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the fact that the white bag j f c crisis part is underway. it's a way trillions of dollars gone the hard look. right here on planet . crazy. german chancellor merkel hit. nord stream. pipeline with russia the project takes center stage at the munich security conference this weekend. of the fourth weekend of. hundreds. against president we are right across what's happening in the french
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capital. damascus agreed to open. in courage award for refugees stuck in a tent camp in the u.s. controlled territory. live from moscow to the world this is your r.t. international good to have your company you know neal our top story it's day two munich security conference with proceedings there dominated by talks and relations between russia and europe the russian foreign minister has stressed in no uncertain terms doesn't have to be. but i see it will be contrary to abundant speculation russia is interested in a strong independent and open european union president putin spoke about that not too long ago namely in november last year when he stressed that the aspiration for
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independence and sovereignty in the field of defense and security is something perfectly natural and that we see it as a positive thing from the viewpoint of the strengthening of the multiplayer rooty of the world whether the e.u. will be allowed to do this is a whole other matter. what war nation in particular as they express their independence when it comes to energy and the project that they're working on germany merkel the german chancellor speaking here at the munich security conference she gave her full backing to the north stream to gas pipeline which will play russian natural gas from russia underneath the baltic sea and straight into germany if there are any questions about the future of the north stream to in the or the total north stream project well mrs merkel is fully behind it also the woman who is widely touted as a potential successor to chancellor merkel in germany is top job and it. she's already said that she's fully behind the north stream to project as well during her
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speech here at the munich security conference angola merkel said that she wasn't prepared to damage germany's relationship with russia over this north stream to gas pipeline then i meant few people now i've come to the point of economic cooperation has been a lot of discussion surrounding why it's turned into and i understand petro poroshenko who is sitting here and saying where transit territory for russian gas would like to remain that and i was assured him over and over again that we will give him all our support negotiate then so it remains that way secondly a molecule of russian gas remains a molecule of russian gas regardless of whether it comes through ukraine or by way of at all. that is the question of how dependent we are on russian gas it cannot be resolved by deciding which pipeline it's coming no one wants to be unilaterally dependent on russia bought it. we received russian gas during the cold war not only in the d.d.r. where i live but also in west germany and i don't see why the times and situation today should be so much why us and we can no longer say that russia remains
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a partner. while the c.e.o. of german energy giant winter shell is also throwing his support behind the north stream to pipeline he said that if germany or europe were to turn away from russian gas than russia may look to china as a potential export market and in his opinion that wasn't beneficial to anybody concerned one person though who's been speaking today in munich who isn't a fan of the nord stream project is the u.s. vice president mike pence basically the u.s. hates north stream two one of the reasons for this is that they want to export american liquefied natural gas to europe that however is much more expensive than piping it under the sea directly from russia mike pence said he supported though those nations in europe that are against north stream the united states commands all our european partners who've taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same or
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whatever the u.s. vice president thinks of it north stream too will be operational later this year when it's fully working its expected to transport fifty five billion cubic meters of natural gas from russia to germany every single year. could roll over in munich well as well as the north stream two pipeline russia's foreign minister also touched on nato and its role in the current rocky relations between europe and russia. europe opted for a new true centric model and what do we have as a result the considerable potential for cooperation between russia and the european union hasn't been realized the europeans have let themselves be dragged into a point of confrontation with russia. the united states united states give a lot of questions on european governments ball and beate poets to keep together to keep together the nato so americans all the time they suppress and do you want to make a split into a nato issue or talk of and this this has affected affect said most of the
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toys the european governments we discipline and despair because of this behavior said milkins. let's turn tension to near bring france from there or where there has been unrest that the lead has yellow vest protests in parlous hundreds gathered for the fourth think and second if we can all of action against present mccraw government police we know used tear gas earlier some protesters have been detained as well i spoke to charlotte to penske a little earlier. well as you can see out of the anger is creeping up here quite dramatically on the streets of paris process is there now are pushing over one of those buildings that you normally i close a lot of them picking up those portals assumingly with the aim of drawing it they go to war it's the police you see the tear gas now coming down to one just by the
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police coming in i taking over i am just looking right now trying to apprehend some of those individuals who may have throwing those gas bottles i guess bottles now coming in the direction where we all are the police are trying to take control of the situation room not tear gas just punctuating the i know here in paris is that violence is just ranting up between the police and the protests is what is act fourteen we have seen thousands of people over the last few months getting injured . people losing their eyes people losing their hands around grenades. and we also seeing fasting arrested after excuse me get a little bit difficult because of the tear gas let's be coming our way you can see the individual now i looks like they're being arrested by the security forces are they do appear to be one of those individuals who picked up
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a glossy bottle possibly with the intention of throwing it to wards the security forces thousands of people arrested almost eighteen hundred around about have received that convictions so far the government has made many concessions to the other best protest as it is so i did see it puts a moratorium on the high price of the fuel tax that is due to come in place john you know he has been raising the minimum wage here and people over time and but this is a tax to have social contributions it since at the moment the center of this protest to you says. this could be a demonstration tomorrow that's tomorrow. since these protests still exist while they may not be as many people out in the streets as they were doing act one the way back on november seventeenth for the hard core supporters of this invasion this protest movement is nowhere near from finishing. washington is continuing
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to rub all put pressure on the venice willing government on friday it hit the crisis stricken country state owned oil company and also five nicolas maduro top officials with a fresh wave of sanctions the united states sought to justify the move by repeating its claim that the embattled president is on democracy and continuing to violate human rights the same time the u.s. is starting to send emergency aid to venezuela essentials like food and medicine really being delivered to the colombian people but nicolas maduro is refusing to allow the supplies to cross into his country he says it's a cynical. ploy by the trump administration and an attempt to justify a possible military intervention the venezuelan president also had at the colombian government which he accuses of flagrant aggression on. the part of to settle on bia for our part our policy for colombia is peace and respect i cannot say the same
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about the government of the colombian president even due kate who has war plans against venezuela supported by the us im pire i am not exaggerating donald trump and even to kate in the white house announced war plans using colombia against venezuela. there's no aspect to all this president maduro is also opening a diplomatic channel by inviting elliot abrams for talks but has killed more than explains the united states special envoy for venice well as record in south america isn't very promising. elliot abrams the trump administration's new special representative for venezuela has been assigned the task of restoring democracy in the country and he says he's up to it just look how well he did in el salvador from the day the president was elected in a free election to this day though salvador has been a democracy that's a fabulous achievement yes the pro-u.s. candidate to war to a won the elections but how democratic was the situation there were human rights
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abuses and death squads everywhere in fact one of the worst massacres in the history of latin america happened around that time for. now if one has got confronted about the gruesome details before congress yes or no do you think that massacre. was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch that is a ridiculous question and i guess are no no no i literally miss i will make you happy yes i am not going to respond to that kind of personal attack which is not a question now the civil war between the us backed factions and the marxist
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revolutionaries continued until nine hundred ninety two and slaughter by us backed forces also continue the death toll was as high as seventy thousand people but ronald reagan did not consider that to be a deal breaker the people bill salvador had another free election in march economic reforms are continuing and communist guerrillas are losing ground and none of this would have been possible without the economic assistance and military training and equipment that we provided so what have been the results is el salvador now a land of prosperity and freedom hardly in fact in twenty seventeen el salvador had the highest murder rate of any country in the world it is not currently at war those figures only decreased slightly in twenty eighteen now somebody might look at this and say well that was decades ago why bring it up now well the fact that abrams wants to repeat is democracy restoration project in venezuela is certainly
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alarming and when asked about this before the us congress he didn't deem it necessary to give an answer would you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes crimes against humanity or genocide if you believe they were serving u.s. interest as you did in guatemala el salvador and nicaragua i'm not going to respond to that question i'm sorry. on friday r.t. america correspondent dan cohen confronted abrams after a conference in washington asking him well a number of questions he didn't seem overly keen on unstring here is that video from twitter. what do you say to people who are skeptical about you because of your history of using humanitarian aid to send weapons through the contras the central america you have any comments about but there are a lot of people who are very skeptical. because
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i'm i'm i'm doing my job you are to what you can walk and so i would say it would you what do you have to say about that. you lied to congress you were convicted of crimes in russia and syria are trying to give safe passage to refugees stranded without aid and supplies near the jordanian border we'll have that story and plenty more in ninety seconds. the united states does that all the time it always tries to influence elections when people who are running who are friendly to the united states are running against people who are unfriendly we certainly did that all through central america and south america for many many years we know that these efforts are made repeatedly there not criminal every intelligence agency in the world sees as part
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of its function to make sure that elections turn out favorably to the country. the job of journalists photo journalists any type of videographer writing journalists is their job it's much more dangerous every year because so many people now see what we do is threats you know threats to whatever their narrative is whatever the propaganda is and you know the like anything in our culture and the iraq and afghanistan wars had to be sold to the american people. a quarter of an hour into the program you're very welcome bok the number of children living in conflict zones has doubled since the end of the cold war a new
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report by the charity save the children save one in five live in areas affected by armed conflict. the fact. that a while i won my head at a psychiatric door to get. rowdy in. the hoodie. and i'm really i'm out there. when i get it done much. yeah.
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a lot of them and it's just that. it's not as if i have a nuclear bomb. that was our. concern in the past past side of us. does. not break every enemy you show me a feeling. for. the hearts and the heart. we had tough first term testimony there on the overall picture is a bleak one some four hundred twenty million children live in conflicts or as i look at least a thousand die as a result every year since twenty ten the number of recorded cases of rights
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violations against children hug is almost tripled since cases of killing maiming abduction and sexual violence the increase comes the spike many of the world's most powerful figures campaigning for the protection of young people in war zone. forces continue their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi home to nearly seven hundred thousand men women and children prevent images of amaze seeded children how many more children have to die the whole rhythmic humanitarian disaster that is killing tens and tens of thousands of defenseless children to the dogs of children the destruction of hospital and all that is a massacre which needs to be can and. our reports say shows that right now almost one in five children on the planet living in conflicts and that's more than at any time in the last two decades nobody doubts the consequences of living in these war
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zones catastrophic we estimate around three hundred babies are dying due to the consequences of war every single day well in twenty seventeen four hundred twenty million children of what i think we're living in areas affected by conflict that is an increase of two million on the previous year so what this is really disturbing trend where more and more children are being caught up in conflicts in the international systems and sure of accountability breaking down so that when people commit crimes against children they know they can get away with it so what we're calling on this for the government to stand up for children and wars and ensure that when people do you perpetrate crimes against children held to account what we're really calling for today is for the u.k. government protection of civilians in conflict started first of all the u.k. government needs to ensure that children at the heart of all of that defense diplomacy and aid and that they need to use i say to some of the most powerful tables in the well of the u.n.
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nato to ensure that other countries policy. well just specifically the report identifies afghanistan iraq syria as being among the most dangerous countries for children nobel prize nominee and peace activists kathy kelly told us the international community needs to do much more to safeguard young people on stop the wars. this is children certainly can't be held accountable for their governments whether it's military war economic war and i think that because of greed and pride and dishonesty countries all around the ground continue to wage war against the child the rates of the child should certainly be held countries could work together . much more effectively and so we have to take responsibility ourselves and then encourage other people to do the right ways they must do everything think can to
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start this work and to start killing children. into a potentially very important development russia has reached an agreement with the mosque is to open to humanitarian corridors on the southern syria jordan border it will allow people trapped up the sprawling rock refugee camp to leave the area russia's military warned that militants could still be active on the territory of the camp i got more on the story from a syria based journalist earlier. yesterday there was a convoy that delivered to the rock band camp the main deal now is to make to establish a corridor beginning from tuesday to let people graphic duties to use discouraged or to move to the areas which they are on the control of the syrian government of course those people according to the statement of the
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agreement could get the needed to do in that area and eight as soon as they arrive to the first point the beginning of this corridor the problem is that we are talking about the camp that is fully under control of. munitions which are which are backed by us all do all us giving all needed military aid to those fighters they can't or they can't arrive any aid to the. camp which sell for cv them in the caribbean christ this crisis is not regarded only short of food drinking water many reports they are talking about sexual explosion they are talking about human traffic this is not the first corridor that. russia and syrian government stablish ing in syria
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they were succeeded and they gave good results and should be part of. this plan but the main problem of course now is u.s. role in this case because this is fully controlled of militias that they are backed by us. long time donald trump adviser roger stone has been implicated in the russia coalition probe into you. selection italy immune or investigation says there is evidence from a separate probe into russian intelligence officers that stole communicated with wiki leaks over leaked e-mails from the democratic party still previously acknowledged having brief exchanges with their hacker researcher two point zero and wiki leaks which is referred to in mueller's briefing us organizations will still insist that communications were not us twitter direct messages which have been
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already destroyed. the indictment alleges that beginning in the proximately the summer of twenty sixteen the defendant claimed publicly and privately to have been in communication with the head of organisation one about future releases of information damaging to the us presidential campaign of hillary clinton. roger stone wall informal consultant for donald trump's election campaign but he was charged with lying to congress obstructing justice and witness tampering he has continually denied his guilt but his outspoken comments over the case saw a judge on friday issue a partial gagging order so as not to jeopardize any future trial political commentator andrea walker told us he's skeptical about the supposed evidence. always remember the system allegation in the center of this is where the donald trump colluded directly with the russian government to try to undermine democracy in america and time and time again there is really no evidence of that now look you
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know on the west i don't support the activities of the russian intelligence services who i think compared to paul the great bolt it is not true to say that donald trump or any of his colleagues have had very real evidence to the projects that they were in any way involved in anything the reason told the election and the reason that the british voted for president is not because of lack of it is because hillary clinton's terrible and says president of the european union those are the reasons why people voted the way they think the idea of the blood to be if it's a matter how clipped and dangerous he thinks he is the idea that he can make the election change in america is nonsense. that's all for naught but it is a punch to the rafters report next here on our two international do stay close i'll see you of thirty.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next that multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if. i'm going to talk about football not three or else you can think i was going to go . by the way ways of that slide here. because the slowness of the blue of them so moving. and good use of local was before.
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much of those who heard it's a bit of your most moving soon will. we will. move . move. move show you the smooth beautiful little. girl look good. move muslim also news dulce with good you've gone for good good girls. go to school so look i do the same you belong to show your story to me i should go. to startups to. get to meet until it was a little much. they say look it is it's. from stash not just institutionally they measure. destructive president on its control as much.
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as we've produced a good listener to snoop to come up when you look at those the girls are with you for your support just to groups you shouldn't feel you should could do for the one who's doing. what politicians do. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press it's like the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water using the power. back there should.
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i am max keiser this is the cause or report yeah the world is getting ready for a leg of the global financial crisis the drums are back grieving i'm hearing talk about a massive wipe out across the globe is going to be fantastic. what else is after talking about a financial life batter. wife. j f c global financial crisis part two it's underway it's all happening it's a way multi trillions of dollars gone in the hard being gluck of like phantasmagoria right here on planet. crazy well we don't know if that's going to happen before the great find the great extinction event happening as well that scientists have been warning about you know i came up with an idea actually for all those polar bears is like fifty two polar bears invading some town i came up with an idea of having like
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a seal sort of pool or park between where the ice used to be before we destroyed it all through global warming and us you know put a bunch of seals in there and let the polar bears go you know seals are nice and chewing like a seal park for the polar bears i love it is better than eating ass but i have a tweet here and this goes with the notion of a global financial crisis and the new normal what is causing this underlying crisis not only in the financial markets in the banking sector in the monetary sector but also in the environmental sector and this is jeffrey good luck fed says it is currently discussing using q.e. as a regular tool not just during emergencies or when the funds rate is at the zero bound so quantitative easing will become the new normal as we've discussed this has caused cantillon effect of those closest to the fed i.e. the member banks get the zero percent.


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