same manual when their national interest rate or spots another regime change opportunity let's go through the steps that are a must venezuela versus syria some great examples for you. people in american politics have a special sense for legitimacy what if they have a device for that or something from our perspective he has lost legitimacy he has
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failed to deliver on the promises he's willing people the national assembly invokes the country's constitution to declare new animals so great that even donald trump couldn't help picking it up after hillary to start backing the opposition you physically got to be there with them oh my god oh my god. oh. now that's a classic what could be more classic it almost makes you imagine that as kids all american politicians are told when you grow up you'll never succeed unless you sanctions and filthy regime syria check venezuela. check we'll keep increasing sanctions to cut off the regime with the money it needs to survive we're going to announce sanctions against patrol is to venezuela associate the name were paid
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a vase as it's known by its spanish acronym the state owned oil monopoly since the opposition in places like venezuela or syria are pretty much aware of the contents of the manual they know when it's the right time for them to start asking for weapons armed rebels defected soldiers there will always be those who will be happy to get new guns that are going to spend its way down so much of that we make a request to the us he says to support us in logistical terms of communication with weapons so we can realize venezuelan freedom what we need is and money and and and until the science back to the states and the people in charge there when you're only one step away from sending your old army in to get the job done don't forget to say that all options are on the table that the agreement which is all options always all options are on the. you know
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what all of this was an intentional never planned we will stop to topple the regime at all fit for all governments we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force is that also in the manual on syria might not be the only example the u.s. is hinting at involvement in venezuela almost eight years since it turned threats into action when attraction in libya critics warn repeats of that scenario must be avoided. we must avoid the mistake of. venezuela as the world's biggest oil reserves according to all to you world support. so that the same countries behind the libyan catastrophe stand to gain this time she spoke earlier with my colleague from one of the things that many people draw attention to was we bizarro easily extractable
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large reserves very easy to capitalize on baghdad if you remember the countries that pushed the most for that military intervention were the countries that benefited the most from the levy in all sectors was france and the united kingdom this time around to you see the trumpet ministration officials being pretty often about. oil reserves and eagerness to lay their hands on them so. there's more than just one parallel there but the one thing that absolutely amazes me is that there is absolutely it nor lack of consideration for the consequences neither now nor back then and one would think that the obama administration people in these two consider levy as one of their mistakes president obama was actually pretty honest in saying that. he's mean regrets was never thinking about day one in libya while we are not hearing anything from the obama administration officials in fact babies seem to be very eager to join the trump administration when it comes to
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regime change in given that it would be speaking to the daughter of the security chief of the deposed libyan leader moammar gadhafi what did she say she's a very interesting personality she was essentially raised by the gadhafi family. who are friends with many of his children and obviously she didn't have benefited from the events in two thousand and eleven and let's listen to what she has to say that's happened in. other country only maybe in syria or. wasn't an easy to before. egypt egypt that's under control. syria now lets you see what's happening in syria but i think. the. bombing from. start to bomb being that they want to save. people civilian people and that's not true the libyan intervention didn't and
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then they faced a problem that is a huge migration way from libya is still a problem now in europe i've seen many black american countries. but isn't there a possibility that they could suffer too because if things turn ugly venezuela will be the united way because well and i really like this question that you're posing because i think many people are absolutely ignoring it i mean warmer graffy what he was alive was very open warning the european officials not to jump on this nato intervention bandwagon specifically because of the risks of opening the floodgates to you from the african continent into europe and he's warning was absolutely ignore that and i think many of the latin american and north american countries are absolutely oblivious to the risks of migration that could represent if it falls apart we are talking about meaning millions of people the continent is pretty unstable already. journalist maxwell one thought asked members
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of congress if they think the u.s. is meddling in venezuela's political system you think the u.s. is meddling in venezuela they're demanding. we're mossad's our man and if i don't think sony were the superpower in the world which i think if you're just supporting it it's pretty much the deciding there needs to be peace and so i think that's good for us it's we aren't that great and. you know i am a. combination of complete ignorance about the issue and an unwillingness to speak up among. so-called progressive was who campaigned on a platform of peace and in this case you have the us on the brink of some kind of war on a country of thirty million people proxy war would create a syria or libya style situation in the western hemisphere that could leave hundreds of thousands of dead and produce millions more refugees and yet when i
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would ask people in congress about this it was just a shrug of the shoulders. france is bracing for fresh here a vast marches on saturday but with a difference this time people won't just be calling for a force at previous writings. were deliberately chose the five two on the to root which is not much compared to what we did before but we're going to have some people that will be there at the start of the march who also sit in sation i look to myself in the mirror and said to myself it's not me it can't be me today i didn't dare look at myself in the mirror for me my life is over it's destroyed. more than a hundred of us the geishas have been opened against french police with their controversial use of the right guns in recent months leading rights organizations in the country want a complete ban on the use of the weapon which fires golf ball sized rubber bullets it's already caused serious injuries at yellow vests demonstrations.
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passes the shuttle on to france has spoken to protest and jerome rodriguez he suffered a severe injury reportedly from a police rubber bullet during a rally last week he says the authorities don't seem interested in having real dialogue. i understand now that the government is deaf to us that it couldn't hear the demands on the appeals being made on the streets but now i see i who last deny
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that they are completely blind even on the basis of the videotapes they were unable to accept responsibility for what is happening our efforts are peaceful that's my slogan i'm a humanist i want protesters to be protected and the greatest gift for me was when during at nine children came to kiss me to shake my hand they were happy to come to the protest with their parents so why call for an icky why call for everything to be broken it is not in our interests we are reasonable people we will not destroy our own country and meanwhile president micron has given an interview to french media ahead of the upcoming gala vest protest this weekend he surprised many with his claim that he is also a yellow vests under certain conditions. if the universe means being for higher paid work and a more efficient poem and then i am a yellow this publisher and writer amory morville believes mark warner is out of touch with the lives of ordinary french people. he thinks he's likely yellow there
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says living yellow vests maybe with a little a little bigger salary he doesn't see that he's living in a very very different world and you will see tomorrow all the broken traces of these people who cannot feed their children and were not afraid risking losing. during a demonstration during this demonstration straps because there are some traps speaking about working for a better salary mr mccraw or another financial risk to wants to increase. the salary everyone understands and pranced in france that it's big news more for him and less for the french and because i think it's just so on li a bad joke and that mr mccloy is just underlining the yawning gap between him and the french. brits and then that your last minute breaks it when you go shea shin by a prime minister to resign may nevertheless among some remarkably warm letters as
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artie's and as they see it in their report. well it may seemed like such a far off prospect for such a long time but perhaps it is actually happening very soon just next month and in worse we're seeing an exchange of quite emotional letters between britain and germany we saw a group from britain putting people such as former england footballer gary lineker and p's from both labor and the conservative party addressed sadness to their german colleagues about the imminent departure and saying they would like to stay friends forever we still want to be friends we love you your football some of us even like your cooking given the challenges we face we need to stand together to champion the values of tolerance a wop and was published in a german newspaper to a letter that came from germany to britain just a couple of weeks ago saying to britain don't go we'll miss you please come back.
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british black humor and going to the pub after work hours to drink a nail would nice to you with milk and driving on the left hand side of the road nude missing the christmas but more than anything else we would miss the british people friends across the channel. well exactly what shape this future friendship is going to be taking remains to be seen with bracks it's now expected to still take place on march twenty ninth with the time ticking away for politicians to figure out exactly what bracks it is going to look like. around two thousand people gathered in the brazilian city of belo horizonte on friday to protest against the regional government and mining company valley after a deadly mudslide last week claimed over one hundred victims in the straightest could receive shouting slogans and covering themselves with mud they were calling
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for an investigation owned by valley collapsed triggering the avalanche of mud at least one hundred fifteen people were killed around two hundred fifty still missing shocking c.c.t.v. video shows the effects of the disaster as it took place and held back water containing waste products of the most illogical industry the mud flows from the collapse over a wide area at speeds of around eighty kilometers per hour broken a law which failed to warn workers being partly blamed for the high death toll clean up by emergency services is still underway rescue workers expect to find more bodies as the search continues. coming up to five thirty am here in moscow join us again just around thirty five minutes time for the latest global news updates next thing on the international.
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looks like the beginning of the french revolution and whether one only those i need such a movement these people those you know breasts they don't know each other did never wendel most of them never went to demonstrations out process when they are middle class people from a working class background that's what they are. mean and it does what you know is not. going to. those whom you know most of those people in your years and years it was notable just did not like you. please them please their ways but i did my best
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religion as the white. people. use them you see if. there was no. choice these would get. you know it's not there you know you can close. washington's forced regime change strategy targeting venezuela continues unabated everything is going to plan through and president include office third deny the legitimate government of its export had a right. to use and its tax on other countries. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you lie. to do is play some military press around the country is a true talking about. there
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is to be an effort to win the size of that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the. elite to make rules the world. does without us that we. come. back to deny this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents don't let's take a second to go over the big three the big three things that seem to really cause the united states to want to overthrow or bring down a foreign government if you have one of these three things the u.s.
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might screw with you if you have two of these things look behind you right now because the u.s. is currently is growing if. you don't have the same economic system as us hold it and we will cut your mother. number to dropping the u.s. dollar iraq dropped a dollar a run drop the dollar libya drop the dollar pakistan drop the dollar in trade with china and the following day we added them to the list of countries violating religious freedom. i'm not kidding we do not take kindly to dropping the dollar but that doesn't apply to venezuela no.
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