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like a law in most other one. of these so this is somebody. at the rules for. pakistan says it has shot down two indian air force jets over disputed kashmir two pilots as the nuclear armed rivals of violence escalates. claim that with the leaks founder julian assange met with trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor could take a new turn as our response to a freedom of information act request is sent to london police. and the issue of
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wiki leaks is also raised in the u.s. congress of disgraced former lawyer michael cohen tells lawmakers the president was aware of plans to leak hillary clinton's e-mails. trump knew from roger stone. about the wiki leaks. it was definitely july i believe so yes mr sawyer reported to the media on june twelfth that e-mails would be leaked so i'm not saying you have fake news of old news. and nine arrests are made at the world championships including five elite athletes in a joint operation against what police say is a global doping network. broadcasting live direct from our studios moscow this is our international thomas certainly glad to have you with us. and there has been a dramatic rescue. tensions between india and pakistan india is demanding the
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return of a fighter pilot arrested by pakistan accusing it of violating the geneva convention by harming him pakistan earlier released a video of the pilot with blood and bruises on his face the pilot was captured after pakistan shot down an indian war plane this video which we here at r.t. cannot independently verify is said to show a downed indian mig twenty one fighter jet artist on claims it shot down two aircraft in its airspace over kashmir and that it arrested two pilots india says it is one plane and a single pilot pakistan later closed its airspace. outlines the discrepancy between the two sides quote. what we have absolutely so we're seeing now is the culmination of tensions that have been building with more regularity in recent years and essentially things have now come to a head to the importance and consequence of how things play out from here is very significant not just because these are two very powerful countries but because they
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are nuclear armed enemy is so if this does continue to spiral downwards this doesn't just impact the region this could have an effect on the whole world pakistan is claiming claiming to have shot down two indian air force jets and captured two pilots and says that it's jets have launched air strikes in the indian territory a move that they claimed was in self-defense pakistan is a responsible country and we don't want to endanger lives of masses we have yet retaliated to india all being done is just what irresponsible country does for its defense our message is peace and not the war now india however claims that these those pakistani jets had been pushed back. because it was addicted and therefore this border isn't. well. but. in this is.
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what. is missing in action. because. he is in custody this comes just one day off to india claims that hit a militant training camp and killed a very large number of fighters from the militant group jayashri mohammad which took responsibility for that suicide bombing earlier this month which killed forty indian troops now in a bizarre twist pakistan rejected india's claim saying that indian fighters were confronted before they conducted those strikes on the training camp and actually just dropped four or five bombs in an empty field and then fled back across the border so what's making this situation all the more hard to follow is how the two sides have these conflicting media campaigns both sides are pushing their own narrative and so a single source of contradictory information online and in the news but at the core of it what is very clear is what we're seeing is the first of the first the aerial
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attacks across that line of control across that delicate kashmir border since the two countries were at war and nine hundred seventy one now speaking in the past hour the pakistani prime minister imran khan has called for a responsible approach he said noting how both of them are nuclear powers they really couldn't afford a miscalculation and are so are you would say i want to ask a question of the indian government that considering the nature of the weapons that both of us have this can we afford any miscalculation should we not think of this moment that if the situation escalates then where will it go it will not be in my control or narendra modi's control i will again tell you that essential prevail now and we should resolve our issues by sitting together and through talks. spike's intentions i have kashmir they have been up and down over the years and a fresh wave of violence really took hold in the summer of twenty sixteen but
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caution has always been contested territory even before india and pakistan won their independence from britain and nine hundred forty seven. there is now a multinational appeal for both sides to show restraint and conduct talks we have been getting reaction from experts on both sides here's what some of what they had said. i'm from the pakistan air false but i would like to see peace in the region
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because both india and pakistan are nuclear weapons equipped and if we do not one of those two escalate to have mutually assured destruction because that is what will happen it will not remain a forthright action it wouldn't definitely escalate into a full scale of all it would be norms barred but you see india took an action yesterday and going to action today in retaliation and. i'm hoping that we let it go our back and have you sit down and talk to each other and if india has actionable intelligence ah prime minister has a cure even big different action i don't know where there will be no response from india because there was a response and this is like a counter-response which is part of the pakistani going to see that if there is an attack on their three d. it will have to respond and since to order a nuclear powers country and leaders know this to exert
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a very high and we just can't afford a full fledged gone truly so the hope is that change sort of not spin out of control and the science was sort of kind of dead loss of to say and decided. let's destructor i mean look forward to some other means of doing the war my own the means maybe to reduce them and you could create economic and on because. there are no winners and the military and i don't know who are as we have seen so far. r t has received a response to a freedom of information act request we sent to london police the request was made following a guardian newspaper article published back in november it broke the uncorroborated story that wiki leaks founder julian assange she had met with former campaign chairman paul metaphor it is on us to see if you're going to as more. sources anonymous sources say well police sources say ones. source multiple sources and on
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and on and on goes the merry go round the game of he said he said a staple of journalism and politics alike these days when so often so much is that state across the atlantic action in congress is stealing the show or their trump's former attorney michael cohen claims the us president was aware that we cue leaks would be dumping the infamous clinton e-mails that hillary claimed played a part in her not being elected among the bunch of other allegations to trump knew from roger stone in advance about the wiki leaks drop of emails mr trump mr stone on the speaker phone and stone told mr trump that he had just gotten off the phone with julian a song and that mr songe told mr stone that within a couple of days there would be a massive dump of e-mails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign mr trump responded by stating to the effect would that be great was that in you said
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late july and you know the exact day. i believe it was either the eighteenth of the nineteenth and i would guess that it would be on the nineteenth but it was definitely july i believe so yes you know that was public knowledge in june this was mr assad like to submit this you know with this for the record without objection so mr science reported to the media and june twelfth that those emails would be leaked. we have a mouse and i had hillary clinton which. painted a publication that is correct so i'm not saying you have fake news have old news one of the pieces of this puzzle is a week you leave and it's rolling from president they've found a jew in the sunshine here in london. centuries job at their could do in member states who did or didn't visit him in the time leading up to the major week from what the guardian reported in november that trumps then campaign manager paul man
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a fourth had been at the embassy in twenty sixteen months before the emails were released something both man a fort and we can leaks deny the paper reported that man of ford's visit was not logged as would usually be normal protocol but let's not forget that london's metropolitan police had kept a watchful eye on the embassy twenty four seven from twenty twelve until twenty fifteen when nonstop surveillance ended but a so-called covert plan was bolstered it is no longer proportionate to commit officers to a permanent presence the m.p.'s will not discuss what form its continuing operation will take all the resulting implications surrounding it are to be filed a freedom of information request with the metropolitan police service to find out more since the confirmation of any controversial visits from the police would provide at least some certainty something that washington too had requested details on. it's no secret that you have been conducting surveillance of the equador an
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embassy in london since july in the sunshine and treated back in june two thousand and twelve can you please provide any documents relating to pull men affords entering or departing from the ecuadorian embassy since two thousand and twelve until the present and this is what we heard back to confirm or deny whether the m.p.'s holds any documents in relation to pull manifold entering or departing from the ecuadorian embassy would cause operational harm to the m.p.'s and affect our ability to fulfill our call function of law enforcement a yes or no from the police on what did or didn't happen would have potentially turned into certainty but until all of it is on the table all that's left is to pick and choose whose claims can be trusted more and if they are. as i mentioned to donald trump's a disgraced former lawyer testified on wednesday before congress about his ex boss and he did not hold back michael cohen called the u.s.
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president a racist a cheat and a conman calling was a trump confidant for more than a decade after his moment in the spotlight he will begin a three year prison sentence in the spring for tax and bank fraud as well as lying to congress because accusations against the president did not go down well with republican members of the committee who aggressively challenge his credibility today i am here to tell the truth about mr trump he is a racist he is a con man. and he's a cheat mr trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it and i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump ladies and gentleman how on earth is this witness credible he's a fake witness his presence here is a travesty and you have
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a history of lying over and over and over again he said we were in search of the truth i don't believe that michael coleman is capable of telling the truth he lied to congress through false statements in written statements he lied to congress through his testimony even amplified his false statements by releasing him repeating his lies to the public as we call it in the united states when election season comes near we call it the silly season and in the silly season silly things happen this is a little early with something that you'd see in the silly season fred cohen is willing to use the word racist and a criminal one liar and anyone who's willing to speak in that absolute in that strongest terms in washington will always have an audience on one side or the other there was just an angry man who wanted to be chief of staff who didn't get to be chief of staff who was furious he couldn't make a ton of money off the trump name after trump was elected president has decided after all that he needs to get even in a vicious new york stupid sort of way and so he's going to come to congress and lie
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some more he's been disbarred for lying that the state of new york despite of the polled his law license because he's a liar a man who took their promise who took that oath and then took another oath in front of congress and has lied constantly can't be trusted ever to tell the truth even if he is telling the truth it will require cooperation substantiation and some backup and none of that was provided today. in landmark summit is underway between the us president and the north korean leader in the vietnamese capital the two men met briefly in front of cameras before retiring for a private dinner. with close advisors both trump and kim appeared optimistic about the talks their body language says a lot. donald
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trump does is put his other hand on top that he is dominant so he is asserting his dominance we see it when he's sitting down and he puts his hand in a downward steeple position that again is dominance it's that confidence but he's trying to put it back and from what i'm seeing though he is feeling dominant and naturally trying to dominate him so look he's also trying not to do it he's trying to make him comfortable i suspect it's a head of the main set of talks that are going to take place tomorrow several arrests have been made in the anti-doping raids at the nordic world ski
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championships more on that after a short break this is our international. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the trump in ministrations attempts to impose regime change in venezuela appear to be faltering proclaimed interim president. hasn't gain much traction this me explain the administration's escalating rhetoric after all we're told a military option is still on the table. the would for to return to the unrestrained nuclear competition of the cold war.
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was the plea made by the u.n. secretary general earlier this week with the u.s. pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty and russia rolling out new nuclear weaponry should we be more worried about the weapons themselves or the people who have the codes. welcome back this is r t international nine people have been arrested in a joint austrian german operation against a doping it network at the nordic world ski championships here is our european correspondent. on wednesday police carried out raids on sixteen addresses across germany and austria resulting in nine arrests linked to a blood doping scandal in the sport of nordic in cross-country skiing and what we
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understand is that five elite athletes are among those that have been arrested we know that two of those are austrians two of those are a stone ians and one is from kazakstan we also understand that two others being named as cadets in the austrian police force who were also members of australia's national nordic nordic skiing team well the arrests may well be in connection to revelations about blood doping in the sport that were made by this dirt the thirty one year old made his claims in a documentary aired here in germany back in january of this year he admitted to using e.p.o. in carrying out blood doping in fact when he was talking about the sport of nordic skiing he said it does not work without doping that's a direct quote from him but the austrian police say that these arrests are part of a long time and wide ranging investigation. based criminal group is strongly
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suspected of having carried out blood doping on elite athletes for years to increase their performance in national and international competitions and thereby to gain illegal income one of the athletes arrested in austria was well pretty much caught red handed according to the authorities your work record an athlete in action who was undergone a blood transfusion in his arm when the police arrived of the arrests that were made in germany one was a forty year old man described as a sports doctor by the austrian authorities have been far more forthcoming with information than their german counterparts the austrian saying that's well this doping scandal that they believe they've been covered it could well extend beyond. nordic in cross country skiing and may well extend to other sports as well the world anti-doping agency wada say they're paying keen attention to the news coming out of austria and germany and say that they're cooperating with the police now the
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reaction that we've heard from this well as you can imagine it's been coming in loud and clear how do you think the federal broadcasters are reacting now it was russia that iridium city f was continuously discredited by in terms of doping well or for as the linchpin of doping is already in the studio have they finally learned that doping is not only part of cycling still i would like to see equal limits our rules him on all sports doping is rampant in sports but our biased media is still obsessed with a cold war see that it's only russian athletes as they've been forced to never start in the program if you will about doping in cycling. media and sports consultant alice cashmore believes this case should be considered a wake up call. most of the standards well cost sports are supported by dope of one kind or another i think would be playing that game for the past two or
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three years a blame game that has been pointing the finger at russia and saying that this is the source of all evils when it comes to doping in sport it all starts in russia and it ends in russia no else in the world is really involved on the kind of scale the russians been involved and now we have new evidence that hate going on it it's not just in russia this is happening elsewhere in europe and probably beyond europe the truth is that it's going on everywhere and i don't think anybody's going to start accusations that austria or germany are a boat in state sponsored doping but we could say that the something rather more sinister force here because if there are these so-called international global criminal gangs who are at work then they could be supplying potentially anybody in the world illegally knowing some contras the kind of dope that's use habitually by athletes is not illegal what is illegal is to deal in and maybe that's what they're
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going to pin on this particular gang. m.p.'s in the british parliament have voted on a number of amendments in the prolonged fight over the future of bragg's or two out of five amendments were passed as a result of the vote a delay to britain's exit seems possible now if may's a deal for leaving the e.u. gets rejected again on march twelfth tempers flared and parliament throughout the debate here is a taste. parliament will not be bullied into a full choice of accepting her very bad deal or no deal at all it was an extension to article fifty or second referendum that doesn't actually solve the problem doesn't deal with the issue the issue is very simple do we want to leave with the deal or without a deal the prospects of the prime minister being able to achieve the necessary changes have been. done turned a good shooting position has been we couldn't i mean that's the reality of the
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situation i'm can we have an assurance in terms of any possible extension this is the bank of england for cost growth for this year will be the slowest over a decade does the prime minister blame her shambolic handling of bricks it or. policies for this down would you feel you know mighty u. turn on her breakfast it starts and what it all means essentially is that theresa may has effectively changed her position from it's my deal or no till two it's my deal or a delay so she's given m.p.'s a vote not only on her deal but also what happens next now is her deal fails to get past parliament on march the twelfth or potentially even before that date and peace will then be off for two separate votes the first. set on march the fifteenth which could remove the immediate threat of crashing out of the block without a deal and then on the very next day with a vote on a short extension of article fifty which would delay britain's departure on beyond
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march the twenty ninth now the prime minister has categorically said that she doesn't want to see an extension but it seems like he's made being dragged into this position by her cabinet ministers who are threatening resignations if indeed she wouldn't take a no just off the table now effectively putting that to a vote almost does do that but crucially one thing that hasn't been clarified is what happens if both delaying breck's it and a no deal is voted down by m.p.'s in parliament. grill them david blunt lecture in international relations at city university of london thinks maison briggs plan is headed for the rocks. to come clean tonight is that we're not going to be leaving the european union on march twenty ninth we're going to have an extension but the prime minister is looking down the road it's going to be a brief extension will be back here in june and will be theresa may feel unmodified except for some minor cosmetic changes versus no deal i don't think the easy going
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to give her concessions now there's nothing substantial the europeans have said they're not interested in reopening the backstop no reason to open the backstop again they might get some light assurances in the future relationship but i'll be the extent of it playing for time nothing will change and this is her entire point they'll give us one extension maybe but at the end of that ninety days she can't go back and say well can we have another extension for me to do nothing for the opposition to do nothing the europeans will say no and which case theresa may will have won the game which is basically get the choices to to either no deal or her deal all right i'll be back of top you know with more news you're watching our two international stay with us. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the book different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from
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fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge in the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you think i was going to do. by the way what is it that flying here. warren buffett you know these doing the stock buybacks which is you know used to be illegal until recently that's completely fraudulent and yes no governor. oversight whatsoever you know he's a walking one of the biggest are the biggest shareholder of wells fargo for example during that period when they were engaged in serial criminality when they were engaged in absolute fraud and he's a party to that so he's a guy who given unlimited credit at zero percent and is exempt from the rule of law
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still can't seem to make money for his shareholders what's his name that. we keep him where did you work before you came here when you live well. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up their rights as live among us some even proven. true and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize this is not working and we actually do something about.
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ratings and sell you take issue. with musician r. kelly new england patriots owner robert kraft and billionaire jeffrey epstein all making headlines recently over their misadventures involving sex trafficking and law enforcement we hear and watching the hawks found another story buried in the headlines there is just a shocking but lacks the star power push at the top of your new species it's a little known reports surfacing in hawaii that is the foot in the doorway of a much bigger less talked about problem in the horrific and tragic world of sex trafficking reporters titled sex trafficking and why the stories of survivors and the details and it features details testimony from. many of hawaii's victims of this heinous industry including and rather disturbingly finding out that law enforcement officials throughout the criminal justice system have not been effective in addressing the crimes of sex trafficking and have been complicit in allowing and participating in sex trafficking one anonymous victim interviewed for
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the report actually stated quote the same people that are charging you for prostitution are the people turning around and buying it from you. and tragically my friends this isn't just a problem isolated to the beautiful islands of hawaii no no no no no no in fact it's only recently in the last few years that states like hawaii alaska and michigan saw legislation come down the pipe that actually outlaws police from an gaging in sex acts with victims of trafficking during the course of their investigation because apparently our fine friends in blue needed a law to tell them that sleeping with victims you should be saving was a bad thing but i guess when according to the a.c.l.u. more than half of the states in the united states of america allow police to use consent as a defense when charged with raping a person they had in custody is that really such a surprise now let's.


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