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see him to make the point i made. me. tear gas and. yellow vests protest hundreds gather in paris against president we bring you our report from the streets of the french capital. u.s. vice president calls on european allies to send resources and personnel to syria as washington gets ready to pull out while russia's foreign minister says the idea will only exacerbate the crisis. and moscow and damascus
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agree to open it to humanitarian corridors for refugees stuck in a tent camp in u.s. controlled syrian territory. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow national i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. wave of unrest swept france on saturday as hundreds gathered for the fourteenth consecutive weekend of yellow vest to demonstrations against president micron's government. these are pictures of the protests in cities of najaf and tear gas clashes with the police and detained up markers were seen in both locations charlotte dubinsky reports now on events from perch.
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you might just be able to see in the distance that we've got protesters who are throwing what appear to be rocks towards if you just turn the camera around towards this line of security forces over here this is being a pretty much a cat and game. game going on between the two with the police responding then with tear gas you might just see a couple more of those rocks landing there to wards the police forces as as they come in the protesters here thousands of them we've got some me he's burning an e.u. flag right in front of us here many of the jle asians don't like the european union either but those rocks now projectiles being thrown quite forcibly against the police and you can see now other. thing into would surface with what looks like
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here yes pellets going off and if i know them you don't like to be grenades coming from the protesters this is now that she is gas that's coming into the protest group from the police you can see those canisters being distributed in the air fern up and you can see the tear gas now all across the floor hit just in front of all the leads in this center of parish that casts all round us in fact take all or look around in circling where we are the idea to move these protesters away some of those. being seeing the police getting closer and closer to them some of the protesters they calling. to resign that's a call we get quite a lot for people out on the streets in the yellow vests in particular and i want you to take a look around now you can barely see down to would only lead as smooth just
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envelops this or that gas already coming in already. so we've just got to try and move away from it because it really just pick out your throats in your eyes. you see people coughing. that's a result of that to go. forward. with. the force. is really pretty nasty when it gets into a story this is now act fourteen thousands of people came out to paris many people had thought that this pops it be the last. saturday protest of the shirley jones but the ones i've spoken to say that's not the case many unhappy about the thousands of people who've been arrested this was all to. protest movement we've had about eighteen hundred people who have gone through the court system so far
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including a couple of high profile cases including the book suggested earlier in the week and every. is one of the so-called leaders of the movement so we just bring you back to where that police line is you can see there that is one of the water cannons that they use it has actually been deployed during that huge plan of tear gas that we saw that just in the last few minutes now the government has offered this relations many concessions including a rise in the simic which is the minimum. wage i'm saying that those who over time or have bonuses should pay social contributions or tax there's also this big debate going on but one thing this government has done to really anger many people out in the streets particularly this year asians is this motion at the moment that's going through that would make it illegal to come to a protest like this and to cover your face with some people if they were caught
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doing not able to face up to a year in prison or a fine of several thousand pounds so that's really and get the relations and they've just said to me that this is a movement that's been going on now for three months and they have absolutely no intention of finishing it show that you can ski r.t. paris. the spokesperson for the free yellow vests group says the protests are now also gathering forces outside of the big cities. these are all that the french countryside is mobilizing again we understand that being in big cities means we sometimes have to let these bullies release their poison where they'll be heard these anti republicans will be protests on toll roads roundabouts and junctions blocking major economic centers in and around cities but we have to ensure their freedom to do this they're all demonstrations in city centers mums with buggies
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will come and it's hard to imagine christoph casting a using traumatic weapons against mothers with four year old children in any case we hope not. the topic of syria was one of the major discussion points during day two of the munich security conference in light of america's decision to pull its troops out of the country u.s. vice president mike pence floated the idea that european soldiers should replace them in the middle east artie's peter oliver as well. the u.s. vice president's comments appeared to be a response to concerns that were voiced earlier on suffered a by chancellor angela merkel that a u.s. withdrawal of troops from syria could lead to being a destabilizing factor in the region is this is it a good idea of the americans to pull out of sea remediate lee and so swiftly doesn't it make the possibility of iran and russia increasing their influence there . it would appear that washington wants its european allies to take a more somber ground approach to syria when the us troops pull out of the north of
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the country to hammer this point home the u.s. side pointed out the terror attacks that have taken place in europe in recent years were a sign that europe needs to be more involved on the ground in syria twenty fifteen one hundred thirty people killed in paris twenty sixteen eighty six killed a nice twelve killed and christmas truck bombing a burl in twenty seventeen thirteen killed in spain so does it matter what happens over there hell yeah it matters it's hard to see that being palatable to angola merkel at all in fact most european nations especially germany have been willing to send troops to syria also even to engage militarily at all we heard also on this subject from study of the russian foreign minister he chipped in with his opinion of what mike pence that had to say it was additionally blown the regarding various plans being made by the countries on syrian territory
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illegitimately and especially the plan is to get even more illegitimate players involved i think these are counterproductive for syria in all its forms of being discussed throughout this munich security conference so far at a number session sergey lavrov was taking questions from journalists and he while in brussels when he was asked about alleged atrocities committed by the syrian government a follow up question on syria this comes from josh rogin of the washington post how will you view ensure the assad regime stops threatening the region and stops committing atrocities against their own people. well i think you what whatever i answer you will write what you will and so do. away from syria the north stream to gas pipeline project is also being up for
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discussion here in munich in fact chancellor angela merkel devoted a large chunk of her address to the conference to that particular subject she said she remained fully committed to the project also you said that she wasn't prepared to risk her country's relationship with russia over potentially scaling down or pulling out of north stream well one country that particularly wants to see north stream fail is the united states washington hates it because one of the reasons is anyway they want to sell their own liquefied natural gas to the european markets the problem is it's much more expensive than gas that is piped directly from russia into europe or mike pence the us vice president also had something to say on this he said that those countries that oppose north stream to a friends of the us the united states commands all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream two. and we commend others to do the same. if i give you that no one wants to be unilaterally dependent on russia but we
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received russian gas not only the d.d.r. where i lived but also in west germany during the cold war and they don't see why the times today should be so much verse that we can no longer see russia remains a partner whatever the u.s. vice president thinks north stream too is said to see the gas flowing later this year and when it's fully operational will transfer fifty five billion cubic meters of natural gas every year from russia under the baltic sea directly into germany. geo political analyst and a consultant. says the u.s. now wants its allies to take responsibility for syria. well i think that the united states are trying to shift the burden onto the shoulders of the european governments and their armies to pursue their globalists interests in syria and america first is the motto again the u.s.
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wants to save of course resources and the europeans make the chart but the question for me do a little europeans or should the europeans really have an interest in supporting those goals that the united states had persecute since twenty eleven in syria from the diplomatic discussions to what is happening in syria itself russia has reached an agreement with damascus to open to humanitarian corridors on the country's border with jordan the move will allow people trapped at the sprawling. refugee camp to leave the area we got an update earlier from a journalist in damascus. the main deal now is to make to establish a military and corridor beginning from tuesday to let people refugees to use discouraged or to move to the areas which they are under control of the syrian government of course those people according to the statement of the agreement could
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get the needed the room entirely an aid as soon as they arrive to the first point the beginning of this corridor the problem is that we are talking about the camp that is fully under control of. militias which are which are backed by us all do all you are giving all needed military aid to those fighters they can't give or they can't arrive any aid to the. camp which suffers of severe how many tarion crisis this crisis is not regarded only short of food drinking water many reports they are talking about sexual explosion they are talking about human traffic this is not the first corridor that
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russia and syrian government stablish ing in syria they were succeeded and they gave good results and should be part of. this plan but the main problem of course now is u.s. role in this case because this is fully controlled of militias that are backed by u.s. . the number of children living in conflict zones is twice as big as it was during the cold war an international charity says more details on that after a short break you're watching our international.
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but the fact that the wife bad g.s.c. global financial crisis part two it's underway it's all happening it's all white trillions of dollars gone in a heartbeat looking like phantasmagoria right here on planet. crazy. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the
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hawks. and welcome back this is our team international the number of children living in conflict zones has doubled since the end of the cold war in a report by the charity save the children says one child in every five around the world now lives in areas affected by armed conflict. and their credit card the fact. that a while one mother had up. don't want to get. in. the hoodie. that's what tori had no idea what they'd.
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done it had me. but i didn't want to chance. yeah. i learned something it's. not as if i have been glued long and. that was our. concern of us pass out of us. does. not have the enemy and tell me if you need me. here do you have. the higher to hurt this.
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some four hundred twenty million children live in conflict zones and at least one thousand die as a result every year since two thousand and ten the number of recorded cases of rights violations against children has almost tripled that includes cases of killing maiming abduction and sexual violence the increase comes despite many of the world's most powerful figures campaigning for the protection of young people in war zones. forces continue their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi. home to nearly seven hundred thousand men women and children prevent images of them a seeded children how many more children have to die the whole route the humanitarian disaster that is killing tens and tens of thousands of defenseless children the death of children the destruction of hospitals all that is
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a massacre which needs to be condemned. our report today shows that right now almost one in five children on the planet living in conflicts and that's more than at any time in the last two decades. the consequences of living in these war zones catastrophic we have to make around three hundred babies are dying due to the consequences of war every single day well in twenty seventeen four hundred twenty million children worldwide living in areas affected by conflict that is an increase of two million on the previous year so what this is is really disturbing trend where more and more children are being caught up in conflicts the international system to ensure accountability breaking down so that when people commit crimes against children they know they can get away with it so what we're calling on this for the government to stand up for children and war zones and ensure that when people do the crimes against children held to account what we're really calling for today is for the u.k.
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government protection of civilians in conflict started first of all the u.k. government needs to ensure that children at the heart of all of that defense diplomacy and aid and that they need to use i say to some of the most powerful tables in the well at the u.n. nato to ensure that other countries policy. the report identifies afghanistan iraq syria and yemen as being among the most dangerous countries for children nobel prize nominee and peace activist kelly cathy kelly told us the international community needs to do more to safeguard young people. this children certainly can't be held accountable for their governments whether it's military were economic war and i think that because of greed and pride and dishonesty countries all around liberal continue to wage war against the child their brains of the child should certainly be held countries could work
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together. much more effectively and so we have to take responsibility ourselves and then encourage other people to do likewise they must do everything they can to start this war and to stop killing in starving children. thousands of people gathered in barcelona to protest against the ongoing trial of a group of cattle on separatists police said there were two hundred thousand people taking part but according to organizers the number reached five hundred thousand. people carried flags and banners calling on political prisoners to be freed they also held placards bearing photos of the imprisoned a separatist leaders the trial of twelve couple on activists started on tuesday in madrid supreme court they are being tried over the roles in they played in catalonia failed bid to break away from spain in two thousand and seven.
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washington is continuing to ramp up the pressure on the venezuelan government on friday it hit the crisis stricken countries state owned oil company and five of nicolas maduro top officials with a fresh wave of sanctions the united states sought to justify the move by repealing its claim of that the embattled president is undermining democracy and continuing to violate human rights at the same time the u.s. is starting to send emergency aid to venezuela essential like food and medicine have already been delivered to the colombian border. nicolas maduro is refusing to allow the supplies to cross into the country he is calling it a cynical ploy by the trumpet ministration and an attempt to justify possible military intervention in israel and a president also hit out at the colombian government which he accuses of blatant aggression. for our part our policy for colombia is peace
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and respect i cannot say the same about the government of the colombian president even dukie who has war plans against venezuela supported by the us in pyar i am not exaggerating donald trump and even in the white house announced war plans using colombia against venezuela. opposition leader who says he will mobilize thousands of volunteers to bring us aid into venezuela president maduro meanwhile is trying to open a diplomatic channel by inviting us special envoy elliott abrams for talks killam up and tells us about some of the less flattering items on abrams resume. elliott abrams the trumpet ministrations new special representative for venezuela has been assigned the task of restoring democracy in the country and he says he's up to it just look how well he did in el salvador from the day the president was elected in a free election to this day though salvador has been a democracy that's
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a fabulous achievement yes the pro-u.s. candidate to war to a won the elections but how democratic was the situation there were human rights abuses and yes squads everywhere in fact one of the worst massacres in the history of latin america happened around that time. now it has got confronted about the gruesome details before congress yes or no do you think that massacre. was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch that is a ridiculous question and i guess are no no no i literally miss i will make you
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happy yes i am not going to respond to that kind of personal attack which is not a question but now the civil war between the us backed factions and the marxist revolutionaries continued until nine hundred ninety two and slaughter by us backed forces also continue the death toll was as high as seventy thousand people but ronald reagan did not consider that to be a deal breaker the people of bills have adored had another free election in march economic reforms are continuing and communist guerrillas are losing ground and none of this would have been possible without the economic assistance and military training and equipment that we provided so what have been the results is el salvador now a land of prosperity and freedom hardly in fact in twenty seventeen el salvador had the highest murder rate of any country in the world it is not currently at war those thinkers only decreased slightly in twenty eighteen now somebody might look
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at this and say well that was decades ago why bring it up now well the fact that abrams wants to repeat is democracy restoration project in venezuela is certainly alarming and when asked about this before the us congress he didn't deem it necessary to give an answer would you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes crimes against humanity or genocide if you believe they were serving u.s. interest as you did in guatemala el salvador and nicaragua i'm not going to respond to that question i'm sorry. that there's a for mail back in let's say thirty three and a half minutes with more news you want your to international.
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tough and i mean on the entire system i found a way to go through a suit because they could solve mukti of our. plans in this way got to dog so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment the work of a coward and an optimist all right then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights a useful way to. the floor you can call the fee on this bill frist woody allen called the ability to put the cold on the roof but i think it is this is the fans that is a constant. the
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united states does that all the time it always tries to influence elections when people who are running who are friendly to the united states are running against people who are unfriendly we certainly did that all through central america and south america for many many years we know that these efforts are made repeatedly there not criminal every intelligence agency in the world she's a support of its function to make sure that elections turn out favorably to the country. or not to.
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max keiser this is the kaiser report yeah the world is getting ready for a leg of the global financial crisis but drones are grieving i'm here to talk about a massive wipeout across the globe is going to be fantastic what else is up talking about a financial wipeout are and extinction event that took the wife back g.s.c. global financial crisis part two it's underway it's all happening it's a way multi trillions of dollars gone in the hard being
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a look alike phantasmagoria right here on planet. crazy well we don't know if that's going to happen before the great find the great extinction event happening as well that scientists have been warning about you know i came up with an idea actually for all those polar bears is like fifty two polar bears invading some town i came up with an idea of having like a seal sort of pool or park between where the ice used to be before we destroyed it all of through global warming and you know put a bunch of seals in there and let the polar bears go you know seals are nice and joey like a seal park for the polar bears i love it is better than eating ass but i have a tweet here and this goes with the notion of a global financial crisis and the new normal what is causing this underlying crisis not only in the financial markets in the.


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