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we are to link to online media company court often a facebook crackdown muffet media agreed to update its information on the plant old and is now waiting for the social media giant to lift its suspension based its decision to suspend the accounts are being lambasted as an act of censorship by the head of the international federation of journalists. just fueling discourse the german chancellor of course is outraged by suggesting outside influences behind a wave of student marches protesting climate change. and gurneys twenty twenty vision the veteran u.s. senator who shook up america's left wing in the last election makes another bid for the white house.
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a very well welcome this is r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and. the further behind a series of suspended facebook news pages is waiting to hear but if they'll be allowed back on the site after agreeing to the social media giants demand to make it clear that they're affiliated with r.t. facebook took muffet media's pages down without warning a few days ago russia's foreign minister described the move as part of a broader campaign to clamp down on russian news outlets though yes yes without a doubt i think this is another example of the suppression of russian media freedom of speech it's very sad speaking to the press this tuesday russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov a common to listen to facebook suspension of several r.t. affiliated to accounts including in the now speech we should. early was
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a show aired by r.t. and as you heard the minister called the situation and no other example of international pressure on russian media for of also said that in such situation it's best to create controversial working conditions for foreign media working here in russia and i also had a chance to ask the minister whether he believes there will be any a measures taken in response to this incident and this is what set a gay lover of sad just to be amish that i'm totally against any retaliates three measures to limit media activities i think the fact that we're not doing that not only shows our resilience but also our strength we are an open society so the gay lover of also said that he discussed this incident during his negotiations with the chairman miroslav flight shock and he drew his attention to numerous incidents of such sort that involved the russian media mr said that further examination on oh a c.e.o. level will be conducted. to see understands and supports the role of independent
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media and does its best to create all the necessary circumstances for their existence and has missed a lot i would contact the ois see representative about this issue and ask him to give his view the president's all the international federation of journalists councils their hits out at facebook of what suspension of those all tailing to pages closing a facebook account or any internet link from the media without prior warning can be considered as an act of censorship opposed by the i have j. . r.t. senior correspondent mark gasnier has been delving deeper into the story and explains why facebook's critics are crying foul what happened was unprecedented a channel with four million subscribers billions of views blocked or for its content not for saying anything malicious or untrue or hateful but just because of its nationality russian i mean c.n.n.
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which was behind in the investigation that led to this said it best so great viral videos great design you know and the content was pretty critical of the u.s. government of us mainstream media a lot of legitimate arguments but as we started digging into it we did find that the company which set up these pages over the past six months was actually backed by or why are they doing this. a lot of legitimate argument why they voiced seeing legitimate arguments critical of us foreign policy totally journalist the thing to do criticize and discuss stuff right this is censorship selective biased unfair prejudiced and blatant regardless of what you think of ron you call it russia or anything else this trio c.n.n. u.s. funded german marshall fund and facebook working together to selectively censor is
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highly disturbing but this is the inevitable outcome of breaking facebook to censor here is a taste of the u.s. media acting just like state media. reporter of course ran a colleague's video for russia backed in the now and to us readers because they criticize us foreign policy for example the venezuela coup attempt censorship is the most commonly used word in reactions to this ban the suspected reason is that it didn't reveal its russian funding which no one doesn't facebook and never had we didn't. violate any rules there's no rule that you have to post anything about your funding or personal funding on facebook no one does it not any of the u.s. sponsored outlets not any of the qatari sponsored outlets no country not china not turkey not russia not the us how to put these labels are on their facebook pages there is no requirement by facebook that people disclose their funding the b.b.c.
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doesn't do it the c.b.c. is facebook page doesn't do it algis the rest facebook page doesn't do it it's just not standard industry practice to disclose your funding on facebook you can't help but feel for the food media i know many of them they work to make quality stuff funny videos serious videos investigations the poor the sauls into their work only because the side the winds the thesis censors personally i'm surprisingly calm because i've spent in the now it was a project that i created from scratch it's in the now because many of these in now way like this is my baby. i spent the last four and a half five years of my life growing this channel. the last year trying to build the team young professionals that really want to make good important contacts. so it's pretty big for me in terms of the broader picture it's huge oh it's huge all
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right the crime it appears was being too russian and this now seemingly is a crime enough to get your bad and there's a lot of mass media would like to see to the book as anger as hurt feeling of being picked on bullied but is also understanding and as simple human please look if you're listening what i would say to you is i understand that you're under. pressure from various. forces to suppress this or that content based on political reasoning but do not succumb to censorship do not succumb to complying with various government funded out that's regardless of what government they're funded by to censor let your users decide what's good and what's bad do not get in the in the business of dictating. what constitutes good speech and bad speech it's a slippery slope. and it could lead to disaster in the end earlier we spoke with
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russia analyst brian mcdonald who thinks the program in the now with done nothing different from other media outlets the end of day facebook is kind of turned itself into a tool of you know the u.s. government at this stage i mean and i mean for them given the fact that they're based in america given the fact that america is their biggest market it's awfully preferable to be on good terms with the u.s. government to be on bad terms but it's very interesting that they're particularly you know going after stuff connected to russia everybody knows that a nice a particularly the associated with north sea and has been based in russia for many many years nobody was hiding it as far as i know i mean of course i mean it's possible that a casual punter might not necessarily realize that it's connected to to russia in some way but like at the end of day war and hiding it they were not and they were not doing anything different than i knew of the various codes of you know the b.b.c. or the american state broadcaster you know radio free europe or voice of america were doing what they've been pulled up in other other outlets of not. facebook's
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been in contact with russian media explaining the basic updating pages on its platform with large audiences and waiting for information to be disclosed concerning location and funding however a screenshot taken from in the now is page one of the accounts that was blocked shows that location data was actually provided as you can see artie's deputy director for creativity and innovation i have a critique gave us his thoughts on the crackdown and what it says about the current political climate. i think that the malicious element of it obviously comes from the tipple from the german marshall fund and the follow up to through c.n.n. to the atlantic council i'm not necessarily sure facebook even knew what was going on although i daresay after people like mr school of another's voicing an honest there might well be some flags raised in facebook that hadn't been raised before we should always keep the door open and hopeful but having said that it's quite clear
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the russian gauge is out of control the narrative around russia gate the paranoia of the conspiracy theories more about russia going to starting to seem to be on the one hand i certainly had executives who senior executives who work with those social media platforms eighteen months ago tell me behind closed doors that that narrative was out of control that there was nothing you can do and they did mean anything personal by it but we were we on the our two side we're going to suffer. that's one u.s. senator bernie sanders is officially throwing his hat into the ring for the twenty twenty presidential election he's pledging to quote complete the revolution which he started in twenty sixty more pain has the details the independent senator from vermont has announced that once again as he did in two thousand and sixteen he will be running for the democratic nomination for president of the united states here's some of what we've heard from bernie sanders concerning his twenty twenty presidential run. i'm running for president our campaign is not only about the
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feeding donald trump our campaign is about transforming our country let's recall that in two thousand and sixteen bernie sanders who calls himself a democratic socialist ran for president ran for the democratic nomination on a platform of calling for free healthcare for americans free education for americans raising taxes on the wealthy and it was quite popular among younger americans his rallies were wary widely attended bigger than both the rallies of. manda rallies of donald trump let's take review of some of what went on when bernie sanders ran in two thousand and sixteen for the democratic nomination.
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during that campaign it was revealed in e-mails that were made public by wiki leaks that in fact the democratic national committee headed by debbie wasserman schultz had been working to undermine bernie sanders they had been coordinating with the media and doing everything they could to secure the nomination of hillary clinton for the presidential nomination of the democratic party now as a result of that many bernie sanders supporters were very very demoralized and frustrated and yet despite the fact that many of bernie sanders supporters were disgusted and said they would never vote for hillary clinton bernie sanders did in the end and doris hillary clinton when she was nominated by the democratic party
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this is bernie sanders giving his blessing to the nomination of hillary rodham clinton and i didn't do everything ari can to make certain she will be the next president. in the aftermath of the twenty sixteen election in which donald trump was elected president we've seen the ideas promoted by bernie sanders become increasingly popular among the democratic party many new democratic socialists have been elected during the midterm congressional elections and his calls for universal health care and a green new deal. the raising issues of climate change have become increasingly popular so another democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren confirmed that she agreed with the assessment that the twenty sixteen primary was rigged against bernie sanders this is a liberal war do you agree with the notion that it was rigged yes this is a real problem but what we've got to do is democrats now is we've got to hold this party accountable so many bernie sanders supporters have got to be wondering if
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indeed this year it will happen will bernie sanders be able to get the nomination for president and will he run against donald trump in the final election for president of united states in twenty twenty. controversy is growing over an alleged hate crime on a black an openly gay american actor just a smaller two stars in the t.v. drama empire is set to be interviewed by police again as his version of events can comes under increasing scrutiny he claims to mosque to men physically attacked him last month while shouting racist and homophobic slurs so while it also says they made reference to donald trump's make america great again campaign slogan here's the president's reaction to the incident actor from empire who was allegedly attacked with reese's tonight before the big. brother to drew shoot. last night i think that's horrible. it doesn't get worse as far as i'm concerned
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two men were arrested and later released as police said the focus of the investigation had shifted reports then started to swell claiming small it's had paid to nigerian brothers who work as extras on his show to stage an assault a claim the act so strongly denies that twist is called commentators scrambling to try and make sure the real issue of hate climate doesn't get lost we have to cover these issues as trends and as patterns and not fall into the trap that because one story is not real that the problem is not real. and the reason more than any other is why need the story to be true despite its ugliness in the spy would i would say about the danger of the world i live in. reaction now from leak on media unless lie no lie no good to see you always great to have you on many us media seized on the make america great again slogan elements of small it's claim what you think that's become the main focus here. because it's about donald trump
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because the very fact that this story turns out to be a hoax is not even important a more it says though these folks the corporate mainstream media bought a script or a screenplay and they like the story line they like the way it arcs they like the development they like the implications they like the fact that it has everything raise a nuisance. racial hatred donald trump then it turns out to be false but that doesn't matter because they like the story but it's not true but we like the story we like what it means and it is so if you of this remember. the only thing fake about this is everything so we have a supplanted completely by the fact that the the subject matter if
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true. is still in typing this this is the same kind of logic that said there is no evidence of any russian colucci in by virtue of the senate investigation but if true it would be a wonderful narrative so now we actually are hearing and i want everybody to understand this. that when discovery is proved to be disproven is that our media are based upon they still talk about it as if it were true think about that third one now then lie no now that the police have shifted the investigation you don't think that the reporting will follow suit. they are it doesn't even matter they're still talking about we do this thing they they do this a lot in mainstream media they said we have to have a conversation let's have a conversation this will add to the conversation they're actually talking about
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federal lynching anti lynching laws even though there's been no lynching thank god as there's been no new there's been the only thing news is a fake news to do a bad pun there's this never happened and what's interesting about this is the individual mr smollett who is the putative victim of this will not and had not cooperated at all with the police who were saying hold that the same news media were the ones who called judicial supreme court nominee brad kavanagh a rapist even though no one ever said he committed any right now these are the same people who get upset with president trump coining and proliferating the term fake knows who they are promoting commenting on and problem gating fake fictive are untrue are sobs synthetic falsities
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it's mind boggling i woman argue that this story even diary it's a turn out to be more complicated than it was originally believed is needed to draw attention simple very real problem but there are plenty of proven hate crimes in the us which could illustrate the problem so why aren't they getting the news talk treatment. imagine you have been falsely arrested by the police for a crime you have spent five years of your life behind prison walls you've lost everything you have been mistreated imagine this for the sake of argument instead of me talking about the fact that you were falsely accused i say yes but this does happen in the real world that let's talk about that wait a minute no let's talk about the fact that this individual might be and appears to have perpetrated a hoax and that what happens to the bigger issue when you keep reminding folks
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that sometimes hate crime rape that these allegations are false does that not dilute the public's sensitivity towards these very problems in fact i would be furious at individuals who would promote a false narrative because that ultimately hurts the cause only in america do we ignore the fact that the story seems to be false but we sold like how it would turn out if it were true because you see this would have been about president trump and his maga racist homophobic minions and acolytes yeah it's like a movie script we're going to go with that version we like that the truth notwithstanding he says horrible horrible legal on media analysts lionel thank you for your time. now to germany where chancellor angela merkel has
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sparked outrage among environmental activists by implying recent student protests against climate change were triggered by outside influences artie's europe correspondent peter all of a reports tests demanding action on climate change of scene of young people out on the streets of cities across the world including here in germany. was. was. here. but politicians including those who have previously been outspoken on humanity's need to act when it comes to the climate aren't impressed the german chancellor going as far as to suggest that a third party may be at play here if you believe the critics this hybrid warfare online is haunted attacked because you suddenly have movements that you wouldn't
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have thought would happen in germany children are protesting over climate protection it's an important concern but you can't imagine that all german children after years and without any outside influence come up with the idea that they have to take part in this protest those comments came just after chancellor merkel who had talked about russia as a potential threat well her spokesperson had to step in in the end and clear things up to say that mrs merkel did support the commitment of those protesters but ideas and talk of hybrid warfare doesn't wash with the protesters or their supporters moto puts us alongside hybrid war for one except that we are of self organized movement of students apparently the chancellor can't imagine that young people can organize themselves politically and stand up for their own future i find it tragic the we're not trusted to stand up for our own concerns it isn't just in germany that this is being suggested though. belgian a regional vironment minister was forced to resign after she falsely claims that
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intelligence chiefs had told her there was a shadowy hand behind the protests i know who is behind this movement i have also been told that from stay security climate demonstrations are more than spontaneous actions of solidarity with our climate we have not reported anything about this neither verbal nor in writing in australia the prime minister was fairly blunt in saying the protesters were little more than a bit of a nuisance kids should go to school we do not support our schools being turned into power or what we want is more learning in schools and less activism in school these young protesters aren't finding a receptive ear amongst the world's leaders as they try to save the planet they will inherit. pakistani nationals have been ordered to leave a district in northwest india within forty eight hours or face punishment is in the wake of last thursday's terror attack in paul one in which
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a pakistani suicide bomber killed more than forty indian police officers in the disputed territory of kashmir while monday a gun battle erupted in the same area leaving nine people dead including both indian servicemen and alleged pakistani militants the explosions or don't choose day in their because their districts store leaders from both countries issued demands and threats. we demand to pakistan stops misleading the international community and takes credible and visible action against the perpetrators of the poor terrorist attack and are the terrorists and terror groups operating from areas under their control. if you think you will launch any kind of attack in pakistan will think about retaliation and after that with things go we all know it's easy to start a war and one can start war easily but it's hard to stop a war then with things will go only god knows. there's no cross live to nuclear studies expert peacemakers lake mystic has nick thanks for joining us on the
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program this is more than just a local issue because both pakistan and india are nuclear powers how dangerous might this flare up be. very dangerous pakistan has between one hundred forty and one hundred fifty nuclear weapons in the in between one hundred thirty and one hundred forty there's been tension going on there for decades in the kashmir area the fear always is that if there is an outbreak of violence india will invade pakistani border areas pakistan dangerous pakistan retaliates with tactical nuclear weapons and the tally it's with a full scale nuclear assault that would be you know the scientists have done studies on this and they found that even a limited nuclear war between india and pakistan reach one hundred hiroshima size nuclear weapons were used. to create partial nuclear winter and kill up to two
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million people not only in that area but around the globe to be the people drive temperatures on the surface the earth below freezing destroy agriculture much of the earth the idea of incinerating cities which happens in nuclear war this sense of smokes debris into the invite him to the atmosphere locks the sun's rays and creates havoc i mean out on a global scale the weapons that these countries have are much bigger than the hiroshima bomb and they've got more than the hundred that scientists have warned about so that we have to take this very seriously and do what we can to calm it down defuse tensions start talking again. pakistan's that prime minister has warned of are tightly ation if india takes military action against its now how likely is india to take that step on that other masses here. hoping that it is not likely that india will take that step. it would there have
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been there was the first the big bombing and then followed up by a smaller outbreak of violence the situation there is very very tense under the best of circumstances tense we came very close to war almost two decades ago between india and pakistan and you have to remember that they both tested nuclear weapons in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and we had the blow up around the border in two thousand but there have been terrorist attacks since that there was the attack on the indian parliament in two thousand and one the siege of mumbai in two thousand and eight is that in a lot of tension there for a long time and as much as khan the new prime minister in pakistan has want to diffuse tensions he's not really in control. then the military and the intelligence agencies really have more power than the prime minister does so that makes it even
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a more dangerous situation pakistanis have been supporting and giving courage her cover to terrorist groups there inside pakistan and we see what's happening now in india. studies expert piece because nic thank you so much for joining us on the program and sharing your expertise with us. one of the seven m.p.'s to break away from the u.k.'s labor party after quitting alleged anti semitism within the party's ranks has been embroiled in a racism scandal of her own angeles smith made the highly controversial comments live on t.v. just hours after founding a new political movements here's how it all unfolded. i cannot remain in the party but i have to say come to the sickening conclusion is institutionally anti semitic nobody should be judged by where they come from.
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to think about is an ally or. one if you. can give a different bit from the. jewish community. i am very sorry. and. i'm very upset that i spoke with barclays it's not what i have. but also from mina karan and the moscow news team for now the kaiser report is next
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and then in just over half an hour r.t. will be taking a break to carry out some maintenance which means we'll be off after ten hours we'll be back live with the latest world news at seven g.m.t. on wednesday until then you can get the latest news and watch our award winning programs on r.t. dot com our you tube or on our you tube channel. when normally gets manufactured consent to instant of public wealth. when the rooming closest project over the.


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