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sixteen months on i said did you know you love me. so. it. seemed a. little . it did that mass not for nothing but. the love of. a man.
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kind of leave me at madison a little bit. now till it's time i'm. a man last ace of base. on my side a mother though now up to date the date on. my seventh or unless they move in on me when out on. the business. spend time with isis but his friends and acquaintances don't he keeps his post hidden from them. but in the. new place and we have been. i do that first of all i don't. care. you know.
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during a. lot of. the filipino subdivision of isis calls itself the abu sayyaf group and is based around mindanao us alone and the sulu islands. its goal is to establish an independent muslim caliphate in the philippines. which know that they use large numbers of children in combat as human shields suicide bombers and as donors to treat wounded adult fighters.
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after almost twenty four hours at sea on route to visit the marines. still don't know what's waiting for them transferred from one naval ship to another and the voyage continues. this is of dollars home village it was his uncle who sold him to isis that's him. the uncle didn't just sell his nephew. but his son to another. number.
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thing. we didn't know. he says that men in black came and asked for his children they promised to teach them arabic he claims he had no idea it was a trip. that the op an idea of and or about the little. graces you're. all for in the five. years up i'm going go. and. see. me. to nick.
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may be a. big . money. my. means and they end the. war means and four hundred million. in. monaco name. i know but. while now. when son went into nato. having to. send was seared into. this.
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as he never saw his cousin at the isis camp and hadn't heard anything of come here about where he was old what he was doing and. my life could i don't i will i don't know no money for i need. finding i mean. and if. you know i'm. going to do you do over and. over not by means but. by by my view i made in. iraq a good. job to get our mission or. a
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ready i'm ready to meet my novel. no i mean certainly i mean mine to button up on india and i wouldn't want to build a more human in doing. so or. a looser or. idea if i don't know your team of. only. mean one. who. you be. going to my family. my friends. for a problem of you remember. thank. you. i
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i. i. i i i. i. i i. aged thirteen princess has already learned what the trailers the father didn't sell her he betrayed her by joining us this means that by my thought i was i know my last seen as a new pup by me and i see it as i've been a now. peter said no. as a. musician up all by they're going to. do this to me while i wait. till. the end. of this we see. why.
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the night of the detail because it's. my husband joined only sis because of poverty says princess his mother we're a poor family. i believe it was years ago most of those give me that. this is something i will. so might know about that was that i would have went enough with that respects i'm not going. to be important enough. to give them up my mother and about a son but as if and but i'm good now go when anybody. no not then she does i can you can assume that. there never mind being need now.
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no no no no oh. no it would mean you should i decided no i don't want to be dissolved i didn't. know about the love but we did not buy the lumber i begin i want to get it to be able to. the most i mean already in this. job. well most. of. the long. for this needs well i just. know. to run
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a dos. command. on may twenty third twenty seventeen geologists captured the city in the center of mindanao island. militants smashed their way into the police station and helped themselves to weapons and ammunition. they beheaded the police chief and shot all the other police officers. because government forces were unprepared for the attack the battle for against the terrorists continued until mid october. everyone in this story fought on the side of isis princess his father. who was a most are. those well those thirteen year old and ten year old. to escape before the battle began. in their four hour we see here that. day. or.
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that they're enjoying their. loved ones i can't believe it. so now that the industry. says names to name say it's not that doesn't seem to. know nothing. that the last seven years and nothing. seems. to.
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tell. you no world of big partisan logs and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in. the world conduct forward to return to the unrestrained competition of the cold war was the plea made by the u.n. secretary general earlier this week with the u.s.
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pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty and russia rolling out new nuclear weaponry should we be more worried about the weapons themselves or the people who have the codes. countries gone into a nihilistic theme. that they can. get out to travelling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius of this place especially american hero this is it we've only. point around much on what has gone so that we always are on the margins something while this call donald call for his million forty million arabs. we're starting last with is we're going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beach i think i want to leave now govern anymore of the earth we may be completely
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different by the end of this journey. for. hello. found. the law. that either. my father will come. and so that we can my family will be again. the naval vessel has reached the sulu islands an area that's off limits for tourists. but taken ashore.
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eleven. she's. just father says he fought for three days in malawi before. the army captured him but because he's a minor he was soon released now he's alone and on wanted has no money no home
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and no family his only relative in the city years an aunt who lives in the refugee camp. this. event. will be rainy and. maybe. some of. that monument of the moment. that's a. good refill enough to make him a. little and a diplomat that will matter.
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but that was how i am thinking about what. happened i have. said that for a number. of years for. the forgive them for.
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they may look like this but these are deliberate landscapes are misleading the solo album service. terrorists. that's where the philippines marine corps choose to hold a special youth tournament football for peace it's also where his journey will end . more than a thousand children will take part in the competition coming from all the nearby islands and villages. as they're called here. military personnel here say the place is geographically isolated and depressing. so we are the only government agencies that can go to places that there's got to go for me i will say i move there reschooling.
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especially given the big names i believe grow up here. you can influence these children then surely. we. are there we see. how to handle the water. and you know the money. going to. be able to. get we. were given. to the boards and. i want my. little no no no no no no no find. whatever. you. want to i love. the little one. nor
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ever played football before. just concedes the gold after the very first shot he takes off his gloves and leaves the pitch with a close behind they refuse to play anymore and become spectators instead. even though it's behind an official's table. i have a couple. i don't buy. so much but united but. it's a load of i. really need. where i'm going to.
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get both that money. and in my. personal finance i'm. this is a natural gas and they're exhausted and something i don't know. but they do definitely have the potential to make. everyone deserves a second chance. sunday. for
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the first time forma isis members just. have simple boyish smile. it was on their faces. i. don't know their o.w.d. or the without by your they watch that your that's sad. this is the ice and ice he's. simply not out of all. this by looking for the no right way you know your investment no matter how badly he got out of it i'm not worried nothing to worry about things like that all the while. you know. it's i mean yeah i know he thought i mean i know him by that feels awful huge and i mean and say oh now i see spike that night and i mean i'm out of must. i just i mean i need to buy
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me. a. you know no one you know what a mess i've been coming out of yeah. i surely must say i. get that why. you want to feel. like i know. you know. that says what do. you. see so now you're not teaching. some survived and the father did manage to bring him home but ten year old could he have died two months later it wasn't a battle of merapi that killed him but his memories of it. in the. format
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and the legion not then years or. fifteen means he's. the birth of. one such a little bit for the first. time i mean the not. quite young and not one this year. but i wouldn't necessarily need. but i'm one that told me a lot now that boggle. but i mean that is a neat. little weapon when the national policy but i've never gone. down. but i'm faculty.


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