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tv   News  RT  February 19, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EST

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headline stories russia's foreign minister a harsh words for a facebook claiming the social network is attempting. to respond to the company's decision to suspend the several. projects the head of the international federation of journalists. or the german chancellor. suggesting the kremlin. may
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change also ahead this hour. the u.s. . warning. consequences if they don't. trouble president. welcome to our team international from moscow every hour of the day my names you know. our top story. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has said he views facebook's recent suspension of several are. being part of a broader campaign to clamp down on russian news outlets. yes without
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a doubt i think this is another example of the suppression of russian media and of freedom of speech it's very sad speaking to the press this tuesday russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov common to listen to facebook's suspension of several r.t. affiliates it counts including in the now page which originally was a show aired by r.t. and as you heard the minister called the situation and no other example of international pressure on russian media for of also said that in such situation it's best to create controversial working conditions for foreign media working here in russia and i also had a chance to ask the minister whether he believes there will be any a measures taken in response to this incident and this is what's sad just to be honest i'm totally against any retaliates three measures to limit media activities i think the fact that we're not doing that not only shows our resilience but also. we are an open
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society so again lover of also said that he discussed this incident during his negotiations with the chairman. and he drew his attention to numerous incidents of such sort that involve the russian media mr said that further examination on oh a c.e.o. level will be conducted. to see understand and support the role of independent media and does its best to create the necessary circumstances for their existence and has missed a lot i would contact the ois see representative about this issue and ask him to give his view and the now has requested an official explanation from facebook but so far there has been no response coming from the social media platform the president of the international federation of journalists has also hit out at facebook over its suspension of those are two pages. closing
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a facebook account or any internet link from the media without prior warning can be considered as not to censorship opposed by the i have j. . r t senior correspondent has been delving deeper into this story and explains now why facebook's critics are crying foul. what happened was unprecedented a channel with four million subscribers billions of views blocked or for its content not for saying anything malicious or untrue or hateful but just because of its nationality russian i mean c.n.n. which was behind in the investigation that led to this said it best so great viral videos great design you know and the content was pretty critical of the u.s. government of us mainstream media a lot of legitimate arguments but as we started digging into it we did find that the company which set up these pages over the past six months was actually backed
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by or why are they doing this. a lot of legitimate argument why they voiced seeing legitimate arguments critical of us foreign policy totally journalist the thing to do criticize and discuss stuff right this is censorship selective biased unfair prejudiced and blatant regardless of what you think of ron you call it russia or anything else this trio c.n.n. u.s. funded german marshall fund and facebook working together to selectively censor is highly disturbing but this is the inevitable outcome of breaking facebook to censor here is a taste of the u.s. media acting just like state media. report of course ran a colleague's beauteous for russia backed in the now and to us readers because they criticize us foreign policy for example the venezuela coup attempt censorship is the most commonly used word in reactions to this ban and there have been many
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remarkable also is that facebook talked to everyone they wanted but haven't said a word reason they were justified anything to the folks they blocked facebook hasn't contacted us that all the pages were just unpublished. and it had an automated button we could appeal to which we did of course we have not heard a word from facebook and it's been over three days now the suspected reason is that it didn't reveal it's russian funding which no one doesn't face book and never have we did not violate any rules there is no rule that you have to post anything about your funding or personal funding on facebook no one does it not any of the u.s. sponsored outlets not any of the qatari sponsored outlets no country not china not turkey not russia not the us has to put these labels are on their facebook pages there is no requirement by facebook that people disclose their funding the b.b.c.
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doesn't do it the c.b.c. is facebook page doesn't do it al-jazeera space that page doesn't do it it's just not standard industry practice to disclose your funding on facebook you can't help but feel for the food think media i know many of them to make quality stuff funny videos serious videos investigations the poor the sauls into their work only because the side the winds the thesis censors personally i'm surprisingly calm because i've spent in the now was a project that i created from scratch it's in the now because many of these in now way like this is my baby. i spent the last four and a half five years of my life growing this channel. the last year trying to build the team young professionals that really want to make good important contacts. so it's pretty big for me in terms of the broader picture it's huge oh it's huge all
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right the crime it appears was being too russian and this now seemingly is a crime enough to get your bad and the result questioned whether facebook should have the power to decide what people see and hear i mean the theory beyond the internet was if more people would just. something that we should be allowed to see it on you of the when you do internet searches the things that come up when you put a question in he's supposed to fund the thing that most people are looking at but of course of no started talking about changing the algorithms there's a lot of mass media would like to say to the spoke there is anger as hurt feelings of being picked on bullied but is also understanding and as simple human plead facebook if you're listening what i would say to you is i understand that you're under in men's pressure from various forces to suppress this or that content based on political reasoning but do not succumb to censorship do not
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succumb to complying with various government funded out that's regardless of what government they're funded by to censor let your users decide what's good and what's bad do not get in the in the business of dictating. what constitutes good speech and bad speech it's a slippery slope. and it could lead to disaster in the end an additional note on this although it still hasn't contacted r.t. about the page suspensions facebook spoken to russia's tass news agency about the move it says it's in the process of launching an update for pages with large audiences not it wants administrators to disclose information about their location funding sources however a screenshot taken from in the know is page one of the occurrence as explained that was blocked shows that location data was actually provided as you can see artie's deputy director for creativity and innovation overcrowd he gave us his thoughts on the crackdown and what it is about the current political climate. i think the most
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the malicious element of it obviously cons from the tipple from the german marshall fund and the follow up on the last two. through c.n.n. to the atlantic council i'm not necessarily sure facebook even knew what was going on although i dare say after people like mr of and others voicing in on it there might well be some flags raised in facebook that hadn't been raised before but we should always keep the door open and hopeful but having said that it's quite clear that you know russia gate is out of control the narrative around russia gate the paranoia the conspiracy theories were around russia going to starting to seem to be on the one hand i certainly had executives who senior executives who work with those social media platforms eighteen months ago tell me behind closed doors that that narrative was out of control that there was nothing you can do and they didn't mean anything personal by it but we were we on the arctic side were going to suffer . all right let's turn attention to germany where the country's chancellor angela
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merkel has sparked ike's rage and amongst environmental activists by implying that recent student protests against climate change have been spurred on by the kremlin artie's europe correspondent peter all of our brings us more. protests demanding action on climate change of scene of young people out on the streets of cities across the world including here in germany i. know it was. the. politicians including those who have previously been outspoken on humanity's need to act when it comes to the climate to impressed the german chancellor going as far as to suggest that a third party may be at play here is if you believe the clicks this hybrid will thing online is haunted attacked because you suddenly have movements that you
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wouldn't have thought would happen in germany children are now protesting over. i meant protection it's an important concern but you can't imagine that all german children after years and without any outside influence come up with the idea that they have to take part in this protest but those comments came just after chancellor merkel had talked about russia as a potential threat well her spokesperson had to step in in the end didn't clear things up to say that mrs merkel did support the commitment of those protesters but ideas and talk of hybrid warfare doesn't wash with the protesters or their supporters. puts us alongside hybrid war for one except that we are a self organize movement of students apparently the chancellor concert magine that young people can organize themselves politically and stand up for their own future i find it tragic that we're not trusted to stand up for our own concerns it isn't just in germany that this is being suggested though in belgium a regional environment minister was forced to resign after she falsely claimed that
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intelligence chiefs had told her there was a shadowy hand behind the protests i know he is behind this movement have also been told that from stay security climate demonstrations are more than spontaneous actions of solidarity with our climate we have not reported anything about this neither verbal nor in writing in australia the prime minister was fairly blunt in saying the protesters were little more than a bit of a nuisance kids should go to school we do not support our schools being turned into power or what we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools these young protesters aren't finding a receptive ear amongst the world's leaders as they try to save the planet but they will inherit centrist forces both in the u.s. and in europe have been trying to deflect attention to russia whenever there are key issues that are coming out from the streets and from communities in their countries these are the same issues that. is responding to that the occupy.
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movement was responding to the end to your stereotype movements across the world has been responding to since the financial crisis it is basically the failure of the establishment to address the fundamental issues that were exposed in that crisis and it's also the anger at the fact that the normal taxpayers who are now being faced with massive constraints on just living normal lives struggling desperately to pay for rent and bills and food and all the rest of it that's much easier to try and distract from the message by questioning what's going on behind the messenger. donald trump delivered a stark warning to the venice willing government on monday the u.s. president stressed his country's commitment to regime change in the south american nation and called on its military to rise up against president nicolas maduro. i haven't asked for every official who is helping to keep our own lives are risking
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their future. they are risking their lives you must not follow orders to block humanitarian who's the commander in chief of the national bolivarian armed forces donald trump in miami. they believe they are now country the days of socialism and communism are numbered not only in branches well but in nicaragua and . trying to donald trump in miami which is tired rhetoric question the right of a free country to adopt the ideas of christian human socialism i was socialism in an almost not speech. well it's been almost a month since opposition figure one declared himself interim president of the impoverished country he's locked in an all knowing power struggle with nicolas maduro and this continuing to clash with the socialist leader over his refusal to draw a us aid into the country down that call and picks apart the story. trump called
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on venezuelan military figures to accept amnesty from one quite go saying that if they don't then they will lose everything now up to this point venezuelan military officers continue largely to support the elected president nicolas maduro trump says that they are risking their future and their lives and called on them to not make obstacles and delivering what he says is humanitarian aid now many are questioning if this is humanitarian aid at all including the international committee of the red cross who spokes person in colombia said it is quote not humanitarian aid and when the pats a big the u.s. military has brought shipments through the venezuelan border in cocoa talk colombia and actually the billionaire richard branson has announced he will be staging a concert to pressure nicolas my duro to open the border to this so called aid earlier today the venezuelan government announced it will be holding its own concert on the border and said it wants to deliver aid packages not only major
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menacingly he threatens speech the rest of the country that he knows is one of the middle and the lady front of the united just and he's pleased to be designers in principle would for it to meet that well you don't need to follow we all do you want to know how to do any one of those in the world will you want to bring the regime change then we will do. those run and then to say this is the real president and this is the simple solution was well it isn't. just a national sovereignty of theirs or that because if the united states were to get away with something doesn't look easy and there will be a good and we need if you will know who nationals from the deal then you can do the . same. after the brink a curious case in the us involving a famous actor has come under intense scrutiny now as police try to establish if it's a hate crime or
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a hoax. what holds its institutions a little. bit put themselves on the law is the big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be rich to. go to the right to be cross that's what it looks like three of them or trying to get good. interested always in the waters of the gulf. coast seemed wrong when old roles just don't all. get to shape out just they become educated and in detroit equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. ok let us start back with a story generating a lot of discussion controversy is growing over an alleged attack just the small it's a block and openly gay american actor in chicago the star of the t.v. drama empire said to be interviewed by police again with his version of events coming under increased scrutiny in the media now he claims to white men in ski masks i talked to him last month while shouting racist and homophobic slurs he also
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says they made reference to donald trump's make america great again campaign slogan police have refused to comment on their investigation into the case but given a lack of information about the alleged attack some in the media are now suggesting the actor actually set up the attack possibly to improve his career there police sources reportedly allege that small it paid two brothers from nigeria who were extras on his show to stage an assault something he strongly denies that involves the president his campaign slogan there's also been a way for him to trump i treat each. we have a media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what has happened in just this moment is a hate crime it's absurd. isn't it. this is how you have to be fired else impossible and i feel this way right now president and the vice president might cancel that question as i couldn't be married let's just be clear heartbroken and furious reading about the attack on juicy smollett i
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want trump and all my good lunatics to burn in how homophobia existed before trump but there's no question that since he's injected his hatred into the american bloodstream we are less decent less human and less loving no intolerance no d.t. there were many who directly tied the us government to what they unequivocal labeled a hate crime and there were more who publicly stood by smaller condemning the attack as an established fact donald trump included. who was allegedly attacked with racist and homophobic. so that i can tell you is. that. i think that's horrible. it doesn't get worse as far as i'm concerned those who stayed away from this bandwagon were made to feel like outcasts and the police intrinsically you fell in this category two by their nature they had to investigate interrogate snoop around and as they did it appears even the fundamentals of this
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case are not as obvious to them as they are to the angry twitter army we can confirm but the information received from the individuals questioned by police early in the case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation detectives arrested two suspects who smaller himself positively identified from a c.c.t.v. tapes as his attackers only to release them later without charge the trajectory of the case shifted said the police cryptically. according to a source the police think their tack could have been staged by small it himself said c.n.n. that's an outrageous claim said small it's lawyer as a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation just a small it is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with some of his one stern supporters though may have
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been caught off guard by a fresh flurry of mixed signals house speaker nancy pelosi discreetly deleted her first tweet hoping no one would notice but it's the internet because they did others try to distance themselves from this case to the vicious attack on active jesse smollett was an attempted modern day lynching i'm glad he's safe is it time to revisit what you said about his remarks what is your feeling on potential faulty times in general all the information still coming out of the withhold and all the information actually comes out on the record sources it goes without saying that any victim of a hate crime deserves every bit of sympathy and more including small it if his story passes the test of a police investigation but progressive america seems to be living out the concept of presumptuous guilt trigger happy and hell bent on bashing arguably the single most hated person in america donald trump. or political commentator steve
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malzberg told us the story shows that the president's critics seize on every possible on verified claim to denounce him. but pin that on donald trump anyway saying that he's created this atmosphere where gays aren't welcome and blacks aren't welcome in and you know it minorities are welcome so the whole thing is hatred of donald trump so these people are to ratings and they don't wait for the facts they didn't wait to see where these people charged was he really attacked what did they really say they just did it for any opportunity to turn it into donald trump's fault. ok let us finish on a sour note and the latest big scoop the business magazine forbes has concluded that russia's prodigious lemon consumption can be explained by the fact that the fruit has come to be seen us a status symbol here well almost it's not the only recent media gaffe we've seen
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later either. well the russians really like to incorporate lemons. they communicate to people that they have means to be able to afford them they call it the blink of projects. so who's in right now so we have come on kirsten gillibrand. months she's an aside toady was i mean she is a total i think that i use that word correctly jamie can you check with tony means
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thinking phonetic. she's an assad sycophant might what you're saying yeah that's true that's. known about her but what did she say that we have all of ours i don't i don't remember the details i probably should say that before we say that about her which probably read it rather well i have read it. wouldn't these examples meet the times definition of plagiarism it would mean the times definition of things said should be promptly correct and sometimes you know quote it's an attribute. what does a rising beijing mean for the rest of the globe. chinese world order in his
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mind because the report is next. please. please. notice on. my side i said. so there was a building also up. in the him about nutrition now but then i. looked
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at the foot of the duck i. don't want out of the modern i don't want to worry about . something. mr need to. own the. art of a shuffle stem and he had been down on the. field at a little warmth and you know. oh. my god. this idol of the. old maid just manufacture consent instantly of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame and.
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listen to the one percent. that's nothing. we get more middle of the room sick. to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm sure both of those oh so you have a. report . saying our universe through the house through climb quite possible states i've got some british comedy for you to set up
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a whole episode about security and security risks. this first one is very british comedy defense secretary of the u.k. says britain's new carrier. queen elizabeth will sail to the pacific on its first mission reveals plans for a new r.a.f. squadron of swarm drones as he warns of russia and china a view case hard power started this is not a joke right this is the banyan this is a real defense minister making these statements right yeah so some guy named gavin gavin williams said if you have a name like gavin you shouldn't be threatening china and russia with hard power against him. well you know this is amazing we're witnessing something quite remarkable and one twenty nineteen we're watching a country britain that spanned in the nineteenth century a bubble really for. most two hundred years they're going to crash into the twenty
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first century.


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