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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 20, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm EST

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hello and welcome the crosstalk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle is america ready for a real anti-war candidate clearly the political establishment and media aren't criticism a presidential candidate and anyone else who questions foreign policy orthodoxies is swift and unrelenting fighting for peace has never been so difficult. crosstalk in the politics of anti-war i'm joined by my guest daniel for ahci in washington he's the c.e.o. of grassroots political consulting also in washington we have thomas polling he is a an independent economist and author and in percival we crossed he's a former cia counterterrorism specials who is now executive director of the council for the national interest or. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in
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anytime you want and i always appreciate philip let me go to you first and personal . i guess it took the advent of the election of donald trump for the neo cons to invade both major political parties and basically kate capture of the media because saying anything against war or foreign interventions forced regime change it's almost turned in to criminalize speech anyone that stands up and you know we had these people in two thousand and three saying would be a walk in the park in iraq we all thought they were discredited but they're back with a vengeance almost like a stranglehold and it does concern me very much that there's a chilling effect on expressing your first first amendment rights go ahead philip. you know i absolutely have to agree with you i mean this is just. the atmosphere is very reminiscent of two thousand and one through two thousand and three just after
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nine eleven. the media is completely onboard of the. coverage of what's going on and that is it's a disgrace and there are numerous indications particularly coming out of the recent warsaw conference that the united states is gathering together in its fury mading allies to move to a military option against iran so this is. the media is not questioning and he of the premises that this war talk is based on and the. republican governor credit party are basically on board and to so it's frightening and that's why it's interesting to see some antiwar talk actually emerging let me go to thomas in washington i mean when when donald trump announced that the u.s. troops would be withdrawing from from syria i was even i was astounded on how the media took charge. they look for public figures to back up their narrative that
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trump is giving up. a christmas present to putin discrediting america's position in the middle east abandoning the kurds abandoning israel here i mean this is exactly what donald trump i tried to articulate during the campaign coming through and he's. keeping up with his promises here i have plenty of criticisms of his foreign policy but i agree with that the war in afghanistan is a failure it's time to bring troops home every single. clear thinking person that knows anything about afghanistan knows that here but the media because it's donald trump they just want to do the opposite is that in my correct in saying that. peter everything you say is correct and it is truly crazy that donald trump should be the fulcrum of all that is going on that he that he should be the poem outages to
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surface the reality of the washington establishment you've got to realize the neo cons of actually been in power now for twenty twenty five years. and people need to understand what neo con mean to towards throwing around the people that it means that never again will there be a country like the former soviet union that can challenge the united states anywhere that's the definition i work with and it is a it's a frightening thing because it the united states now thinks that it can show up on any anywhere in the world the south china sea the ukraine border. anywhere i want to place troops and change things it's doing that right now in venezuela it wants to get its hands on the oil there it's beyond me on the duro and then the media goes along with that and reports none of these stories and of course more than that it's also deeply embedded in the democratic party this is something that we're that has been camouflaged and we're in denial about the democrats a lot of them voted for the iraq war they were on board for libya regime change they were on board for the end it legal entry into the syrian civil war we've got
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they've the democrats have supported the military that has eight hundred bases around the world in over seventy countries and none of this gets reported or talked about or what it says about ourselves and it's strange that donald trump should be the person. who is catalyzing some or some recognition of this you know it's very interesting daniel we if we could catalog for hours on this program the the catastrophes that these neo cons have brought upon the world and cost the american taxpayer it's almost impossible even to imagine the amounts of money that have been wasted but you know they've all been failures i tend to think you know if you kind of looked. the past is a kind of a guide to the future their plans will fail again but they might but see there's a kicker to this when you know they'll fail under trump's administration so you have the double whammy right there ok you want to undermine the president's foreign
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policy by doing the opposite and by promoting those programs with those ideas they quickly fill and he has to take ownership of it good analysis or not daniel. i'd say this is a bit systemic problem since the carter administration and the green belt concept that he and bridget ski came up with but we have say on this topic a systemic problem as well as a generational divide so it's part positive and negative this ystem a problem is our system was never set up for members of congress to be able to promote legislation in favor of neocon ideology and the defense apparatus in order to get not just contributions but a future lobbying job or a defense contractor that is the heart and soul of the problem of why this is promulgated to the eight hundred bases in seventy countries and allowing every
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president to have their war and over the last twenty years completely disregarding the war powers act and allowing even the current conflict from afghanistan to syria to wherever else to be based upon a seventeen year old war on terror declaration declaration of war against the country so that's the systemic issue now i'd say for the electorate and for at least some semblance of anti-war talk to be able to. head in this country the baby boomer generation that is more neo con and will put on those yellow ribbons and raise the flag any time we have tech brown people. thank goodness they are becoming more marginalized to about thirty six to forty percent of the electorate whereas the largest voting bloc the millennial olds this is the positive side of the equation are much more on told see gathered side yeah and so i think over it's going to take
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a while but over the course of years we will get there to where all of this is coming to question and i believe there will be positive changes but in the meantime president try to be establishment on both sides continue to play to the voters that they expect to show up being the baby boomer neo-con generation both sides of the aisle and this will just continue as well as that will that we have and will tell talk about the generational change and of in a minute i want go back to philip here another perversity in all of this is the congressional move to. the united states withdraw its efforts in supporting the torture of a genocidal war on on yemen but a lot of people are in congress are doing that to actually make. veto which i mean they're playing with this devastated countries fate here for for petty petty petty politics at home i mean the you know the magnitude of that catastrophe is completely most completely unknown on the american public but for members of
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congress it's just a it's a political ploy go ahead philip. you know i agree with you i mean this is essentially characteristic of how the democrats are playing their game against donald trump. really are are saying we are opposed donald trump's policy in support of saudi arabia for good human reasons but of course that's not the case at all they could care less about that as they have. evidence in syria and in libya and in terms of their public cause he towards iran so they don't care about that they're just scoring against trump in hopes that this will embarrass him and so we see this playing out constantly and the fact is that what's lost in the in the game here is what is the interest or what are the interests of the american people the american people opinion polls seem to indicate they are tired of the constant wars
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that have not heard the past eight years but until. gabbert surface reset recently they didn't have anybody who was kind of a spokesman for that and of course there are very powerful and well financed interests who believe that continuing with the war economy and with the war policy is very much their interest you know thomas fame out tell c.m.e. it's just been a thumping jenkin go ahead. well peter i think we got a short term and a structural long term problem the short term problem is how trump plays into this the neo cons of got both sides of the table covered so right now the democrats want to get rid of trump and they want to make trump the issue they get rid of him and then we finesse having a debate about the real issue which is our war our permanent war setting we finesse having a debate about globalization we make trump the issue and then the policies continue in the next presidency that's the short term problem now the long term problem is i
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think some of the other participants have already alluded to is the basic structure of our politics which is money money money that way. congress cannot stand up to the money of the wall lobby on the health lobby and the many other lobbies that are out there because you need money to win if you go in and if you have so you have an incentive to take it and if you say no to them they promise to obliterate you by funding an opponent of yours and then you dig deeper into our system you've got all these fake think tanks you know the the atlantic council the german marshall fund they're putting out fake policy analysis fake national security analysis that then gets picked up by the media that treats these people as authentic you know ok i'm going to jump in here i'm going to jump in here but i don't i've been on the receiving end of those people ok we're going to go to a short break gentlemen after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the politics of anti-war stay with us.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clips on one hand it is logical to sit on fields where everything is from. on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. you. i'm going to talk about football not or else you can think i was going to go. by the way what is it that. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of. the
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demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know here. in the. polling you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty. those who took. invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these enough to ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. war . ok let me go back to daniel and watch and you know one of the interesting i really like what you brought up about the with the mint mama let me think about foreign policy and i think you're spot on their own there's some very interesting research
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out comparing. three generations and you know the boomers and the what i guess they're called the z's in and the millennial and you know it when we look back at the two thousand and sixteen sixteen election the media was completely blindsided by the support that donald trump had because well they have their values and that's what they talk about and they talk to themselves in their own group think and it seems to me. that this is happening again we have. a political establishment that is completely invested in the war in the war machine and an interventionist foreign policy the media loves to go along with it you know a love war i mean it is such a great for their bottom line and all those beautiful missiles that was one of the worst moments in television history in my opinion but it's happening again and i and i think that this is you're seeing such a disconnect here with public opinion and if you don't ask them the right question
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you're not going to get the right answer or you'll just completely ignore it which i don't put past them here i think there's a growing tension here and i think this is where tulsi really taps into it though i think should be obliterated even before the primaries i mean the attacks on her are unbelievable she has flaws in my mind be given a platform and argue her case she was on m s m b c and she was plummeted but she wasn't destroyed ok she knows what she's talking about and she showed the people that were asking her questions that they don't go ahead daniel. the lack of respect for that one instance in and of itself is unbelievable from the corporate controlled media that's another systemic issue we have we're not supposed to have protected free speech from media that trades on the stock market and has lobbyists that can influence congress and vice versa that's a whole nother conversation but told sigebert wore the uniform served in iraq has the opinion of many many soldiers that i talked to that are generation x.
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on to the millennial generation that have served in the middle east whether it be syria afghanistan or iraq speak it out outside of having a beer with them but told c represents that generation that apparatus that mentality she seen combat she's worn the uniform and that blatant disrespect and disregard for her opinion from that to being a member of congress who has traveled to these areas as a member of congress received intelligence briefings and is privy to a lot of information and that example alone speaks to the problem that we have from the media itself and you'll see her absolutely excoriated by her colleagues as well in her party as she was in two thousand and sixteen when she was just a member of congress and leadership of the party trying to ban. basically forced to resign from being the vice chair of the party at that so you know the trend
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continues you know philip you worked at the cia you know i'm sure you would keep up with current and former colleagues there and probably no military personnel as well i mean when they look at her candidacy and i'm not throwing my support behind her i'm throwing support behind some of her words that i think need definitely to be heard and do certainly resonate with a lot of people that's why she's controversial that's why they pile on her because they want to stifle it and all of what we've been talking about is also an attack on the right to dissent in this is what i get i worry about every single day in touch on every single program i make go ahead. you know one thing i would point out that nobody's mentioned up till now was that she was incredibly courageous when she made her personal trip to syria yet to meet with the leadership who has the situation on the ground that that gets her lots of points with the constituency
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you're referring to which is former intelligence officer who are military personnel who were knowledgeable of what's going on in the middle east and in afghanistan and i don't know a single one of my former. classmates or former army colleagues who actually supports the current policies that the guy is pushing and most of them are very very sympathetic to what tells you got last ones to want to recognize and but if not momentum they might have to recognize it and certainly that is america's role in the world and that has long overdue well thomas it seems to me that donald trump should be a little bit worried because we do have evidence in certain convert congressional districts that current serving military personnel and veterans found a message of anti interventionism attractive in pa and possibly the reason why they
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voted for him he could lose that constituency with what philip said in an article recently a real anti-war candidate here what do you think about that thomas and washington. well. i'm really not so interested in trump and i think i think i'm going to say we're ok with that but all right well let me let it go ahead because let me come back to tell us let me go it peter peter let me come back to tell but here he is a very interesting person yet i don't think she's got any chance of getting the nomination for a lot of reasons including the relative inexperience effect comes from a small state on the other hand winning isn't everything. she could in fact be the most important candidate on the list to the extent that she gets the conversation changed now i think bernie sanders understands what's going on i don't think elizabeth warren does iow i read her foreign policy speech at american university and i don't think she gets it if gabbert shows that there are votes here then those
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folks will recalibrate and come on board and that then gets to the important where are those votes coming from well i think they're actually coming potentially across the sphere we've talked about the. old gen x. is there they're already they are no longer very happy with our economy the american dream is dead for them so that they can't be bought off in the way of the past then you move up the generations a bit and americans are kind people they don't want to kill people nor do they want to get killed and so they are a little confused gap and begins to unpack their confusion by beginning to make them understand as of one of the speakers that america's place in the world that's what it's about and that begins to tear through some of the propaganda i think he's a very important candidate potentially perhaps even the most important but i couldn't agree with you more thomas and i'm glad you interrupted me that was very well said daniel one of the things that i really worry about when telsey went to
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syria and had a meeting with assad i thought that was very courageous and i thought it was something that need to be done ok because american straight statecraft and diplomacy what happened to it it's gone it's missing in action here what daniel what i do worry about is the weaponization of all this is that if you talk to someone like assad in syria or you think there should be a dialogue with russia you are almost portraying your unpatriotic feelings you're a traitor treacherous behavior i mean it's gone it's gotten so weak stream that if you voice anything beyond the the mandated mainstream you are considered beyond the pale even to talk. to that is not going to move the needle in the right direction for anyone go ahead daniel. yeah and that's where i talked about that hopeful optimism of the uptick of involvement in the next election especially and we did see it in two thousand and eighteen from the millennial zz. showing up and turning
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out to vote because that is the only thing where a member of congress someone in the senate or a presidential candidate is going to really hear and feel that pressure and sent to me that that's the opposite of what they're playing to and pandering to the neo con baby boomer generation that thirty six to forty percent of the base that really is the only thing that will break through their corruptive money that we've discussed in the political process is when they feel that the voters could alice them then you'll have more conversations like should we continue to propagate the war in yemen should we continue in syria should we continue eighteen nineteen twenty more years in afghanistan and that it's really that public pressure that is the only thing that's going to change this national conversation and hopefully we'll start to feel that and see that next year when the primary elections will come up one will have little pains i think we will see philip you know one another trend that
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is going on simultaneously is shutting down dissent on the internet knocking off websites that have alternative news that can be either of the left or right speech is speech there's an advisor to facebook could you imagine a worst advisor to have it outsourcing. the right to express your opinion to people like that ok we're seeing it all over the place i know a lot of people in alternative media and they're being throttled that they're being disappeared in broad daylight they're being be monetized and from what i understand from people they like to boast about their. censorship this is going to get more and more intense so we may not have that national conversation because the networks and legacy media certainly doesn't want to have a conversation go ahead philip. you know that's absolutely correct i mean and the the interesting thing about it of course is it's it's
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a it goes from left to right in political terms that people are being censored for offering an alternative explanations of what's going on. whether it's to the left until the right seems to make no difference it's a it's a bad trend and there was a recent story about. that some some organizations some shattering organization was monitoring the internet discovered that the russians were very interested in tosi on what she was doing and b.s.a. recounted that n.b.c. reported that. that recently and then it turned out that bill kristol and his gang organization called alliance for securing democracy is one of these new well what is behind it so there's going to be a lot of this remember toastie has made as the centerpiece of her campaign the antiwar message and this is new this is new in american politics and. well
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so is john mccarthy anyway but but i for one rare ok well i for one on this program and is going to keep on keep on this story here gentlemen we've run out of time many thanks to my guests in washington and in person and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember crosstalk rules. from the us navy seals pulled by as you could see the slums you force me to focus
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on the best of you so. what. you see in the definition of us pretty. good nobody. really believes. in them. lolol. geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as it's me into a place of. record. i . know this one. i'm just not
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a sit. in. so there was a build up. in the him around the question of how they. look . for the little guy we look at the moment the money i was wondering about. such isn't really. a mystery just. a phone call for the. motivation. you'll get a little warmth and you know what. i want and. so what are the.
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things. that's his annual state of the nation address president putin reveals russia has successfully tested a new nuclear power to try to bring you unique the test also in the president's speech. that's when he. doesn't appear ten stresses that russia doesn't pose a threat they can defend itself if necessary he'll say reiterated that washington must be honest with moscow and not choose quote trumped up accusations. of full not action director of the f.b.i. who is playing.
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