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terror groups. the u.s. offers a million dollar reward for information. in syria heavy fighting resumes as u.s. forces closed. last stronghold. having already. numerous times over the last few months. i'd like to see. as we put it to replace. the u.s. national security adviser.
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to. the country's current president. government approves a national. leader of the country's far left. saying that people should. have negative intentions towards the people. so that. we. today thanks for joining us. over the weekend in the north of syria the army
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incurred heavy casualties losing eighteen soldiers as it fought to repel a surprise attack by. a syrian offshoot of al qaeda the number of casualties were confirmed to r.t. arabic by the syrian army with washington recently putting up a million dollar reward for information on a solemn bin laden sun it looks like the war on terror has been given a fresh spur or i guess the if explains. war on terror. begins with. but it does not in there the war on terror is almost a tradition now a part of the american way of life no end in sight either so traumatic it was nine eleven that it set america off on a seemingly endless crusade there's an old poster out west as i recall that said wanted dead or alive and it does seem endless no matter how many battles they win
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how many islamist sex they destroy how many bin ladens they kill is always someone else we deliver devastating blows to be al-qaeda leaders that attacked us on nine eleven. deliver justice to osama bin one we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly now it's the sama bin laden's son hamza bin laden and washington is afraid that he's becoming a new terror i caught. bin ladin is the son of the deceased a.q. leader some of the blood and is emerging as a leader in the a.q. franchise how has been has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies eased thirty also recently praised by the leader of al qaida
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blacklisted by the un married allegedly to the daughter of a nine eleven plane hijacker favored by his late father sama as his successor he's calling for attacks on the u.s. to avenge the killing of his father same crazy ideology what's unclear his whereabouts the u.s. seems to believe you could be anywhere in south central asia it. leads to one conclusion apparently al qaeda is coming back showing signs of confidence will through action occurred under threat from radical islamic terrorism a continuing threat posed by al qaeda there are according to various estimates more than thirty thousand active fighters across a number of countries loyal to al qaida ironically the u.s. stands accused of arming them though unintentionally in syria with weapons intended
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for moderate groups being seized by islamists in yemen c.n.n. reported with the saudis and their coalition partners handing american made weapons to oil qaeda linked fighters history it seems repeats itself in the nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet war in afghanistan the u.s. funded and armed the mujahideen including asama bin laden say some they called them freedom fighters the mujahideen the islamists when they were fighting the u.s.s.r. but it didn't take long for those freedom fighters to morph into terrorists and the taliban into al qaida and they just won't go away no matter how many times you beat them it seems they just keep rising from the dead it won't get put back in the bottle if the u.s. does not want to put it back in the bottle the u.s. funnel funneled. thousands of tons of weapons into syria from libya
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and from croatia to arm forces that it knew very well were. allied with. and allied with the muslim brotherhood and so when it suits the u.s. purposes it will work with al-qaeda and other terrorists and when they become a problem. after september the eleventh or after they morphed into islamic state in syria and iraq then of course it will it will attack them as far as i know they're still offering twenty five million to catch ayman al zawahiri who is more generally understood to be the head of al qaeda so exactly what role. it's playing it's not really clear perhaps it's part of part
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of a pretext for staying in afghanistan and you know the idea that perhaps al qaeda is on the rise again in in that area the borders between afghanistan and pakistan i think we'll have to wait and see just what this is really all about. well with more attention being paid to al qaeda recently for position forces of besieging the last pocket of weisel resistance in syria the town of. the u.s. backed forces are unleashing heavy artillery shelling on i saw militants kurdish forces which comprise a large part of the s.t.'s say the fighting could be over within five days before the fighting resume but over the weekend civilians as well as the militants wives and children were out safe passage from the besieged town auntie's arabic crew at the site talking to those who have left by
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a goose. how many kids you have to treat you but one day one day where is you who's been killed. let me let me just say that we set up a national. id so a lot easier for the how they did any. damage ever did like we did you know common good company i didn't know but they did and you are listening to him at the moment genocide is a member of the. english
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yeah. and. i think what you. see with the welcome to the you have been dozen burgos. mottled or eva not as well no not a as you have you know the impossible doesn't but was. obviously a spokes person tweeted just a few hours ago he expected the battle to be over quite soon the u.s. president donald trump has already proclaimed victory over the self-styled caliph that more than once. we have one against isis now we've won some time probably next week we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate as usual president trump is playing fast and loose with the truth and he's tends to exaggerate things the problem is even if it is defeated as
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a force controlling actual territory it has its origins as a terrorist group training suicide bombers having small so actions and we've seen that continue in iraq for example where there were some horrible bombings of civilians so the danger is. go back to what they were originally doing and care of these kinds of terrorist attacks which are very difficult to stop. but as well as self-proclaimed interim president has pledged to return to the country he supposedly leads on monday he left for his whaler in late february in defiance of a travel ban imposed by the country's supreme court since then he's been touring latin america to rouse support u.s. national security advisor john bolton has warned against any attempts to prevent glider his return on twitter he said there would be a significant response from washington should be hinted. i would
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a recent interview bolton said america was seeking a coalition for a change of government in venezuela. i'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace me to replace the whole corrupt regime work in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine this is a country in our hemisphere it's been the objective of american presidents going back to ronald reagan to have a completely democratic kemas fear of the monro doctrine just mentioned by bolton there was unveiled by president james one row in the nineteenth century its purpose was to stop any european interference in the affairs of nations in the americas many interpret the doctrine though as a justification for america's own interventions in the region russia's top diplomat fears washington will use it to justify the use of force against undesirables in its hemisphere. but threw them on the political doctrine which means the we can sue prevent our goods from entering south america pales in comparison to the doctrine
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that has been called now which is basically it's gone now we can still use the right to use what they want their belly in the fundamental. but the foundations of the markets the and without concern to negotiation by the international community but they are talking about here is america for the americans going back to them on board of trade and no interference from any other. and the blocs that the e.u. this is very problematic because it can really. use of the fact that we're going to see there are no other option than a military intervention and today we're talking about a multi parlor world and i don't really know what i mean what would that mean if america can be only for americans when you're talking about a world that's more globalized when other countries also have interest in the americas economic interests very important economic interests i mean while one of
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bolton's team mates in the u.s. squad is under pressure back home from the families of genocide survivors they've launched a petition. calling for the removal of elliott abrams currently the u.s. special envoy to venezuela from the board of the holocaust memorial museum in a letter to the holocaust memorial council and the committee on conscience they accuse abrams of supporting a genocidal regime is for decades that the mahdi taking away his membership one of the petition makers and the daughter of a nazi genocide survivor told us why she's against a rabs. it's a shame and disgrace that people whose hands are in blood can be a member of the holocaust memorial council's committee on conscience now abrams has been convicted of withholding evidence from congress over covert funding of nicaraguan rebels in the nineteen eighties while he was serving the reagan administration has also been accused of covering up massacres and backing brutal regimes in guatemala el salvador and honduras many are called over again abrams
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portfolio makes one suitable candidates for the holocaust memorial council. we want to demonstrate to people who are the risers of donald trump and his criminal history and that this person is preparing plans to move in general and probably other countries of light in america or even the world we hope that this petition will resume but in an echoing in those who believe that it. is an untouchable topic my mom and the rest of my family were slaughtered by nazis genocide my father was one of the soldiers who defended their lives and then he became a partisan and fought against nazis this museum is devoted to genocidal jews and such a criminal person as elliot abrams should be removed from the community and. we have requested comment from the museum on whether they are planning to take any action in response to that petition. and national action plan against racism has been approved in south africa more than five hundred race related
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complaints were received in the country just in the period twenty fifteen sixteen apartheid ended more than two decades ago south africa. though is still struggling with the problem of racism meanwhile the leader of the country's far left economic freedom fighters party has caused controversy by saying that the white population should become domestic workers in black households. i don't want blacks to work for whites i want you to work for yourselves and white people will work for you that will be true freedom you must teach them how to carry babies on their back they must feel what our parents have been feeling we're not calling for white people to be killed but for white people to be our domestic workers julius malema was expelled from the african national congress back in twenty twelve for serving division within the party he went up before he went on to found economic freedom fighters political party which follows marxist ideology and which is currently the third largest in both houses of parliament over the years my labor has stirred
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national debate with his views on race and class he's been found guilty twice of hate speech and incitement to violence against white people. now white people represent nine percent of south africa's populations they own more than seventy percent of private farmland though efforts to reclaim much of that land without compensation have been launched by the government. our guests debated the situation in south africa including those comments by julius malema. his comments still i think do hold certain. underlying feelings of negativity. towards white people and i do believe that mr malema he does have to have negative intentions towards the white people in south africa who want to obliterate want to and completely this system which is constructed to do white people on top and uplifting and exploiting black people want to end up system so that to south africa
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is in the end of the black majority we construct a new society which take years off of black people without pushing white people in fact where people can even leave if they want to the general ideology of julius malema wherein he he likes to try and create this sort of clash between races in south africa in order to gain political points. so why don't we needed a country thirty five thousand white families only eighty percent of the land we don't own as i speak to you as a black person in south africa i owed nothing i am in fact i think a tenant white people always did everything therefore there is to me a reason for black people to be any hippy about white presence or white oppression the government gives them opportunities through the black economic empowerment it
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gives them opportunities it incentivizes businesses to hire them in higher positions it is easier for them to enter into higher education into universities the idea that they are forced into lower positions is ridiculous the system in south africa is not a white supremacist system it is not a white dominated system the government is a black majority government. this is a simple fact you cannot deny that majority of parliament members are black and this is the white. house again thinking which is deny. raise by the way people like him in south africa even deny that a part of it was a crime against humanity but let's deal with the fates of sort of forgot to do it is to put a man to is is black but we can't even make laws that says we must take the land even these politicians controlled by money who has money sort of why it's they control these politicians they actually get we not all of the political politicians
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in parliament i've been sponsored by white people say white people have land and second sequence our parliament while asleep because black is controlled by white money you can make laws to save i want interest why they want charter international back with more headlines just after this short break. when i see images and hear things with their doors. i see people who are afraid not see these young men that some women in these ways purposes and i see them as the really scared. scared to be losing. it all they have the whole or that is the
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color of their skin that's all they have going for themselves into their white skin . so it's seemed wrong. when all the rules just don't call. me to get to shape out of disdain he comes to advocate and in games from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. up. welcome back to the program donald trump freshly returned to the u.s. from failed talks with north korea's kim jong un in vietnam has given a crowd pleaser of a speech at the conservative political action conference some of the biggest cheers
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though came when the president went in his own words off script take aim at the still persistent allegations of collusion with russia. america is winning again. america is respected again. if you say something like russia please if you can get us hillary clinton. roger. so everybody's having a good time mom laugh and we're all having fun and then that fake c.n.n. and others here russia to go good even. more of collusion with russia the collusion delusion. i had a nasty business transaction with robert mueller a number of years ago i said why isn't that mention he wanted the job as f.b.i.
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director i mean these are things that are out there they know. it was in america first in many cases it was america last we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals you know i'm totally off script right now. and this is how i got elected by being off script. how many pieces parts of president to do as was president trying trying to accomplish today. he was also saying things that really work like lighting your pool scripted his speech these people some of them millionaires billionaires the best the brightest squad made up giving you the best and they actually said that nobody came in with
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a hawk nobody no white coat came in and sedated them and say would you let would you were at least wait let the russian thing go now i'm not trying to tell people what to do but. one could argue that there are some things that president trampas said that might be fair i say piquant controversial you're my one to go there this is trump arrangement but there is a trump in putin russia during syndrome this is a preoccupation a pavlovian obeys this weird kind of a connection it's an obsession with an obsessive compulsive. reaction that they can not let go. around fifty mosques men throwing molotov cocktails attacked police officers guarding
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a turkish embassy in the greek city of thessaloniki the officers responded with spotting or names on tear gas and later the attackers also reportedly rampage through the grounds of the local university no injuries or rests have been reported since the consulate has been targeted several times before a similar incident took place in athens on sunday where around forty attackers through fire bombs. now in the republic democratic republic of congo unemployment in the country is high with many young people resorting to joining criminal gangs and r.t. crew went to the city of my toddy following the lives of young people there you can watch the full documentary throughout today on our website called. congo. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out.
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even if they're just messing around it still has violent overtimes that's how life is here. supposedly employment opportunities are increasing in the country but the reality is massive unemployment the resource extraction sector is currently booming but it's controlled by government officials according to those who live in and they only give jobs to their own people and the rest have to survive however they can. give. me a little we will mourn among the numbers up by us. is that of the many by many a book about. if you move to. a young one is what you know but you'll.
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watch that documentary coming up very soon on all the international back at ten am oscar time with the latest global headlines we'll see you then. join me every thursday on. i'm sure. i'll see you then. they all. said. yes to almost all the good. old.
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ballad fill out let's say i'm a. hot thank you for. the story that's right. slavery.
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you know world big movie. and conspiracy it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell. me to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical. it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs. there are
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countless numbers of people who are in prison for. for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. sophie shevardnadze the oscar winning drama green book cast racism in america back in the spotlight this is a problem a thing of the past or is it still an issue very much a life i ask kathleen alexander ramsey an award winning author and playwright who
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traveled across the united states collecting memories of the jim crow up. half a century after the victories of the civil rights movement racial tension in america wrist still the problem these crime is on the rise spurred on by trump's controversial presidency will civil rights groups find a way to mount fresh camp. against racial hatred in america. could make his words be. unkind racism or the truth be rooted out from the united states. calvin alexander ramsey award winning writer and playwright welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us today mr ramsey know you have been digging into the green book for a long time the travel guide for african-americans during the jim crow laws that help them avoid painful discrimination and segregated south jame crown may be a saying of the past but for instance film director spike lee.


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