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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2019 1:00pm-1:29pm EST

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a journalist working for an anti affiliated company is injured on the colombia venezuela border colleagues say that she was hit by venezuela national guard deserted. their armored vehicles through the crowds to get to colombia. almost six thousand yellow vests protesters have flooded the streets of paris for a fifteenth successive weekend of anti-government rallies. on the weekly an act of censorship the head of the international federation of journalists fasted facebook's decision to suspend several pages without warning.
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me watching the weekly here on r.t. . the camerawoman working for a media outlet affiliated with r.t. was injured during saturday's clashes on the colombia venezuela border the journalist in question was taken to hospital for the since being discharged colleagues. say an armored vehicle almost killed her as she sustained leg injuries you know the journalist was injured when a group went to colombia servicemen and apparently switched sides incident left numerous protesters injured about to show you the video of the ramming but please be warned you may find it disturbing.
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i i. was i i roughly video agency managed to get hold of a video said to show the aftermath of the ramming which left allegedly the camerawoman injured people can be seen climbing over barriers on the bridge while two armored vehicles a stationary in the background amid the scenes of chaos and panic one woman is shown with a bloodied face. the media workers and finding themselves increasingly a risk because tensions in venezuela escalate in a separate incident a journalist is said to have been heckled by opposition activists and was forced to abandon her report the crowd reportedly became angry when she said that the opposition were in the minority incident was captured on camera.
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i tricked with u.s. aid gathering on venezuela's borders sparked increasingly fierce clashes at checkpoints between opposition supporters and those loyal to the president nicolas maduro. following the clashes venezuela's self-proclaimed leader urged the world to consider all options to liberate the people of venezuela he disputes the legitimacy
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of president maduro claiming that the last elections were rigged why they also announced this plan to meet with the u.s. vice president on monday to discuss the situation. president nicolas maduro meanwhile has expressed serious concern about washington's real intentions in sending that he maintains that he is the rightful president of venezuela the post the celcius twenty thirteen and accuses why this and abetted by the u.s. and as well as foreign minister also blasted the white house and accused sexual state might pompei or fabricating reasons to start a war against caracas meanwhile washington says that it's preparing more sanctions venezuela's military has a choice embrace democracy protect civilians and allow in humanitarian aid or face even more sanctions in isolation the u.s. will take action against those who oppose the peaceful restoration of democracy in venezuela now is the time to act in support of the needs of the desperate
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venezuelan people. in the meantime thousands have been showing their support for president dora at a rally on saturday he called them but his whalen's to take to the streets and defend the country's independence he also denounced as an american puppet. i swear to formalise key to the national unity as president of venezuela. added states probably recognize national symbol president one point you know as the interim president of venezuela we recognize and express our full support for the president of venezuela assumed by the president of the national assembly one it is clear that just bureaucrats not the legitimate leader will set us by law so you're not going to believe that the plan is the right person that's why the forward. looking out of. our lives could mean honestly how. when
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a front. runner turns out it's. been a strain on. we seek a peaceful transition of power. but all options are on. god
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god oh god what have. you got you know oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i don't think it was. the have all here at the deep this bridge crossing right on the colombian venezuelan border i'm on the columbia side you can see venezuela behind me there was a lot of momentum here the small inning to get these so-called humanitarian aid trucks through. made an appearance this morning he climbed up on one of the trucks addressed the crowd and he made a statement standing alongside his allies and the president of chile and the
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president of paraguay the other bridge crossings in the area have seen violent clashes indeed now one humanitarian aid truck was reportedly even set on fire at one point protesters uprooted a tree trunk and used it actually as a battering ram against venezuelan police vehicle in another instance protesters from both sides rocks at one another. both nicolas maduro and the one why do have called for protests from their respective supporters there was an opposition protests in your caracas where protesters surrounded an air force base. now to chile and brazil have said that the so-called humanitarian aid has actually entered venezuela at some of the crossing points but that's certainly not the case here is the humanitarian you know these these trucks are still sitting on the colombian side of the border just
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a few hundred meters. ahead of me out of bolivia and president evo morales has denounced this and said it's a trojan horse that the u.s. he accused the u.s. of attempting to smuggle weapons under the cover of humanitarian aid and considering the involvement of the state department special envoy to venezuela elliott abrams who did just exactly that back in the one nine hundred eighty s. under the reagan administration it seems to be a legitimate concern now the latest is venezuela's president nicolas maduro has ordered he has cut all ties with colombia so a total diplomatic rupture which is certainly a disturbing development but it's all quite here it indeed does bridge but the other crossings there are clashes going on. well in the meantime the red cross is warning people on the border with trying to get into fairness while they express concern that this threatens the organizations image of impartiality video shows
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people with red cross emblems on their shirts blending in with the crowd and chanting slogans and humanitarian organizations demanded that activists stop wearing their insignia early we heard from brown opened and that sort of the news website for a monday he told us that the whole humanitarian aid campaign then undermining the duras control of the borders of venezuela is assault weapon to provoke a war i mean what again is if i do have true off that as well as borders or nought it's not the question is not the issue is not humanitarian aid is the control all that is available to clearly the white house hold down fall would be a fast track gratian but move forces and the people are calling him and this. is going as we could see yesterday when thousands of people marched with food. have aleutian. a backlash against u.s.
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interference is growing there in our hundred fifty campaigns globally against white house meddling that's according to the no war on venezuela movement we heard from one anti-war activist who's been at a protest in new york. this was a day for the people of the world the grassroots movement to make their voice heard against another u.s. war a war that's for oil that's for in her realist domination and has nothing to do with humanitarian aid as there is no war that the us has ever fought that has been for humanitarian purposes it will raise a firestorm within latin america that is absolutely clear destruction of the economy of venezuela this is a crime that the the us is going anywhere there and saying that there is chaos at home and the us intervention is needed but who is causing the economic destabilization in venezuela it's a seizing blocking of trade that the us is orchestrating the opposition of course
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realizes that they have a big mediocre form and they are going to make all kinds of claims but they are the ones who are accepting shipments of arms that will be to many more deaths and they are the ones who are creating a crisis on the border demanding that these trucks get through this is the wealthiest people in venezuela who could well provide for other people if they so chose instead they want this. to get rid of the elected government meanwhile opposition leader is slated to hold talks on monday with senior officials from the u.s. and a number of latin american countries will be keeping a close eye on the new developments for you.
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yellow vest demonstrators continued to vent their anger in france for a fifteenth consecutive weekend the french interior ministry says more than forty six thousand people rallied across the country thought that i almost six thousand of them in power. this weekend saw five separate stemmons stray sions organized in just the capital and six protesters were reportedly detained the movement began in november over fuel tax hikes but it since evolved into a stand against them popular government policies ahead of this weekend's action organizers had appealed for thanks for protest all of us have it out for social media they're planning a decisive act which is three days of protest starting march for the director of the french economic observatory believes at the moment and from this perspective it contributed to macros failure as a representative of the the french economy came into power to exercise definite
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policies to lower taxes for the rich and businesses to keep wages low to cut back social spending and so on it's obvious that he won't give up on the stances due to the yellow vests this week during discussions on unemployment benefits we see that macro on aligns with his strategy he condemns social services partners he intrudes into their talks in a very disrespectful manner preserves his line of the contemptuous technocrats the alarm is being sounded by media freedom groups after facebook suspended some mati affiliated pages more on that after the break.
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that's far right parties obsess about the danger is them presents to the western lifestyle some islamic scholars are concerned about the opposite of our no advantage argues the dead muslims don't step up their game within the next twenty to forty years islam may vanish from europe are those fears really justified.
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back facebook suspension this week of several r.t. linked accounts has been described as an act of censorship by the international federation of journalists last week the social networking giant blocked pages belonging to ties but for the roof. closing a facebook account or any internet link from the media without prior warning can be considered as an act of censorship opposed by the. parties but i guess the if has more on the story and explains why facebook's critics are crying foul what happened was unprecedented a channel with four million subscribers billions of views who are hateful but just because of its nationality russian i mean c.n.n. which was behind in the investigation that led to this said it best so great viral videos great design you know and the content was pretty critical of the u.s. government of us mainstream media but nothing that would be totally out of the
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ordinary necessarily a lot of legitimate arguments but as we started digging into it we did find that the company which set up these pages over the past six months was actually backed by or why they voiced seeing legitimate arguments critical of us foreign policy a totally journalistic thing to do criticize and discuss stuff right this is censorship selective biased unfair prejudiced and blatant regardless of what you think of run you call it russia or anything else this trio c.n.n. u.s. funded german marshall fund and facebook working together to selectively censor is highly disturbing but this is the inevitable outcome of breaking facebook to censor here is a taste of the u.s. media acting just like state media a buzz feed reporter calls ran a colleague's videos for russia backed in the now and to us readers because they criticize us foreign policy for example the venezuela coup attempt censorship is
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the most commonly used word in reactions to this ban and there have been many remarkable also is that facebook talked to everyone they wanted but haven't said a word. reason do would justify the anything to the folks they blocked facebook hasn't contacted us at all the pages were just unpublished and it had an automated button we could appeal to which we did of course we have not heard a word from facebook and it's been over three days now the suspected reason is that it didn't reveal it's russian funding which no one doesn't face book and never have we did not violate any rules there is no rule that you have to post anything about your funding or personal funding on facebook no one does it not any of the u.s. sponsored outlets not any of the qatari sponsored outlets no country not china not turkey not russia not the us has to put these labels on their facebook pages there
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is no requirement by facebook that people disclose their funding the b.b.c. doesn't do it the c.b.c. is facebook page doesn't do it al-jazeera facebook page doesn't do it it's just not standard industry practice to disclose your funding on facebook you can't help but feel for the food media i know many of them to make quality stuff funny videos serious videos investigations the poor the sauls into their work only to be cost the side of the whims of ceaseless censors personally i'm surprisingly calm because i've spent in the now was a project that i created from scratch it's in the now because my aims and he's in now way like this is my baby. i spent the last four and a half five years of my life growing this channel. last year trying to build the team young professionals that really want to make good important contacts. so it's
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pretty big for me in terms of the broader picture it's huge oh it's huge all right the crime it appears was being too russian and these now seemingly ease across enough to get. and the research question whether facebook should have the power to decide what people see and hear i mean the theory beyond the internet was if more people wanted to see something than we should be allowed to see it and of the when you do internet searches things that come up when you put a question in you supposed to find the thing that most people are looking at but of course of no started talking about changing the algorithms there's a lot maffet media would like to say to the book is anger hurt feelings of being picked on bullied but is also when the pressure from various forces to suppress this or that content based on political reasoning but do not succumb to censorship do not succumb to complying with various government funded out that's
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regardless of what government they're funded by to censor let your users decide what's good and what's bad do not get in the in the business of dictating. what constitutes good speech and bad speech it's a slippery slope. and it could lead to disaster in the end first but later told muffet media that it would be allowed back on to the site if the connections to r.t. were made clear we discuss the story with talk show host jimmy door who sees the hand of the us government at work this is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in silicon valley deciding who gets freedom of speech based on completely random rules that are public and they make up on the fly that that's what so this is an actual censorship happening so if you're going to take away someone's rights you have to have a transparent process to do that you can't just do it willy nilly with a bunch of on elected bureaucrats in the middle of the night in silicon valley
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deciding who gets to have freedom of speech or not and that's what's happening right here and by the way it's happening in conjunction with the government which makes it doubly horrible but it's not really being reported correctly in the united states because corporate media is in bed with the same people. it's one of donald trump's favorite terms you know for news but it's got even greater recognition now it's an award ceremony in front. of the round of the witness. they commute in folks the spread of this information we're all being told to be on all go out for it well here in france they like to go one step further let me introduce you to the book door. it's a mock awards show which looks to celebrate some of the wild this examples of fake news which are actually broadcast as real stories here in france where the winner is taking let's take a look at the international category where
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a chilling tale of the russian media hunting tigers was broadcast of course do. but. chefs. de plume. but it was completely fake news turns out these images were actually taken of president putin when he was visiting a reserve which protects the endangered siberian tiger on the fake news stories given the north included this mysterious case of the severity of flag which was hoisted during a yellow best protest measure. on the mall. but this flag which the expert so expertly gave his opinion on is actually a local for i from the northern pick out the region now in the general category
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here in france there was plenty of competition just like this a lot of media reported that we started and identified that there had been russian meddling that the russian state orchestrated interference in the banal a scandal ah yes russian meddling again also croyde the mainstream media beat by the lab even the hit turret the misinterpretation of their work we never said this the fact that the government spokes person immediately exploded this for political ends created this sort of hype there was never the object of our study then there are all those super sneaky ways to get fake news across the us. we found out from one local french channel sports anything wrong you'd be forgiven for thinking that the opposition to antigovernment strikes was more than half but it seems that this pie chart was artificially inflated and when all else fails you can
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always just to raise anything that you don't like take a look at this sign in the yellow vest protests a mark on supporter in the midst of the yellow sign reset seems two thousand and eighteen was a bubbly year for fake amusing fronts with many outlets seeing their noses grow more than once even ski artsy paris. you all watching on team to national stick around for the latest headlines updates on our top stories i'll be back with more in just over half an hour. or so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on all fronts very dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will
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be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. plus leave people by is no good keep the slime view or smear the focus off of us to do so he's. gone. through with. you know my mom more. you know shame on them. you know what. i thought of could be on the board of the little six this up but it was there was
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about as it's covered the war we are going to be slipping i i don't mind the snipping and go one step below i underlined which means that we will be living living in it define one is did situation therefore to slide will find itself neither to your wish as they claim nor you're welcome because their claim. me. pull my dough for one hour sixty novel a month honestly do. the. job. for isis fighters and boarding a philippine naval ship. but
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not for me ned. my ninety dollars. just aren't abdulla still don't know who watch waiting for them. to. be near my family and the chief of. staff. to pick it out of. the man i'm the most. countries gone into a nihilistic feed that's why i'm thank and they've got to hit the road and get the travelling across america to find what makes america take the charlatans the genius of american hero this is it we found the point around which hollywood has gone inside starting last with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i'm gonna leave now don't forget in morganza over here
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maybe completely different and a mystery. that i'm still. tracking an excellent.
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