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b. . washington hits the venezuelan government with sanctions will also pledging humanitarian support to the impoverished country. trumps decision to withdraw control treaty with russia has left the world on the brink of a nuclear disaster that's the warning anyway twenty twenty u.s. presidential. possibilities for schools to use the word one parent to mother and father official
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forms. this is. people. around the world who are in the traditional family this is not meant as an attack. this is just. a low good morning on am sort of the morning here in moscow. and more detail on this morning's headlines to come first washington's continuing to ramp up the pressure on the venezuelan government on friday to hit the crisis stricken countries state owned oil company and five nicolas maduro top officials in a fresh wave of sanctions the u.s. or to justify the move by repeating its claim that the embattled president is undermining democracy and continuing to violate human rights. treasury continues to
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target officials who have helped the illegitimate move repress the venezuelan people we are sanctioning officials in charge of murderous security and intelligence operators which has systematically violated human rights and suppress democracy including through torture and other brutal use of force the us is also attempting to send emergency aid to venezuela which is currently suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the western hemisphere but refusing to allow that food and those medical supplies to be brought into his country from colombia he says it's a cynical ploy by the trump of ministration in an attempt to justify a possible military intervention venezuelan president also hit out of the colombian government which he's accused of extreme aggression. for our part our policy for colombia is peace and respect i cannot say the same about the government of the colombian president even to kay who has war plans against venezuela supported by
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the us him pire i am not exaggerating donald trump and even in the white house announced war plans using colombia against venezuela meantime the country's opposition leader one guard dogs continue to enjoy washington's full support he blames madeira for the humanitarian catastrophe in venezuela and said recently hasn't ruled out calling on the u.s. military to intervene against the president but next is kellam open explains washington's meddling in south america and sometimes disastrous consequences in the past elliott abrams the troubled ministrations new special representative for venezuela has been assigned the task of restoring democracy in the country and he says he's up to it just look how well he did in el salvador from the day the president was elected in a free election to this day el salvador has been a democracy that's a fabulous achievement. yes the pro-u.s. candidate to war to a won the elections but how democratic was the situation there were human rights
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abuses and death squads everywhere in fact one of the worst massacres in the history of latin america happened around that time. now abrams got confronted about the gruesome details before congress yes or no do you think that massacre. was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch that is a ridiculous question and i guess are no no not i learning this i will make you happy yes i am not going to respond to that kind of personal attack which is not
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a question but now the civil war between the us backed factions and the marxist revolutionaries continued until nine hundred ninety two and slaughter by us backed forces also continue the death toll was as high as seventy thousand people but ronald reagan did not consider that to be a deal breaker the people of ill salvador had another free election in march economic reforms are continuing and communist guerrillas are losing ground and none of this would have been possible without the economic assistance and military training and equipment that we provided so what have been the results is el salvador now a land of prosperity and freedom hardly in fact in twenty seventeen el salvador had the highest murder rate of any country in the world it is not currently at war those figures only decreased slightly in twenty eighteen now somebody might look at this and say well that was decades ago why bring it up now well the fact that abrams wants to repeat is democracy restoration project in venezuela is certainly
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alarming and when asked about this before the us congress he didn't deem it necessary to give an answer would you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes crimes against humanity or genocide if you believe they were serving u.s. interest as you did in guatemala el salvador and nicaragua i'm not going to respond to that question i'm sorry. r t new york. democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard whose a twenty twenty u.s. presidential candidates introduced a bill that could stop president trump pull from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. right. right right right now. there are stories to be right these. are several. here. the landmark treaty was signed in one nine hundred eighty seven
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by then leaders ronald reagan and michelle gorbachev and it's been one of the pillars of international security since that ban nuclear capable missiles of intermediate range however thirty years later president trump facing constant accusations of collusion and not being tough enough on russia decided to withdraw from the treaty citing alleged violations by moscow with the two countries valley into quit the deal fears are growing over a new arms race and research by trump aren't helping to quash those concerns perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement it being china and others. or perhaps we can't in which case we will outspend and out innovate all of those by far russia has denied any violations and said that it's been open to washington for any necessary checks but that didn't help and for now the treaty has been suspended by
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both sides paving way for a potential arms race if not worse and now till see gabbert is trying to impede trump's move and it's not the first time she's taking action against a foreign policy that she considers controversial back when obama was in office she proposed the stop arming terrorists act this prohibited funding or support for any militant group with links to eisele or al-qaeda after it turned out that some of the weapons provided to the so-called moderate rebels in syria surfaced into terrorist hands but despite how different republican president donald trump and democrat presidential candidate tells he gathered are that one thing in common both have been accused of being candidates flecked of by russia shortly after she announced that she's running with an anti-war platform and b c news claimed that russia's propaganda machine has been working in her favor citing a discredit at source a company that was caught fabricating russian bots so we're now in the situation where to american politicians accused of being actually russian have drastically
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different views on a russia related issue that concerns the whole world well i certainly hope it will be effective i mean i agree with ms gabbert that this is pushing this move by trump is pushing the world closer to the possibility of nuclear war these are the type of missiles these intermediate range missiles that a country like the u.s. might be willing to use on a limited basis so i hope it is gabbert bill works i have doubts though because it seems like there's bipartisan support in the united states for war and for confrontation with russia now if if someone drinks. russian vodka they're a russian agent apparently it's silliness and but it's dangerous because this is an attempt to mark any peace activists any activists for social justice is some type of a pawn of the kremlin again very much like the old mccarthy period which links similar
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people with that with moscow. it's also goebbels just one of a growing number of political figures accused of being under the kremlin's thought it was pretty boy who explains next morning and get if you missed it russian stooge is the only color you want to break claims there are none for ages and then turns out not all at once. russia. is making want to take the easy since twenty sixty politicians no longer need compelling arguments or persuasive policies to all that if you're up against a tough opponent the kind that is popular with votes is typical of the russians these stooges are just human versions of those russians but we've had so much about they don't actually have to be real to walk sure having your own stooge in a position of power would have its advantages but even better is being able to accuse your enemies of being one a career in russians do jury is one of the most diverse in politics just look at
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the members of the us when you ask the crew is democratic presidential hopeful tell seek out god who suggested that bad relations with the biggest nuclear power in the world may not be in everyone's best interests she's a simone american hindu female socialist following in the prestigious footsteps of the songs as an old white american male socialist jeremy corbin an old white british male socialist and don't trump an old orange american male republican opportunist so literally anybody can be a russian stooge and those are just the anti hillary and anti war ones and here are the pro-war hillary clinton ones. so how do you even become a russian stooge. herath
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the russians stooge recruitment academy we have positions. from entry level all the way up to executive level don't worry about applying for the job mainstream media analysts on this obviously want to titian's well would it. be you want to know the majority of our most successful employees simply fell into the job without merits of experience or knowledge of russia or russians is not essential the only qualification required is that you question the status quo publicly at least one if you are successful in your application we will inform you via m s n b c or fox news good luck to you does. it more so to this next eighteen years after washington launched his war on terror which has cost of dollars and thousands of lives the new u.s. intelligence report has said that the al qaida community continues to pose
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a threat to the west of the details is peter all of. being presented as a real and present danger by the united kingdom has undergone a certain resurgency as a result of the degradation of diaspora and is a force that should also be taken seriously it's jeffrey notes down and out the hopes of a little strange. on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan today we focus on afghanistan but the battle is broader since the. spread to all of these countries they've also changed the name as well in syria alone they've gone through at least three rebranding so whatever they call themselves they still control the lion share of the syrian provence of the lib the. americans and keen to get
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involved as it was previously it is time to give our brave warriors in syria. a warm welcome home and it's also currently battling al qaeda in yemen since the beginning of twenty seven seen we have conducted more than one hundred forty strikes to remove key leaders in the arabian peninsula disrupt its ability to use ungoverned spaces to recruit train and plan operations against the u.s. and our partners across the region u.s. allies in the region on doing their share of the heavy lifting in fact. the united arab emirates have been accused of passing weapons on to terror groups something they strongly deny almost eighty years after his slaying by u.s. special forces the words of a sama bin laden about the al qaeda network standout and it appears he may have
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been proved right al-qaeda is showing signs of confidence what will threats and the threat from radical islamic terrorism a continuing threat posed by al qaeda as it stands they look likely to be around for a while yet peter all over r.t. . the number of children living in conflict zones has doubled since the end of the cold war according to a new report by us over children the charter says one in five youngsters now live in areas affected by armed conflict. the fact. that a while one mother had up siap don't want to get. rowdy. they didn't care if they had the hoodie.
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heart the heart. some four hundred twenty million children live in these conflicts owes me at least one thousand of them die as a result every year since twenty ten the number of recorded cases of rights violations against children is almost tripled that includes cases of killing maiming abduction of sexual violence the increase comes despite many of the world's most powerful polity. campaigning for the protection of young people in these wars of. forces continue their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi. home to nearly seven hundred thousand men women and children prevent images of amaze seeded children how many more children have to die the whole route the humanitarian disaster that is killing tens and tens of thousands of defenseless children the
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death of children the destruction of hospitals all that is a massacre which needs to be condemned. our report today shows that right now almost one in five children on the planet are living in conflicts and that's more than at any time in the last two decades. the consequences of living in these war zones catastrophic we have to make around three hundred babies are dying due to the consequences of war every single day well in twenty seventeen four hundred twenty million children what i think we're living in areas affected by conflict that is an increase of two million on the previous year so what this is really disturbing and where more and more children are being caught up in conflicts the international systems that ensure accountability breaking down so that when people commit crimes against children they know they can get away with it so what we're calling on this for the government to stand up for children and war zones and ensure that when people perpetrate crimes against children held to account what we're really calling
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for today is for the u.k. government protection of civilians and conflict started for us for the u.k. government needs to ensure the curator of the heart of all of that defense diplomacy and aid and that they need to use i see some of the most powerful tables in the well of the u.n. nato to ensure that other countries policy. you know this report identifies afghanistan iraq syria and yemen as being among the most dangerous countries for children nobel prize nominee and peace activist kathy kelly told us more needs to be done to shield these young people in these wars of. this children certainly can't be held accountable for their governments whether it's military war or economic war and i think that because greed and pride and dishonesty countries all around liberal continue to wage war against the child their brain sort of the child should certainly be held countries could work
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together. much more effectively and so we have to take responsibility ourselves and then encourage other people to do likewise they must do everything they can to start this war and to stop killing starving children much more ahead including tensions flared again between india and pakistan after a devastating terror attack in kashmir province the start of more on the rest of news this saturday when we come back. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to be. too great to be close this is what before three of the more people get. interested always in the
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water. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic to follow can only. exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what she was sort of a morning review of she did run the world so truck in those protests that have been taking place across india in the wake of that suicide bombing that killed over
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forty paramilitary police in the rest of province of kashmir on thursday so after a pakistan based terror group which the indian government claims received support from the authorities in islamabad took responsibility for the attack. demonstrators have been filmed shouting anti pakistan slogans and burning effigies of the country's prime minister has dramatically escalated tensions between india and pakistan which have been fighting for control of this cash area kashmir area rather since india's partition back in nineteen forty seven. socialist i. bet but i want to tell the terrorist organizations and those who patronize them that they have made a huge mistake they will have to pay a huge price for its part pakistan's government has firmly denied india's claims that it was involved in the attack and is offered to help investigate we spoke to
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analysts in both countries about what the bombing means for bilateral relations. and pakistan is being extremely extremely provocative and distended may have just gone one step too much so yes i mean people in india are extremely upset i'm not somebody who was saying you know. that i think the anger in the country is extremely high so it's a constant fight and it's just a question of escalation you see an escalation then you see it in addition it goes back and forth i don't think that anybody in india at a moment is in any any bend of mind to have a dialogue because you just blow not forty forty two people in the middle of you know of a town so don't come to the municipality community countries and dog about peace is to is to really make fools i think anybody else in the world although you might recall that in similar incidents in the past india has been quick to blame pakistan
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for the mess which we have in the recent over the weekend of indian can dorcas you region but again there have been exchange of lot of harsh words between two countries to start with on it appears that there may be a similar situation and then you will find a solution and august arm would be a certainly cooperation with india number one in india comes up with that hard evidence of voting want of anybody as a citizen or any group in the standard are good which i think is unlikely because gesture mohamadi the group which has been in this possibility the rare distance obama who has conducted this. is he's a big indian controlled kashmir so pakistan has apparently not only linkages with this one side or dark and the second possibility i think which is that in the broader picture last fall back i got situation x. missed and that isn't a bush and between india and pakistan. friend schools could be such
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a place the words mother and father with para one parent to an official documents itself or a new bill was passed by a piece in the national assembly that lawmakers in the country's lower house say this proposal would challenge quote old fashioned family models the bill so is going to pass through the senate but the m.p. behind it does believe it will be successful. this amendment aims to root in law children's family diversity in administrative forms submitted in school. well radio's john gone and also human rights activist peter tatchell had strong thoughts about this proposal and their thoughts about what it would mean for french society here's a quick clip of what they had to say. this particular proposal is to try and ensure that the kids in the school the staff and the parents all feel included that in the case of you know two women who are parents to a child that is obviously not appropriate to have mother and father there are two
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mothers and the same with ok dad is pathetic isn't it because they can be called moment mom well that what they propose will actually actually says he's parent one and parent two if they want to call them moment momos got a problem with that nobody's got a problem with a kid who now has got two two moms but we don't need to legislate for it parents who are on parent to what do we just give the kids a number other number seven it's nonsense yet you know just the fact that saying with a parent are a minority doesn't make discrimination or second class status right if a child has two moms or two dads then i think it's probably not correct to say father and father because obviously one will be the biological father and the other one won't i would suggest that possibly an alternative or there's probably a lot of hard booze them become a company a compromise might be mother to give people the option mother father or legal
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guardian so that the word legal guardian would account for the other person in that same sex relationship where my mother died when i was eleven and it would have been my own say so my auntie was really her guardian and she was my own see nobody batted an eyelid and the same in this you can record legal guardian peter that's not what they're suggesting they're suggesting you can't use the word father or mom and dad that's what they're suggesting this is an attack on the ninety five percent of people not only in france for around the world who are in the traditional family the traditional family is constantly being attacked at the moment by globalists. all around the world this is not meant as an attack upon your traditional families this is just to broaden the or make the home terms more gender neutral so that everyone feels included the whole world is going crazy these minorities
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have got too much influence in the media let's stop emphasizing our differences and let's come together let's put the children first. without for jungle peter tatchell that's it for me for now this way things are looking so far the south today also much more of course twenty four seven on our main site r.t. dot com i'm kevin zero in for me the rest of the team here most of r.t. have a great weekend. when lawmakers manufactured consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. on the financial merry go
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