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and i do not. take it out. on the money. or going to do the things that need to be done to make sure that the benefit of the people's voice that democracy reigns and that there's a brighter future of the people of the better as well as washington says it will take any action necessary to ensure a transition to democracy in venezuela as fatal violence between pro and anti-government protesters shows no sign of abating. the people of okinawa in a referendum have rejected moving a u.s. military base from one part of the japanese island to another but the relocation will go ahead anyway. the japanese government is pushing through that construction
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by force there are many people protesting in every day and u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un meeting in vietnam this week we look at how noisy is preparing for the summit. on the hour every hour welcome to the monday program here on r.t. internet. as tensions in venezuela intensify the u.s. says it will come to the aid of those wanting to go by any means necessary secretary of state prepares to meet u.s. officials in bogota on monday. in wonder stand that the venezuelan people have made its days numbered continue to build out the global coalition to put to put force behind the voice which said every options on the table we're going to do the things that need to be done. in front. israel has been heightened by the debate over
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whether to allow u.s. aid into the country and trucks of supplies have amassed on the country's border with colombia and brazil this has led to clashes at checkpoints between opposition supporters and those loyal to the democratically elected president nicolas maduro we understand at least four people have died with hundreds injured. i'm going to get with. you.
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as the violence intensifies the u.s. ramps up its rhetoric there are concerns that a direct intervention in venezuela is now on the cards is ati's nick here. while aids is usually the case who alleviating suffering this weekend's events may be doing the exact opposite. of a determination to get washington's eight across the border in the face of president majeure his refusal was it turns out the council is to push the delicate situation in venezuela into bloody clashes tons of us aid had piled up at the venezuela border in what madeira had called a u.s. orchestrated show designed to induce international condemnation from the dozens of nations siding with opposition leader one quite good concerns that the aid deliveries could contain weapons were not completely unfounded given previous u.s.
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and desert people living in president. even murali as can could calling the congo a trojan horse to prove a quarrel so just how pointers saw things on folding when he issued an ultimatum is unclear lining his supporters on mass to bring the u.s. trucks across the border is undoubtedly. for a carious position to put people in especially when the military remains loyal to the president naturally it was altered in this. was. when the outlook for mature looking increasingly bleak attention has now turned to those who continue to support him the venezuelan military are being urged to abandon their loyalties then choose the side over washington venezuela's military has a choice embrace democracy protect civilians and allow in humanitarian aid also
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more sanctions in isolation round of applause from the new commander in chief or anyone choosing to be on the right side of history because causing unnecessary pain and suffering is nowhere near as normally ating as the sight of us trucks going up in flames it seems we denounce my refusal to let humanitarian assistance reach venezuela what kind of a sick tyrant stops food from getting to hungry people the images of burning trucks filled with aid are sickening the misgivings and finger pointing over who might be to blame for the burning trucks was quickly picked up on by venezuela's foreign minister who issued a stark reminder of his u.s. counterparts past as head of the cia. secretary pompei our cia specialist in false flag operations believes he fools the world with a truck burned in colombia by his own agents with tensions in venezuela rumbling for months quite as deadline was an opportunity to vent the result was all out
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chaos and confusion even forcing the red cross to call on unknown members of the crowd to stop wearing their insignia. we've learned that there are some people not affiliated with the red cross colombia and red cross venezuela wearing red cross emblems at colombia venezuela and brazil venezuela border we urge them to stop doing this they might mean well but they risk jeopardizing our neutrality impartiality and independence as the situation intensified on the border president maduro called on his the porters to a mass on the streets of caracas where he vowed to defend but as wayland and to alleviate him on the border while cutting all political and diplomatic ties with its neighbor to halt the border chaos. can't continue supporting aggression from colombian territory so i've decided to cut political and diplomatic ties with the fascist colombian government and this ambassador's must leave in twenty four hours what next peace talks
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a truth. is calling on his vast international support system to up the ante all options are on the table a military conflict is increasingly becoming a real possibility for as well is a country hanging by a thread a third so perilously delicate it could snap at any moment and when it does the outcome will be war no matter whether those u.s. trucks contained aid weapons or whatever else there's missile doubt that this special delivery from america has been an instrumental tipping point for a country in crisis. we spoke to the chief editor of the news website monday he says washington has underestimated president maduro and the local support for him. and feet you know exist they have go too far clearly did he do the white house thought it was downfall would be a fast track operation but move forces. people off him and his
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support is going up as we could see thousands of people. have aleutian right now after randomly the only alternative is who want to although . is a direct foreign intervention or leave this and democratic strategy and begin talking to normalize full show and economic relationship with. u.s. president donald trump north korean leader kim jong un meeting in vietnam this week commenting on the upcoming summit russia's foreign minister expressed hope that a breakthrough regarding denuclearization however sort of a lover off also warned that ultimatums don't work some were not sure we are certain that u.s. ultimatums will lead nowhere once the u.s. demands that north korea completely eliminate everything related to nuclear weapons
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and only then we're going to discuss lifting sanctions it will be kim's second summit last summer they met in singapore in a speech last night at trump said he had good relations with kim adding though that he would not lift any sanctions if pyongyang doesn't denuclearize the upcoming summit is intended to talk on a wide range of security issues analyses ili of the trunk are now reports from the host city of hanoi. perhaps it's still a bit too early to see a trump kim get together in washington or pyongyang so once again the organizers opted for somewhere neutral. just by looking at the flag of communist vietnam it's immediately clear why chairman kim would certainly feel at home here. as we know the americans have their
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own special connection to this country but the leaders got in trouble with the vietnamese authorities before they even arrived or rather their almost famous look alike. anyway with the hot i wrote spinning spruced up for the big event the real kim has already hit the road he chose to get to vietnam via train and his people looked thrilled to see him no wonder kim has given himself a nice long head start crossing all of china takes time when the leaders met for the first time just saying this. was enough to make the summit a real bombshell but no written or signed agreements came out of it how's that for a preemptive social media trick to break the stalemate chairman kim realizes
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perhaps better than anyone else that without nuclear weapons his country could fast become one of the greatest economic power was anywhere in the womb because of its location and people and him it has more potential for rapid growth than any other nation making the second summit work is a matter of procedure for donald trump but will it work the mega man might have. to give something up too could that mean less pentagon involvement in south korea mr kim knows how to play on family guy trumps emotions too it's just been revealed he once said this to america's top diplomat mike compare i'm a father and husband and i have children and i don't want my children to carry the nuclear weapon on their back their whole life this week it's time for donald trump and cam john to do a bit more than just pose for the cameras or send each other romantic letters i've
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received two letters from chairman camp like personal correspondence magnificent very strong letter form incredible letters it's time to agree on and cement something real which makes the vietnam chapter of the camp trump relationship even more unpredictable than when they first met even. the people of okinawa in a referendum have rejected a move in the u.s. military base from one part of the japanese island to another it is one of thirty two american sites on the island the construction work at the planned new location for the base in question has already begun and despite the referendum result prime minister shinzo looks set to push ahead with the move. we cannot avoid the necessity of moving food said to be the most dangerous place in the world we cannot put this off any longer the base in question is situated in the city of good no one and surrounded by schools shops and hospitals under
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a deal with america it's being moved to a less populated part of okinawa in the north cold had no co residents not happy they say the old basic should simply be shut down and not replaced. due to the i've heard that this referendum has no legal basis but there are many people protesting in every day i hope this referendum will be a show of support to them. let me call nation has over. he begun the japanese government because the base is manned for war that's why i'm against the. u.s. service personnel stationed in japan were reportedly involved in almost ten thousand accidents on crimes between two thousand and four and twenty thirteen around half of the incidents were on okinawa one of the most notorious cases happened back in one nine hundred ninety five when three u.s. sailors kidnapped and raped a twelve year old girl but we spoke with catherine jane fisher a rights activist who says she was raped in two thousand and two near a u.s.
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base near tokyo but she thinks relocating this one particular okinawa base won't help to solve anything. most of the american bases situated on ok no island seventy percent of the bases are on okinawa and the island is so small so you can imagine we have a lot of united states military servicemen there when they drink too much of a hole or if they commit crimes they can easily escape justice as in my case you know the man who raped me i had to look for him myself in ten years because the japanese government and the american military would not help so the more bases that are going to be in okinawa we need to work out ways that they can very kate these crimes so it's now time for the voices to be heard about how they do not want any more rapes in crimes you know murder it's against gay people we have had to seven over seventy years seven decades of these crimes happening and what is being done
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to stop that you know we just had another woman who was murdered you know over a year ago so it doesn't matter where they're going to put the base there's always going to be some kind of crime that they will need to tackle and how are they going to do when someone else is diverted when someone else is killed but more still to come here monday program including the norwegian refugee council joining us live in just a moment to discuss the ongoing humanitarian issues in afghanistan we're back in a moment. the.
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. some want to be. right to be close it's like the three of them all can't be good. interested in the why. should.
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you join us today for the monday news a new u.n. report says that twenty eighteen was the deadliest year in a decade for civilians in afghanistan some four thousand were killed the report says increased terror activity as well as afghan and u.s. military operations at the blame for the spike in civilian fatalities meanwhile a fifth round of peace talks between the taliban and the u.s. is being held in on monday as more that goes d f now reports off the almost two decades of war war stops being special it becomes normal like a habit and you know how hard it is to kick the habit same thing here fifth row. and of talks between the taliban and the us lots of hope and lots of pessimism that maybe peace but the peace will not hold for long if the taliban bypasses local commanders and fighters ideas and views it would be much better that
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the taliban include some important and effective local taliban commanders in the negotiating team there is history to these talks when the doha meet she couldn't hush hush all the united states and the taliban they had gold and they bartered and apparently agreed on a u.s. troop withdrawal and then it all collapsed when the united states demanded that the afghan government which the taliban despises also participate there's a discussion but this discussion needs to be shared back to discussion that does not involve the region we will not trust if we don't get all the pieces right one piece alone doesn't suffice russia which has a huge stake in ending this war also tried to help in early february the then head of the taliban's political faction came here to moscow to take part in another round table but one of them you really heard it after the foreign forces leave our
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country the afghans one have any reason to fight each other because we are a united fraternal people it was big eleven countries participated in these talks even the afghan opposition came taliban was there the u.s. remained aloof and surprisingly with observer status watching in paranoid suspicion russia is again trying to model the u.s. backed peace process and the political situation in afghanistan so here we are round five new talks the taliban's new political head freshly released from a pakistani jail is going to attend same topics really but cease fire. the u.s. troop withdrawal and again washington will try to get the afghan government involved just as problematic is see the taliban is fractured it has its own factions and centrists and extremists and they all want something different
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the peace or religious law for the crazies death to america and if they don't get what they want talks and negotiations be. if we're not respected by leadership and political leaders of the taliban maybe the for it it will continue under a different name or by joining islamic state. a former senior correspondent at the u.s. t.v. network c.b.s. alleges that the majority of the american media is biased lara logan says she's been hounded for expressing that of yeah. i know they're going to come after me again and i'm not the only one if there are any journalists who are not behaving the same drum and giving the same talking points then we pay the price in an interview on a podcast she said the main problem with the us media is that it leans far too heavily to the left of this in turn she says leads to sacrifices and objectivity
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and a lack of representation of other views been part of this for all my life i'm forty seven now and i've been a journalist since i was seventeen and and the media everywhere is mostly liberal not just in the us but in this country eighty five percent of journalists are registered democrats so that's just a fact most journalists are left or liberal or democrat or whatever word you want to give it how do you know you've been lied to how do you know you're being manipulated how do you know there's something not right with the coverage when they simplify it or. and there is no gray is no gray zone one way logan's podcast interview was mocked by some who claim she can't be trusted because of her involvement in a dubious report on benghazi back in twenty thirteen others have alleged true simply can't find a job with the quote legitimate outlets she slams as biased logan left her post
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over chief foreign affairs correspondent a c.b.s. where she had worked for sixteen years she was a host of that popular program sixty minutes for a stint which the florida twenty thirteen bengazi report just mentioned kerry sheffield from accuracy and media agrees with logan. they're very reflective of reality i'm glad that someone working for a mainstream organization has finally willing to be open and honest so i think that many conservatives such as myself we've been really looking for honest truth tellers like laura logan to just be bring some reality into the conversation a lot of conservatives huge and a study that showed that the vast majority of republicans believe that the mainstream media do not understand people like them three see over and over again shoot journalists having to retract their stories or to correct their stories so if the mainstream media really wants to improve our country they need to be more balanced in the reporting among the outlets alleged to have a liberal bias so that of the new york times the huffington post and c.b.s.
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or kerry sheffield again says the media has long been leaning left. around seventy five seventy seven percent of americans believe that the mainstream media creates some form of fake news and a big part of what they said was fake news was what they were failing to report about laura logan pointed out that the problem of the balance is so skewed to the left my take is that if you have a bias then you should be willing to accept it and don't pretend that you don't have a bias. but let's go back to our story in our top story on afghanistan as a bride. a new united nations report says that twenty eight scene was the deadliest year in a decade for civilians in afghanistan we understand some four thousand civilians were killed let's learn more about this right now and join anthony neal here on the program and advocacy manager at the norwegian refugee council anthony good to see you today you heard me talking about the numbers just now allegedly four thousand
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civilians killed in twenty eighteen the deadliest year in a decade which first of foremost what is the humanitarian situation in afghanistan what people need the most. well least when insurance situation is critical and a large part of that is caused by this conflict what we're seeing on the ground is really is a backward trend where all parties look they're increasingly neglecting civilian lives in pursuit of military objectives have the opportunity recent meet to visit bear is gone which is a conference where you know he is one of the only organizations able to operate through the communities who are displaced just because of the same and the situation for them it was very clear how desperate not situation was. it was very clear because they what they really needed was food they need they need education for their children and these as much as peace what they came to us to tell us what they need are so education and jobs and peace to some of the things that people in
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afghanistan need most as you say and what how can civilians be protected from the violent areas or the violence that potentially surrounds them. thank you for bringing that up because we'd like to emphasize that firstly this is a responsibility of all of those engaged in the conflict to protect civilians under international law all actors in any conflict have to take concrete steps to prevent mitigate against civilian on now is n.r.c. we work through communities to help them plan for and to help them better respond in case of emergency happens so in case there is fighting in that believes they are prepared that they can be can we all be can employ their own safety mechanisms we want to emphasize to all parties of the conflict that protection of civilians has to stop with that. and to me when it comes to the issue or of refugees when we've seen what's happened in every rock in recent years syria libya we've seen many many
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refugees flooding into parts of southern europe and heading northwards. is it possible if this violence continues as you say is the most violent year in a decade in afghanistan could we see a civilian exodus of refugees trying to flee afghanistan. well what was definitely i'm seeing on the ground is increased number of people fleeing their homes over the last three years almost two million people have been forced from their homes as a result of the conflict in fact five thousand people just in the last two months to being forced from their homes we're not yet seeing these people leaving the country we're seeing a bay much people being displaced internally and if i tell you i met one such family who is five am on my recent trip to kind of he had to flee his home because it was bombed during an ashtray and as a result he can no longer walk and he has no home to return to the also might not be an exodus out of the country this situation in afghanistan remains critical
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which is why we need more not less than gauge men from the international community to respond to those people's needs and you talk about the need for more engagement from the international community we understand more taliban u.s. peace talks are about to start how optimistic are you they'll advance the peace process. humanitarian organization only engaged. obviously welcome and any attempt might possibly. be optimistic. almost worst i think that right now is critical if we don't. that in reality is going to take some time to get what we need to focus on always is the here and now always be in the lives of every day because until peace is achieved. to give you an example we talk
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a lot about education and education in the peace process as a result of the fighting that's going on right now one thousand schools. that's five hundred thousand children who are out of school as a direct result of the fighting that's going on and this is kind of where we as a humanitarian agency believe the focus needs to be mean. just before i leave you have got one more question before we run out of time here an international as we are saying here the new u.n. report twenty eighteen the deadliest year in a decade for civilians in afghanistan roughly four thousand civilians killed your joining us from kabul you've been spending some time in afghanistan you work for the norwegian refugee council you are in effect a civilian in that area do you feel safe there. i think that we have seen an increase in the. attacks on the humanitarian aid workers. at least. have been directed at humanitarian personnel all their offices all
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hospitals education. is important as much as we and the. protection of civilians also includes those who are. assistance it is just as important that we maintain that the rights of civilians. i mean safety is protected by all parties in the conflict so while there are gays in the right knowing how it's certainly and there's snow on the ground it feels safe and we do need to make sure that it's emphasized to all parties and to the meal of the no matter what you tell us what you're going to fly from kabul thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the monday program here on r.t. international we are back with more. with make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes can protect themselves. in the final larry go round be the one. making all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is really. good see for just our good friends. knowing it's it's it's going good.


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