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b.r.t. link online media company caught up in a facebook crackdown mt fake media agrees to update its information in the platform and is now waiting for the social media giant to lifted suspension. facebook's decision to suspend the accounts has been lambasted as an act of censorship by the head of the international federation of german. close feeling discord to the german chancellor of course is outraged by suggesting outside influences behind a wave of student marches protesting climate change also ahead. have. minds they are risking their future efforts to topple the nicolas maduro with donald trump warning venezuela's
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top military officers of dire consequences if they don't wise up against the troubled country's president. very well welcome this is r.t. international broadcasting to you lost in the russian capital and nicky aaron now our top story before behind a series of suspended facebook news pages is waiting to hear if they'll be allowed back on the site after agreeing to the social media giants demand to make clear that they're affiliated with r.t. facebook took matthew media's pages down without warning a few days ago russia's foreign minister described the move as part of a broader campaign to clamp down on russian news outlets. yes without a doubt i think this is another example of the suppression of russian media and of freedom of speech it's very sad speaking to the press this tuesday russia's foreign
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minister sergey lavrov a common to listen to facebook suspension of several r.t. affiliates it counts including in the now page which originally was a show aired by r.t. and as you heard the minister called the situation and no other example of international pressure on russian media for of also said that in such a situation it's best to create conflict all working conditions for foreign media working here in russia and i also had a chance to ask the minister whether he believes there will be any a measures taken in response to this incident and this is what sort of a lover of sad just to be honest i'm totally against any retaliates three measures to limit media activities i think the fact that we're not doing that not only shows our resilience but also all strength we are an open society to a lover of also said that he discussed this incident during his negotiations with
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each airmen miroslav flight shock and he drew his attention to numerous incidents of such sort that involve russian media mr like jack said that further examination on oh a c.e.o. level will be conducted. to see understands and supports the role of independent media and does its best to create the necessary circumstances for their existence and has missed a lot i would contact the ois see representative about this issue and ask him to give his view the president all the international federation of journalists has also his house and facebook over it suspension of those pages closing a facebook account or any internet link from the media without prior warning can be considered as not to censorship opposed by the i have j. . artie's senior correspondent lord has been delving deeper into the story and explains why facebook's critics are crying foul. what happened was unprecedented
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a channel with four million subscribers billions of views blocked or for its content not for saying anything malicious or untrue or hateful but just because of its nationality russian i mean c.n.n. which was behind in the investigation that led to this said it best so great viral videos great design you know and the content was pretty critical of the u.s. government of us mainstream media a lot of legitimate arguments but as we started digging into it we did find that the company which set up these pages over the past six months was actually backed by or why are they doing this. a lot of legitimate argument why they voiced seeing legitimate arguments critical of us foreign policy a totally journalist the thing to do criticize and discuss stuff right this is censorship selective biased unfair prejudiced and blatant regardless of what you
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think of run you call it russia or anything else this trio c.n.n. u.s. funded german marshall fund and facebook working together to selectively sense is highly disturbing that this is the inevitable outcome of breaking facebook to censor here is a taste of the u.s. media acting just like state media. reporter of course ran a colleague's videos for russia backed in the now and to us readers because they criticize us foreign policy for example the venezuela coup attempt censorship is the most commonly used word in reactions to this ban the suspected reason is that it didn't reveal its russian funding which no one doesn't facebook and never had we did not violate any rules there is no rule that you have to post anything about your funding or personal finding on facebook no one does it. not any of the u.s. sponsored outlets not any of qatar is sponsored outlets no country not china not
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turkey not russia not the u.s. has to put these labels are on their facebook pages there is no requirement by facebook that people disclose their funding the b.b.c. doesn't do it the c.b.c.'s facebook page doesn't do it al-jazeera facebook page doesn't do it it's just not standard industry practice to disclose your funding on facebook you can't help but feel for the food my think media i know many of them they work to make quality stuff funny videos serious videos investigations the poor the saul's into their work only because the side the winds the thesis censors personally i'm surprisingly calm because i've spent in there now as a project that i created from scratch it's in the now because the names that he's in now way like this is my baby. i spent the last four and a half five years of my life growing this channel. the last year trying to build
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the team young professionals that really want to make good important contacts. so it's pretty big for me in terms of the broader picture it's huge oh it's huge all right their crime it appears was being too russian and this now seemingly is a crime enough to get your bad and the richard question whether facebook should have the power to decide what people see and hear i mean the theory beyond the internet was if more people wanted to see something that we should be allowed to see it when you do internet searches the things that come up when you put a question in you're supposed to find the thing that most people are looking at but of course of no started talking about changing the algorithms there's a lot of mass media would like to say to the book as anger as hurt feeling of being picked on bullied but is also understanding. and a simple human p.
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facebook if you're listening what i would say to you is i understand that you're under in pressure from various forces to suppress this or that content based on political reasoning but do not succumb to censorship do not succumb to complying with various government funded out that's regardless of what government they're funded by to censor what your users decide what's good and what's bad do not get in the in the business of dictating. what constitutes good speech and bad speech it's a slippery slope. and it could lead to disaster in the end facebook's been in contact with russian media explaining that it's dating pages on its platform with large audiences and waiting for information to be disclosed concerning location and funding however a screenshot taken from in the now is page one of the accounts that was blocked shows that location data was actually provided as you can see archie's deputy
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director for creativity and innovation of across gave us his thoughts on the crackdown and what it is says about the current political climate. i think the most the malicious element of it obviously comes from the tipple from the german marshall fund and the follow up on the two. through c.n.n. to the atlantic council i'm not necessarily sure facebook even knew what was going on although i daresay after people like mr biscoe of another's voicing an honest there might well be some flags raised in facebook that hadn't been raised before who should always keep the door open and hopeful but the narrative around russia got the paranoia the conspiracy theories were about russia going to starting to seem to great on the one hand i certainly had executives who senior executives who work with those social media platforms eighteen months ago tell me behind closed doors that that narrative was out of control that there was nothing you can do and they didn't mean anything personal by it but we were on the our two side we're going to suffer. that's our new u.s. senator bernie sanders is officially throwing his hat into the ring for the twenty
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twenty presidential election he's pledging to quote it's complete the revolution which he started in twenty sixteen let's go live to new york now and on a scale of one pain caleb good to see you at seventy seven the sound of his throwing his hat into the ring get a grand day ha clearly still feels he's going to job to do caleb indeed the independent senator from vermont has announced that once again as he did in two thousand and sixteen he will be running for the democratic nomination for president of the united states here's some of what we've heard from bernie sanders concerning his twenty twenty presidential run. i'm running for president our campaign is not only about the feeding donald trump our campaign is about transforming our country. now let's recall that in two thousand and sixteen bernie sanders who calls himself
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a democratic socialist ran for president ran for the democratic nomination on a platform of calling for free healthcare for americans free education for americans raising taxes on the wealthy and he was quite popular among younger americans his rallies were wary widely attended bigger than both the rallies of hillary clinton and the rallies of donald trump let's take review of some of what went on when bernie sanders ran in two thousand and sixteen for the democratic nomination.
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and now during that campaign it was revealed in e-mails that were made public by wiki leaks that in fact the democratic national committee headed by debbie wasserman schultz had been working to undermine bernie sanders they had been coordinating with the media and doing everything they could to secure the nomination of hillary clinton for the presidential nomination of the democratic party now as a result of that many bernie sanders supporters were very very demoralized and frustrated and yet despite the fact that many of bernie sanders supporters were discussed it and said they would never vote for hillary clinton bernie sanders did in the end and doris hillary clinton when she was nominated by the democratic party this is bernie sanders giving his blessing to the nomination of hillary rodham clinton. and are you. do everything are going to make certain
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she will be the next president. now in the aftermath of the twenty sixteen election in which donald trump was elected president we've seen the ideas promoted by bernie sanders become increasingly popular among the democratic party many new democratic socialist have been elected during the midterm congressional elections and his calls for universal health care and a green new deal raising issues of climate change have become increasingly popular now recently we saw another democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren confirm that she agreed with the assessment that the twenty sixteen primary was rigged against bernie sanders this is a list with warren. do you agree with the notion that it was rigged yes this is a real problem but what we've got to do is democrats now is we've got to hold this party accountable so many bernie sanders supporters have got to be wondering if indeed this year it will happen will bernie sanders be able to get the nomination
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for president and will he run against donald trump in the final election for president of united states in twenty twenty can i'm open to those details. now germany's chancellor angela merkel is sponsored outrage among environmental activists by implying recent student protests against climate change were triggered by outside influences on two zero correspondent peter odom reports. protests demanding action on climate change of scene in young people and on the streets of cities across the world including here in germany was. that it. was. here. but politicians including those who've previously been outspoken
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on humanity's need to act when it comes to the climate aren't impressed the german chancellor going as far as to suggest that a third party may be at play here is if you believe the critics this hybrid war thing online is haunted attacked because you suddenly have movements that you wouldn't have thought would happen in germany children and all protesting over climate protection it's an important concern but you can't imagine that all german children after years and without any outside influence come up with the idea that they have to take part in this protest those comments came just after chancellor merkel had talked about russia as a potential threat well her spokesperson had to step in in the end and clear things up to say that mrs merkel did support the commitment of those protesters but ideas and talk of hybrid warfare doesn't wash with the protesters or their supporters moto puts us alongside hybrid war for one except that we are a self organized movement of students apparently the chancellor concert magine that
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young people can organize themselves politically and stand up for their own future i find it tragic the we're not trusted to stand up for our own concerns it isn't just in germany that this is being suggested though in belgium a regional environment minister was forced to resign after she falsely claimed that intelligence chiefs had told her there was a shadowy hand behind the protests i know he is behind this movement have also been told that from stay security climate demonstrations arm. or the spontaneous actions of solidarity with our climate we have not reported anything about this neither verbal nor in writing in australia the prime minister was fairly blunt in saying the protesters were little more than a bit of a nuisance kids should go to school we do not support our schools being turned into power so what we want is more learning in schools and less activism in school these young protesters aren't finding a receptive ear amongst the world's leaders as they try to save the planet but they
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will inherit. so are trying to live in a stark warning to the venezuelan government on monday the us president stressed his country's commitment to regime change in the south american nation and called in its military so why is up against president nicholas maziar. and today i have a message for every official who is helping to keep the bureau in place they are risking their future. they are risking their lives you must not fall over tours orders to block humanitarian he's the commander in chief of the national bolivarian armed forces donald trump from miami. they believe what they own our country the days of socialism and communism are numbered not only in venezuela but in nicaragua thank you. donald trump in miami with his tired rhetoric question the right of a free country to adopt the ideas of christian human socialism our socialism in an
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almost nazi style speech. it's been almost a month since opposition figurehead one quiet declared it declared himself interim president of the impoverished country he's locked in an ongoing power struggle with nicolas maduro and is continuing to clash with the socialist leader over his refusal to allow u.s. aid into the country don cohen takes up the story. trump called on venezuelan military figures to accept amnesty from one quite go saying that if they don't then they will lose everything now up to this point venezuelan military officers continue largely to support the elected president nicolas maduro trump says that they are risking their future and their lives and called on them to not make obstacles in delivering what he says is humanitarian aid now many are questioning if this is humanitarian aid at all including the international committee of the red cross who spokes person in colombia said it is quote not humanitarian aid and in
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the past big the u.s. military has brought shipments through the venezuelan border in cocoa talk colombia and actually the billionaire richard branson has announced he will be staging a concert to pressure nicolas maduro to open the border to this so-called aid earlier today the venezuelan government announced it will be holding its own concert on the border and said it wants to deliver aid packages she not only mentioned menacingly she threatens speech but the rest of the country like you know this is one of the gun laws and the lady from the united states pleaded it deserves in principle words for it point of the way the means to follow we all do you understand how to do any one of those in the world will want to bring them regime change. we will do. you know those around and then to say this is the real president and this is completely simple solution was well it isn't. just the national. because if the united states were to get away with the. doesn't look easy
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there will be a good and we need if you will still know who nationals from and the only country. saying. the u.s. and china are heading for another round of talks to try and take some of the heat out of their acrimonious trade issue that has beijing and washington continue their dispute over the chinese technology giant huawei which the u.s. is accused of being a security and espionage threat. well it seems that only while weasel officials have been reacting to the latest accusations by the chinese government as well on monday the chinese government accuse the united states of blocking its industrial development after vice president pence has been saying that while we pose a threat to any of those countries who are considering using the chinese telecom firms equipment we're rolling out the next generation network movement you could be among the united states in a few of its allies are using double standards and deliberately misleading the
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public on the issue they use the issue as an excuse for suppressing the legitimate development rights and interests of chinese enterprises using political means to intervene in economic behavior it's hypocritical immoral and unfair bullying. and the united states is becoming more and more anti wall way the last tour of michael pill didn't seem enough to scare its european allies off thing away from the chinese firm the actually how to bring out the big guns and this time vice president mike pence last week mike pence had a tour in europe who has been criticizing its european partners and saying that they haven't been doing enough and taking actions against well wait just like pump ale know mike pence has been urgently repeatedly saying that while we poses a threat the united states has also been very clear with our security partners on the threat posed by wall way and other chinese telecom companies we must protect our critical telecom infrastructure. in america is calling on all our security
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partners to be vigilant and to reject any enterprise that would compromise the integrity of our communications technology. or our national security systems vice president pence is trying to justify his position by using chinese law he believes of the chinese telecom firms are collecting data and providing it to the chinese intelligence services but the chinese government has long denied any of these accusations saying that the interpretation of this law is one sided and this conflict in this long conflict has been going on for quite a while now last december the company see a full man one shoe was arrested in vancouver wa changing planes she was charged with thirteen counts of fraud and conspiracy by trying to bypass sanctions on iran and just last month the u.s. fell to criminal charges against the chinese telecom firm by trying to steal secrets for any of the u.s. telecom companies and providing it to the chinese state with the company has the
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night all claims and any connections to the chinese government but it seems that the conflict will not end anytime soon. we spoke to professor benjamin char from the paris business school who believes the same amount of scrutiny by the u.s. should be applied to its very own tech companies if. a close. to cyprus so deferred is as much for the uses of google and so are the us in this sense then. on the issue some countries already relate their promises now that the. theory by the end of science course you have already the already got to. send it off. because you know the u.k. are not working our way. it's if you did you can learn more by doing where you know on five g.
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they risk losing customers because to perceive them simply could. be on the market here's. a russian defense ministry has denied reports that the us intelligence found that russia tricked the world while presenting a ballistic missile last month their weapon in focus remains a sticking point between moscow and washington after america's withdrawal from the historic i.n.f. treaty r.t.c. goes down of reports has rejected the claims that it tried to call anybody by staging the briefing or showing a different message in the official statement the representative of the russian defense ministry general gov has stressed that russia has been very consistent in its approach to the whole route around the i.n.f. treaty and that was quite unprecedented transparency is said in the framework of free will transparency the russian defense ministry took an unprecedented step inviting all foreign military attaches to moscow for
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a briefing on january twenty third during which a particular missile was shown and not another missile as claimed. the russian defense ministry offered the u.s. to visit and see the nine m. seven to nine missile in a closed format but the u.s. rejected i was at that briefing and i saw the two missiles shown by the defense ministry but of course i'm no military expert so it's really not about me and as a matter of fact it's not about anyone who were at that briefing but rather it is about those who decided to ignore it because nato countries and the united states in particular did get an official invitation from russia basically russia saying that they are ready to give exclusive first hand access to those missiles and really what the united states did they just up staying they decided to never go to more school to really for a chance to lay their hands on those two missiles at the same time and so now what
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we have is a month since that briefing and apparent leak of a classified documents submitted by you to intelligence agencies including the cia who are adamant that russia should try to stage a hoax showing and entirely different message so really but they still haven't provided any explanation as to why to brush up on its invitation because if they are convinced that russia tried to deceive everyone from the get go then would better chance do they have to catch russia red handed rather than come to moscow see them as. nestle round with it and then say look this is just entirely this is an entirely different rocket this is not where we're talking about so what we have now really is a stalemate because because of this mess of the united states decided to withdraw from the i.n.f. treaty which is largely viewed as a pinnacle of international stability and which is one of the few documents
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preventing a nother arms race between the united states and russia and saw after. the united states pull out of the deal the russian president vladimir putin has said that well while on moskos sawed the door for dialogue is still open he instructed the defense ministry and the foreign ministry to north initiate any dialogue i need contacts with the united states regarding the deal so the ball is in america's court and apparently it stays there. if you'd like to comment on any of all stories then do get in touch by following us on social media and even a comment that way back in thirty minutes with the latest. countries gone into a nihilistic fever i think i'm gonna hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatan the genius of the south american
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hero this is it we've come to a point around which allen is done so we always are on the margins something. called the culture or he. was. starting last with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i want to leave now doesn't get me more gondo than the me maybe completely different but in this. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the book different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing. one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about
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football not the or else you can think i was going to do. by the way ways of that sleight of hand. will make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. whole middle of the room signals. room moving real need for. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that. they could
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have to go to a bully is typical of the quote but the most of the most go full of the below could and. as long ago as eighteen zero four sevastopol as a naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore the naval base in crimea has a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were so.


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