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tv   News  RT  February 9, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EST

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with venezuela in the throes of a humanitarian crisis his opposition leader says he's not ruled out calling for a u.s. military intervention against president maduro. that we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subjects we would see was necessary. primary school in england comes under fire from parents for teaching children about same sex
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relationships and rights should learn about you right now because you can reach. the goal of that with the like you. if you want to go home. and yellow vest protesters are gathering in paris at the moment you can see the live pictures on the screen right there they're running for the thirteenth consecutive weekend against falling living standards in what they say is an increasingly repressive government. it's two o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international law from a studio with me welcome to the program tensions all continuing to increase between venezuela's beleaguered president and the leader of the opposition. on friday by
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telling the agency that he's not ruling out calling for a u.s. military intervention against nicolas maduro. but i mean you know we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject making use of our sovereignty and within our jurisdiction we would do what's necessary. opposed trained as agents of foreign governments of the united states introduce sources of our. of internal chaos to dismember the state. in venezuela they have driven us to the point that libya was taken syria was taken to the point of an opposition they have attempted but we have not allowed them to and venezuela is at peace. u.s. national security advisor john bolton is urging russia to recognize what i do as venezuela's legitimate leader as washington and its allies have done the host of all teams will supplant joins us to discuss the implications of america's actions
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presumably the united states always knows what's best for people in other countries and you know what's astounding in this whole debacle for me is that is not only the every successive american administration falls for the same regime change operation irrespective of its ideological persuasions but also that it always does it in exactly the same way by pushing a very stark and very misguided choice on the people it supposedly wants to benefit because. it is a very legitimate conversation of whether president there has been good or bad in handling or mishandling the economy in his country there are many critics of his economic policies within israel and outside the country but this very vocal and very unapologetic backing by the americans really frames the conversation from the substance of his economic policies into who has the right of appointing
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a leader in new zealand when you still have a very very proud population they're very proud of their independence and the. backing of quiet door i think does a major disservice to go out of himself because he is now as he is not as a legitimate grassroots figure out position figure but as a figurehead for the american administration there are always third and fourth and fifth options and you know just today for my program i interviewed rafael ramirez who is who used to be who chavis right hand man and he is also sometimes referred to as the new zealous former oils are because he ran the oil industry for many many years and he's extremely extremely critical of madura he believes that madeira betrayed the legacy of who could chavez and and did pretty much all the chairman's of his government but he is just as harshly critical of who i adore because he sees him as the representative of the american interest well let's see exactly what he
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had to say against. three gains of the. illegal we we have to go to the both. with mother with any turn still to go to the going to be both and neither. because. bill is the. born from the u.s. that man has very strong connections within the venezuelan military as well as a more international partners such as russia and china and he's now trying to portray himself as a third option a consensus candidate he hopes to run for president if the elections are indeed called and you can watch this interview in full on worlds apart this coming sunday there are many many interesting moments and it's
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a very interesting look at the country outside the either or framing that the united states is trying to push on the venezuelan. and israel a based journalist paul dobson believes that if one were to ask the u.s. military intervention it would lead to disaster i think is a very foolish move by one where you know one way or if he has any chance of achieving his political objective of oust an elected government he's going to meet popular support in venezuela he will not be able to do that just on the back of the u.s. for a foreign military intervention is a lesson we could be learned from syria from iraq and numerous other cases of u.s. military interventions in the last twenty years why where there is very definitely alienating a very significant chunk of those who back him at the end of the day. the optics. do not wish to see the country ruled by washington he would be wise to distance
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himself from these sorts of links if you wishes to to actually has his popular support here in manasquan or the international monetary fund said on thursday that it's holding talks with member states on whether to recognize why there was venezuelan president follows reports that the self-proclaimed leader was considering asking the global financial body for a bailout a spokesperson for the i.m.f. said a consensus must be reached before any loans can be issued to the country. countries are still establishing their position in terms of recognition so the proof that process is ongoing so as i said we are watching that closely. the i.m.f. has one hundred eighty nine members and is supposed to help ensure financial stability and promote sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction one key function is to provide bailouts to indebted and recession hit countries and exchange for structural reforms. in light of events in venezuela wiki leaks
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recently joined attention to a document it published in two thousand and eight which of course a us can manual it details washington's a use of global financial institutions like the out i.m.f. and the world bank to advance its agenda and wage unconventional warfare against its rivals. if properly authorized in coordinated u.s. army special operations forces can use or coordinate for other agencies to use measured in focus financial incentives or disincentives to persuade adversaries allies and sarah gets to modify their behavior at the theater strategic operational and tactical levels such application of financial power must be part of a circumspect integrated and consistent unconventional warfare plan. wall street analyst michael hudson thinks there's nothing new in the u.s. pushing its interests through international financial institutions the world bank has always been run by the u.s.
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military from mcnamara to all of the subsequent people and the i.m.f. functions basically it's a little office out of the pentagon basement the wiki leaks thing only confirms what people have been saying for the last thirty years of course who. are tools of this league department or foreign policy the united states from the very beginning insisted in having be talk we're all over all i am out and world bank decisions so that they could prevent any alone that was against us foreign policy that was built into the articles of agreement that's been the case since one thousand forty five none of this is new. a teacher at a primary school building second biggest city says he's been receiving threats for teaching pupils about same sex relationships his initiative which has led some parents to pull the children out of school in protest has triggered a broader debate in the u.k.
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about challenging homophobia looking at the controversy his polly pocket. what happens if you fundamentally disagree with something your kids are being taught at school is a question that some of the parents of pupils at this birmingham school have been confronted with money lula hopes are another sitcom both of them moment got some tissues on the white them back andrew more fat is an award winning deputy head teacher he is with the queen he's been shortlisted for the world's best teacher award for developing a diversity program the no outsiders program involves talking about relationships and highlighting the l g b t community in other words telling children some much younger than eleven that it's ok to be gay it's something that angered some of the parents whose kids are at the school is not for the only appeared for the reception
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kids. go to homosexuality they should learn about yet old age not right now because they can easily get you can't stop the teach your kids you know we don't do it with boys and boys who doesn't a good thing this was a two hour live with a like you because you have to obviously clearly says you can't discriminate against religion and whatnot and that's what they're doing it's ninety nine percent muslim it's not about being muslim that the jewish community the other communities the christian communities they're all have issues around the way things are being done some four hundred parents have signed a petition calling on the school to stop the no outsiders program and earlier this week the route between school and parents escalate. it to this.
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that this area of birmingham is predominantly muslim and being gay is forbidden in islam the school's reading program uses books about l. g.b.t. issues this one is a story about a family with two mums another a fairy tale about a prince falling in love with another prince the parents may not like it but the government's own watchdog has classified this school outstanding as the top model a school can get and much of the praises for the way the children here are taught about the u.k.'s equality laws which could be why the school says it will know by now so parents pressure deputy head andrew marr fat who's openly gay himself had to resign from a previous job after a similar route with christian parents at his former school despite the controversy the teacher says his diversity program is not going away we have to ensure we
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safeguard and protect them from all possible forms of harm including homophobic or transgender bullying we have no plans to change their curriculum and no outsiders remains an inch a group part of the drive for excellence in light of this some parents have chosen to remove their kids from the school and opted to pay for private tuition this is around about a small school but is exposed a big clash between a religious community and the diversity that's part and parcel of modern day britain artie's polyploid reporting from bombing and that there's another school in england that's also found itself in the media spotlight after decided to drop a play about child. dahlan following complaints from christian parents. live.
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as darwin had been all over the world we've made a comedy musical about his life but always boring i hate you so i know he's not. live little.
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yellow bass protesters in france who are hitting the thirteenth consecutive weekend side of the place are too heavy handed so they're taking a new tack it's a long story still ahead after this break. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. actually like to be close that's what the four treatable people are. interested
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always in the water. there should. be much of this is revolution screeching to a halt inflation and unemployment cause millions to leave venezuela the world powers a lot over whether president maduro should stay but the real question is how should the country move along its current crisis. welcome back to the program. and you can see behind me live pictures from paris where yellow vest protests as a rallying for a thirteenth consecutive weekend against rising living costs it's one of
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a number of demonstrations being held in cities across the country the movement's leaders have said that they also intend to express their opposition to a new anti rioting law which they say places limits on basic freedoms and also sharply criticizing authorities for heavy handed policing tactics which of course severe injuries among the protesters which you can see on your screen right now. the government is becoming more and more repressive within hours. extreme violence and the use of excessive police force the authorities are not seeking compromise but the laws that limit our rights so we have collectively decided not to declare the time and place of demonstrations in paris from now on we will not be partners in crime with the government and you can see still see those live pictures from paris the el of us move there thirteenth consecutive week running what comes after
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one of italy's deputy prime ministers claim the elephants movement is changing the face of european politics luigi indeed miles says that he believes the continent will move away from traditional right and left leaning parties the common comes after relations between paris and rome took another serious blow when the end of best activists in france i was struck by the fact that among the claim some yellow the first post there were themes that now supports the right and the left and the public needs first that's why i wanted to meet yellow vest members i believe that the future of european politics is no longer with right to left wing parties especially seeing that some of those right to left partisan europe are calling themselves new when in fact the traditional after day mao tweeted a photo of him alongside yellow vests leaders and protesters earlier this week paris recalled its envoy to italy for consultation france then vented its anger at italy's top officials accusing them of baseless attacks and even calling it an
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unprecedented situation since the end of world war two where later is between the two countries have quickly deteriorated over a number of animated and strange estrange exchanges political commentator bricmont told us he believes the yellow vests have much in common with italy's five star movement. the french government a strange situation to complain about the interference of the manual. when you see what they have just done and there is really the legal knows it which is government which doesn't even got hold of me and presumably not we not do that except. foreign intervention military intervention lady united states so it's a little bit like the do they need if you can get this early to tell you go on the . bulletin and like my cause though he did lee then i don't see where the dungeons god you know be friend with a movement which is a bit similar to the five star movement in the dylan them young woman which is neither right nor left that we just as big dog boot them in their force of n.d.
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so very similar to the universe except now in their own bio of the universe of a far from being drugged i don't see where you can you don't usually do i mean there's a mic in the sense given that you know the fact that we are all your hobby and imprinted on. your mistake and a huge step towards protecting social media users in the country willing that facebook must stop collecting their personal data without seeking consent it's just the latest in a growing wind backlash against america's tech giants as he explains. as of late facebook and google's problems in the e.u. have been piling up it's a bit like a cat game of jenga chimney is watching the power start to shake off to a major three investigation and antitrust regulator in the country ordered facebook to stop combining data across platforms such as what's up and instagram without consent and in attempts to curb the company's spiritual monopoly in future facebook
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will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the prince unrestricted collection and assigning of known facebook data to their facebook user accounts but the social media giant isn't giving up the german info war without a fight we disagree with their conclusions and intend to appeal so that people in germany continue to benefit fully from all our services. well for one shaky ground. the company has also come into the microscope of german authorities while google plays its own game with the e.u. it's not doing so well over the past year gore has paid more in fines to the e.u. than it did in taxes and it's now put to stop forcing manufacturers to preinstall chrome and google search tools on its operating system.
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now one of the founding members of the e.u. is switching to another game the french military and public offices have decided to stop googling and then now pointing the french maid said it doesn't track users who collects their data we have to set the example security. state you fears of becoming us digital colony aren't unfounded i mean the us crowd out for those of you who don't know it allows the u.s. access to data stored on american companies clouds whereas if they are in the world trump has obviously taken all of there as a personal attack on u.s. companies i told you so the european union just slapped a five billion dollar fine on one of our great companies google they truly have to you can advantage of the u.s. but not for along with the u.s. tech giants all in europe's crosshairs and it could be argued that all the current wobbles have the potential to come crashing down. the chinese telecoms
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titan huawei looks set to undergo further scrutiny in the coming weeks america's top diplomat is heading to central europe on monday and is expected to issue a warning to washington's allies over the company's growing presence in the region while he is a stridently pushing back against the claims that poses a security threat to the west. recently who always been under constant attack by some countries and politicians we show will sometimes feel amused by those ungrounded and senseless allegations well we are hearing such words as ungrounded insensible as from kwok we officials as the u.s. is pushing its accusations chinese telecom from kwok way slammed the united states after receiving another blow in the five g. race they feel shocked in a muse of how the u.s. is lobbying european governments against the firm the united states' envoy in the european union has been threatening its western allies that if the hughes chinese equipment in any of their major infrastructure projects there will be no
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disadvantage when dealing with the u.s. and would also face consequences the chinese firm has been receiving a lot of pressure by western regulators and lawmakers of its involvement in the next generation mobile network with officials blindly accusing china of interference without any proof someone from the politburo in beijing picks up the phone and says i want to listen in on the following conversation i want to run a certain car off the road that's on the five g. network and kill the person who's in it there's nothing that the company legally can do today in china to prevent the chinese government from making that request successfully walkway has come under fire by the united states which accuses the company of working closely with the chinese state unintelligent gathering but trust but no proof who is actually the chinese state's longhand just last month the u.s. filed to criminal charges accusing coffee of stealing trade secrets. and skirting the u.s. sanctions on iran but again no proof and when they were asked directly whether they
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have any evidence to prove their accusations the u.s. were poorly respond by saying well it's china it's simply one party state and it seems that the u.s. could have not chosen a better time to actually do this european union eight nations are reviewing new sanctions against companies or could. trees and cyber espionage and intellectual property theft as all this is happening according to government officials. government ruled out possibility of bending chinese equipment supplier as germany is moving forward towards building its fifth generation network and it's not only the germany's considering they believe that if they follow washington stance on it it will this will be harmful for their economy but what the u.s. does not understand is that europe and we have much closer relationship than what they actually think europe is kwok we second largest market the company has invested billions of euros in digital sectors and has been working closely with
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some of the cult and its main telecom operators such as telecom bt orange and others and as the us president donald trump's administration is pushing for a blanket ban on chinese telecom companies from the new five g. networks europe is on the horns over the lemma. back in around thirty minutes time but do stay with us for a documentary called by a childhood diet which is up here on the national i'm going underground if you're watching. when the whole make this manufacture consent to step into a public wells. when they're running pluses and protect themselves.
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when the financial merry go round lifts certainly the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room signals. going around anymore you don't even. know. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm . the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford
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to miss the one and only boom bust. i know many dashes not only in mr larry. the world. and none of them is stuff out of me and you know nancy about it and going to the newsroom going to work on it is young but. children are former french i am. sure you can.
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