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can you see. an. old ring the state oil companies. moved. by russia over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country. it is very clear was going on seeking to arm terrorist groups in order to destabilize undermine or create tensions and situations that might trigger the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference. in
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indian pilot captured by pakistan has been handed over to his home country in what the pakistani prime minister called a gesture of peace to the escalating tension of recent weeks. germany's ruling coalition over whether to restart arms sales to saudi arabia. and i welcome saudi international live from moscow. thanks for joining us this hour . the president of crisis stricken venezuela has ordered european headquarters of the country's state oil company to relocate to moscow the concern is over securing national assets soft a key figures in europe sided with the united states in backing self-proclaimed interim leader. who they want to run the major oil exporter at a news briefing with the russian foreign minister the venezuelan vice president
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said their country doesn't trust u.s. allies in europe. the relocation of. the from europe i'll see that it's been a part of our plans in terms of deepening relations with russian companies like gross and gas prom europe has not given us enough for sure and says that he will respect our assets look at the bank of england which is we holding venezuelan gold there has been an armed robbery. and we want to ensure our relationship with russia . as well as the largest oil reserves in the world u.s. sanctions have blocked seven billion dollars worth of the state owned companies assets russia says it shares venezuela's concerns over u.s. led attempts to destabilize the country is ortiz with more. friday's visit as well as vice president to moscow has become yet another one in a series of meetings between high ranking officials from russia and this like an
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american country here in the russian capital meetings to show solidarity and ensure support of course russia is among the countries totally and fully back in venezuela defending its sovereignty and protecting its future and maids as foreign minister lavrov has said today cynical complain aimed at overthrowing legitimate authorities of venezuela using open threats including one of a military intervention. knowing the approach of the current us administration i wouldn't be surprised if it takes action that violates any reasonable standards of international law especially when the u.s. special envoy in venezuela at the u.n. elliot abrams makes no secret that his functions don't include looking for a peaceful settlement he only creates tensions and situations that might trigger as the u.s. wants an explosion and bloodbath in venezuela to justify military interference needless to say a lot has been said about the possibility of military intervention of course that's
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as passionately after america's president trumps claiming that all the options are on the table meaning including military operation armed operation in venice is well worth it when i'm on your ticket there is a concerted effort there is seeking to justify an international intervention in venezuela being headed by due west and their regime change doctrine this is nothing new we've seen these tactics in syria and other countries the person in charge of action against venice well is known for their subversive activities and attacked in foreign states and that's mr abrams it is very clear was going on u.s. is seeking to arm terrorist groups and rebels in order to destabilize in undermine our peace. which it's no coincidence that we heard venezuela is not. the only goal cuba knicker argue are on the horizon and if the u.s. doesn't like someone else tomorrow if they say the election results in any country don't meet democratic standards and answering r.t.
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question that as well as vice president of the biggest has added also that she believes venezuela will not become second syria because the people of venezuela and the country's army are as united as never before in fighting for their future and peace of the un security council was convened on thursday to discuss the crisis in venezuela russia and the u.s. proposed draw for solutions both of them were rejected. by voting against this resolution some members of this council continue to shield woodrow and his cronies and prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people the time for a peaceful transition to democracy is now they're going to use them with this vine and we have reached the culmination of the american workers treated double standards show over venezuela washington and london have both again robbed an entire nation of billions of dollars in the same time or pushing them to accept
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a pittance due to regime change as they say you first of all create great humanitarian problems and then you call upon the whole world to solve them we look forward to genuinely free and fair elections and to a government that reflects the will and aspirations of the venezuelan people girl so you have today's vote is an excellent example of where the veto rule is necessary for protecting the peace and people's right to determine their future both the russian and the u.s. resolutions didn't pass the voting in the un security council the russian one got less votes in favor that against four in favor and seven against the us draft was vetoed by russia and china the russian ambassador said that if the u.s. resolution had passed it would be the first case in history that the united nations security council deposit a legitimate leader and imposed another one to a sovereign country the venezuelan representative spoke as well calling to stop interfering into the matters of his country the power to this will has to do with
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having a swell on slaughtering at the end of an assault on people they behave like colonial east they are planning a clandestine operation against a sort of right out of the same kind of took it about what he thought in their force at the same time they are just feeding out of money you see something outrageous indeed so the diplomatic community in the crossroads again the u.n. as save members who spoke after the voting called it to all of their colleagues to put their differences aside to resolve the venezuelan crisis reporting in new york treated each other as r.t. . former un human rights committee secretary alford desirous was the first to visit venezuela thinks the u.s. is waging war on international laws perforations have been already since year in the southern command has had the plans already prepared but the question is what will the.
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international price in prestige be for the united states will the united states take the risk of a flagrant aggression against them as well as well the united states did so in two thousand and three when the coalition of the willing. bombarded iraq the war which. kofi annan on repeated occasions declared to have been an illegal war so the united states if. i would especially with a precedent like trump is capable of doing there is a danger of violence and it should be the function of the united nations to prevent that on the other hand i listened last night to the bait in the security council on venezuela which i consider to be so realistic i mean it is quite clear to me that
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the united states is waging war on international law now that trump does that does not surprise me. meanwhile a new poll suggests that the global approval rating of the u.s. leadership has fallen behind china or russia's position has increased significantly as well and washington's approval rating has dropped to thirty one percent in the gallup survey shriner's has now leapt ahead on thirty four russia's rating has risen notably and is now just one percentage point behind that of the u.s. a leading member of the china u.k. innovation expert group told us he believes the u.s. interventionist politics are to blame for that fall in trust. you ass is already becoming one the more weak because you start to lose so many wars and political war or. trade war so basically people lose lose confidence towards us but as expected china to actually be there weren't and to use
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some of their leadership with us so this way i see. the world to really want to see either actually. to green party if you want you can act was going on for developments i think of. europe balance will be easier china and russia will who has some power of more us you may be next. for lead her yeah so i've seen. good opportunities out there and to be china russia we are probably human more you can point to a rule. in other headlines an indian fighter pilot who was captured by pakistan after his jet was shot down has now been handed over to india military figures supervised the transfer which was also televised live to study prime minister described the pilot's release as
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a peace gesture as tensions between the two countries has escalated in recent weeks that reporting from back to start his local journalist. romney well c.w. that's up to some decided to hand them over to india because of the love to let the people in india and elsewhere in the world know that the pockets on the believe in showing magnanimity at a time when in the admitting causing the bulk of underdog oddballs going to actual cause that risk are the better off that their loves north that restores look which was good doesn't love everybody else seen in the four big dump of the son of the time you have to admit it because germans was in the inside and just short of this can unify to put the whole fiber service in the un decided to hand over the number of mass the signatures and the vibes coming from the uk associates of not so believe was a favor i wish to issue on the nation that we are fully prepared and in
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a heightened studio they didn't do the spawn any from a geisha in my pocket sun could you envision all out war between india and pakistan i hope not. that would be mutual suicide and that is we should mean well this incident all the suicide bombing happened on fourteen february where more than four to forty four indian policemen were killed on the status of kashmir has driven a wedge between india and pakistan now for decades. well
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let's go now to the director of the crisis research institute in oxford in the u.k. thanks for joining us good to have you on the program today obviously a few days of escalating tensions between pakistan and india the pakistani prime minister describing this as a goodwill gesture that return of the pilot will this be enough to to lessen the tensions the happening over the past few days. i don't really think so for two reasons first of all the conflict inside kashmir between the program to study groups who wish to separate from india and the indian army and police has carried on the been casualties today so the underlying cause of tension is the and then secondly this has been a rather humiliating incident for india most people i think would have said
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a week ago that india had a preponderance of heart that if it came to a clash with pakistan the pakistanis would almost certainly come off worse yet what's happened albeit in a couple dogfights is the pakistanis have shot down engine planes and they've captured a pilot and then what compounds the problem for india is that the pilot spoke on pakistani television before he was returned to india and he thanked the pakistanis for their treatment of him but he also criticized the way the indian media had covered this and talked about war history in india so we suddenly saw that during the day the expectation that he would arrive to a hero's welcome when he returned to india and a large crowd of well wishes to see him dissipated and in fact he returned after dark and so this incident is rather embarrassing other problem is that pakistan says imran khan has said that it's showing a peaceful inclination as a gesture of reconciliation but india is in a weak position because it seemed to have lost so far on points and of course there
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is this general election coming up very soon and so the indian prime minister. as a political soul interested not seeming to be weak when after all mr modi has very often been presented as the national strongmen criticizing his rivals in the opposition parties for being weaken soft on pakistan so i mean this latest incident has been a part of a tit for tat series of bombings rates etc across the board of the countries do you expect india to respond in any way given that a very important time politically for roger modi. well it's possible that they will particularly if there is another attack on indian forces which causes serious casualties a problem for the indians now as they will have to ask themselves do though have the power that can penetrate pakistani territory and pakistan controlled kashmir who risk you yourself further claims in loss of her face and of course this is a very dangerous situation because both these countries have nuclear weapons they are right up against each other all over all the bristles with troops and suspicion
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and so if we think back so to the cuban missile crisis in one nine hundred sixty two whatever with tensions between moscow and washington american and soviet soldiers didn't shoot at each other in more recent times in korea huge tension between north korea and the americans but there's been no shooting here we've actually had casualties and so the risk of things spiralling out of control because somebody is trigger happy or somebody makes a miscalculation is really a very serious one and that's why i was trying to russia and america and other countries around the world are very worried because. imran khan said would be carnage and given the huge numbers of people who live within range of these missiles i want to just touch on some of those countries you mentioned briefly because pakistan has said it's ready to have a third party as a mediator in this crisis is also lean towards russia as one of those options as well as you know moscow's host the talks between the afghan government the taliban various groups within the syria conflict do you think a mediator rush or any other country could potentially help to deescalate the
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situation where it's possible for instance that russia and china together might act as mediators because to people. surprise china has actually been wrong supportive of india in terms of the struggle against what you see this terrorism and at the same time china has of course very good relations with pakistan including possibly providing the the modern jet fighter the shutdown the old soviet era made that the indians lost so it's possible that china having links both with pakistan over many years now better relations with india russia will leave us with india over many years but also able to talk to pakistan as you say partly as a mediator over afghanistan which is also the should bubbling around in the background they might be able to help them equally present trump might wish to see if he can. prove that he can be a deal maker and perhaps america could show that it's not simply in war on one side as historically of course it will strong support for pakistan but it is a difficult question because kashmir itself is so important to both sides and so emotional that both sides. all right mark ahmed director of the crisis research
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institute good stuff thanks so much for your take on that story today here at r.t. thank you. afghan forces have repelled a deadly taliban assault on a military base in the south of the country it's been reported locally that twenty attackers including several suicide bombers were killed at least twenty three security personnel died and we can go live now to journalist sol talf i see who's in kabul for us these also sketchy of course sort of a moment what do we know so far about what happened. well what we heard earlier in the morning that a target camp bastion at three am local time and then ministry of defense declared that all the assailants have been killed after a sixteen hour fight and as a result twenty three in a forces have been killed and twenty including eight suicide bombers of the taliban
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also have been killed but you know there are some you know different or let's say complex in. competing you know information that is conflicting with each other such as sources saying in in kabul that the you know taleban made their third attempt within forty eight hours to overrun the camp bastion but they are in helmand a local official said that they couldn't breach security walls but what we have to actually to you know to harm to use the existing two hundred us forces within the camp but what we have seen in the videos and pictures that some of the dead bodies were in the corner or they are digits off the camp where the sand packed bags were and also the blast. it was all the you know some of the bodies were
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laying there are some some some sources are saying you know one of the suicide assailants managed to get into the camp and blow up his explosives inside a dining room that resulted in a majority of the casualties we still do not know the detailed. information about the whole attack because the camp bastion used to be a british force. field in the past back in twenty six two thousand and six and it was well equipped and you know how tight very tight security with surveillance cameras and very you know what's. right journalist sort of faces there in the afghan capital kabul thanks for bringing us the latest update there. others been a split in germany's governing coalition with the two main parties at odds with each other over whether to prolong the freeze of arms sales through saudi arabia they
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were initially halted in response to the brutal murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi for which several saudi officials were blamed freeze was initially introduced as a temporary measure it's due to be evaluated in a few days the social democratic party has expressed its conserver saudi arabia's involvement in the war in yemen where there are numerous reports of civilian casualties the conservatives are arguing that by halting saudi arms sales germany risks losing the trust of its international partners. if germany pretty in the european or supranational project then partner should find common rules otherwise such projects could take place without germany in diffuse. britain and france have both the radio germany to exempt big defense projects from that moratorium or risk damaging its commercial credibility that's partially because top british defense firm systems could suffer as the result of the german sale
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suspension or saudi arabia has been involved in the german war three years now the country has become one of the largest arms importers in the world most of course of the weapons saudi arabia gets off from britain and the united states german arms sales to the country had been steadily growing until they were frozen late last year and all the while the saudi led campaign in yemen has let it to being branded the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war saudi officials insist they investigate all reports of civilian casualties. and we spoke earlier to martin dolt so who's an m.p. and state parliament he suspects elements of the coalition are inflating reasons just to secure weapons exports. drew this is the international cooperation from
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colonel at the consular tips they want to go around the restraint to if german exports regulations in this no because we have some kind of restrictive regulations which do not forbid it arms sales or weapon exports but if it's regulations which at least limit and now the argument that international cooperation should be saved through no more limiting the next polls or arms sales through. is just some kind of a or a trick of course there will be consequences for example of a weapon exports which are the true literal will or not to be conducted that easy like before with the restrictions from germany but i think it will out of the corporations and between the. companies and work an industry because the common interests as well so it will affect
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a little bit but not that much. for europe's lucrative energy market has got the u.s. keen to tap in a second president's though has looked over the numbers he says importing gas from across the atlantic could cost nearly a third more than russia supplies. buying american excite gas would mean an increase of about thirty percent on what spend some buying russian gas. the president also backed germany over the north stream to project the twelve hundred kilometer pipeline will deliver russian gas to europe through the baltic sea there multinational project involves five western investors it's costing nine point five billion dollars and more double imports of russian gas into europe when it's on line. for november this year. the united states considers north stream two to be a strategic threat it's been threatening companies and countries involved with sanctions and also wants its nato allies to stop cooperating with russia's gazprom
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over the project so far though things haven't really worked out that way president trump has clearly said that the united states is against this project buying gas from the united states would not be a problem for us but as long as russia is prices better map to the united states russia is more attractive for us as a pond on this is. unacceptable one sided tightening of the tone. this is an insight now from. over in germany who runs the online economics news that brief thanks for joining us so good to have you on the program today. if the president's got his numbers right looks fairly straightforward doesn't it because the price was one of the main selling points of u.s. gas if it's that much more expensive than the russian option there's no incentive. you're absolutely right this is the main cause why i don't run doesn't want that in
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perspective or for germany to get up for europe to get russian gas because if they haven't got the infrastructure they are forced to take a much much more expensive u.s. leverage against and for the us it is. indeed strategic measure because the us has more and more or less and less what they can offer the world to otherwise they know they are present to get bankrupt because they have not enough. for not enough demand for the u.s. dollar was the big argument of the united states is that europe is overly reliant on russian gas that poses a just richard threat to europe that lack of independence i mean how reliant is europe on a russian gas. no and that is absolutely nonsense of course at the minute you're a dependent on russia you get especially if you're
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a put it depend on that russian guy but it is not the mass and we could get the gas from somewhere else to know the russian gas is cheaper but this is not the main cause that it's just been a joke argument from the us the main argument is that first we have to be firm in the line against russia and the u.s. base if we are dependent on if we have good ties to russia through the energy markets we would not do anything again on everything against russia or because we would be a bit more cautious first secondly the u.s. wants to force russia into into the corner they want to price that. they are able to sell the gas to europe it is a disadvantage for the u.s.
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but even more and this is the main course the problem is in former days the u.s. dollar was mainly based on the monarchy really be the energy currency and when russia now can deliver gas the dollar is not the only dominant currency anymore even though it's pashley that it's russia. doesn't want to the u.s. dollar anymore for their energy the rule book would be or the euro could get equivalent and this was what really threatened them one not really the dollar monopoly as an energy carrier sure i mean right now the popular looks like it's going ahead it's set to to launch for the end of this year i mean just how much pressure do you think the u.s. can exert you know realistically in terms of economics political leverage as well to deter european countries and companies from supporting the project. well honestly i don't really know what tricks they can pull out of the hat but.
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anything they would threaten europe with cheaper than the higher costs for energy if you if you assume that the energy from the gas would cost more than from russia this would be an extra tax on the german economy first on the economy of the german businesses and this was a really hard our next possibility for for exporting so anything they would do is maybe even less expensive than taking the cheaper energy from russia right the stuff i got home of the economics expert thanks for joining us are not international today you are about settling for the south of the team and myself of staying tuned here not international see you again in thirty minutes for the latest global news headlines.
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