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sixteen level months honestly did you know me. was. it. seemed a. little . it did that last couple of but. their love of the. us i believe it made this a little bit. one minute last ace of base
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that. on our side they know that they were there. by seven or less they may have me for an hour and. the business owner knows that jeff spent time with isis but his friends and acquaintances do it he keeps his post hidden from them. but in the. place where the. they. do that. during the.
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battles on. the from internet bustle on and the sulu islands. its goal is to establish an independent muslim caliphate in the philippines. it's move that they use large numbers of children in combat as human shields suicide bombers and as donors to treat wounded adult fighters.
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after almost twenty four hours at sea on route to visit the marines just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them transferred from one naval ship to another and the voyage continues. this is up dollars home village it was his uncle who sold him to isis that's him. the uncle didn't just sell his nephew but his son too. and during thing. we didn't. he says that men in black came and asked for his children they promised to teach them our robotic he claims he had no
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idea it was a trip. with my view than for. the op idea of and or about a little. not for three to five. years up i'm going to go in. and. see. me. in my last month. or maybe. that's money. my. means then they end.
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four hundred million young and my. mom not by name. i know but. all i don't know like i. mean son went into nato. having to. send this said into. his he never saw his cousin at the isis camp and hadn't heard anything of come here about where he was all what he was doing good and he's been. left for you know good i don't know no movie but i need. to fit in you know me say so. and if.
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you know i'm going to. be. going to new to learn. me didn't. you have a good. job to get our mission or. a ready i'm ready to the. stories. are our no i mean certainly i mean mine too but not by need doing science i grew the open world human in doing. so or.
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the. proper problem. thanks. i i. i. i. i i. age thirteen princess has already learned what the trail is the father didn't. he betrayed her by joining us
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this means that. a class in the ass and. i say that i've been a now. is that name pop up on and. as i've been. up all by the agony of it now. this is only one way. they can. tell. the one. that's. why. i didn't tell you is this. my husband joined only sis because of poverty says princess his mother we're a poor family. ok i believe it was years ago i was there i thought he'd be down.
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there something i will. soon make the one that was up when i went down with that. he said they said that on. the airport everything the. president is going to give them up and about it said by the by and but i'm good now go when anybody. no not then if he does i. never minded need. no no no no. i mean you should have cited no because i didn't go.
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by the let me begin i want to be able to. the local muslim i already knew in a sale good. job in well most. in. the long before this needs well i just sat in. and. demanded those cases form and. on may the twenty third twenty seventeen geologists captured moto we city in the center of mindanao island. militants smashed their way into the police station and helped themselves to weapons and ammunition. the beheaded the police chief and shot all the other police officers. because government forces were unprepared for the
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attack the battle for all we. the terrorists continued until mid october. everyone in this story forward on the side of isis princess his father. who was an. as well as thirteen year old and ten year old girl here. claims that he put in a bill to escape before the battle began. in the are we see renay here that. i. think or. one told. me father joined their. loved ones i can't believe it. says now that the industry has it as someone. who says no sooner you say it's not that doesn't see them say my fellow i never. knew what i might have been
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a lesson for know not to go up on. the other side as you princes. over the last stand and i know there's no. substance. to. it all. you know we're number one to go in you know. we all flow number one.
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for dick cheney. i mean. for most. people are you selling crack rock or you've got a wicked jumpshot in order to excuse the hood. like a lot among other one. of them so this is somebody that is at the rules for. a thing the numbers mean something they've matter us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime happened today. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be old rich eight point six percent world market rose
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percent somewhat one hundred five hundred three first second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business you know bored in this one and only room but. the trump in ministrations attempts to impose regime change in venezuela appear to be faltering the self-proclaimed interim president won by dope hasn't gain much traction this may explain the administration's escalating rhetoric after all we're told a military option is still on the table. hello
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. found. the law. may fire there will come. and so that we can my family will be again. the naval vessel has reached the sulu islands an area that's off limits for tourists. taken ashore.
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eleven. look. at this. just father says he fought for three days and we before he escaped the army captured him but because he's a minor he was soon released now he's alone and on wanted has no money no home and no family his only relative in the city years an aunt who lives in the refugee camp. this.
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event. will be rainy and. yeah. maybe. some of. that money must go to the moment. and that's a. good refill enough to make him a. little and a diplomat that will last i.
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am thinking about what. happened. before the law. said that for a number. of years for. the figure. they may look like this but the usability landscapes are misleading the sulu island service. terrorists. that's where the philippines marine corps choose to hold
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a special youth tournament football for peace it's also where his journey will end . more than a thousand children will take part in the competition coming from all the nearby islands and villages. as they called here. military personnel here say the place is geographically isolated and depressing. we are the only government agencies that can go to places that others can go for me i will say a group of their reschooling. especially given the big names i believe growth here. you can influence these children and then surely. we. are sound. like. bill.
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and you know much better. able to. get we. were given. to the boards and. i know what my. little i know did you know. i know one. one of. them won't live up. to the little one. nor ever played football before.
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just concedes the gold after the very first shot he takes off his gloves and leaves the pitch with a close behind they refuse to play anymore and become spectators instead. even though it's behind an official's table. i hope. i don't but. so must the united but. it's a load of life. where i'm. not a. good
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bloke that among the. simple. and. less than nothing on. it is a natural gas and exhausting i mean something i don't know. but they do definitely have the potential to make. everyone deserves a second chance. so today. for the first time former isis members just. have simple boyish smile. on the face was.
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a little girl w. your the value of a which has nothing to do with us. simply not out of all. there's a value for the know you know your investment no matter how badly you put out but i'm not worried look at what my problems are all the while. you're at least it's i mean yeah i know he thought i was i know him by that's the only thoughtful eulogy not mean and say oh now i see just by that you know that i mean no matter must. i. am i just i mean you don't need to buy me. a. you know what i'm not having it coming out yeah.
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i should be much oh yeah. i should not get that why not boy while you were in a full. look i know. you know. it's easy to let you. get out of whack with. the next issue see semi or not she's. some survived in the father did manage to bring him home but ten year old girl who had died two months later that wasn't about to look at that killed him but his memories of it. will matter and never believed him not then years or. fifty never will meet his.
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the group. once said that we're the best of. them i mean the no. one this year. but i would never let myself. but i'm not. allowed now. that i may never have any. but i know not where brown wendy nash and i will say that you know. i'm not. the parents visit their son's grave. house and come to the cemetery perhaps he feels going mad too just like his ten year old cousin here.
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i will simply have to buy that if i meet a man yeah he thought he. knew but that he would not go by and he would have. the store with my paladin. if. i was. not for. it i know. nothing. but him. cough is getting worse and off to the football
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match he's taken to a doctor. you know no more than a minute and not a minute. not to my son. and. the football tournament comes to a close with the opening of a memorial to all the marines who fell in battle. the gunfire almost makes just out of process.
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well that's not a. tough one to heal from the novel killing the little girl and i have a lot going on my mind. going on. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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next kind of financial survival guide today was all about money laundering first visit this cash in the three different. oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands and it will pull these banks are complicit in their kleptocracy we just have to give him a call and say ok i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got all got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be a close watch guys of course. pakistan
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says to. have disputed kashmir capturing two pilots the. rivals violence and escalates. will make because the real donald trump is disgraceful manoir michael cohen who has admitted to lying to congress before and is now testifying to lawmakers about sex with claims ranging from trumping of racist to financial deeds. but it's not an arrest that the world's teacher.


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