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tv   News  RT  February 18, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EST

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i. was. in the headlines this morning facebook suspends the pages of several t.v. links news projects to c.n.n. was there trying to hide their ties to the channel the manager of the project has blasted the move calling it unprecedented discrimination. president trump calls on america's european allies to repack trade hundreds of ice still fights is a put them on trial he says if it doesn't make streamers will be released from detention centers. on the wrong side of history and u.k. government reports suggest the country's been driving yemen desperate humanitarian crisis by selling arms to the saudi led coalition and breaking the law in doing so
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that's one of the stories run top as well. and a good morning. kevin with you first and today the head of a media company behind several successful news projects has hit out at facebook over what he calls president of discrimination itself the social media titan suspended a number of pages last week partly over concerns that they were tempted to conceal their links to the russian government a nazi complicated story is trying to get across it will just have been only put trying to see it yeah. pretty unprecedented for facebook to do this but just wanted to explain to us what was happening well given first of all it all goes down to understanding if the management of the pages broke any rules obviously there is no specific rule on face. book that the management is required to somehow
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disclose specifically links to r.t. however the social network house told c.n.n. that from now on it will start asking the administrators of the pages to discuss disclose their lost russian affiliations and now we have been trying to get in touch with facebook for now all our attempts to get some sort of explanation have led to nothing so for now we can only judge people that shouldn't be misled by out who's behind them just as if stepped up enforcement of coordinated and now thanks to behavior and financially motivated spam over the past year will continue improving so people can get more information about the pages even follow. so that we have been earlier who is that. this was what facebook told c.n.n. and i said as i've said for now we can only judge from what they're telling us the team behind this is spending pages told us that they had received no warnings or no
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messages that were giving us the right for them for the right for an appeal but the appeal has already been sent so we'll see what's going to happen there and by the way there have been no issues with the you tube and twitter accounts of these pages so the crux here then is that what will the complaints or the allegation is there was enough information on these web pages on facebook the that said that it had some sort of russian connection but that it would have been asked for exactly you're right the problem is the absence of disclaimers but here again facebook for some reason decided to sort this issue out specifically asked after the investigative report on c.n.n. came out and here's a bit of that. we didn't violate any of facebook's policies whatsoever none of our content promotes disinformation or fake news yet c.n.n. pressured facebook into unprecedented censorship in
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a desperate attempt to milk ratings by still going to history over russia but what people watching these videos may not realize is that the russian government is paying for this soap box wasted back then are three new facebook pages and all part of a growing brand of russian backed influence campaigns. so what is being portrayed by c.n.n. as revelations is actually publicly known and in fact all the people that get employed by the management are sent disclaimers so they do understand. the who they'll be working for pretty much and also the information on these companies it's registered in germany it can be found in all the databases there so really nothing's being hidden all right ok well we'll let you get back to filing a bit more on this i'm sure was going to come out for the coming hours in the team on it things from i would have been trying. this in chief margaret responded
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to the controversy by launching a blistering attack on c.n.n. accusing the shamelessly acting in washington's interest she said. ceiling which is where us c.n.n. is once again has the right. of the state department nato and everything. on facebook is doing the same c.n.n. doesn't even make a secret of the fact the investigation or to be more precise blackmail material on a directive from a foundation financed by nato the state department for c.n.n. literally forced facebook to delete all accounts because facebook could have refused because so scared of being once again accused of helping the russians in their election and parents and suppressing democracy in the u.s. that it immediately delete an account that how do you know million subscribers and two and a half billion views on one video complaints against a video content on the home. leaving one c.n.n. cool how can you not these russians to go to our people facebook just to look at
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the account obviously of the situation is going to count no one i was even trying to believe in any friends and that we even talk about it is an open geo political confrontation in which media space is not by many a major interest to use i don't know what they were set up for this but that's exactly what's happening now. margaret's morning meantime our requests for comment from a number of press freedom organizations know the bodies but we have no the response ship was early in the day i'm sure we will get stuff in throughout the day will bring it to you legal analyst jennifer braden did speak to us about it she says that this reflects badly on news organizations and the democratic supporters. you know it's actually quite embarrassing as specifically for a lot of the democrats for c.n.n. for some of the mainstream media outlets it's been very embarrassing to see that for you know years now they've touted that there is russia and campaign collusion and there was russia collusion the twenty sixth election where us are worked with trump. and that's been proven false again senate investigative committee members
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and other people within congress are now recognizing that there has been no hard evidence. ever that russia in the trial campaign ever colluded during the election so you have a lot of very embarrassed people specifically c.n.n. and it mainstream media outlets and a lot of the democrats that were just certain that this would happen so they want to continue this narrative all these places punches also drawn sharp criticism from glenn greenwald to famous name jonas press know his revelations about u.s. and u.k. surveillance programs he the small and the accusing facebook c.n.n. on the fun we had of earlier on of selective censorship. in real news media told us the social media behaved off is known for its close work with the u.s. government to well we know for a fact that this was done under government pressure but what's taken place is that a series of groups that appear to be private are taking the initial credit starting with c.n.n.
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the corporate media titan which conducted the investigation but it conducted this fed at best a geisha and at the urging. of a group that is actually funded by the u.s. government last year my colleague jeff sprague at the gray zone project reported that one of the directors of the alliance for securing democracy the neo conservative jamie fly was promising that there would be more facebook takedowns in the future after the last year's facebook purge and it appears that in the now is the next victim using c.n.n. to put the pressure on facebook so this has taken place under government pressure. and the article said in quotes by the nimmo who works for the u.s. funded atlantic council he says that while muffet claims it is a total independence it's clear he says from its content that it has links to the kremlin but george smiley weight the senior research fellow at the global policy institute in london much public university does he told us he doubts new.
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facebook got in with the atlantic council in order to show well at the atlantic council this nato propaganda arm well i can't get by fake a facebook account so these people who are working for nato are now going to be in the business of closing down accounts on facebook that made essentially doesn't find pleasing that's exactly what ben ben nemo is called upon to do and it to the media say yes the russians are now really doing these setting up these bots and they're trying to influence this election and that election you know they're you know using the social media to do it and all this so sick but the man has no expertise he's no russian expert he doesn't know russian language there's all the first thing about any of this. this morning with the very last pockets of i still fighters in syria facing imminent defeat the u.s. presidents called on europe to repatriate over eight hundred of the group's
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militants so they can be put on trial double trouble says otherwise the extremists will be released from detention in syria but washington's european allies appeared blindsided by the damage which should drew range of responses denmark for instance said it doesn't want to take back suspected terrorists germany those slightly different messages from them they said they would have the right to return it goes down of picks up the story. for a while it seemed the british had the whole of leave or remain clash monopolised in the news which didn't last long though the americans are now somewhat piggybacking on this leave remain raul in their own way however over troops in syria it is time to give our brave warriors in syria it warm welcome home bring our troops home u.s. troops will be withdrawn from syria we have won against isis isis has been defeated the fight against isis and violent extremists is not over our goals are the same
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and we. maintain forces yet the generals who are openly grumbling about their commander in chief's order seem to be missing the point syria has become a whole potato in a game being played out in the highest echelons of power in the us and the new united states will begin to hand off the fight to our partners in the region no glory and no media friendly war victory potential just a burden so why not let others do the dirty work and to eat others and mean europe of course europeans in turn say a they're not janitors to clean up after washington there is no prospect of british troops go in and to replace the american troops living and therefore be this is no way the us should be leaving a possible power vacuum is the stanwood is it a good idea of the americans to pull out of syria need it he answers we need doesn't it make the possibility of the wrong and russia increasing their influence
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. how can you be very firm on iran and at the same time abandon north eastern syria like that and we know very well that might end up boosting iran's presence in the area for me it's a mystery of. washington tosses the potato right back and up the stakes to not only the you should fill the void the u.s. leaves behind on the ground but also take back hundreds of nationals who once left to join i saw a trumpet mystery thought he was pretty convincing openly scaremongering europe into submission twenty fifty one hundred thirty people were killed in paris twenty sixteen eighty six killed a nice twelve killed and christmas truck bombing in berlin twenty seventeen thirteen killed in spain so does it matter what happens over there he'll yeah it matters he was serious it's not some dark joke senator lindsey graham. spent
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a whole minutes meticulously going through a list of all the horrendous terrorist attacks that have left europe scarred the thought that this could have the absolute opposite of fact never crossed his mind apparently these attacks in europe every do we do way that we handle the situation there i'm not saying that this justifies this terrorist attack on the contrary i'm just saying that to put these acts as an arm to really engage militarily it's just putting more pressure on the flames and is not going to solve the problem the only thing that you're going to have by more military engagement syria is more terrorist attacks it's as simple as that this whole roud makes one truth glaringly obvious neither tramp nor europe each for reasons of their own do not want to be serious cleanup crew on or in this case has
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no gain so why not take credit for all that is done and run away. he goes down off the mean time debates erupted in the u.k. over the possible return of an i still wife who holds british citizenship nineteen year old shamima beggarman spent four years in syria but wants to return she says u.k. to raise a newborn baby now. i think a lot of people have likes and that it would be for everything i've been through you know. where i am i didn't know what i was going through when i left and i just . hoping that maybe we could say good me and my child eleven come back never did anything. and i never become serial so britain's home secretary on this strongly opposing the nineteen year old's return he says he'll do everything to prevent it from happening the u.k.'s justice secretary though taking a softer stance he says that begum has the legal right to return and that the
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safety of british citizens should be a priority we asked people in london in a neighborhood where big i'm used to live whether they thought she should be allowed to come back home. the teacher ship it out that night and. if any one has. thought they just don't know any country i think they need. to think this is something that's really really serious and speak up for too long she said britain's. people after terrorists like you are to be monitored followed on i think she still is still a citizen. which. doesn't have the power to hi this is so they start shifting really just because of her and like i said there's a real person. how would you feel if she was to meet into your neighborhood only thought he. wouldn't be the solution is to just say well i think it will not happen
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because you were like wow the company what are. we beating probably wouldn't hardly knowing something that's on markets. but in the back story to this lady bag of left the u.k. back in twenty fifty along with two other teenage girls she was fifteen at the time and she said one of her friends later died when her home was bombed we discussed the controversy with phillip ingram a former military intelligence officers and also mahmoud a former home office counterterrorism advisor. she's an individual who choose to leave the u.k. of room free will swear allegiance to a full street on a terror organization and that terror organization wanted to destroy the very way of life that she had run away from and that terror organization has stated and has killed people in the u.k. she still remains loyal to it she has condemned it she hasn't felt any remorse for
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what she's done so you know the british government's choices with liquid any effort in to bring your back and my personal use of them think they should have been real difficulties when she came back. she would be a burden on society i believe she should be allowed back because she was groomed as a child not as an adult she was brainwashed call it fully aware that the ashes are blind propaganda is remarkably powerful so should show us a level of mercy and travesty and i think it would also be out about pages for us if she were to come back because we could perhaps unpick the influence that they were able to have on her and possibly divert orally. obstruct other people from going in the future numerous reasons of why we should better back in the u.k. says it can become speechless on that basis she should be allowed back in safely we don't know of any crime she's actually committed i think we have the capability to
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ensure that she is fully integrated back into somebody's life. make him say monday morning moscow time next a prominent french colonel who's been involved in the fight against islamic state could be set to face punishment is after the u.s. is after all they criticize the u.s. led coalition tactics in the battle for had gin in eastern syria and the number of casualties they caused the colonel insists the coalition's actions in syria only increase the death toll among civilians and the level of destruction and he doesn't believe they've achieved victory that. the battle of hygene was won at least on the ground but by refusing ground engagement we are necessarily prolong the conflict and thus contributed to increasing the number of civilian casualties we have massively destroyed the infrastructure and given the population a disgusting image of what may be a western style liberation leaving behind the seeds of an imminent resurgence of a new adversary we have a no way won the war because we lack
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a realistic and lasting policy and an adequate strategy how many hodgins will it take to understand that we are on the wrong track. well it's come as a paramilitary journal the article was pulled over on saturday on the website. now that they hadn't approved that it hadn't been approved rather by the appropriate authorities the national defense review magazine does not want to do it when it comes to their ongoing operation without having up team their approval of the authorities in charge of the separations in this case the validation process of the text sent to the magazine did not respect this basic principle for this reason anxious to respect the obligations of the national defense review regarding the reflections and debates on the ongoing operations of our army i decided to withdraw this article from our website there are also reports that u.s. led coalition airstrikes cause forty six percent of civilian casualties in the battle to recapture their resort which includes the terms of how. in more than
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three hundred civilians were killed jacko got a former french military officer told us the article had not been intended for the public and that he doubts the colonel will be published. because he expressed himself in the article that he simply wanted to point the finger at the method which is to say the very american method of excessively bombarding areas and then reporting military victory to put it to the realities of the collateral damage of this method can be extremely severe it doesn't do you credit the coalition and it doesn't guarantee this is the inability of the country he brings up a valid question which deserves to be examined with our useless polemic some real concern for the french image which isn't the same as america's so it doesn't necessarily have the same military culture in general and should differentiate itself in a strategy i don't think you really risk being sanctioned severely this article was approved by the national defense review which isn't a review for a general audience the article is rather technical it's extremely accurate and
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detailed it isn't intended for the general public so i think the reaction to the article from military and political circles is excessive i hope that the rumors about the sanctions are baseless. u.s. is stepping of attempts to ship humanitarian aid into venezuela selling supplies to the venezuelan colombian border the shipment was accompanied by an american delegation which included the florida senator marco rubio to he took the opportunity to hit out at the embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro. every minimally duros regime is not a government it is a mafia it is an organized crime syndicate similar to the mafia is that existed in the forty's and fifty's in all parts of the world and the united states it's a mafia it is nothing like a government. this comes days after the country's washington backed opposition leader one guy dog called for an army of volunteers to gather at the border to receive the aid supplies but president maduro through all this is consistently said that he considers u.s. efforts to be interference in the country's domestic affairs further in order the
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military to prepare for a permanent deployment of forces on the border with colombia to avoid as was termed provocations well it's all of them are dura who has doubts about the us shipments the international committee of the red cross in colombia does to it says it's got no plans to participate in any deliveries of assistance to venezuela which it believes has political motives the executive director meantime of the ron paul institute and you know adams believes that the u.s. is simply disguising a regime change operation. well the international aid organizations have explicitly refused to participate in the u.s. is quote unquote humanitarian aid convoy aid relief to venezuela because it's not a centrally what it is is a regime change operation disguised as aid and in fact that would be illegal according to international law the politicisation the use of the aid the dangling the food in front of people if they overthrow their government is an absolutely cynical move which is not allowed according to international law marco really at
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the border is designed to escalate he's he's forming a lie and you know that he's engaging in a psychological operation in a covert operation in the nose that he's standing in front of the last bridge saying the door stop closing this bridge that bridge as your viewers know has never been opened meantime back in the u.s. the state department restricted the travel of the venezuelan ambassador to the u.n. it comes days after some real monk other accused the u.s. of blatantly attempting to orchestrate a regime change in venezuela he's now been banned from leaving new york something when carter accused the u.s. of lying and manipulating the facts to mislead people about the true situation in his country as well as minister for foreign affairs meantime responded by calling the movement restrictions an attack on freedom of speech democrat of again gives us his thoughts on that or they do this to countries that they want to talk to target for regime change or target for punishment i think they think it did for russian diplomats in washington d.c. if i remember right and they do this for other countries that are on the u.s.
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bad list it's just another attempt to marginalize the legitimate government representatives have been as well it is the most this is the most you've got to hand it to this is the most transparent in overtly explained regime change in history. well that's the way things look at it come up to twenty four minutes past eight o'clock in the morning so far from r.t. international get if you don't know you get all the breaking stories as when they are straight your mobile device is a great thing forgot it already but just keep track of r.t. dot com throughout the day for breaking news is kevin and he'll be here for next five or five six hours or so to keep you abreast of the world as well for now then for good morning. plus.
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the country has gone into a nihilistic fever. thanks. alex the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius this is the quintessential american hero this is it we found a point about how much talent is done something we always are on the margins something. called the culture party. where starting last with. the beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't do any more gonzo on the net we may be completely different but end of this just. a few.
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folks here from the us need a new source people buy as though they keep the slime due for smear the focus on the best of you so these days when you want. to see in the film was not really the most good moment. for we. young. boys. you know jane well you don't let. alone. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home
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fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw one thing if you think. i'm going to talk about football not be or else you just think i was going to go. by the way what is it that fly here. you know world a big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i do think the numbers mean something they've mastered us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happens each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent in the world markets close to thirty percent some with four hundred five hundred three first second first second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overall. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you know for the mid one and only boom but.
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here in kiev in recent days it might dawn independence square has turned into a full scale war zone. full clancy's in ukraine's capital kiev. there is absolutely no doubt hard to tell what you are fair to lisa would then you . do. now on the brink of a civil war at least seventy dead so far and the death toll rising. you. a new. one when you. thought we saw here today was a revolution. said to. have invested over five billion
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dollars to assist ukraine in knees and articles with. nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries. focus has to be on not allowing buy into whole cloth between ukraine and russia. that the team of lawyers in the city would just book women if the new buildings to be.


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