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but in god to flush that out what her look all the law at the nation of the list that i do know one long. so with. blood and then i just shone on her all and washed the has it. a soul of some a blow would just go to the mind and oh and the high has said that now walk one wide that has us not love and and. a quantum one was over do i. go with that last of all the out this on just i was glad to why do you have to get through with the suicide the with. us the loudly in the video i watched it too from what was found. on of the most awkward around one hundred this. one this one of yours at the. end how the. q. got to sort of and the. could of them a lot of
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a lot of very. anxious. for me. to let. the idea of icici get better i didn't get one idea. thank. god it was a job god will. actually. do a little. bit of right. without struggle within a shadow off condition unknown we thought of
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a town been invited to go out of a town to spins a spoke on. watch till the. end of the room never do any good as far as shut up and con no down in there and phone home. then. you know her own home we say when are you home we should one home. i know i said no home i jus not choice of the house i was little. and. this. sorry to will we will why do you think. it. will go. to fernando if it choose i thought jack. of all will. because of the. both initial thought i thought i had
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a dismal take up but i can if. you know the status and you can live. up to new because i think. of the twelve. or she could well be good enough to let me see i. had off a lot of it got a job in the cyber could affect what is so i let a lot of tech to get out. of way. out of life have been jihad with celtic. need to do that when you get it you have a choice so to. visit. we'll get. to it but we did a bunch of. little things for. you are.
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right there are. gonna get kind of doubt that a good plan is that he's shown good luck no one may be shot this out of the shelter you had the other day and she had no fight she should know by dead to shout at me so why would i show why anyone would come oh and i just said i and you can only have four yeah. yeah it has affected my i probably am never caught one looking for the black one upside the head when i feel. what i would. call but i'll shut up i'm sure what all the footage of initiation what i think. i mean is very sure we're going to go. to. the next.
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accident. so i was going down the aisle of the show all except almost i think. if you had you should be in it that. you. actually. want to. blow up the well. you know get over. the divisional strike. too soon as the sun. you would do should be well you know. so you see you. threw
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a member out she. was that bloke who asked us if. we did that. i think we have to just. let's not talk. about. that i said to them with us it go. to show kind of what he should have only was only his house. on how to recover but i was going to be there i said to me. that's ok his head then i don't feel. so good.
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then as on the good the wife and there's a little it was me a little. more my job at and i got to tell you know hold on a high five it. was tough i saw it. live. but you only have to talk of a shelter child who wanted dogs for a million plan will know why when national now had morning i was out and out will. leap. live it up having
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a. good idea if you can why they live in the us you know so i think i would. want us all not is that. the center this leads me and i will both go to see it. because it just got such a view of the so that it does get to show that a. little of that is. a little bit. nutty. but it might look a little overboard oh i've done it i haven't. done that and it.
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was. you. but it's not just like oh oh. oh i know we're so early can you show ok in march i won't get up cause. you can't. turn around we're out of washington. there are now are for. sale at the end of us computer off there still has a fellow by the way it's an issue because of how it has dual core stuff for one focus. as it might be a wonderful country. ginevra
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shot a. parent who might again as it was going to have lost that in a lot of we have gone on as of now i'm with drew for us. have. seen worse. on a macor on the lawn or which quantum also on the by myself for some. guys or on. will know. that he's. right about the do on this. morning bit like that. may. be. the thought it was a shock to have. you get stuck show you lift off the wall. though the bus won't try to force you who has just through a lot i got
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a. shocking as a really good idea. which it did not to close to blood off spreading how did i miss the shell one hundred plus knowledge of hosts and. says. that the had. to steam. missing. out of what i do you don't wash either often visited it a minute you gave. it a bit. but only when. one of the school.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like hard times happy. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be rich the point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade first sakit first shot and good point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one just shows you can afford to miss the one and only. have a seventy of his later she still must. have
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. had to manually. and there's no no don't she know not. can you get away with all of them ok if the. last minute i'm a student at a local with about a day out late good to have a good watch that i'm not going to be able to get. some of that having. even. if they're not i'm not a. what the how do we. not go janie behold i go to far. but i will not asia was so and i didn't just.
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truths seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. me to old beliefs yet to shape our disdain you can't get educated and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i'm. going to look i do stress to harry. i'm glad that i shout no why ask me why but i now this i had pursued i did this she
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really. has no no. and morals yeah. that's the cluck. of the sin was yes. i just get out soon. enough i know when i have time even. though we see no. mas it. will be that. i know so the. director a lot of us had enough so that i said yes but it was just said and that's what i'm sort of a show i do a lot on. your liquor not a moment because i'm going on the line i thought for the show for a while for. good but as he whispered out at that i'm still at the
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one note of it all we had to put up a slip up of it and i had to put it doesn't want to. write. that. i made of i'll to get out of the shackles was ruined in russia. still could or couldn't wear on me emma and i said and out of mana dollars fifty. one why did you cut the cord. all close you can. just see and i just said. as you. can with the show was just so i think it will sort of be you do cool stuff it went home and watched it almost. yeah i so we all and i so i. never. figured out that i was. sorry.
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i'm sorry but i certainly know what. i don't get me. why. should i. have.
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to i believe you did out of i said i will find the center what's in order. and the . whole way out of that automatic and then there's the shock and i've said it what i said to film which of my sudden i was. months or i don't know something or is it was the. only services that's why i live most of the villages and i. told you how it's. janish would. be in. don't let us through the damage. and the threat of could decide ahead of not far from just as nick said out loud to say i will have. a job i did i. wish that i should so aside. from such attacks have last minute to say i asked you what i know it's why so of so if i can they said yeah we'll show them said just
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cool cool to hide in the middle so there's a new line. of a joke and. then the top fee for the. ground zero will. be adequate to stop on a con and a show from the show is one of those things that if done to i didn't shock to the show says for all you know mcconnell conditional being a condition that while i'm just then i'll. be.
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able. to remove the data without good enough. for me or i wanted it and thought of at them still had no clue about it after that . pecan island am i said i had to knock on top of the coolant as a drop of a china shop and i. just couldn't mine his image will can ruin his image you've read on a site that i must have a lot of. mind that's ok i'm an hour and i want the down my always took out a bit. post. very needs of a on the. outer layer of. the club one on one with us. oh thought if i lived i id towards the first pair can go first.
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from the for the out of me. was three. times to. show also that each of has such. a fan of what he says. about tyson in. a so called school so don't. shove a. book on him. to do this to the wall good.
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choice for you and head if inaudible i. did. find out that it does mark. always she goes. to support we're on the. south side. and i get that. this is a little more of a keep we are no i love when we get this whole food place the i'm here your mentality. to do a choice where you go. i system that i'm on a wildly to do every. bit i mean i know i do. mrs.
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meadows to change. the name of the. course on world because often the fault. mine this hospital. got. into his. a zero zero zero. zero. because i want to make it home. i always saw him do it to. me to show the always she get it if you loose. they've. been lied to close. to me.
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that's men couldn't. see how significant i've usually.
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she knows that i saw them stuff like. a mile farther and then asked the couple bucks on this mr hate to put a gym and then a half opened it up i didn't. have the down the room i shot it. and then instead of them i saw about that said it but no arash with the doll ball. so. they still look how they tried to have it out there. shuffle so it's all the open always down low. down yeah me. so i'll click on the enough size in myself i would do that. with this and that's got milk in a number but no but then i'll follow in the shadow of the dish and just go and.
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play. exists is a stick. found in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that seems. the new phones at special projects funded. on the. phone now the mountains of waste only grow while. the u.s. intel community in the political establishment challenge transform policy is this a good or bad thing also forced regime change in venezuela continues apace. the good news was before. much of those who heard the food your. name will.
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move. move. move. move move move move move. move. move. to distribute. the story to. the start ups to go through to get to needed so. the little one wished they'd still look it is it's. just best not to test dish mutants they mashed old. destructive president on please control his product until.
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there's your futurist abortionists were to snoop on what the new yorkers are those the girls are with you for your support just to your sure sure mr you should cook dorothy what was your business. when lawmakers manufactured concern this instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. on the financial merry go round of lives only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signals. the real news is the world.
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rome vito's plans for a joint is. statement to recognized as the new president of venezuela the rejection was confirmed to our team inside italy's the ruling coalition meanwhile certainly it's something that's on the. stop trying to hold it right that you are making mistakes that will leave your hands covered in blood and you will leave the president's strain.


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